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* Download and ‘authorizing’ issue
* Not refreshing or stuck at ‘loading data’ (‘low memory’ and task killers)
* I don’t see all my calendars or all events
* Scrollable widget empty ?
* My Gmail database is locked. How can I unlock it ?

Common widgets problems or questions

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Not refreshing or stuck at ‘loading data’ (‘low memory’ and task killers)

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Stuck at ‘loading data’ or loosing skin and/or configuation (Sprint Hero/Eris ROM problem)

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I don’t see all my calendars or all events

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  1. I bought the calendar yesterday. I have a Sciphone N21. The screen is 3 inches (some newcoming phone will be 3 inches as well) and i realized that the maximum widget size is 3×4 and the widget has never enough place on the screen to be installed. Where can I find a smaller widget of 3×3 or 3×4?
    Besides I would like to know, as my phone supports only one google calendar synchronization, if you are planning to support direct google calendar synchronization of multiple calendars, bypassing some phone bug/limitation of built-in one google calendar synchronization. This would make it possible to choose how often to synchronize as well. Thank you for you suggestions.

    1. Hi,
      I think this is a screen ‘size’ problem. But a screen resolution problem. What is the screen resolution of your phone ?
      For google calendar sync, I read the phone database. So impossible to do more than Android can support on your phone.

  2. I had purchased the Pure Calendar widget, but could never load it on-screen as it kept telling me there wasn’t enough space. I tried removing other shortcuts, resizing the widget, but nothing worked. I finally uninstalled it; sounded like a good idea, but I don’t like spending money online because you never know whether something will work. The phone I’m using is a Droid, build 2.0.1

      1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you; I finally got it working. I have the original Home screens, and for some reason the Calendar wouldn’t display. I did some updating to my current apps the other day, and it works! I love this calendar; it’s the best one out there. Keep up the great work!

  3. got your agenda widget and love it but!
    installed and worked great even updated when I changed calendar
    reboot phone and its stuck on updating ?
    delete it and reinstall it works
    reboot phone or sleep for any length of time it sticks again
    tried different settings just google calendar and my google calendar the rest default
    same result – grid calendar works ok when agenda doesnt ?
    did your most recent update 1-7-2010 and get a popup window that says that the app doesnt appear to be installed but it is
    shows that its running in task killer ignor list & my memory never gets lower than 25 m
    I am rooted with fresh rom 1.1 no home replacements
    any help appreciated
    thank you

    1. Hi,
      for reboot, I have to know your phone model ? Did you try the ‘HTC Hero bug fix’ in config panel ?
      The popup is not clear enough. It means one of your selected application is wrong : either ‘tap to open application’, either ‘insertion application’.

      I doubt about 1.1 ROM… this ROM is not able to run widgets.

  4. Its an HTC Hero
    The bug fix did the trick
    I completely missed that config option
    Thank you very much for the help and quick response

  5. Text is too big on the HTC Tattoo and goes out of borders and over icons in the Weather widget. Otherwise, great app! More accurate&customizable than the built-in HTC Sense one =)

      1. I noticed it on 4×1 and 4×4, but I didn’t try any other sizes so it could be all. I fixed it on 4×1 by telling it to hide temperatures for days in the future, but SAT (which is the last, smaller day) appears on two columns (SA-T).
        It’s not too much of a problem though.
        Another thing: could you make it save the options used in one widget and use them another widget you create, so that if you want two similar widgets with only one difference you don’t have to go through all the setting again? That would be nice.

        david =)

  6. Hello. I just bought the Pure Grid Calendar and I think it’s great. I bought it for the timeline application, which let’s me quickly see what category calendar events are in, and how much of my day is busy. However, to really be able to use this to replace my paper agenda, I’d like to be able to easily see upcoming months. For example, if I’m making a doctor’s appointment in 6 weeks, I’d like to be able to move to the next month and see (via the timeline) what kind of calendar events I so that I can easily see what days would be best. Is there a way to do this now?

  7. This is a feature-request, which I don’t think violates the “Informations about what we can do, and what we cannot” rules, but I’m not 100% certain.

    Congratulation on the nice job you’ve done with your Android applications. I tried both Pure Calendar and Pure Grid, and am now a Pure Calendar customer.

    Your “Quick Add” method is much better than the builtin calendar app on my Eris. But since the Eris (and Hero) lack a physical keyboard, I wonder if you could add a point-and-click add-appointment interface, similar to what I’ve described here:


    On your current second-screen (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called), where there’s a plus-sign to add an appointment in the lower right-hand corner, you could add another icon in the lower left-hand corner, perhaps a plus-sign with a finger.

    If you click on that, it takes you to a screen showing that day (perhaps 15 hours of it in 3 columns), with existing appointments colored-in, but without any text (because there’s not enough screen real estate to draw it). From there, you click on any hour of the day, and it takes you to another screen (don’t worry, this is the last one 🙂

    This screen starts at the selected time (say, 3pm) on the pre-selected date, and shows the time in the center of a first line, with two pairs of arrows like this:
    <=== ====>

    Pressing a fat outside arrow takes you to the next or previous hour. Pressing the thinner inner arrows only moves you by 15 minute increments (or perhaps 10; this is configurable).

    So now users can enter the time of their appointments by point-and-click.


    Another feature which you could re-use on your existing interface: I find that about half of the calendar items that I add are for ~6 common events (“meet with Jim”,”pickup kids”, “lunch with Ann”, etc.). So if you allowed up to 6 (or 10) such events to be pre-configured in your configuration screen, then you could offer a menu of those choices from either your existing quick-add or the point-and-click add which I’ve proposed.

    Let me know if you have any questions … I would be very glad to draw-up some sample screens. Of course I would be very glad to be a beta-tester.

    Have I mentioned that I find the virtual keyboard on the Eris to be too cumbersome for simple actions like adding a calendar event? 😉

    Thanks in advance for anything you with regard to my suggestions,


  8. Hmm .. my arrows didn’t show up properly in the last post where I discussed the final screen. Let me try again:

    < = = = = = = >

  9. Hello, I have been using the Pure Messager app (widget) for three days now. All was fine, I was very happy. Suddenly today I noticed that I was not receiving anything. After checking the settings, rebooting and getting a headache, I realized that the settings will not save suddenly. I put my gmail account in, make other selections, save and exit. Then when i try to open a client from the widget, it doesn’t list anything example: reply to sms=get “action” prompt but no listing of accounts, and they have all been there since the day I purchased. When I go back to settings, it’s back to default, like it didn’t save at all. however, it remembers that I have reg-with facebook etc.

    Making me a little crazy, please help!

    1. Hi,
      which phone do you use ?
      If you use a Sprint Hero or Eris, you HAVE TO tick the bug fix in the config panel.

  10. Hey, just downloaded your app, looks great keep up the amazing work! (So much better than Hero sense widget…)
    Anyway, i might be missing this from someone else’s question in which case i apologise i have looked, but is it possible to have the sms widget (or email for that matter) open the sms app actually on the message conversation page, rather than just open the app at its main list?
    For example, i use Handcent SMS. When i press on the message on your widget it opens the Handcent app, the same as if i had pressed the handcent shortcut. If i wanted that i would just use the shortcut! Ideally, it would open the message itself in the handcent app. This stands for both list and individual view.
    Prob gonna refund if this isn’t possible, i love your work but without this feature its not really any more convenient than simply openning handcent.
    Thanks in advance!
    Using HTC Hero (UK).

  11. Ok great thanks! It’s how the stock sense widget works, but I’m no developer so I dont know whats available. Great response time…

  12. Yesterday, I bought ‘Pure Grid’ for my Nexus One.

    In the “Settings”, you say if you have a problem look at this site, or to email you, but I can’t find your
    email address anywhere.

    I managed to get the colors by going to multiple google calendars, as you suggested on your site.

    One problem I’m having is that event indicators from the same day (ie, Wednesday), but one week
    apart are overlapping in the same space and are confusing. If I understand it correctly, events that
    happen “all day” are shown above the date (“17”), while events that have a time are shown below
    the date (“17”), so, a timed event on the 17th shares the same space as an “all day” event on the
    24th. Very confusing.

    I see that you are familiar with ISO8601, but I don’t see a choice for it, YYYY-MM-DD, in the
    Date Format setting, though I personally prefer the variant YYYY.MM.DD.
    Is it possible that you could provide that choice?

    Also, I didn’t see a weekly view, 4×1, as a choice. I’d like to have that option.

    What I’d really like to have a is a 1×1 icon, that when clicked went to the 4×4 view,
    which has a button (to go to the default google calendar app) to enter/edit events.

    I’d appreciate any help or suggestions on the above matters.

    Thank you.

    – Martin –

    1. Hi !
      Big message 🙂
      Colors : OK, good.
      Indicators : I think you have a rendering problem, either due to a wrong selection of skin (not good size), either due to a Home replacement software. Can you send me a screenshot or a camera shot ??
      Date format : I can add YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY.MM.DD for next version
      4×1 : yes, but I have to see if it can fit.
      1×1 to 4×4 : Android doesn’t allow variable size widget, and I want to keep my app as a widget (not a full calendar application).

  13. Francois, can you please respond to my feature-request above from January 22nd? I see that you’ve since used the lower-left corner in your day-event viewer (what I called the “second screen”, above) for a swipe zone, but I’m sure that the use of that space could be configurable.



  14. what do you mean by “configurable” ?
    right/left : shift days
    up/down : shift weeks

    For preconfigured events, I don’t think it is really necessary.

  15. OK, being able to configure event titles is not such a big deal. It’s certainly a lower priority for me.

    But being able to add an event by just point-and-clicking a time (and avoid the tedious encoding of time as in Pure’s current “Quick Add”) would be a valuable feature. As I described, you can do this on two screens: one to specify an approximate hour of the day, and the second (where you also type-in the title of the event) lets you adjust the time-of-day in hourly increments and 15-minute increments.

  16. Hi koxx3,

    I’ve purchased the Pure Calendar widget. Fantastic widget! Just what I was looking for.

    I’m using two instances: one full-screen for calendar events and high-priority Astrid tasks and another half-screen for all Astrid tasks. This leads me to the following questions / feature requests (I’m using a Motorola Milestone):

    1) When opening the configuration window, I keep getting a warning that to use new features, I have to update my Astrid version to kx103. What functionality am I missing? Everything seems to work fine. I was unable to install AstridKx103.apk from the provided link. I’m currently using Astrid version 2.10.2.

    2) On my dedicated task widget, when entering the config window, I’m getting the warning that I haven’t selected any calendars. Since I can ignore it, it’s not really much trouble. But perhaps you should start considering task-only views a valid use-case. The Pure Calendar widget is much nicer than the Astrid widget.

    3) I would like it if I could configure the widget to start Astrid on click (for my dedicated task instance). Low priority, true. But useful.

    4) When my phone is in landscape mode, the widget doesn’t scale well. It will cut off the bottom of the list (obviously), but it will not use the full width of the screen available, instead placing itself in the center. Since I often have my phone in dock-mode, I would like to have a nicer view of your widget.

    Thanks for a great app!

    1. Hi,
      by points :
      1 – tags management are missing from the market version. Tim Su should release a new market version soon, and custom version should not be needed anymore.
      2 – I know, but I have to check if it works now to remove this message (it was to handle a migration where 0 calendar selection = all calendars).
      3 – this is already available.
      4 – This is wanted to reduce CPU usage on rotation, especially because of skins. I have to analyse performance drop if I recalculate all the widget layout to allow a full rescaling on rotation…

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.

        1) Ah, I see. Well, I’ll just wait.
        2) Ok.
        3) How silly of me to miss that. I guess I was confusing two different things. Because the option is not available for the event insertion button, which would also be useful. Or perhaps I should say: task insertion button.
        4) Yes, I see how it would be problematic with the skins. (Still hoping to see proper rescaling someday.)

  17. Hi,

    How many google calendars can Pure Grid show at one time? Currently pure grid shows mine and my wife’s and US holidays.

    In google I have added the calendars for a few sports teams but I do not see them in the list when I push “Select Calendars”. Does Pure grid limit to three calendars?

  18. I was successfully syncing with google calendar via RTM, until I heeded the directions to download the special version of Astrid for Pure Calendar. Now I cannot successfully logon to RTM through Astrid Sync although I have no problem logging on from my computer browser or my phone browser (Hero HTC). Very Frustrated

    1. The mlain dev of Astrid published a version today which is perfectly compatible with Pure calendar. You don’t need the custom version any more. Just ignore my warning message.
      I’ll remove it in the next version.
      Just install the astrid market version.

  19. Hello,
    first of allI like to thank you for this really nice widget Pure Calendar and Pure Grid Calendar, it really wirks fine! Right now I´m using EboBirthday and Pure Calendar. I really like Pure Calendar and would love to see the Birthdays of my Google Contacts in this midlet. I didn´t find a hint on your site if this is planned or not..

    1. I think EboBirthDay does a great job by publishing a birthday calendar (I worked with him to make it compatible).
      I don’t want to overload my widget with such feature if they are available in a free tool.

