Scrollable widget empty ?

Typical possible reasons :
– you didn’t enable Scrollable widget mode in the launcher settings (even if the scrolling seems to work sometime)
>>>> I strongly advise you to double check this: 90% of empty widget problems are because of this (no settings for Go Launcher)
– your Home already have a loooot of widgets (>10) and Home is out of memory
– you don’t have sdcard or external storage
– your sdcard doesn’t allow write access
– your sdcard doesn’t have some free space (~5Mb)
– your sdcard have some corrupted folders/files (delete the folder /sdcard/.org.koxx.pure_xxx/)

EDIT 04/24/2011:
Zeam removed the scrollable widget support.

A simple operation which often solve problems: uninstall and reinstall the application.

If you checked all those points, then recontact me, I’ll be glad to help 🙂

148 thoughts on “Scrollable widget empty ?

  1. I upgraded now calendar does not show, just empty silhouette. Adw launchwe, scrollable widget enabled, Google stock calendar selected. Rooted x10a, 026 fw, ad 1. 6. 4×4 month view.

      1. I also have this problem. Juat recently upgraded to new version of android on Moto Droid X. All I get is the widget frame with the control buttons at the top but the actual calendar is missing.

  2. I just got the new MyTouch 4g from T-Mobile. I’m having an issue where it appears to populate the messages correctly, but they are not displayed properly. See this screenshot for an idea of what’s going on. I’m using ADW.Launcher standalone. It works fine on my Nexus One with ADW built into CyanogenMod, but on my new MyTouch it’s not working right. Any ideas?

    Also, any way to get more than one Twitter account linked to one widget?

  3. droid x 2.2 rooted 32 gb sd card with write priviledges running home launcher pro five total widgets running memory not an issue. runs fine when first loaded in either orientation bu as soon as the orientation sswitches the calander goes blank. turn off scrollable and everything works fine. thats with the xl size widget havnt tried any other size though i will try after sending this.

  4. I purchased this application but it is not working at all!! I can see the ones that were but I can not do anything. It will not letme add a new one or delete one or anything. So I really would like this to work, but if not then I need a refund.

  5. I am still having issues with scrolling. I am on a htc evo using launcher pro plus with scrolling enabled. I have 5 total widgets running. When I scroll my calendar in month view it doesn’t re-populate. It is blank after what dates were viewable in the current month. I am using the stock 8 gig microsd card which has roughly 4 gigs free.

  6. i have try now install/uninstall Pure Messengar many times and also change text color but i cant get the widget to show the text . i see the pictures off the folks that write on twitter/facebook and if i ckick them i see message but nothing in the widget..and have scrolling on in ADW so that sould not be the problem.

    1. If you are using the last HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z or HTC myTouch 4G, there is a ROM problem and we fixed the scrollable widget code of the Launcher.
      BUT … BUT, the Launcher have to update this code part to take it into account.
      The ADW code is fixed, and the next update will work fine.
      For LauncherPro, I haven’t received any answer from the developper.
      (it can’t be fixed in Pure widgets).

      1. I’m using the latest htc desire with scroll enabled on adw. I can’t see anything on pure messenger. When is the next update so I can use this?

  7. I am also running touchdown for my exhange email and after installing it all my entries doubled on your calendar …can u please help

    1. did you check selected calendar in the widget config ? try to deselect all except the first TouchDown calendar

  8. i have the mytouch 4g and im currently using pure mesenger but for some reason the scrolling widget doesnt work it the email loads but you have to click to read it also using Launcher Pro

    1. I updated this post.
      ADW Launcher and Zeam Launcher have fixed this bug.
      LauncherPro : not yet.
      Either you wait for LauncherPro fix (and I strongly advise you to contact the dev), either you switch to a better launcher like ADW Launcher.

  9. Hey Koxx3

    I have the Pure Messenger Widget and what I’m trying to do is in one screen, I would like a Pure Messenger Widget showing Facebook Feeds only. On another screen, I would like to have a Pure Messenger Widget showing SMS/Calls. Is this doable? When I do that, either one widget will say Problem Loading or it will force the other widget to show empty settings.


  10. I too have the no text on scrollable widget problem. I use LauncherPro Plus, and scrollable widgets is enabled.

    I have 2 Pure Messenger widgets –

    1 4×4 scrollable list for my emails only. THIS ONE DISPLAYS TEXT JUST FINE.
    1 4×4 scrollable list for my facebook + twitter. THIS ONE –DOES NOT– DISPLAY TEXT.

    Could this be a problem only when there are more than 1 widget?

    1. Hi,

      The widget architecture is designed to support multiple widgets.

      Which phone do you have ? (there is a bug in LauncherPro with Desire HD, myTouch 4G, HTC G2)

      To check and understand that problem, I need you to send me a logcat just after the issue happen.

      To send a logcat, please, read this :

      Please join a short problem description with the logcat.

      Without this logcat, I won’t be able to solve this problem.


      1. I am running a DHD ROM, but why do you suspect a LPP problem when widget #1 works fine?

      2. Because scrollable widget code used in LauncherPro is very old… there is know bugs in it.
        In ADW, the code for this is nearly perfect.

  11. Hello. I just installed Pure Calendar on my Samsung Galaxy S and it only shows only one event, even if a selected that i want the events within 2 months. Hope you could help me. Thank you!

  12. I don’t have an empty list and it scrolls. But when I scroll all of the way to the top, the top line sticks a third of the way down the widget.

    CM7, DInc

  13. Hello,

    I have the pure grid calendar widget and it is pretty sweet.

    Recently though the the data has stopped showing up after March 13th, 3/13, in the weekly view that usually shows 4 weeks of data. The days look like nothing is scheduled. This is regardless of the day I am currently on. When I click on those days i still get the info in the popup as if it was always there, It still is not present when looking at the widget.

    I have a Samsung captivate and i just upgraded to froyo but i think this issue existed before that.

    I am just wondering if you have come accross this before and what i should do?



  14. I use DHD ROM with no extra launcher. Pure calendar widget doesn’t work with scrollable mode enabled whereas the standard e-mail widget supports scrolling. Why this behavior?
    PCW shows only empty list with scroll enabled.
    Scrolling seams to be possible with the standard launcher, only PCW doesn’t work right with it.
    Any ideas?

  15. Hi, at first sorry for my bad English ;)… i using go Launcher on my htc desire. When i am using a scrollable widget 4×2 and i tab a message from facebook or twitter it doesn’t open a window to read the message completely. When i am using list or normal widget then it became a window to read the message completely.

    Is it possible to manage my problem? I have tried also to use twittdeck but it’s open also no window. Thanks for helping and the great program / app.

    Regards Adrian

    1. Hi,
      do you use the internal viewer or external apps to read those messages ?
      Can you send me a screenshot or camera shot please ?
      and please, email me, it will be much easier to discuss (see about page).

  16. please support twlauncher. I bought the app thinking it would work well and scroll with my epic twlauncher.


    1. Hi,
      I think you don’t get it. TWLauncher need to add the scrollable support (the code source is open for the scrollable API we developped)… then all my widgets will become scrollable and I won’t have to do anything.
      You need to contact the TWLAuncher dev.

  17. Hi, Im using launcher pro on a thunderbolt. I have scrollable widgets enabled. None of the text gets displayed. I can see contact pictures and if I click where the text should be it opens up the link properly. I deleted and reinstalled with the same results. All other modes of the widget work properly. Help please thanks!

    1. Hi, wonderful … thunderbolt added to the list of LauncherPro bug with scrollable API (cf HTC Desire problem described in this post).
      Same answer, contact LauncherPro dev… may be one day he will fix this bug (detected and solved 5 months ago in all other launchers with 1 line of code !!!!) , but I don’t think so. He stopped the dev of the current branch of LauncherPro.

  18. The Xoom doesn’t support an SD card yet, is there a way to make widget work properly? It just remains blank.

    1. Scrolling with alternative launchers works for Xoom (there is a /sdcard directory that simulate external storage).
      Scrolling with native Honeycomb mode works only for Pure news widget for now (but soon with all widgets).

  19. Hey there – love the app, but I do have a empty scrollable widget problem. On a Droid X, Android 2.2 w/Launcher Pro: works just fine until I go to landscape mode, then the widget is empty. When I turn back to portrait, the widget stays empty until I hit the resync button.