      1. It would be great if Pure Calendar supported birthdays. EboBirthday does not support Exchange contacts (I reported it ages ago), and even if it did I would much prefer to have this information among my appointments rather than on a separate widget.

        And one more thing – not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s supposed to work this way, but if I activate “Hida today date in title bar if no event or task for this date” Today is no longer displayed as Today but as a date. Tomorrow works fine though.

      2. For me, it’s not the purpose of a calendar to support contact birthdays. So, the answer is no.
        For ‘hide today tade if …’: it’s not a bug. It will display the first day with event or task.

  20. I may have missed this, but I didn’t find it here or in the menu: Is it possible to resize the calendar after it’s been created? Or do I have to remove it and insert a new one of the size I want (and lose agenda/notifications)?

      1. Hmm, I don’t agree with this. Android 3.1 has a the stock google calendar widget which you can resize any way you want. You don’t need to have a million choices from 1×1 to 5×5, just one choice and then you resize it.

  21. Pure Calendar Agenda: is it normal that each time I update the app, I have to re-enter all the settings? It is quite annoying.. 🙂

    Thanks, Omar

    1. No, this is not normal at all !
      I stronlgy advise you to cleanly uninstall it and reinstall it from the market.

      1. No way.. The last two updates requested the complete parameterization from scratch, as usual 😦

        Any chance to check file permissions etc. using adb?

  22. I’m having a problem with Pure Calendar Widget. I want it to show ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’, but it translates it wrong. How can I manually change it, so that I get the right translation?

    1. Translation is automatic by Google Translate. It is not possible to change it.
      What is the language of your translation.

      1. It is danish. It translates Today with ‘Dag’, but should be ‘I dag’, and Tomorrow with ‘morgen’ but should be ‘ I morgen’. If it only writes ‘morgen, it means morning. I know what it should be, but it really bugs me. Just thought that the translated text was written to a file or something, so that it was editable.

  23. I tried Weather Forecast Widget but it totally drains my battery in a few hours. Even when I set refresh every 6 hours or more.

    1. Woww !
      You seems to have a serious problem. Which phone model do you have ? did you use the calendar layout ? which ROM ?

  24. App works great but the 4×4 widget is shifted down too far and wastes a whole row of space where other wigits could otherwise go. Can you fix this in an update? Thanks!

  25. I have a total of four different Google calendars that I have synced to show in four different colors. The problem I am having is only 3 out of the 4 show up on the calendar. On the “select calendar” page, all of the calendars are checked. Any suggestions?

  26. When I install version 1.7.7 of pure calendar gives me problems.
    I can not put more than one widget because when I configure the last, the configuration applies to all other widgets.

  27. Hi koxx3,

    Great job on the latest releases.

    I’ve noticed another bug. The Search period (longer period = slower refresh) option does not seem to work. I set it to 2 months, but the widget keeps showing me only 1 month.

    1. Hi,

      I have just tested the search period, and it works fine.
      Are you sure your events are not filtered for another reason ? (no more place on the widget display ? calendar unselected in the config panel ? or calendar not synced ?)

      1. I double checked, and you’re right. It’s not the search period. But there was such a large amount of space unused at the bottom of the screen, and it incidentally showed exactly one month.

        There is unused space on my screen for at least two additional days, but they’re not being shown. Can you tell me how to make a screenshot? Then I’ll show you.

        I have suspected before that the widget is not making optimal use of the larger screen of the Motorola Droid/Milestone. But that doesn’t account for this amount of space going unused.

      2. You can take a camera shot, it will be fine.
        Space is calculated to always have date + 1 event line, never a date line alone.
        If you have more than 1+1 line free, there is a problem (exactly as my screenshot, it’s around 1+1, few pixels are missing to add 1 visible event at another date like April 21).
        My capture have been taken on a Droid, I have optimized it a lot for Droid.
        Let’s check your configuration :
        – do you use a Home replacement app ?
        – did you activate ‘disable rotation’ in the widget config panel ?
        – do you use a task killer app ?

      3. I would take a camera shot, but my Milestone is my only camera on hand. 😉

        For now, trust me that there’s space for two or three date/event pairs that is going unused (and my online calendar has enough events left).

        – No home replacement app.
        – No ‘Disable redraw on rotate’. But turning it on doesn’t seem to make a difference.
        – No task killer app.

      4. I thought I had already posted this link days ago, but now I see it’s not here. This is my camera shot of pure calendar leaving too much space unused at the bottom of the screen:

      5. Thanks, which phone are you using ?
        did you disable redraw on rotation option ?

      6. Problem found and solved.
        It was limited to 8 visible days, it will be raised to 10 visible days for next release.

      7. Great! That ought to be enough for almost all practical purposes. Though, theoretically, there appears to be space left for an 11th day, if there’s no appointment today and the next 10 days contain exactly one appointment each. (I used a calendar of Dutch holidays to test it.)

        Also, it won’t be long before another Android device appears with an even higher resolution. Why is there a limit at all? Perhaps the limit should be calculated automatically.

  28. My Mrs & I use Google calendar as we’re both really forgetful. I can see my calendar & a shared calendar I created but I can’t see any entries in my Mrs’ calendar which is shared with me and I have management rights.

    I can see it in Google calendars and I can select it in pure calendar but none of the items in her calendar display on my widget.

    1. And you can see those events in the Google Agenda Android stock application ???
      I use this technique with my girls friend, and it works fine.

  29. Contact pictures not working with the Pure Messenger widget in 4×2 List mode on my Nexus One.

  30. Pure calendar automatically changed appointment times to adjust for daylight savings time. Problem is that I live in AZ and we don’t adjust the clocks. I have to manually change all appointments to correct time now. Argh!

    1. Just like to point out that this was mentioned in 2010. It’s 2012 and it’s still doing it. I know timezones aren’t a trivial issue, but if this doesn’t get fixed I’m going to have to find a new agenda widget – I can’t change everything manually because my COMPANY uses google calendar and it would affect everyone.

      1. In case you didn’t notive, THERE IS NOW an option for Home timezone in Pure calendar …

  31. Today I started having a little problem. It isn’t a major thing – more of an annoyance I guess. I have Pure Grid. You have the choice to start the week with either Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I like to start with Sunday. Until today that wasn’t a problem. Now suddenly, it starts with Saturday. I’ve tried changing it: if I put Sunday, it starts with Saturday; if I put Saturday, it starts with Friday. The only day that works is Monday. And when it starts with the wrong days, it messes up my calendar entries. They all end up a day earlier. Yet when I go in to edit them, they are still set with the correct dates. It’s very odd. Is there a way to correct this – other than to give in and start with Monday? I’ve also tried deleting and reconfiguring it with no luck. I’m very new to this. I have VERY recently gotten a Motorola Droid, and admit to still figuring it all out, so if this is something already discussed or solved, I apologize for asking. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you!

  32. I have the Sprint Hero. The week selection on Pure Calendar is wrong:
    Sunday starts on Saturday, Monday starts on Monday, and Saturday starts on Friday.

    1. I seems there is a problem since 2 or 3 days.
      I’ll fix it when I’ll found the problem. I am not able to reproduce it.
      Can you send me a screenshot or a camera shot ?
      Where do you live ?

      1. I live in Los Angeles, CA.
        Can you maybe add all 7 days as a selection so at least I can get the day I want from one of the selections?

  33. I run a barber shop and I book appts 30 intervals. It would be nice to be able to preset that instead of the hour

    1. If more people ask for it, why not.
      But I don’t add new features unless it’s a great idea or if at least 5 persons ask for it.
      If I didn’t follow those rules, 100 options would already be in the config panel.

  34. I have a Samsung Moment with Moxier Mail installed to access my Exchange calendar. For some reason, I can’t quick-add to the Exchange calendar. Event adds work from inside the “regular” calendar.

    But even when I set your widget to use “Classic Google calendar” it only lets me add to Google calendar, not the Exchange calendar. Any ideas?

  35. Your messenger widget looks really functional and good looking, unfortunately all skins have a part of them missing when displayed on my HTC Tattoo. This is probably because it has a smaller screen resolution than Hero, Legend, Droid, etc.

  36. I just bought Pure Grid for my Droid Eris. I am unable to add a task in my calendar. The only option I get when I press “+” is Quick event insersion. It only pops up a date and asks if I want it private or a reminder. How do I add a description, duration, etc etc? When I try to switch it settings, it says that my device may crash. I either want a solution or my money back. The app looks nice, but hasn’t given me any bang for my buck.

    1. The pop up reads as follows….
      Application selected as “Select application for event insertion:” doesn’t seem to be installed on your device. It may crash when you’ll try to launch this application from the widget if it is not installed.

      1. It still closes the application and does not allow me to make normal appointments. It is very strange. The application force quits all the time. I want this to work as well as the blackberry calendar!

      2. there are two GTask apps on the market. one of google’s creation and an SSI’s one. The later is the one widget is looking for.

  37. Just d/l Pure Grid hoping it would be the solution to my calendar issues. But I don’t see it being the answer yet.

    The issue I have is that I work alternating schedules, and need to see a month at a time and visually see if I am on days or nights, without clicking into the calendar. I added Calendar Pad and it works for this.

    I bought yours in hopes that it would be easier to input my schedule w/ quick insertion. It was easier! Problem is it only shows a dot which tells me ‘something’ is scheduled that day, but I have to click on a day to figure out what it is.

    Maybe I am missing something? If so, please tell me how to do what I am explaining.

    2nd issue, is there anyway to make repeatable appointments? I know I have to be at the same place at the same time on Mon, Tues, and Fri,Sat,Sun. I would think by now that some calendar somewhere would make this an easier thing to accomplish.

    Would be great to pick a time, then click everyday that it applied to! Or click every day you needed, then insert time and place on all at once.

    I’ll wait for a response to the first issue, as it is most important, followed by the convenience on the 2nd.

    BTW, great job on form and basic function on all your widgets

      1. First: Nope that still doesn’t allow it to do what I need. I basically need it to have the text in the day. Not a time line that I still can’t identify as to whether it’s am or pm. All I see is a blue line in each day I have scheduled. I may still be missing something….

        Second: I see the recurrance isn’t ready yet. Although like I stated in my previous the Quick Insertion does work!

        Thank you for an amazingly quick response too! I see you do care about the clients and your apps working effectively.

      2. First : no text.

        Second : as I said, it will be in the next release……………….

  38. hi,

    i just purchase via android market the applications
    – pure calendar
    – pure messenger
    -pure music
    – weather forecast

    the three first widgets works ok, but i cant’ see any widget related with weather forecast. In programs i have an icon saying Weather forecast widget donate and says “thank you for donating. it removes … bla bla bla”

    but i can’t see the weather widgets on the widgets screen.

    i’m running android 2.1


    1. Hi,

      This is because you installed only the unlock key for the free version.
      search ‘koxx’ on the market, you’ll find the free app (which is unlocked with this ‘key’).


  39. Recently my pure messenger widget has been giving me several notifications when I receive a new email on my Eris. It vibrates and plays the tone up 7 times.

    1. I don’t understand.
      It notify you for each message or multiple times for the SAME message ? which interval between notif ?

      1. The number of emails received do not seem to affect the number of notifications. Regardless of whether there are 10 new emails or just 1, it rapidly notifies 7 times in a row. So i guess the answer to your question is: multiple times for the same group of new messages.

      2. can you try to select another ringtone … just to be sure it’s a ringtone problem !

      3. It does not matter what ring tone i have. FC if i choose silent. I have tried enable/disable several different combination of options in the settings and nothing fixes it.

      4. Ok, there is 7 widgets listed (a weel known Android bug which detect invalid widgets such as incomplet configured widget).
        I advise you to fully uninstall the application, and resinatll it.

      5. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it is better. Now i only get two notifications. I sent the log again just in case you want it. Should uninstall and reinstall again?

      6. yes, it seems you have 2 widgets created.
        But I’ll try to avoid notification for invalid widgets in the next configuration.

        To avoid this android bug, you should never :
        – rotate the screen during a wiget config
        – press back key during a wiget config

      7. Success!! Only 1 notification per email. I’ll be sure not to turn the phone, press a key or walk under a ladder backwards while configuring a widget again. Thanks for all of your help. Great app!

      8. No problem. I hope I will be able to bypass this Android bug in the next release…

  40. Trying to access settng through thr Pure Calendar app, but it keeps tlling m to read a page of tips and click the Done button when complete. Won’t lt m access settings.

  41. I’ve been using your pure grid widget for some time now and I think it’s great. However, I don’t like the default calendar app and I’ve tried Calendar Pad from the market. It is better I think and i would like to be able to launch it from your widget instead of the default google calendar. Is this possible ?


  42. Is there an option or a specific skin that will allow the Pure Calendar widget to stretch when in landscape mode? I don’t see one. I’d really like this, I think it’s the only thing that keeps this from being perfect for me. It just bugs me that it’s centered when it’s in my dock.

    Droid w/ Android 2.1.0 OS

    1. It bore me because I did it like this to reduce CPU usage on rotation.
      It’s not a skin ora software problem. I wanted it like this…
      But since everybody ask for it, you’ll have it… and it will consume 50% more CPU during redraw. 😦
      Oh yes… and I can’t be optionnal.

  43. I’m not sure is here a good place for feature requests, please tell me if I’m worng.

    1) Can you add more short periods, like 1, 3, 5, 7 days ?
    2) It not very usefull to have one widget for every size in menu, i think better to make the way like HTC done, after i select widget, it asks me which size i prefer.

    PS. Thank you very much for your good work, this is excellent app, i’v used on my hero.

    1. Hi,
      here, it’s perfect for requests 😉
      1 – done, it will be in the next version
      2 – it’s a special HTC Sense features reserved for HTC Sense devices. No 3rd party widgets can use this features.

      1. I found another observation – widget doesnt updated after i marked task as completed in gtasks. And still not updated after 15min (update fequency). I have [ask] selected as application to launch on click.

      2. are you using a task killer ?
        if yes, be sure you excluded the widget from the list.
        It works fine for me.

      3. Thank you! Yes i’m playing with internal task killer, it seems it was to aggressive. Now tried again – all fine.

  44. For some reason, none of my contacts pictures display in the widget for Pure Messenger. Am I missing something?

    1. it depends.
      It looks in the contact book for email, gmail, and sms.
      For twitter and facebook it loads pictures from internet.

  45. I use Pure Messenger.
    I use your widget to create 3 4X2 widgets in Normal mode. One for Gmail, One forTwitter and one for Facebook. I also tweaked on of your skins to match the Clean Looks ROM. (Would be happy to share it with you so that you could add it to your server).

    I JUST installed the last update and I cannot get Gmail to work at all. I have rebooted the phone. I have cleared the gmail data and cache but I still get stuck on Loading data “Twitter and FaceBook seem to be working fine”

    Prior to the update everything was working.

    I am running a Cyanogen based ROM

    1. Sorry, it’s my mistake, I introduced a bug in the 1.4.6. It’s solved with the 1.4.7 I’ve published 2 minutes ago.
      I’ll be happy to publish your skin, please, look at my contact page to find my email, and please, send it to me.
      Please, test 1.4.7 and report me if it works.

  46. Thank you for all of the possibilities Pure Messenger provides. For your consideration… it would be groovy to be able to back up settings to SD card.

    1. Hi,
      what do you want to be able to backup ?
      if it’s about settings, I won’t do it. It’s too difficiult to backup/restore when the database format is not stable (and it is not since I always add features).

  47. Hi –

    Using Pure Calendar (Agenda) – I’d like to add multiple widgets to differrent home screens, and have different settings for each displayed instance of the widget (different calendars dispayed, different skin, etc…). Currently, however, when I update the widget settings on one calendar, it affects settings for all other instances of pure calendar.

    Are independent settings for each widget instance possible?


  48. I don’t seem to be able to reply directly to your post.

    “For me, it’s not the purpose of a calendar to support contact birthdays. So, the answer is no.”

    The purpose of a calendar is to inform user about whatever events in future they wish to be informed about. Contacts’ birthdays is just a recurring event sourced elsewhere. But I guess it’s your app.

    “For ‘hide today tade if …’: it’s not a bug. It will display the first day with event or task.”

    OK I may have been not clear enough. So I have one event today and one tomorrow. With this option unchecked it looks like this:

    With this option checked it looks like this:

    I want to hide today if there is no events but I also want Today identified as Today if there are some. How do I do this?

    1. For birthdays, I understand, and I agree.
      But between fbcal (for Facebook birthdays) and EBOBirthday (for contact book birthdays), it’s not the widget job to parse contacts informations to show those events.

      And for the option ‘hide …’, like you discribe it, yes, it seems to be a bug. I’ll have a look. Thanks for the report 🙂

      1. I can only hope in future you will change your mind and give an option to include birthdays 🙂 It would be great to have everything in one place. At the moment I have to create events recurring annually for each contact.
        I used to use TodayAgenda for Windows Mobile which was a today screen plugin equally powerful to your widget and it did show birthdays – I loved it.

        Thanks for looking into this bug.

      2. I don’t understand. Why don’t you ask to EBOBirth to make an update to support Exchange ? (this is your problem right ?)
        EBOBirthday automatically generate a calendar with all contact birtdays… It’s the perfect tool !

  49. “I don’t understand. Why don’t you ask to EBOBirth to make an update to support Exchange ? (this is your problem right ?)
    EBOBirthday automatically generate a calendar with all contact birtdays… It’s the perfect tool !”

    So EboBirthday pulls data from contacts, generates separate calendar and then you can display it in Pure Calendar and it tells me which birthday/anniversary it is? I thought it only displayed these dates in a separate widget. I’ll look into this then. But yeah, I did report back in February and it’s never been fixed.

  50. Find a way to eliminate all the Widgets in the widget menu. 2×2 2×3 et cetera. Calwidget does it quite simply by the main app settings. Please fix this in an update.

    1. already in TODO list.
      even if I think this option is COMPLETLY useless. How long do you spend in this widget lestion menu ? 5 seconds per week ?

  51. Hi,

    I get strange bug now, i added two widget on main screen. I want to have one for events (HTC Calendar) and another for tasks (GTasks). But when i changing settings in one of them (to show only events, for example) – another widget settings also changed, same is for changing settings of another widget, 1st one settings will be changed. So both widget are show same, events or tasks.

    I’m using HTC Hero with 2.1 custom ROM + Pure Calendar widget 1.8.9.

  52. Hi,

    I have suggestion for widget, i think will be good to have setting to limit number of tasks to show.

    1. No, I disagree.
      This is not a good filtering method because you won’t know what is visible or not and why.
      You NEED to filter with tags, importance or list.

      1. Hi, i’m not angry to you, i understand what you mean, but are you sure you know what is good for me ?
        Now i have an issue using widget, i have no chance to limit number of tasks and i can’t put 2 widgets on desktop, so what you can suggest for me ?

        PS. Yes, i can use tags & filters but in this case i will never see some tasks in widget.

      2. no problem, we are here to discuss 😉
        Are you sure you can’t use 2 widgets (like 2×2) side-by-side for your important tasks ?
        Lot of my users process it like this to have a clear view.

        And for this kind of ‘issue’, I can’t process all users requests because I receive a loooooot of users requests everyday (between emails/blog/market : ~10 news features requests per day).
        so, I try to always keep my policy in mind :

      3. Hi,

        Yes, i tried again, when i’m adding new pure calendar widget, even on another desktop (HTC Sense), it changes settings in another one.

        Yeah, i’m developer too, i understand this. I’m just faced and issue and tring to suggest you something that i think may be usefull to others.

        I think tasks & events are two different substances:
        1) Events is what i should to do and at which time
        2) Tasks is like ideas or suggestions to do something, similar to sticky notes may be.

        Now it is not good i think, tasks are mixed with events, for example, i have about 8 tasks & 1 event for today. Event is shown just below the tasks and it looks like event is task too but with lowest priority to do (yeah it have bar at left but it size not so big to let me understand that this is different substance).

        So, my idea to think how to split tasks & events, for those who want 😉

        PS. My device is HTC Hero with Custom 2.1 ROM based on Eris one.

      4. As I said, you can already split tasks and events in separated widgets… unfortunately not on the Sprint HTC Hero (if this is a european Hero, just disable the ‘Hero bug fix’ in widget config panel and it will work, did you try to disable it ?? may your 2.1 ROM solve the HTC bug). Look at https://koxx3.wordpress.com/common-problems/ for the ROM bug explanation.
        Many users uses two 2×2 widgets side-by-side : 1 for events, 1 for tasks.
        What do you mean by by ‘split tasks & events’ ? in the same widget ? you want a separator between them ? can you make a modified screenshots or a scheme ?

      5. Oh, forget one thing. I asked you to add period in days and you added it, much thanks for that, but can you please add 3 days period ? Not 2 and not 7 like now, but 3 is my favourite 😉

        Thank you very much for your patience.

  53. Can Eris and Hero users use two side-by-side widgets (one for tasks and one for calendar) in the manner that you’ve described? Like Arkady I would like to limit the number of tasks, but as an Eris owner I don’t think that the two-widget approach will be a stable solution for me. Thanks for any clarification.


    As long as I’m writing here, let me mention (on an unrelated topic) that the Gemini Calendar developer has integrated a nice method of quickly adding an appointment, for those of us without keyboards. If you get a chance, please take a look at it; it is similar to what I described on this thread a few months ago.

    Currently I’m using three calendars (Pure Calendar for the terrric “what’s coming up” widget, Calendar Pad for the nice monthly overview, and Gemini Calendar for its quick-add capability). It would be great if I could reduce this to two calendars or even one.

    1. No, Sprint Hero/Eris can’t use multi widgets because of Sprint ROM bug.
      What do you like in Gemini ? The date/time picker ?
      Why don’t you use the ‘Regular Google’ or ‘HTC Sense’ as ‘+’ command if you want finger frindly add event ? There is exactly the same fields as in Gemini, and you access it directly from the widget.

  54. I like the date/time picker in Gemini. Also I like that you can save your new appointment using the menu key, rather than scrolling all the way to the bottom.

    The HTC Sense appointment-adding is much too cumbersome:
    * flipping through the time-interface takes a long time. You have to explicitly specify am/pm, and it takes a lot of back-and-forth to specify your time the way you want. Also, minutes are in 1-minute increments rather than 5-minutes in Gemini.
    * you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the form to save your appointment

    I ran some timing tests to see how long it takes me to add an appointment, using Swype to enter the title of a “test appointment.”
    Adding this appointment for May 11th at 3:30pm took me 35 seconds using HTC Sense and 20 seconds using Gemini.

    I also find that I can add an appointment while walking (using the phone with one hand) with Gemini without getting frustrated. My patience runs out using HTC Sense (or Pure Calendar’s Quick Add, because of the effort required to encode the appointment-time).

    1. Thank you very much for this analysis, I’ll check what I can do to improve this in the ‘Quick Insertion’.

  55. Since we exchanged these recent messages, the Gemini author has “broken out” his event-insertion program. You can now insert it as a shortcut; on the shortcuts menu it appears as “Add normal event.” Unfortunately when you insert this shortcut on the desktop it has the title “Normal.”

    But in any case, perhaps this makes it possible for you to support Gemini insertion as one of the actions for Pure Calendar’s “+” widget button, analogous to the way you treat “Touchdown exchange.” Perhaps it makes sense for you to communicate directly with him (“Powell”) to establish a stable interface.

    I would still hope to see a nice native point-and-click event insertion within Pure Calendar as well.

    Thanks for your efforts …

  56. I am having trouble getting the SMS to open my messages on tap. I have the SMS app set to “Classic” and “Tap on message launch internal viewer instead of original application” set to false. When I click on an SMS message though, it does nothing. It seems to be tied to the correct message as when I select any of the options (such as Reply), it opens the SMS app succesfully. Additionally, tapping on other message types opens the message properly (Gmail).

    I am using the widget in 2.1 on the Sense UI on Droid Incredible. Thanks for any help.

      1. Wasn’t sure what you wanted exactly.

        I sent you:

        1) Before
        2) After clicking an SMS message in the pure widget and having the launch of the SMS app fail
        3) After successfully launching the “Messages” app from the Sense UI

  57. Hi!

    I’m really enjoying both grid calendar and the messaging widgets without many issues.
    I noticed that some emails don’ display in the internal viewer though. If I tap the message, it pops open like always but just shows the subject, not the mail itself.
    can’t exactly pin down the conditions for them not being displayed (although all the mails the internal viewer doesn’t open,there were several recepients).
    As a feature request, I l’d prefer it when adding calendar entries with the quick button to have something like a turn wheel for choosing the time instead of having to type “11:30” or something…but that’d be just nice to have, otherwise I’k very happy with your apps, thanks for making them!

  58. I’m using Pure Calendar Widget and love it! …but when I select “Show Description” it seems to insert newlines where there are none in my description which makes the formatting look quite awful. Any fix for this?

  59. Installs OK on my behold II and is on my homescreen but it wont launch the player, throws error and shuts down. Help please.

  60. Hi,
    I am using the pure messenger 4X4 screen email widget for my HTC legend android 2.1
    it seems that the maximum no of emails it will show is 20, when I have >100emails to view. How can I rectify this.
    Regards Jim

    1. Hi,
      There is no rectification possible.
      As written in the configuration panel, my widget can read only what is available in the gmail cache (generally between 20 and 50 emails, depends of … I do’nt know).
      The only solution would be to use K9 with IMAP Push access to have your full email list (not limited to cache).

  61. Hi,

    For some strange resaon on Pure Grid 1.3.6 all the events in November are showing as a day earlier as they should ( e.g. Guy Fawkes day shows correctly as 5th November in the stock Calendar app but shows as 4th November on Pure Grid widget ). Oddly all other months are showing correctly but all events in November are displaying 1 day early.

  62. Is there any reason why the skin distorts from time to time? I will swipe to that screen, and the top bar will be too large, and the text will only have a few lines. When I push the refresh button, the skin aligns properly, and the dates and text will fill up the box. I use the 4×2 size Calendar widget (currently the HTC skin, but this happens on any skin.)