    Many thanks for all your hard work,

    1. Hi,
      how many widgets do you have on your Home ? how many scrollable ?
      are you using an alternative ROM ? if yes, did you try to set the Java VM memory size to 32 mb ?
      This is tipically a memory issue. 😦

  20. Hello,

    I have Launcher Pro Plus and Pure Grid calendar widget. I have started scrollable mode from launcher and widget, but i have a problem – i can scroll only from April (current month) to August. I can’t see previous months or months after August.

    Thank you for all your work.

    1. Hi,
      this is not a bug:
      – The forward scrolling restriction is here to limit memory, battery and CPU usage.
      – The backward scrolling restriction is simply impossible with open scrollable widget API.

  21. Hi, i am using Zeam launcher.Scrolling was working well but after update is something wrong and I see only empty space. Zeam is now also deleted from supported launchers in your program. Where is a problem?

  22. Hey.. using launcher pro on desire HD .. guess there’s not much of a point in contacting you but could you please get in touch with the developer again?

    1. I solve the issue with a patch on my app. There is no more issues with HTC devices and Launcher Pro

    1. Scrollable mode ? if you use an alternative launcher, yes, without any problem. If not, it won’t work (same problem as HTC launcher, no public API for scrollable widgets)

  23. Thanks for a great app.
    However I have a nexus s phone with the the stock 2.3.4 running and with the inbuilt launcher looking so good canyou not use that instead of a third party app. This is because I notice my phone lagging when I put these launcher apps on and would rather keep the phone light.

    1. Hi,
      Android 2.3.4 doesn’t natively support scrollable widgets… so, I guess the answer is simple: native launcher = no scrolling / alternative launcher = scrolling.
      Beside of scrollable mode, the widget should work without any issue in 2.3.4.

  24. There seems to be a conflict when I have 2 scrollable grid calendar widgets. I have a month one and a week one. If I have one or the other they will update automatically. When I have both I get Blanks when I scroll and have to manually update the widget which then affects the one.

    Have checked your suggestions and these don’t help.

  25. Ok, thanks for the quick reply. That explains it, I thought I was doing something wrong. You have a good widget here. I expect I can live with the short comings at the moment.

    Maybe there is scope for development in the future to resolve the issue.

  26. Thought i’d drop this in. I’ve got a Desire HD and use Launcher Pro (it’s got too many features I use to customise my stuff – so i don’t want to switch).

    Anyway, I’ve found that while the pure messenger and pure new widget both give me the empty list bug. This does NOT happen with the pure calendar widget, the scrolling works fine.

    The Launcher Pro guy doesn’t have a Desire, Desire HD or whatever other phones to test a fix – that’s what he said on the forums anyway.

    It may help…it may not.

    1. Hi, are you 100% sure that the scrollable mode is enabled in the launcher settings ? I didn’t had any feedback about issues on LauncherPro since I added a patch to Pure messenger. My HTC G2 (Desire Z) was impacted by the LauncherPro bug before I applied the patch, but now, everything is fine with Launcher Pro on my HTC phones.

  27. Hey Knoxx – my bad. I hadn’t updated the app in a looong time – relying on MyBackup – they were outdated. The new widgets seem to work like a dream.

    The only issue I have now is purely aesthetic – there seems to be a lack of cohesion across the skins on the different apps – so Eclair skin on one has completely different buttons (in color and shape) to the Eclair skin on another, same with the transparent skin.

    Again it’s purely aesthetic, but you sort that out and you’ll have the best series of apps on the market.

  28. Hi. I use HTC Desire Rom MIUI AU 1.2.25 R4. I found problem about scrollbar, when I use another app and back to home widget .Scrollable widget was emptied. I must refresh widget every time . This case is not occur with Pure messenger scrollbar.This widget absolutely perfect and scrollbar touch very smooth

    PS. I use Autokiller Memory Optimizer Ii’s related about this case or not ?
    Ps2. Pure widget calendar use memory usage up to 7.43 M. How can I reduce memory usage?

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi,
      I wasn’t aware that MIUI launcher support scrollable mode. I neveer tested it, but I think your problem is due to the launcher. I advise you to test with ADW launcher first.
      I don’t recommand any memory tweak on Android memory management.
      There is no way to reduce memory usage of Pure calendar. It needs to stay alive to automatically refresh on calendar modification. If you really want, you can disable the ‘keep service alive’ in the widget system settings and put a periodical refresh. It won’t occup any memory between refreshs.