    1. Hi,
      Did you upgraded to last version ? (it was a known bug from previous version)
      which device do you use ?
      Are you using an alternative Home ?
      Can you try to uninstall reinstall the application ?

      1. I am using the most recent version posted to the Android Market. I think it updated not too long ago, unless I am mistaken. I am using Motorola Droid, with Helix Launcher as my home screen. It did behave the same way on the stock home when I used to use it.

        I will uninstall it and reinstall it now, but it may be a few days before I can see if it recurs.

      2. The ‘distord’ skin, is the landscape skin applied in portrait.
        You can use the ‘disable redraw on rotate’ option to avoid this.
        But normally, it should never stay distaorded. You may see it during 1 or 2 seconds before redraw and it should be OK after.

    1. Do you have icons on your screen ?
      If yes, where are you trying to insert your widget ?
      are you sure you have enougth free space ?
      which widget size are you trying to insert ?
      are you using an alternative home ?

  63. Great app (just purchased today!), but please investigate this bug:

    On my Motorola Droid, if I hold the phone in portrait mode, I can see events listed in the pure calendar(agenda) 4×1 widget

    However, if I hold the phone in landscape mode, the events are listed for a half-second, then they disappear and are not visible until I turn the phone.

    I would be happy to assist with testing if you wish to send me a test version to try out.

    Thanks in advance!

  64. I finally got gmail to allow me to dl pure calender on my android again. Sprint put the new 2.1 on the phone. Thewidget works but one problem. The text colors don’t. Work right. Black renders gray and is too light to read. Its the same with other colors. The color in the box header is bold and ok. Thedate shows fine. The event and location are way too light. Any fix for this?


    1. Which phone are you using ?
      It seems Samsung introduced a bug in their new 2.1 ROM (color bug).
      can you email me a screenshot ?

  65. I am running an HTC Incredible with the onboard Exchange Corporate Email. How can I get this to be intergrated into my Pure Messenger. I enabled the Email (POP/EMAIL/Exchange) checkbox but nothing shows up when I grab a pull down box. Help please. Thank you.

  66. Since latest update I can’t add items to DROID. It keeps asking me to setup an exchange account and then locks up

    1. Did you select Google calendar or Exchange calendar ?
      if you selected Exchange calendar, yes, you need to configure your account.

  67. hi

    i jist realised pure calender isnt listed on the market any more. only grid calender is. why is it removed?

  68. Why does pure calendar keep asking my to setup an exchange account?and after data is entered it never takes it. Its been doing this only since last update

    1. Do you have a Droid/Milestone ?
      Do you need Droid Exchange calendar for Exchange sync ?
      If you need only Google calendar data, then, select ‘stock Google calendar’ instead of Droid calendar in the widget config panel.

  69. Purchased but would not sync with Touchdown Exchange. Do you need to update Pure Calendar to pair with the new 4.0 Touchdown update?

  70. I receive a message that says. “Problem loading widget” this happeafter the last upgrade. Please help.

  71. Excellent app.

    You may want to offer the option of a 2- column layout to maximize space used when todo and appointments are displayed.

    I run 2 2×2 side by side, one for appointments and one for todos. Works well but there are some redundancies (header, settings button).

    Btw if I remove the settings button from one widget, is there any way to change the settings other than replacing the old with a new instance?

    N1 android 2.1

    1. A 2 columns management way too complicated for a widget. It will overload the CPU and eat all the battery at each refresh…
      You can’t remove the config button right now.

  72. Hi- I just downloaded the Pure Grid Calendar Widget, and it really looks awesome- this is what Google should have done originally with their app.

    The only question I have is if it is possible to scroll through months? I travel a lot and would like to easily look ahead to view my flight/trip schedule. I cannot easily do this with the google app (except for clicking each individual day which is pretty unrealistic).

    Let me know, and thanks again for taking the time to develop this app!

    1. Hi,
      Yes, to change month, just press first/last cell of the grid.
      Incredible, nobody read the information page 😦 😦

  73. Hi, just purchased your product to use on my evo, when I look for it its under aps and not widgets… how can I fix that?

  74. Good morning, I purchased the calendar widget a couple weeks ago along with other paid apps and then I just did a factory reset. All of my paid apps showed back up as purchased, except for this one. Any idea how to get it back without having to purchase it a second time?

    I can send you the receipt if need be and all of my data for this widget is still on my memory card so I don’t know what’s up?

    Thank you sir,

    1. If this is a stock ROM, there is no reason for this problem.
      Is it a fresh new ROM from your operator ?
      which device ?
      which ROM ?

      1. Samsung Moment using DearmasFamily 2.5 ROM, but it wasn’t there when I was on the Stock ROM either after wipe?

      2. With alternative ROMs, market does what it wants (let you see or not apps).
        But if it doesn’t works with stock ROM, you have a big problem, and you need to contact Google.
        All I can say is : Pure calendar is still on the market.

  75. I’m simply asking if you can send me the files to put it back on the phone. I will send you my receipt for purchasing your widget, but I’m not going to purchase your widget for a second time. I CAN see that it is on the market, I’m saying it doesn’t show up to me as purchased when I did purchase it and have the documents to prove it.

  76. Any update on the Pure Calendar bug where events which go until 24:00 or 0:00 on a day are spread across two days? This is quite annoying and instead of adding new features – how about fixing existing bugs? Thanks

  77. I posted a few daysi posted a few days ago but can’t see the posting now for some reason… I LOVE the widget (pure calendar, not grid) but all of a sudden my tasks from Got to Do won’t show up anymore. I’ve played with different settings in the config but they won’t appear on calendar where they did before. Both apps are latest updates. Anyone else experiencing this?

  78. I have recently moved to Froyo on my N1 and started using Pure Calendar. What I am wondering though is why most times Pure Calendar does only open the calendar and not the actual event details when clicking on an event?

    Right after I installed it, clicking on an event in the pure calender widget list actually opened the event details in kind of a pop-up, so how it is supposed to be (I guess). But since a few days, clicking on an event in the list just brings up the Android calendar (and not even the particular day or a detail view, but just as if one would open the calendar). I already tried to delete and re-install the widget, no luck with that…

    Any idea what that might be and how I can get Pure Calendar to always bring up the event details?



    1. Hi,
      I didn’t noticed that problem. I’ll have a look on this in few hours. Thanks for the bug report 🙂

  79. Hello, as from this morning I got a visual mistake in the 4×4 calendar. I’m using it in cooperation with Gottodo task management software.

    There is bad placement of the color indicators (related to the various google calendar I use) as some of them are in front of tasks, and some events have nothing in front of them.

    I’m using a HTC desire with a Froyo rom 0.9d, but I haven’t noticed any issue before this morning.

    Are you informed of the issue ? I can send you a screenshot if necessary
    Best regards

  80. Hi, I am still having a weird issue with alerts. I have disabled all other alerts from other apps but I still get two alerts in a row. I have also noticed the first time the alert goes off it seems to stall then the second alert goes off and I get maybe about 5-10 extra messages on the widget.

    Its almost like its partially getting some then getting some more a few second later.

    I have even tried disabling alerts via the widget and it does seem to stop all alerts on refresh so I am sure its coming from the messenger app widget.

    1. I don’t understand… Are both alerts coming from Pure messenger (how does the icon looks like ?) ? can you send a screenshot or a camera shot ?

      1. On the pure messenger widget I tried just manually hitting the refresh button to see what is happening.

        I think I know what’s happening it looks like the widget alert will pop up once for Facebook messages for example it says 10 new message(s) of 20 unread message(s) .

        Then maybe a second or two later it will finally finish polling Twitter and pop up again with an updated alert again for example 30 new message(s) of 50 unread message(s) .

        I assume it is not waiting to collate all messages from Facebook/Twitter before the alert sounds.

        Its not really a big issue, just a bit annoying that with my standard alert sound it goes off multiple times.

        I will try to get a camera shot but I am on a stock phone, so I would have to use the SDK or another camera.

        Would it be possible to maybe add an option to only alert when a text or email arrives? TBH I can’t care less about Twitter/Facebook alerts 😀

      2. This is exactly that 😉
        I’ll see how I can improve that later.
        And May I’ll add an advanced notification later.

  81. Skins do not stick, using Froyo = Android 2.2 build. Upon reboot, all skins I have tried revert back to default skins once the phone is fully rebooted. Also, since initial instillation, I get random other apps being uninstall-ed without any notification, such as SetCPU and DroidRootPro, both of which disappeared immediately after install the beta of PMW on my 2.2 firmware phone.

    1. First : which widget ?

      Skins do not stick, using Froyo = Android 2.2 build.
      >>> on Nexus ? offocial Froyo ? I use a N1 /Froyo, without any problem. Which ROM ?

      Also, since initial instillation, I get random other apps being uninstall-ed without any notification, such as SetCPU and DroidRootPro, both of which disappeared immediately after install the beta of PMW on my 2.2 firmware phone.
      >>> no relationship possible with my widgets

  82. So I am not sure what can be done about this but my only issue with scrollable list is when touching to scroll, my droid thinks I want to move the widget. This happens alot unless I really take my time as to how I touch the screen. Oh and if you ever need someone to test k9 for pure with an exchange account I am willing to help because I cannot get the current version to pull my mail. I Hate exchange but it is a work account that I must use as well as gmail.

    1. For left/right scrollable, we need to find a way to tweak the sensibility when a widget is under the finger :/
      For K9 and exchange, I really don’t know how to make it working.

  83. I continue to be a satisfied customer – the recent updates esp. scrollable list are great!

    Two questions:

    1. The “last week” of messages seems to only show the last three days of mail messages (even though a longer list actually exists when you open the Gmail application) – even though it does show a full week of SMS.

    2. Have you considered integration with MailDroid similar to the integration with K-9? I just started using MailDroid and think it’s better than K-9.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi,
      1. as explained it is limited to gmail cache available to external apps. are you syncing multiple labels to your phone ? I advise you to use K9 for full gmail access.
      2. Currently, the rating of mailDroid is too low to consider an integration (3.82/5)

  84. Having both Pure Calendar and Pure Messenger on my Nexus one makes my life a lot easer, for that I fist wanted to thank you.

    though I have a question:

    I was looking at my facebook on my computer and on my phone and noticed some messages missing from pure messenger. I think all gallery post don’t show up.

    Nor do some normal messages from my friends.
    On my friends phone the messages from that guy did show up (he was using sociallite – LG app).

    1. Hi,
      If FB messages have to user text, they are dropped.
      But did you tick the option in the widget config panel to keep them ?
      If you ticked the option, please, email me to discuss the problem (see ‘about’ page for my email)

  85. Hi Francois and all “pure” users!

    I hope the answer to my questions aren’t too obvious but I’ll ask anyway:
    Using the quick event insertion on pure calendar or grid calendar presents me with the option to set an event as private and to set a 15 minute reminder.

    1. I have no idea what the “set as private” thing does, maybe someone could shed some light on this? This might be related, because sometimes I notice that when I open an event I myself created, I have the option to “attend” that event. Being my event and all, I assumed me being there was obvious

    2. The reminder thing doesn’t seem to work at all, I tried different calendars and the reminder doesn’t notify me of upcoming events.

    Thanks for any info on this.

    1. Hi :p
      1. lol .. in fact, I am not sure myself. One user asked that feature one time, and I added it… but I don’t think that’s very useful. I think when you calendar is shared, it allow you to restrict his visibility.
      2. you mean when you set the reminder from ‘quick event insertion’, it doesn’t work ?
      you are welcome !

  86. “2. you mean when you set the reminder from ‘quick event insertion’, it doesn’t work ?”

    Yeah, kinda. I just noticed that it actually adds a 15 minute reminder that’s visible in Sense calendar (I’m using a Desire btw), but my phone doesn’t make any sound when that time comes. So it seems more like a problem with Sense calendar I guess…

  87. Nevermind, I had the reminder settings in Sense calendar wrong….I set it to “alert” and now it works. I’m still trying to get the drift on android, my bad.
    Thanks for the help!

  88. I loose touchdown as only selected calendar every 2 days. I have to select it and save to see it contents again. Our exchange server has an enforced pin policy. Could that create this problem?

    1. I know, I am working on this issue since few days … I may have a solution, can you contact me by email to test a beta please ? (see about page for my email)

  89. I’ve a problem because the widget is not updating all my appointments. I have a HTC Desire. I use the Launcher Pro app instead of standard Sense. I like to use the Jorte Calendar app, but cannot get rid of standard HTC Sense Calendar.

    I sync my events from a Novell Groupwise Calendar (server) using Synthesis SyncML app which works just fine. And I use Pure Calendar Widget of course.

    Now I have a new appointment in Groupwise, which is synced to both HTC Sense Calendar as to Jorte Calendar. But the appointment is NOT synced to Pure. Furthermore another appointment on that day is removed in Groupwise, synced to HTC Sense Calendar en Jorte Calendar, but is still present in Pure. I tried to sync Pure manually, but unfortunately that does not help either.