      1. I tried all of the 4×4 grid calendars and they are blank with scrolling turned on my asus transformer running honeycomb 3.0.1

      2. Pure Grid doesn’t support Android 3.x native scrolling, you need an alternative launcher … or disable the scrollable mode

  29. hey man!
    i just wrote you an e-mail, but i think you’re more active here, so u can easier answer here:) i just c&p the mail:
    seems to be a nice app dude! but i couldn’t use it cause of the touchwiz 4.0 launcher integrated in my new samsung galaxy s2 (the widget stayed empty). sure, u wrote that in the info of the download and there’s also a big warning at the beginning. that’s not the point..i simply misunterstood this warning;) the only thing i want to know is: why do you warn the user in such an alerting way? could i’ve harmed my new smartphone by applying this widget once a time to my homescreen?
    thanks for your answer!

  30. Hi, Just wondering whether you could test the new SE Xperia Arc launcher if the scrolling widget support. Seems working for a while and then everything disappeared.

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but I don’t have this device and launcher. If you have an APK that I can test, I’ll be pleased to test it … if it can work on a Nexus 1.

      1. Should be no problem. Where do you want me to sent to? This laughter is from Sony Ericsson, so not sure whether it works on any other devices, but it’s good to give a try.

  31. This may be a rookie question because I am but where do you go to enable widget scrolling? I have an LG Google G2X and am using GoLauncher.

      1. OK well I thought that maybe that was the reason that my widget remained blank but apparently not. So now what. Is this app not compatible with my android? Or am I still doing something wrong. I’ve selected feeds in Google but the feed selection page remains blank. Am I not selecting them properly?

        I really appreciate the immediate response of my previous post. Great customer service!!!!!

      2. Please email me to check the blank reason (see ‘about’ page for my email). Thanks

  32. it is very strange… after install it worked very well on HD2 Desire ROM with no Sense, Launcher Pro, K9 mail for pure, 2 accounts, 2.3.0 ver. pure messenger.
    then – it stopped refreshing and after reboot – constant “loading”.
    pure news works very well and stable same time.

    maybe this due to attempts to install side lockscreens after pure installing?

    1. First, be sure that K9FP AND Pure messenger are up to date (Pure messenger had 2 successive updates in 2.3.0).
      Second, be sure that you doesn’t install the app on the SDcard (like 99% of ‘loading’ issue after reboot).
      Third, does it works if you install a fresh widget after removing the stuck one ?

  33. 1. both of apps are up to date.
    2. I do not install any app to sd
    3. all kinds of memories are well healthy
    4. no it doesn’t work anyway – replacing widget, reinstalling with deleting folder on sd card – I did it many times.
    5. what I suppose to invlolve as a reason – lockscreen replacement which create every new home screen replacements

  34. Hi,

    I use a scrollable widget on my Samsung galaxy s2. It works fine. The only thing that is bothering me is that when I unlock the screen that the widget is empty at first and I have to hit the refresh button everytime to load again everything even though there is no new msg.

  35. ok who reads carefully first wins…..didn’t check the scrollable widget support in my launcher pro settings. sry for the bother and thx for the quick reply. I love this widget and will continue supporting it in any possible way available to me 🙂

  36. I’m using GO Launcher on a Samsung Galaxy S & my Gmail shows up in the widget as do SMSs and missed calls, but not my POP eMail. K9 shows them, and I enabled POP mail & the specific account, but still no POP e-mails on my home screen. ;(

    1. Hi,
      please, contact me by email for deeper analysis (grab my email in ‘about’ page).

  37. hello

    first: great widget

    but i tried everything. readd widget, reinstall app, delete folder…nothing works…i still got an empty widget, only calls and sms work, but no mails!

    i’m on a desire hd running cm7 android version 2.3.4…

    hopefully you can help me!


    1. Hi,
      Do you have a warning message when you try to enable gmail in the widget config panel ? If no, try to disable/enable gmail and tell me the result.