    So there seems to be something wrong… Can you help me in this complex situation?
    Thanks a lot


      1. Mail has been sent. Thanks for your very, very fast reply in this FAQ.
        Hope you can solve the problem.

  90. Hola,
    Antes de nada darte las gracias por esta grandisima aplicacion. Tengo un problema y creo que no soy el único. Para pasar de un mes a otro hay que darle muchas veces a las flechas laterales. No podrías modificar el tamaño de las teclas para que fuese mas
    fácil navegar por los meses. Saludos y gracias

  91. Halo,

    I don’t understand how the TODAY option works. If there is no event for today i still got the today text. The hide today data is set to. Can somebody explain?

    Thank you

    1. and why aren’t you happy ? and with WHICH widget ?
      it may be interesting to argue when you say ‘not happy’ ………….

  92. Can i display that widget in landscape mode?

    When i changed to landscape it was a problem.
    The calendar and the number were displayed offset
    how can i solve them?

  93. I cannot touch/select area 1 on my calendar widget, andwhen I open a specific date, the add new event button has a red flag over it, and when I click it a dialogue box appears that says purecal quit unexpectedly and there is an option to force close. Please help, I rely on my calendar

    1. Hi,
      as I told you in my email, I need to send me a logcat after the crash.
      The Incredible seems a bit different from other phone, and I don’t have one to make tests 😦

  94. Still can’t get past info screen. I hit “done” about 20 tomes. Rebooted my motor Droid. Installed widget on home screen. Every tap of widget brings up info screen. Ready to get refund

  95. Love your widget.

    I just had to do a hard reset, and have reinstalled. For some reason I am unable to get the widget to scroll.

    I am using Launcher Pro. I have set the settings to allow scrollable widgets. I am blank on what else I may need to do to get this scrolling again.

    Any suggestions?

  96. I figured it out. I see I must also select enable scrollable mode on config of Pure Calendar Widgets.


  97. Hello,

    I just purchased your Pure Grid Calendar widget from the market. I am trying to sync the calendar with my Google
    calendar and I keep getting a warning error stating Application selected as ‘Select calendar application to launch on widget tap:’ doesn’t seem to be installed on your device. Please select another application installed or adapted to your device.

    This happens when I click on the Google calendar 1.5-2.1,& 2.2 for my HTC Incredible.

    Thank you in advance, Joshua

    1. Hi,
      Incredible is not a typical Google device (not ‘powered by Google’).
      You need to pick ‘HTC Sense’.

  98. I can’t seem to get the pure music widget to work on my Droid X. I also have your pure grid calendar, and got that installed with no problem, but I don’t see any buttons in of the “save and continue” variety when the settings page opens. Any advice?

  99. I love the calendar, started adding events, but once I got to Feb 2011 they stopped showing up even though it says event added?

    1. with which widget ?
      are you sure this is not a Android Google calendar limitation… honestly, I never tried to far…

  100. Is there a way to configure the messenger to display both incoming and out going messages? Or am I just missing something?

    1. No, you can’t.
      Don’t expect to have ALL features in a single widget.
      You need to understand that each new option use more memory, more CPU during each refresh.
      It’s always a difficult compromise between features, stability, speed and battery usage… :/
      This is also the reason why I often redirect users to suggestion page (Google moderator) to be sure that requested features interest more than one user. This is a mandatory condition to add a new feature now.

  101. I’m going to be changing phones. How can I reinstall without another charge. I use both pure calendar and pure messanger. They’re great! Thanx

  102. help please.

    i just bought and installed 1.8.2 and no matter what i select, it only shows 2 emails from gmail. I haven’t checked ‘show unread only’, selected ‘100 mails’, going back 4 weeks” but i still only get 2 for some reason.

    i’ve removed the widget and re-added it and it’s the same 😦

    i have another instance for facebook and that works fine. gmail though is fubared

    1. Hi,
      do you sync multiple labels in Gmail ?
      But please, contact me by email, we’ll solve this issue 😉 (see about page for my email)

  103. Installed Froyo on my evo abou a week ago. Pure Calendar acted up a bit yesterday then totally dissapeared today only the icon in aps is left. what do I do?

    1. If the widget disappeared, it’s a ROM bug.
      If the app was the problem, you should at least see ‘error’, not nothing.
      Is your ROM official ?

  104. Great app! I am however recently having problems with the calendar showing events duplicated to 4X each using my exchange calejdar only.
    I am running Froyo 2.2 on a motorola droid (original) No problems syncing and no other calendars are selected. Exchange is properly showing only one of each. More annoyance than big problem but would appreciate any suggestions. I have once ubibstalled and reinstalled your app with no change. Thanks

  105. For pure calendar widget when you use it with Astrid Task it works fine and shows the tasks in with the calendar entries. I am using ADWLauncher and when I turn the scrolling features on the Tasks from Astrid are not displayed.

  106. It is a con? Beyond explaining this applications work. I do not see any visible presence in my phone after installing. Most annoying is you can’t get your money.

    1. I am not sure to understand… are you SURE the app is installed ? did you read the information page ? do you know how to insert a widget ?

  107. it’s not a question but just a my hope. If cell height or size can be controled by user, it can be more useful. For example, lists of a day can be shown more or clear. I’m worry about this comment is suit for this board.

  108. google calendar is installed, but all i get is instructions/youtube video etc. i want to use my calendar and sync it to my computer google calendar. help! jo fusco

  109. Hi, is it possible that when you click on an email in Pure Messenger, it opens the standard email app on the phone?

    1. Hi,
      no, I don’t want to do this because it won’t be relative the K9 message list you see in the widget.

  110. hi koxx3, thanks for the great app!

    I have a problem when I select a date and add an event, when I try to set the time/duration after that, my original date is set back by one day. Any known issue with that? Thanks!

  111. hello i just installed pure messenger and k9 for pure. unfortunately also if k9 is working fine, the messenger widget on home is empty. i checked the settings, i rebooted but nothings changes. using gmail sync works fine. could you help? thanks

  112. I am using Blink to distinguish incoming sms from mail (different color of LED). When reading a newly arrived sms through Pure messenger the message will never register as ‘read’ – the sms notification icon and LED will stay on. Sony Ericsson X10.

    1. Then you should contact the Blink dev, because everything is done correctly in the SMS database to reset the unread flags.

  113. High Koxx

    I have an HTC Magic, on Android 1.5 with HTC Sense on top.

    I recently updated the Pure Calendar widget and it now force closes when I click the “continue and skin” button during first set up (with all sizes). Pure Calendar also had some problems BEFORE the update, but I somehow managed to make it display OK.

    Please help!


  114. Hi

    I currently use Fancy Widgets. it gives you the opportunity to tap on the date and pull up you calendar. when i set it to pure grid calendar it brings up the insrtuction page everytime. can you help me?

    im on a Droid X runni.g 2.2

    Thank you in advance.

  115. I am on X10 mini pro,Android 2.1. There are two problems with Pure Messenger widget on my phone.
    When I uncheck open sms in internal viewer (i want it to open in the original one on the phone), Pure messenger force closes.
    Secondly, when I open the sms in Pure (as I have to because of the first problem), when I hit reply I do not get the phone number automatically (No recipients). I have to add it manually to be able to reply.

    Is there a fix for this or maybe a setup thing I have not tried?

  116. Pure Messenger (when showing K-9 IMAP messages) is showing html in the widget….i.e. <!– /*Font Definitions */ type CSS things on incoming html emails.

    When you click and view the message it renders fine, however on the home screens is where you'll see this stuff. Perhaps you can just display the text part of a multi-part email, or you'll have to parse out the HTML


    1. Hi,
      I already parse the HTML (to text) by using the Android methods… but sometime, you are right, some CSS remains 😦
      The internal writer show HTML directly (and not text), this is why there is no problem.

  117. PureCalendar is a great app. I had tried several others – but always wanted to be able to see other events throughout the day. It took me awhile to configure it – getting Launchpro and that all set up.

    My question is that I always have a fear / need of backing things up. I had actually purchased Astro to be able to back-up my apps but when I tried to back this one up – it said private.

    I realize that companies/developers don’t ever plan on leaving – but would really like to have this backed up in case something was to happen to the app and I coudn’t get it anymore.

    Is there a way to back this up to my SD Card?

    Rob Searing

    1. Hi,
      no, you can’t. Pure calendar is a protected app and you need to be ‘root’ to bypass this protection (google it). But there is no reason to make backup… if you change your phone or crash your phone, you’ll always be able to redownload the app for free from the market.

  118. Deciding weather to buy or not.
    Hi can you tell me in your widgets can i get a list of my tasks (from google/Gtasks) with the Days until they are due displayed in the list.
    Gtasks can do this but only after entering the task editor not the overview screen that shows the date.

    What I want is to glance at the widget and see fore example
    Task 1- due in 5 Days
    Task 2 – Due in 9 Days
    Task 3 – Overdue by 2 Days

    Most extensions seen to display the date they are due on, but are lacking the ability to tell you how far that date is.

    If your widget can do that I would gladly pay money for it.

  119. Thanks in advance for your help. I have a Droid 1 running froyo and now the widget will not erase messages anymore. I hope you can advise.

  120. Hi,

    I am having a problem with Pure Calendar Widget on my Nexus One. After I connect the phone to my PC via USB, the widget that is already on a home screen deletes itself! And the thing that is the most frustrating, I can’t add a new one – all the adding links for Pure Calendar are gone from the “Add to Home screen -> Widgets” menu! I tried rebooting the device and reinstalling the widget, but this does not help. I very much hope to use your widget, as I like it a lot. Thanks in advance for your help

    1. Hi,
      are you using official ROM ?
      be SURE to NEVER install a widget on sdcard.
      Nobody reported such problem (except install on sdcard which is strictly forbidden for widgets).

  121. I have the grid calendar and find that the week view mode does not show any times latger than 9p, this is installed on a Samsung Epic

  122. pure music widget’s problem
    can’t load skin manager
    pop up message is ‘download failed’
    fix it plz

  123. I selected CalenGoo Beta in the settings but, when i tap an event, it opens the stock calendar event and not the CalenGoo event. Suggestions?

    1. Tapping an event is NOT launching calendar app. This is not the same action.
      Please, re-read the information page. Touch zones are differents.
      For direct event opening in CalenGoo, ask to their developper, they need to register the ACTION_EDIT / ACTION_VIEW events in their app to be compatible of Android API.

  124. Facebook events on the calendar have wrong hour… GMT problems? For me (Italy, GMT +1) all events is one hour ahead.
    On stock calendar app it’s all ok. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S.

    1. This is a very common problem. I advise you to use fbcal instead of native facebook android events sync. Check FAQs.

  125. When I am adding a new event, in the description box there are date and words that I have to manually delete before I can edit it can you make those words go away or at least disappear in one click thanks

    1. This is all the concept of the ‘quick event insertion’. You can type everything, no need for finger taps or menus.
      If you don’t like it, change it for another insertion app (in widget config panel -> ‘+’ action)

  126. Pure Grid Calendar

    Would like the ability to change the default duration from 1 Day to 1 Hour.

    Any non transparent skins?


    1. If you use ‘quick event insertion’, yes.
      It is already done for Pure calendar, I didn’t remember that I have to port it to Pure Grid 😉

  127. Hi, love the calendarwidget, but have some issues… I got the archos 101 tablet, mostly in landscape mode, and then the calendar is very small. Tried to resize it with launcherpro with no luck. BTW, I am using the 4×4 xxl widget and skin. Would love to have a larger widget, any suggestion?

  128. Samsung fascinate pure music widget problem… when I press the list button in the now playing screen the music player just closes, this problem only happens when ther pure music widget is on my home screen

  129. Love the apps you have desighned..was wondering if you can make a bookmark widget,similar to the 1 on htc sence ui or on launcher pro home replacment..thank you

  130. Hi I keep getting an aggravating pop up saying I need to upgrade to l8 version 3.390-109. This version is older than 3.5 which I just installed today. Seems like an easy fix type error. Any thoughts before I uninstall?

  131. Hi I wrote you an email earlier about the messenger widget asking me to update to an earlier version of k9 than what is currently available in the market. Please respond if you can to let me know if this can be fixed. I really like the k9 program and would like to use it. The widget will not show new messages at all. The K9 is configured correctly it is just not recognized by the pure widget program. Thanks.

    1. Hi, It’s very simple : versions of ‘Pure Messenger’ AND ‘K9 For Pure’ need to be updated. If it still ask for update, it means Pure messenger is NOT UP TO DATE. I REMOVED the version checking in the last market version…

  132. Hi, I’ve just change my phone from Nexus One to Dell Venue(not Venue Pro), but I cannot reinstall the Pure Calender Widget because the app is missing on Market. Can you tell me how to fix it, thx.

  133. Just downloaded this app and the colors for the schedule from google calendars to this app are not syncing up. How do I sync the colors from my google calendar to this app?

  134. Bi-weekly events. The description claims that bi-weekly events can be scheduled but I don’t see that option in the scheduler.

    1. Set ‘quick event insertion’ for the ‘+’ action.
      Then press the widget ‘+’ icon, then repeat option.

  135. Hi, instead of having the option to hide the many different widget sizes, is it possible to have just one widget and have a second pop up asking the user to select widget I think this is doable because this method is similar to the stock news and weather widget. Just a thought. It would make things neater.