      1. no warning and disabling and enabling didn’t help either…

        by the way, i’m using adw.ex


      2. ok, can you please contact me by email for deeper analysis. (check ‘about’ page for my email).
        Thanks, Francois

  38. These widgets used to impress me, but times have changed. Go Launcher widgets look and work georgous, what happened, why has the development stopped? Why can’t I scroll the calendar on Honeycomb?

    1. Lol … no developement didn’t stopped. Only Pure Grid doesn’t scroll on Honey because Honey is less than 1% of the market…
      So, it will when Honey market will grow up… or when users will vote for native scroll in the suggestion module…

  39. Hi
    I use pure grid calendar and pure news on a SGS2 with a the modded touchwizz 4.5

    No problem with the calendar i can even scroll it but pure news remain empty.

    When i select feeds it opens Google reader and when back to the app the page with “add, select, delete…” remain empty and the widget too.

    Any help please
    thank for your work by the way

    1. Bonjour,
      comme expliqué un peu partout, il faut utiliser un launcher/home compatible.
      C’est a dire : ADW Launcher, Go Launcher, Launcher Pro, Live Home …
      Les launchers/homes des constructeurs n’utilisent pas d’API ouverte pour leur widgets scrollables. Ce qui fait que personne ne sera jamais capable de faire un widget scrollable que une Home samsung ou HTC par exemple.
      Par contre, si dans le selecteur de feeds de Pure news, il n’y a rien, c’est plus inquiétant. Il n’y a pas d’icone de ‘chargement’ en haut a gauche dans la page de selection de feed ?
      Voila !
      @+ Francois

  40. Found a problem using scrollable widget. If a calendar event is deleted after it has already been listed; when the widget next refreshes, it will show a blank line and stop being scrollable.

  41. I’m using Android 2.3.4 on a Sony Ericsson arc. The scrollable widget works fine for your email program, but when I tried to use it for the calendar I got a blank screen. Any idea why it works for one but not the other?

    1. No, but remember, the Sony Launcher is NOT officialy supported. I advise you to try with an officialy supported launcher.

  42. I am using the Bonsai ROM that uses Zeam launcher, is there anyway to get the scroll function to work?

    1. You need to address this request to Zeam dev, not me. He removed scrollable widget support from Zeam many months ago.
      Use ADW or Go Launcher, they are much better… and they support scrollable widgets.

  43. How can I get more than 1 widget to be full. When I add another one. The previous one goes blank. I have go launcher. And everytime I make a widget I havthane to sign in everytime. Is there a way just to stay signed in. I believe that’ll solve the problem. But I have 5 Widgets for NBA NFL my newspapers and world news. But its frustrating not being able to read all on different Widgets. I had this set up on scrollable news widget. Plz make possible. Thanks and WB asap to let me know how to fix this. How bout a setting no matter what. Like universal setting for login and news feed length etc

    1. Hi,
      I am against unique login or settings (especially since login is so easy with Google account auth).
      Don’t forget the settings import/export (in system tab), which are VERY useful to copy most important settings for one widget to another.
      Now, if your widgets are empty, it’s probably a launcher issue.
      Which phone do you use ? which android version ? which launcher ?
      Did you try with another launcher ?

  44. Widget no longer loads since last update. Keep getting “unable to load widget” Using Verizon Galaxy Nexus running stock ICS and ADW Launcher. Hsd no issues with current settings before update. Already tried rebooting device.

    1. Hi,
      which widget ? which widget size ? did you try on the stock launcher ? I need MUCH more informations …………… (nobody else reported such trouble)

  45. I have used pure grid calendar with go launcher Ex for a long time with various fones. With my galaxy nexus I am unable to get it to scroll , no matter what I do. I rebooted, uninstall your app & Go Launcher EX and reinstalled I lost all my icons and still it will not scroll in my 4.0 nexus. It shws my calendar events, just will not scroll. Please advise.

    1. Pure Grid calendar scroll without trouble on Galaxy Nexus. Simply enable the scroll mode in the settings (system tab).

      1. Scrollable Mode IS enabled in the settings and has been since I bought the Nexus.. Calendar is there, but still will NOT Scroll.

  46. I have a samsung galaxy nexus. Will the scrollable calendar work with ICS? I cant seem to get it to work and i want to make sure it is possible.