  136. Hi, I’ve just flashed my phone to 2.3 Gingerbread. The widget installs but does not show the emails. K-9 works to pull in emails, but they’re not appearing in Pure Messenger. Yes i’ve checked for it to use K-9 for emails.

  137. Hy,

    I have a HTC Deisre HD. I could not find where I change the GMT in the pure grid agenda.
    All my agenda is 1 hour in delay with google agenda of my desktop.
    Anyone could help me?

  138. Just installed, worked fine until about 10 minutes later when I rebooted my phone (rooted Sprint HTC Hero with CyanogenMod 6.1) and it said widget failed to load where the widget would normally be. Then when I tried to re-add the widget it wasn’t in my list of widgets to add! I can still click ‘Pure Grid Calendar Widget” in my list of applications to view the read-me page, but otherwise cannot get at the widget.

  139. I am unable to load the widget to home page. I follow the long press procedure.choose.but no icon appears.

  140. Is it possible for the Calander Widget to scroll past 6 months…..for example, when I try scrolling today Jan 22, 2011 it will only scroll to Jul 10, 2011?

  141. Please, swap the places of days and time in pure grid calendar week view. It should be more native when timeline set horizontally, and there’ll be more space on event line to print it’s name. In other way, you can check launcher pro plus widget to see how it’s done.

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but I don’t understand your request… and LauncherPro doesn’t have any timelines, so… I really don’t understand.
      Can you make a modified screenshot or something to explain ?

  142. Could you please add the Bi-weekly option in the recurring. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been added a long time ago. I would be nice to show pay-days and time sheets due every 2 weeks.

    1. Choose ‘quick event insertion’ for the ‘+’ button action. Then press the ‘+’ button, and ‘repeat’. Select ‘every 2 weeks’.

      1. This is my bad Koxx. On the widget setting, I put the “+” widget button as “Stock Google Calender”.
        High praise on your App dude, I’m almost loving it. And thanks for the fast feedback!

  143. Je ne vois pas les pièces jointes de mes messages en utilisant Pure Messenger. Que dois-je faire ?

  144. Ok, found the solution by my self. Musicmod was installed twice. One as the default android music player one as musicmod it self. I removed the second instance of musicmod and now everything seems ok !

  145. Hi !
    I’m using pure music widget on a desire hd with cyanogen 6.1.3.
    After boot or a long time without using the widget, when I click on the play button music starts playing but it’s not the track shown on the widget.
    If I hit previous or next buttons, the phone plays another track but the widget never get updated and still display the wrong first track.

    If I hit the track name then the default cyanogen music player opens (musicmod) with the track shown on the widget. I hit play on the music player and then the widget starts to act correctly. Displaying the right track and getting updated after hitting previous / next. Unless I stop using it for a couple of hours.

    Is there a way to fix it?

  146. I load the calander widget 4X4 to one of my screens, later on when I go back to view calender it has mysteriously shrunk to 1/3 its size ? G2 user

    1. Are you using stock launcher ?
      If no, the problem surely come the launcher…
      Never seen such thing, and nobody reported such issue. Sorry.

    2. Are you using stock launcher ?
      If no, the problem surely come the launcher…
      Never seen such thing, and nobody reported such issue. Sorry.

  147. Does your Pure Calendar allow adjusting of font size in month view? I like to be able to see the many daily repeating alarms I have set.

  148. quick Q

    is there a way to have an alert go off *only* when a specific person emails you? i mean like a popup/long vibrate etc?

    i cant see how to do it in k9 or pure widget. i dont use notifications normally but this would be handy

  149. I don’t understand why U develope such a good tool and then combine it with that curious forecast of Google. The idea of such a weather-app is it’s accuracy – what Google doesn’t provide at all. There are much better services for europe e.g. It’s only useful for US-citizens, and not really international, as U call it. Thy idea of selection the service is good, but there must be a real selection and good alternative to google. The “big G” is not just in everyting the best choice.

  150. How about being able to changing colors of the time in the Pure Calendar Widget? It could be better to make an difference between time and agenda.

    And, Pocket Informant access from Pure Calendar Widget must be changed. It doesn’t works.

    Thanks your effort

    1. For PI, it’s already fixed, it will be in the next release.

      For time text color, why not, but please, use the suggestion module.

      1. Dear Sir

        It would be grateful if you can contact Pocket Informant for partnership requests.

        Thanks & Regards

  151. Went to uninstall Pure Calendar widgit from my Droid X, it goes through all prompts, then fails to uninstall. Please advise. I want to remove PCW from my phone.

  152. Hello
    Using a simple widget that displays only last notifications, with a transparent theme isvery nice on minimalistic homescreen.
    But when there is nothing to display, there is still the counter that displays a zero. Do you think it could be difficult to make it disappear in that case? Merci
    Sorry for my poor English.

  153. I create a widget on my Motorola Xoom, but it won’t let me skin it and it never shows up on my home screen. It’s there, but it’s invisible.

    1. Currently, there is problems with Honeycomb high resolution support.
      I ordered a Xoom tablet, and I hope those problem will be solve quickly after I received it.
      Thanks for your understanding.

      1. Any update on Honeycomb? I love pure calendar, and it’s inability to do things on honeycomb is inhibiting my ability to use my tablet! I depend on pure calendar for all its coolness….

  154. sory for not reading the whole page, firefox does not have search capability yet.
    Anyways, my issue:
    In Landscape orientation the widget is of course wider thanin portrait.
    Despite that however it shows less information, shorter lines.
    For example in Landscape you see:

    and in portrait it shows

    so its not using the available space in landscape orientation.
    my phone is the galaxy tab (1024×600).

  155. I thought it would be more customizable with color coding and able to select specific days for continuous events. But it just connects to the calendar already on my phone and uses basically the same thing other than more background color options. I tried to uninstall app within the 15 min to get my money back but I was a little too late. The only reason why I don’t want it is bc I need something more customizable for crazy life and this is about the same as all other calendars I’ve tried.

  156. Hi, I’m trying to get pure messenger to point to Hoot Suite for tweets but it’s not an option. Help!

  157. Ho, thanks for excellent widget! I have an samsung galaxy tab. Forward and backward arrows dont function.

    1. Please, email me (see about page for my email). I don’t have this trouble, and I need much more informations. Thanks.

  158. Whenever I try to set the widget size to anything larger than 4×4 on my galaxy tab it says there is not enough room or space or something to that effect. I am using launcherpro plus as my home app. Any idea or thought why I can of get either of the 5×5 Widgets to fit on an empty screen.

    Thank you

    Ron Lee

  159. Hi,

    If I have synced my outlook calendar to my Android (HTC Legend) will it then be visible in pure grid calendar? Even if I am not going through google calendar? I am syncing my outlook directly with My Phone explorer.


    1. Hi,
      yes, they will be visible if they visible in the stock calendar application (synced through Google calendar servers or not).

  160. Just a very simple question : is there any chance to get an option to change the size of the text in Pure Calendar Widget ? I would like to have more things written in one line (meaning smaller text size) 😉

  161. I’m a new user and I can’t figure out how to make my events bi-weekly, etc. Please help

  162. Hi there

    I noticed that the Grid Calendar does not seem to work in landscape mode on my HTC Desire Z? It just gets downsized? Both Agenda and Messenger work really well in landscape. Is there any reason for this or solution? 🙂
    Thanks for a bunch of really great widgets!

  163. Great app. Are there any plans to add Pure Messenger notifications for Instant Messengers? (Google Talk, Whatsapp, Mobile IM, KIK). Thank You.

  164. Great widget! But is it possible to make more of the skins usable for the scrollable widget? I like the dark ones but they are only meant for normal and list.

    1. Hi,
      yes, it is possible, but I need to publish an SDK to make your task easier. I’ll do it after my holidays.

  165. Any plans to support Moxier? Just switched from Touchdown and is really missing pure calendar. Also, Moxier support in the pure messenger widget would be great….


    1. I am sick of Moxier. I tried to contact them multiple time for partnership requests, they NEVER NEVERE answered me !

  166. Salut,

    messages that were already marked as read appear as unread all the time – what must i do to solve this? Xperia X10i 2.1

  167. Hi,
    I just purchased your wonderful pure messenger but have a small problem with it, there’s no text visible on the widget, just wondered if there’s a quick fix for this…?

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted several times and deleted the file from the sd card but still the same..

    I’m using a htc desire with mytouch espresso 4g rom and launcher pro plus launcher

    thanks and kind regards

  168. I use the calendar as a business tool to schedule blocks of time with clients weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. This functions great until a client wants to reschedule for a different day or time, just once then go back to their regular schedule. Since I get a halfdozen such changes each month, I need to know how to do this without having to delete the whole schedule, then enter the changed schedule as a one time event, then go to the next week and re-enter the event as a weekly repeating event. Your help in showing me a better way would be extremely appreciated! Rene

    1. Pure calendar is mainly a Home viewer. I has no purpose to REPLACE the calendar manager, and this is general for all widgets, they do not have to replace applications, they just provide a quick overlook on your important informations. So, I strongly advise you to do such things in your calendar application.

  169. The app is excellent but there are two majors adds that would significant improve it:
    1. The forward button
    2. When answering, it always appears the default signature no matter what email got the message

  170. Hi, I have the pure messenger widget but the skin list doesnt update,i am running android 2.1 on a ZTE Racer.

    1. Hi,
      what does it means “it doesn’t update ?
      do you see the skin list ?
      can you install the skin ?
      do you select the skin ?
      what happen after pressing “save & exit” ?

  171. Hello,


    I am using pure calender widget on a galaxy S Samsung. The calender is touchdown which connects with a zimbra server and my outlook. When I use the “add event” button I can fill out the “add event” window but there will be no update neither in your widget, neither in touchdown/outlook.
    Touchdown is configured to poll every 15 minutes.

    Can I use the “add event” in your widget to update the events in touchdown/zimbra/outlook either directly or through a workaround? Does it depend on my touchdown settings?

    many thanks

    The widget is very nice both the contents as the possibility to configure the look of it.

    1. Hi,
      Which action did you choose for the ‘add event’ button ? open the ‘Touchdown’ insertion panel ? or the ‘quick event insertion’ (it won’t work) ?

  172. I am using Pure Calendar Widget, and have turned on display tasks (Gtasks). I find that it displays tasks even though they have no due date. My expectations (and it seems it used to work this way) that it should only display tasks that have a due date.

    I do have it set to display tasks that are past due, but again, with no date, they should not be considered past due.

    1. Sorry, but I don’t understand … the option ‘show only task with due dates’ already does that.

  173. Yes it is supposed to do that, but on my phone it is not. I ONLY wannt tasks to show if they have a date on them, but all are showing.

  174. Hi!

    I saw above that somebody asked about private events (Jan (20:47:36)). I use Google Calendar, and quick event insertion, but I don’t see any option for this. It would be important for me, can somebody help me? Does this option exist for google calendar in this widget application?

    1. Hi,
      this is not availalble in the ‘quick event insertion’ panel. But you can set it when using the stock calendar event insertion panel. Just configure you ‘+’ button in the widget config.

      1. Dear Koxx3,

        thanks for your fast reply. Unfortunately I have HTC Hero, and it seems, it doesn’t contain the basic stock calendar event panel, because when I select it, it throws me a warning. And HTC calendar event doesn’t know this function. 😦 Is there any chance that pure calendar will be extended with this option?

  175. Hello koxx3

    Is it possible to add Checkmark to the list of task managers that you support? I would like to be able to view Checkmark tasks via the Pure Calendar widget.


  176. Just curious – with the messenger widget, can I get it to show facebook and twitter only, but not gmail or text? That’d be ideal for me.

  177. I want this calendar as a stand alone. I do not want it to sync with google calendar. How do I permanently stop the synchronized?

  178. I use weather forecast widget (donated).
    Today I updated my phone. By the way I got the problem with 2*2 widget.
    There is only text message “Loading data..” take forever!
    So I checked other size widget. There’re problem with 4*X widgets too.
    I did uninstall & re-install too. But I have still problem with over 2*2 size widget.
    How can I get solve this problem?

  179. I have purchased Pure messenger and I really like it! But I have two questions. The first is, I think I found a little limitation: I wanted to use a large widget covering one of my home screens and a tiny one on the main screen, informing me only of unread important items. So I checked in the facebook preferences of the small one only “messages”. But by doing so Pure messenger also deactivates news feed etc. on the large widget. If I enable it there, it is also enabled again on the tiny one 😦 Can this be fixed? Or is it generally not advised to use several instances of Pure messenger widget?

    The second question: Is there a simple way to transfer settings from K-9 to K-9 for pure? Phone is a rooted HTC Desire with latest stable of CM7.