    1. Which widget are you talking about ?
      Pure calendar, Pure Grid calendar, Pure messenger and Pure news scroll without any trouble on Galaxy Nexus.
      -Pure calendar or Pure Grid calendar: enable it in widget settings
      -Pure messenger: insert a scrollable list widget (not simple lit or normal)
      -Pure news: nothing to do.

  47. I am speaking of Pure Calendar Widget. It scrolled after enabling on every other phone I have had, but NOT on the Galaxy Nexus

  48. It is on a 14 Day Search setting, the same setting I have used in every phone I have used this app on. It scrolled on every other phone with that setting, but not on the Galaxy Nexus

  49. Thank you. I downloaded Log Collector from the Market, as you suggest. Then I hit Save & Exit from the Widget Control Panel. Then I go into Gmail (the only email program I use on my Galaxy Nexus). When I try to type in your email address to send you the logcat, gmail locks up, I can’t send you the logcat, and the ONLY way to get back into gmail is to reboot the phone. I tried the process 4 or 5 times, and always get the same result.

    Any suggestions?

  50. Thx. I downloaded and tried alogcat, but I get the exact same result — when I try to send the logcat to you via gmail, gmail locks up and I have to reboot. This is the ONLY time I have ever had a problem with the gmail software on my Nexus (or any other phone). Is there any other way to get the logcat to you?

    1. Then your phone have big troubles … and I have no solution.
      You are the first one to report problem with ICS scroll … and the first which cannot send logcats.
      I think a phone factory reset can solve such trouble.

  51. All right, thanks. Well, I haven’t had any other problems at all with the phone. I’ll consider doing a factory data reset, but it’s very time consuming to re-set my phone back up.

  52. Leider haben alle Einstellung versuche nicht funktioniert 😦
    Das scrolen funktioniert nur wenn ich GO Louncher EX benutze was ich nicht unbedingt möchte. viel lieber würde ich Gern die Standard Oberfläche nutzen.
    Gibt es hierfür auch eine Lösung ?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Sascha Neidt

  53. Leider haben alle Einstellungs versuche nicht funktioniert 😦
    Das scrolen funktioniert nur wenn ich GO Louncher EX benutze was ich nicht unbedingt möchte. viel lieber würde ich Gern die Standard Oberfläche nutzen.
    Gibt es hierfür auch eine Lösung ?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  54. I have galaxys2 and 360 launcher I want to use pure news widget scroll. But it is empty. There is no any problem with go launcher ex.thanks.

    1. Tsf Launcher doesn’t support open scrollable widgets.
      I can’t do anything, and nobody can … except them. You should contact them, or switch to another launcher.
      Supported Launchers are listed in the app desciprion. So … no surprise here…

  55. Hi there,
    Please let me know how to enter to settings in launcher?
    I have installed adw launcher and launcher pro but I don’t know how to enter the settings area if the application.
    I don’t see them, I can’t see any place to make it opened.
    Best regards,

  56. Just installed both k9 pure and mess pure all loadef ok on Samsung G3. K9 no issue. Messenger widget on homescreen but no messeges. Selections made but nothing appears. Using stock droid launcher. Jelly Bean OS. Have only 3 other widgets working fine and plenty of memory. Thoughts?

  57. My problem is that only ONE of my calendar widgets is empty – the others are fine. I have three widgets altogether, each displaying a different Google calendar. 2 of the 3 are fine, but the third (a third party Chelsea FC fixture calendar) stopped working recently and now is completely blank. It was working fine for several months before that. There’s plenty of space on my SD card, and it’s writable. I’ve also deleted the org.koxx folder using root explorer and it didn’t help. I have a Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2, and Pure Calendar Widget version 3.2.6. My launcher is Nova Launcher Prime.
    Anything else worth trying?

  58. Hi Koxx3,

    I found that there’s extra space used (like allowing 2 lines per entry) when I enable scrollable widgets, but when I disable it it looks perfectly fine. I’m on android 4.4…any ideas?

  59. Fenêtre vide depuis le téléchargement de lillilop d Android alors que lorsque je clique dessus mon calendrier apparaît bien. Merci de votre aide

    1. Avez-vous essayer : 1- de reinstaller l’appli, 2- de desactiver le mode scrollable ?
      J’utilise mes widgets sur de multiples telephones/tablettes en Lollipop, et il n’y a pas de soucis.

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