    Thanks in advance and best wishes from Germany,


    1. Hi,
      1 – you can enable FB in one widget and disable it in another one. Just answer ‘no’ when it ask to delete FB settings when you disable it.
      2 – no, K9FP and K9 are 2 separated projects. No way to share/export/import settings. Sorry.
      Regards from France 😉

    2. Ooups… sorry, I think I was a little bit fast when reading your message.
      You are right, the FB detailled config is shared by all widgets.
      There is currently no plan to change that, but you can suggest it in the suggestion module 😉

      1. Hi Francois,

        thanks a lot for your hyper-fast response 🙂

        Best regards, Volker

  180. Hello
    Phone : désire
    Pure grid calendar : since the bugged update i have problems with some of my entry.
    Exemple : for a working day, i entred “working” and date “all day long”. Everything was ok, but not the all day long become from the right day to any date but very very far (something like year 34678!).
    When i look in androod calendar the date is ok, but in pure grid no…
    I can shoot a video, and explain in french if you want.

    1. Bonsoir,
      effectivement, un screenshot ou une photo serait pas mal.
      Jamais vu pareil bug.

  181. Hi
    I have purchased Pure Messenger. When I try to delete phone messages it does not delete them. Have you got any advice? I am using an HTC Desire with Ginger Villian 2.4


    1. Hi,
      which kind of ‘message’ are you deleting ? gmail ? email (from which app ?) ? text ? FB ? TW ? calls ?

      1. Hi

        The call log. When I make or receive calls they show in Messenger window, which is fine . But when I delete either from individual record or delete all, the calls do not delete


      2. Android doesn’t allow individual call log element deletion (and ‘delete all’ call log elements is not permitted from the widget since the widget doesn’t list all calls, but only calls for the widget search period).
        So … the ‘delete’ operation on call log elements of the widget is just a ‘hide from widget’ action.
        There is no other way to do it.

  182. I have read through the section on only getting the information screen. I have inserted my widget on my home screen along with the other widgets I use daily, this is the only one that is not functioning properly.

  183. Bonjour,

    J’ai un petit problème de résolution avec un 4×4, sur un Nexus S (2.3.4 / Home d’origine ). Le widget est tronqué en haut et en bas.

    Vous a t’on déjà remonté ce problème ? Comment vous faire parvenir une capture d’écran.


  184. Hi, first of all, thanks for your apps, they are great.
    I have one bug and one suggestion:
    Bug: in my HTC Desire, the “back” button in the 4 x 2 widget doesn’t work.
    Suggestion: you need to put a time bar for the songs in the widget, it will be great.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi,
      thanks 😉
      I’ll check the back button on my HTC G2 😉
      The time bar is not possible with stock Android widget API :/
      HTC uses their own private methods to do it.

  185. I have a small problem since yesterday with the weather forecast widget. When i use google1 or google 2 provider and if i use other skin than ‘internal” then the icons in the widget don’t appear. In the forecast i have big question mark with “no icon in the skin” title. If i use UNderground provider the icons are OK but not in my language.
    Is there a solution for this problem?

      1. Now i have all icons in the skin, after having updated from the market.
        Thank you for your work, and your applications.

      2. So, now there are icons, when I use google provider, but I have some remarks:
        – “chance of storm uses” the “dust” icon
        – “mostly sunny” uses “partly cloudy” icon and inversely
        – the “htc_anim” skin doesn’t have animation

  186. I have the full version for about six months now with no problems.
    Two days ago, it started saying no icon on this skin, with big question mark for where the icons should be.
    I tried changing skins, uninstall the widget and downloading it again from the market but nothings changed.
    Can you tell me what’s going on?

  187. This one is strange: I configured 3 “mixed” (Gmail, Pop3 via K9, SMS and Calls) and one “facebook-only” messenger widgets. All works fine but: whenever I open the “facebook-only” widgets config, it always shows “Emails enabled” (using no account). Setting this to “disabled” seems to be ignored (next time I open the config, it is enabled again)…

    Btw: Using latest version from market…

  188. Is it possible to make days taller, so that more events per day can be seen on the month view widget?, instead of seeing 1.5 months on the xxl skin, i would rather see less days and be able to fit more timberline events per day.


  189. HI
    Applications are very good.
    But I want to sugget

    I’m using pure grid calendar
    But I can’t set events text without time-line.
    Could you make events text without time-line?
    thank you.

  190. Hi!

    I think I found a bug in Pure Messenger or K-9 FP (I hope it’s not a feature ;-))
    I tell K-9 not to download more than 32kB of each message automatically. This always worked. Yesterday I noticed for the first time, that a 17MB powerpoint attachment was downloaded automatically via mobile network. For testing purpose I sent a few messages with attachments > 32kB to myself and they all were downloaded completely. As in the changelog of latest pure messenger and K-9 FP attachment notification is mentioned, may it be that this causes the new behaviour?

    Thanks a lot,


    1. Hi Francois,

      could you reproduce the problem? It’s a pity to see the Megabytes melting down everytime I get a mail with a large attachment…

      Best wishes!

      1. Hi,
        sorry, but I don’t modify any part of K9 except the content provider allowing me to read message from K9.

      2. Thanks for your quick reply! And may it be the pure messenger forces K-9 to fetch the complete message (e.g. in order to check if it has an attachment)?
        Sorry for suspecting your great widget, but I never had this behaviour before (and I also didn’t realize it before the latest update of the widget and K-9 FP)…

  191. Hello,

    I’m from Moxier Mail. Many users have been asking us to integrate Moxier Mail with Pure Calendar.
    Please let us know what we need to share with you guys for integration.
    We will seek for your reply.

    Thank you!

  192. I recently started using Juice Defender Ultimate and since it turns data on/off at specified intervals (for me 5min off / 15s on), Weather Forecast Widget fails to update (set for every 3 hours) since the syncing is off between the two programs. I searched this site and the JD site for a solution and came across this: http://feedback.latedroid.com/forums/70437-general/suggestions/1494645-faq-autosync-sync?ref=title

    Is the Autosync as easy to implement as the developers of JD suggest? If so, can it be included in the next update for WFW?


    1. Hi,
      Development of weather forecast widget is stopped since a long time, only critical bugs are solved. I focus all my energy on Pure widgets.
      ciao, Francois

  193. I have just begun using pure grid. I like it but have a few questions.
    When I add a recurring event, say weekly for six months, I do not seem able to eliminate one event in the chain. say I want to remove an event on September 16. It stays on the calender.
    When I remove a task from a day it is remove from the task list but stays on the monthly calender
    I do not see how to show a task has been completed
    Tasks do not roll over to the next day if they have not been completed
    I would appreciate you help on these problems

    1. Hi,
      When I add a recurring event, say weekly for six months, I do not seem able to eliminate one event in the chain. say I want to remove an event on September 16. It stays on the calender.
      >>> this is not a problem of Pure grid, since Pure Grid can’t edit the event. When you edit the event, you aren’t anymore in Pure Grid, you are in the stock calendar.

      When I remove a task from a day it is remove from the task list but stays on the monthly calender
      >>> which task manager are you using ? it should refresh within few seconds. If it doesn’t, it’s a bug.

      I do not see how to show a task has been completed
      >>> you can’t. Once completed, they disapear from the widget.

      Tasks do not roll over to the next day if they have not been completed
      >>> If you set a due date, you set a due date. It will be show only at this date. If you want to request another behavior, please use the suggestion module : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/

      ciao, Francois

  194. Hi,
    just installed Message Widget and it’s a great app.
    I have one problem opening GMail Email. When I click onto G-Mail mail, Widget will open GMail to Mail List and not open message i clicked.
    I Have Motorola MIleston 2 with original firmware with frojo 2.2.2.

    Let me know

    1. Hi,
      Gmail application doesn’t support direct email opening. This is why I created the internal viwer…
      ciao, Francois

  195. I installed Pure Grid Calendar widgets. It ran fine, I added a widget to my screen.

    Shortly after the phone crashed (not necessarily due to the new app), and the widget was gone. So was the option to add one. I noticed the app had installed to SD card, although I do not seem to be able to force it to do otherwise.

    So I uninstalled, and reinstalled. Still no widgets available. So I uninstalled, reinstalled, moved the app to Phone memory. Still no widgets available. In fact now, no matter what I do, I cannot get any Calendar widgets from this app to appear in mywidgets list.

    How do I get them back ? And how do I make them survive a reboot/crash (I moved nothing to or from SD, just an install and used the app as per instructions).

    1. Which phone and ROM do you use ?
      It is clear that installing widget app on sdcard can’t work because during reboot, when Android list widgets, the sdcard is not yet mounted… so, no widget for android.
      The only other case of missing widget after a reboot (if the app is in internal memory) seems to be on Samsung Infuse which seems to have a ROM bug.

  196. I’m having the “won’t refresh” issue with the latest release on both my Asus Transformer and my Droid X, which is running 2.3.3. I have disabled task killer, and have Launcher Pro running on both.I just get a blank widget with no emails or action buttons, but I have email in K9 and Gmail when I look directly at the clients. And yes, Ihave made sure that scrollable is setin the launcher.

    On the X, I can not load the widget at all; it just hangs and Ihave to FC.I’m a big fan of Pure Message for K9 but I need some help getting this to run again.

      1. I have sent you the log. I understand that the tablet may not yet be optimized, but the basic issue (before it started crashing) was the same on both devices.

  197. Pure grid calendar widget will not update changes I make to repeating events. I have mine synced with my google calendar, and the changes are reflected there but not in my calendar widget. In fact, when I made a change to a single event in a series, it just created a second event, and wouldn’t allow me to delete the original. it also sometimes takes me to jan 1st when I tap on a date. Very frustrating.

    1. Repeated events cannot be edited through Pure calendar because of problems in Android API.
      If you have some ‘1rst january issue’ on events viewing, please email me (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  198. I am on a LG Optimus V and using a stock music player. I set the widget and when I try to play music, it switches between two songs rapidly and to get it to stop, I have to kill the process. Can this be fixed?

    1. Sorry but I don’t have any LG device to make tests, and I don’t have such issue on any other of my 7 devices 😦

  199. Pure grid calendar widget will not update changes I make to repeating events. I have mine synced with my google calendar, and the changes are reflected there but not in my calendar widget. In fact, when I made a change to a single event in a series, it just created a second event, and wouldn’t allow me to delete the original. Am I missing something?

  200. I erased the stock calender app that came w/phone last year a month after getting this app cause it got in the way. I guess that’s why I have probs with erasing exsisting appointments. When I try to cancel or change an exsisting appointment with this app now it won’t change anything but put in new ones. When it use to let me change apps a few months ago google puts them back in then dissapears. Its fine when I do everything on gcallender. What do you think and what stock callender should I get if needed.

    1. I think stock calendar app should NEVER be erased from the phone. Even if you don’t use it because I think the stock app interact in the sync process of the calendar events with Google calendar.
      You can still install another ADDITIONAL calendar app like Jorte or Gemini.

  201. Pure Calendar is awesome! One feature I would like to request, is that there be an option to display tasks based on start dates, rather than due dates. This would be consistent with the 3rd edition of the very popular book “Total Workday Control with Microsoft Outlook” by Michael Linenberger.
    For me, it would make a great application even better!
    Do you think this feature request is a possibility?

  202. Hello koxxx3,

    Is it possible to show week number on month view on Pure grid widget? If not is some possibilities to add this function to new version? Widget is very good, but this small update is for me very important for my job.

    Thank you in advance Rostej

  203. Hey! I bought my pure messenger widget today and i wanted to know if it is somehow possible to open the actual thread of SMS’ when tapping a message from the user and not the “main view” when using internal viewer. If not that’d be an awesome feature in upcoming versions. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      yes, it is possible : disable the internal viewer, and enable the direct thread opening in the widget settings.

      1. I seem to have problems with it. It opens an empty compose message with a receiver, but not the actual thread (when using Classic) or “All messages” (when using Sense 2).

    1. Since there is no official API provided by Google to do that, it can’t works on all phones … HTC often have problems with this.

  204. Hi. I’ve browsed the FAQ and not found this; if it’s there, please point me to it

    I use the weather widget (unlocked), and was wondering if I can specify a custom URL that would open when I tap on the forecast. (I don’t want the widget to display a different forecast — but when I go for more detail, I’d like the link to open a particular site — specifically, the BBC 24-hour forecast for my town.)

    The drop-down menu in “configure” for “Web page details” offers only Weather Underground or WU Mobile. Would it be possible to add a “custom URL” to that menu item?


    1. Hi,
      No, this is currently not possible, and the development of Weather Forecsat widget is stopped. I focus all my energy on Pure widgets.

  205. Ah; thanks, Francois. (Pity, that; I’ll revert to another widget I’ve used.)


  206. Hi,

    Thank you for this great app! Just got one little question: Is it possible to display all SMS (send & received)instead of just the received ones?

    Thank you in advance

  207. The top few pixels of the number representing the current temperature in the fullscreen forecast display are cut off.

  208. ‘K-9 for Pure Widget’ cannot delete or move messages in imap folder. K-9 original (3.802) works perfectly. Tested on two different phones.

    Please fix this as soon as possible. Otherwise the messenger widget is useless as I would need to use K-9 original.


    1. Removing messages from IMAP folders works fine for me with latest version. I use it everyday.
      Please email me to see if I can detect something (see ‘about’ page for my email).

      1. Hi Francois

        I think, if you can’t reproduce it, then it will be difficult to diagnose. I have tried it on two different phone (Nexus One on Miui rom and Xperia X8 on default eclair) and tried four different email IMAP accounts from three different providers. All showed the same behaviour: The deleted mails vanish briefly from the screen, but reappear after the next screen update (as they are not removed from the server).

        Using the original K-9 or the inbuilt email app all works as expected on both phones and all these accounts.

        Anyway, I found a workaround for me. I switched to the inbuilt email app and use your email connector now. That works.

        Best regards


      2. Hi,
        that’s weird, I use K9FP with an IMAP account everyday (view, delete, mark as read …) and I don’t have any issue an any of my 7 test devices 😦

  209. I use Pure Calendar widget (rel. 2.6.6) and i search the way to change the sound of alarm or event… there is a way to change or not ??


    1. Notifications are NOT handled by Pure calendar.
      So, you need to change it in the stock calendar … if your stock calendar support it.

  210. I’ve had pure grid calendar widget for well over a year & half now and this is the first time I haven’t liked an update. How can I remove the grey shaded balls behind the dates. The only skin I use is the transparency skin and I can’t get the full effect of transparency with the shaded background. If I can’t remove it, how can I go back to a previous version?


    1. What you describe doesn’t seems to be a widget problem but a ROM issue.
      The ‘balls’ are not more in the widget binary file since 2 months.
      So, let me ask : are you using an official ROM ? did you often update since last 2 months ?

      1. I’m using MIUI v1. 7.1 but i’ve never experienced any issues before I was promotes to update the application via Market. It wasn’t until after I updated the application that the shaded balls showed up in the widget.

      2. Such issue never occurs with stock ROM…
        Try to uninstall the app and reinstall it from the market.
        If it doesn’t works, you’ll need to manually remove all Pure apk files you can find in your ROM partition.
        Some is locking the APK (in fact, only some resosources files) in the ROM.

  211. I have an HTC Inspire 4G and I have been running MIUI v1.7.1 for at least a month now. Before that I was running sense UI so I hadn’t really used pure grid calendar for maybe 3 months. Since using MIUI I immediately started using pure grid calendar again and everything was working fine. Yesterday, I was prompted to update in the Marketplace and then that’s when the shaded balls appeared in the widget.


  212. Hi, I just upgraded to Gmail 2.3.5 and now Pure Messenger Widget does not display my Gmail. Is there a fix for this?

  213. hey how can i get more days on my widget?

    I can only see for today and tomorrow i could be nice if i can se for hole 7 days (week)

    but how? thank you

    1. Hi,
      the widget should be filled.
      Please, email me to solve this issue (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  214. Unable to.display diary events of alternate events stored on alternative google calendars. It will only display default calendar. All calendars are enabled. Chris

  215. you can integrate “Taskos To Do List” app on the list of “tasks”, because the other applications in the list do not use them

  216. In which way i can show also past events.. in my calendar i can view only todaay or future events..


  217. Hey pure news is a great app! But is it possible if you can display only the 10 newest stories and a “More… ” button at the bottom to load the next 10? Would be perfect that way, save battery and memory usage!

    Another suggestion is to list the rss feeds by folders!

    Also pure news doesn’t like it when you change to another gmail id and still loads the same rss from the first

    I’m using orange san Francisco/zte blade
    Great app love it 🙂

    1. Hi,
      this is generally a limitation of your feeds.
      Delete if from Google Reader, and re-add it, you’ll see only 10 stories.
      There is no limitation in Pure news about retrieved stories (excepted the limitation in the widget settings).
      If you can give me your feed URL, I’ll try it.
      ciao, Francois

      1. i dont mind the amount of retrieved stories (hopefully it retrieves all of them) the problem is when it displays many elements at once

        my phone is kinda weak so it struggles when loading lots of elements (because i have two of your widgets running….one for serious news….and another for tech related news)

        its ok at 25 elements but then i have a problem if i want to read 25+ stories which is why a “more…” button at the bottom would be handy to load another x amount of elements

        its mainly an efficiency issue, i dont know if you can but take a look at d7 reader and how it loads and displays all the elements (a couple at a time then carries on loading more in the background/or when u reached the bottom) a kind of batch processing style gives the illusion that its very fast to the user, its a good trick !

  218. Hello – I’ve read all I can find on setting up multiple calendars in order to be able to color-code. For the most part I’ve had success. However, one little thing…I see the color-coding AND the color-coded text…but only for SOME of my calendars…? The others show the correct color bar but not the matching text color when viewing via the widget (looks fine in Google calendar itself). Did I just miss a setting within the calendar and/ or widget…? Thanks!

  219. Hey! i’m using pure messaging for sms only. Why does it take some time for the sms to appear on the widget when some other widgets show them immediately when received?

    1. Hi,
      it should be less than 10 seconds to display it (to rebuild all internal message lists).
      If it’s more, there is a problem.

  220. When I make an appointment on this program and send it to my outlook calendar the appointment shows up on outlook 4 hours early. From outlook it works fine. I looked for global time settings but could not find a way to correct the problem.

    1. Which phone ?
      Which ROM ?
      Which timezone is configured on your Android phone ? (avoid ‘automatic’ timezone)
      Which timezone is configured for your calendar ?
      How is your Exchange calendars synced (native Android ? TouchDown ? other ?)

  221. hi
    i am trying do downlond the pure grid calendar widget however somehow the web says i already got and paid for it by the way i just checked my credit card account and it says the pay and downlond the widget eiter do can you fix the web problem so that i can correctly repay and download the item ? thank you

  222. Hi,
    I’m very interested in pure grid calendar widget – but I’ve still one question:

    My calendar is in sync with the corporate exchange server via touchdown. Calendar items are shown in pgc widget, ok.

    Can I add new items with the widget and will they be in sync with the exchange calendar afterwards?


    1. Hi,
      yes, you can add event in TouchDown from the widget, and those events will be synced.

  223. I am using Pure Calendar and synching my tasks with “Due Today”. Is there any way to filter on the tags? When selecting the tag filtering, it shows the tags and context items that I have defined in “Due Today” and allows me to select them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have any effect. I really don’t want all of my tasks showing on my calendar. Any ideas?

    1. Hi,

      Pure calendar is now able to filter Due Today tasks by tags 😉

      It will be in the next version.
      I’ll publish it in few days.


  224. I’d like to use your pure calendar widget with Business Calendar Free but this doesn’t seem possible at the moment. Appears there is support for business calendar beta (now superceded) and business calendar final but not the free version.
    When I select Business Calendar Final on the configuration page after having installed Business Calendar Free I get a message that the application doesn’t seem to be installed on the device…

  225. Had a different launcher, events were colored blue. Switched launcher, events are now colored green. Not sure where widget is collecting information as to what color events are. Would love to be able to change that. Only complaint I have for that widget. Maybe I can already change it in some setting of launcher? Idk, but if not would love to see the feature in future updates.

  226. Would it be possible to make Pure Calendar (agenda) compatible with Touchdown Exchange for MobileIron? There is some functionality (adding appts) but it doesn’t seem to recognize it as a valid instance of Touchdown for other integration (click for default calendar.)

    Great program overall though!

  227. Hi,
    Thank you for necessary widgets! I buy it!
    What do you think about translation your widgets on different language (russian for example)? Can you do this?

    PS: sorry for my English

    1. Hi,
      Translation is already open for Pure calendar (search on this blog) and I think it is already translated in Russian 😉

  228. Hi
    Is it possible to transfer the Pure calendar widget to another gmail acc?
    Some others developers are offering this via rebuy, then sent receipts
    from old and new buy – and then they cancel the old buy and refund.
    I need to change my primary gmail address, but I have some purchased apps on it. 😦

      1. Both are compatible? I mean Calendar and Agenda can be Sync? Cause obviously i don’t want to have 2 calendars

      2. I don’t understand the question. Compatible with what ?
        yes, both are synced with Google Calendar.

  229. If I use this widget as a Facebook/Twitter News Feed, does it have the option to send a status update to your feed(s) with the little check mark box for each one like in Launcher Pro? I love the Launcher Pro one, but am trying another launcher and am considering your widget.

  230. Dear Sir

    It is so nice that Pocket Informant finally added. Hope you can fix the auto update soon. Good work and thanks

  231. I was very happy to see that Pocket Informant task integration was added, so I immediately downloaded PI. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. I have my tasks set up in google tasks, and I can see them in Pure Calendar if I set it to use dato gtasks, but when I set it to PI the tasks disappear. I can see the tasks in PI (it is set to sync tasks with google). Is there anything else I need to do to make PI tasks visible in Pure Calendar?

    1. Hi,
      first, you need to be SURE that PI is up to date. This is VERY important since only last PI version share his tasks (> 1.5).
      if it is up to date and you still have the problem, please contact me by email (see ‘about’ page for my email).
      but if it works for most users (I received a lot of happy emails about PI tasks integration), it will works for you…

  232. I can’t find the refresh setting for the pure grid calendar. I’m trying to optimize my battery life by decreasing the frequency that the widget checks for updated/refreshes.

    1. There is no refresh setting. The calendar is updated ONLY when a calendar data is added/deleted/modified.

  233. Pure messenger is getting really annoying over the past few weeks with it repeatedly displaying the same facebook updates over and over again either the same day or a day or two later.

  234. Gmail messages only have stopped being shown in Messanger for the past few days.

    I have re-installed your version of Gmail 2.3.5 and there are no error messages that I can see in the settings for Messenger.

    Do you have any suggestions. It was been working well for months apart from a few Forced Closures. I am running CyanogenMod 7 on a HTC Wildfire


      1. Ah Ha!

        Once I did the Mount command again and re-installed “your version” of Gmail via /System/App all started to work correctly.

        Many thanks

  235. I have installed the Pure Grid Calendar and found that the home screen Calender display incorrect event date. The event date of build-in Calender are correct but Pure Grid are showing on the day before the actual date.

      1. I am having this same issue. Stock Calendar is displaying my events correctly according to the time zone I set on my phone. Pure Calendar widget is not honoring my phone’s time zone settings, and is displaying my events 16 hours off (the difference between my current time zone and my phone’s set time zone). Android 2.3.6

      2. Hi,
        it already take into account the phone timezone.
        Please email me to solve this problem (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  236. Hi
    I have downloaded th pure grid calendar app, but when i try to add the widget, it does not appeat in the list. i am using an asus transformerer with honeycombb

  237. My gmail stopped shwoing on the pure messenger widget, and I also can’t see any settings button kn the widget and àlso unable to take it off the screen (I use launcher pro). How can I solve this?

    1. Hi,
      first, please read the FAQs about the Gmail lock databasse.
      For settings button, I don’t understand. They are mandatory. Please send a screenshot or camera shot.

  238. Hello mate,

    I’ve been searching/Googling your archives for my problem, but couldn’t find a similar topic.
    For Pure News, what Google Reader needs to be installed for it to work for viewing? (Internal and external browsers work without problems.)


  239. Is there a way for the both grid calendar and calendar to display based on a timezone that is seperate from the system timezone? i would like that feature very much.

    btw, great work francois

  240. When adding quick event in Pure Grid Calendar widget I get error if my event text is digits only (I would enter order# etc). First 4 digits get lost: 987654321 -> 54321. Seems like the app tries to parse time or duration from these. Is it possible to leave my digits as they are if you fail to find correct pattern (e.g. with semicolon or with ‘h’ or whatever)?

    1. If you want to enter such events, I think it would be better to avoid ‘quick event insertion’ and use stock insertion panel (change the ‘+’ button action in the widget settings).
      In Quick event insertion, the first digits are always read as date or time. No semicolon is required for an easier typing.

  241. Pure Grid Calendar widget question. Using launcher pro, and scrollable widget. How can i view previous months on the widget. For example today being 11/1/11, how can i view events that happened on say 10/3/11 or 9/10/11. is this possible on the widget? Currently the widget will only let me scroll forward not backward.

  242. Hey, I’m using an LG Enlighten and I’m getting four copies of every event on the widget. I’m only using one Google calendar, and the stock calendar does not have issues with multiple events. Some of the events are repeated; some not. Thanks

    1. Just to be clear, when I said some are repeated, I meant some of the events are set to be biweekly, etc. in the Google calendar. Ever event, whether set to repeat in Google or not, show exactly four times per event. example:
      work: 10a
      work: 10a
      work: 10a
      work: 10a

      and so on

    2. Hi,
      Uncheck calendars one by one in the widget config panel to find the guilty calendars.
      Pure calendar doesn’t create any data… it means it HAVE to be in your current calendars.
      ciao, Francois

  243. Salut,

    Pure is displaying each event four times. This does not happen with the Google Calendar, and I am only using one Google calendar.

    1. Please, be SURE you don’t have multiple calendars selected in the widget config panel.
      If no, please email me (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  244. Pure Grid Calendar widget.
    Is it possible to slightly alter the color of the days in ’next’ and ‘prev’ months in scrollable mode? Currently there’s a month name displayed above those numbers, but this really just messes everything up. A little text color change (like white -> light grey) would be enough to quickly tell the current month days from the surrounding. Personally I would love even more deeply altered color, like the way you change color for next/prev months in non-scrollable mode. (This may be an option at least.)

    1. Hi,
      it should already be a lighter color.
      Can you send me a screenshot and point the problem ?