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    1. Hello , I’d like pure calendar widget very much for its perfect connection to other calendar or task manager program . And I have a suggest.
      For I am also the user of Got To Do, I usually set Got To Do as the default todo list in my GTD system. But the widget only filter the Got To Do’s task by folder. I set the folder as my project’s folder, So it will display all the actives on the desktop. Could you add the filter of status. In that case, I could just display the next action in my desktop.
      Thank you..

      1. Hi,
        status information is not shared by Got To Do, please email GTD dev to ask him to share this with external apps.

    2. I am venturing to buy a HTC smartphone with Android 2.2. I am trying to use the phone for international travel yet limit unnecessary data downloads. Will Pure messenger help me achieve this by minimising my email downloads so I can view only titles and perhaps couple of sentence without downloading the entire email or graphics, etc?

      1. Hi,
        you need to understand few things :
        1 – Pure messenger doesn’t sync Emails, SMS and Calls (only Twitter and Facebook). It read internal phone databases.
        2 – It comes with point 1 : it is ONLY a widget.
        3 – Coupled with K9ForPure (for emails), yes, you’ll be able to sync only emails headers

    3. Hi, loving Pure Calendar so far. Nexus S, Launcher Pro, gMail calendar & Astrid Tasks. HOWEVER, I just noticed that calendar events after Mar13/11 are shifted 1 hour earlier than they are on my google calendar. Looks like change in Daylight Savings is not in synch somewhere. I don’t see a setting for DST anywhere on Google Calendar or Account or in PC. How to fix?

      1. Hi,

        timezones and daylight savings are normally perfectly handled (I rechecked and everything works fine on my phone).
        But you need to be sure that your phone timezone is correctly set (not to automatic to be sure your timezone is perfectly set).


    4. I have PureCalender Widget and sometimes for no reason the text in event text changes to a bigger size. I have it set to “normal” size and even when it changes to the bigger text the setting still shows normal. Usually going to the settins and clicking “save and exit” fixes it. Any reason this may be happeing? Droid 2, scrollable widgets on.

      1. I assume those emails are from a year ago or so when I was having a different problem that has been fixed. I don’t have those emails anymore.

    5. Using 4×1 Pure Calendar Widget, chosen my Calendars, set it for search period 6 months, but no matter what i try i cannot get it to ever show more than 2 next coming events.
      If i resize widget to make even more space at the bottom i only get an empty space. If i use 4×2 widget it works, but that is too big for my homescreen setup ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Thing is that once upon a time this really did work, so what has changed?

      Im now running on J.B 4.1.1 (and ICS tested) with TouchWiz and Apex (also for testing) on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

      Greatful for any help to solve this… /Peter

      1. The widget space management forbid display of informations if the max content height is reached.
        With custom launchers, I strongly advise you to enable scrollable mode to bypass the space management.
        By the way, 4×1 is the worst widget size in my opinion.

      2. An in MY opinion the 4×1 is the only usable for a homescreen with a big centerclock (that many ppl likes to have)
        By the way, im using TouchWiz which by knowledge isnt much of a custum launcher?? By the way nr.2 – As a developer i dont think its your thing to say that a widget is the worst? If it’s that bad, why don’t you remove it from available sizes?
        From screenshots i’ve seen it seems many are using that size…

    6. Hey,
      This is a very wel designed widget, bit there’s one thing i haven’t found so far (galaxy s2, android 4.1.2 and apex): i can edit an event and create a new one, but how can i enter my calendar app generally? The suggestion, tap in upper left corner, won’t work…

      1. Hi,
        check the tap zones in the embedded information panel of the app please (it depends if you use scrollable mode or not).

      2. Hi,
        Which embedded information panel..? I’m using the scrollable widget.
        Ps: very quick response… thanks!

    7. I use Business Calendar with Business Tasks and I was wondering if you could add support for Business Tasks to Pure Calendar? I think there is an API because Business Calendar and Business Tasks are different apps. I have emailed them to ask if they would open an API (if there isn’t one already)

    8. I just installed after upgrading. Templates donโ€™t seem to work properly โ€“ no templates are offered whether I choose beta or official.

      Sorry if this is a dupe – but the last response seemed to go under another user’s comments

  1. Hi,

    Any news on the Touchdown Tasks integration? once you do this , you will clearly have the most advanced product on the market. Tasks that sync with MS outlook!!!!

    1. Hi,
      It is almost finished (events & tasks sync).
      Few bugs to solve, and few more testing , and it will be ready ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Lol … nice comment !
        CAPTIVATE IS SLOW ! Especially if you didn’t apply the lag fix… search on forums before blaming apps…

  2. I am contemplating changing to Pure Calendar on my DROID HTC Incredible. I have a couole of questions:

    1) Can I set alarms to remind me of appointments in Pure Calendar? If so, what are the options on the timing and length of “snooze” between reminders?
    2) Can alarms be set so the sound starts out quietly and repeats every few seconds getting louder each time? (I currently have this option on my old PDA. It is very convenient when the alarm goes off during meetings.
    3) Does Pure Calendar also display a “grid” calendar, or should I also buy Pure Grid Calendar? If so, will the two synchronize with each other on my DROID without need for access to the internet?
    Thanks in advance for your answers. It sounds like a great widget.

    1. Hi,
      1) when you add an event, you have the same panel than when you insert an event in the stock calendar app
      2) alarms remain handled by the stock calendar application
      3) Do, they are both different apps. Stock calendar app is in charge of sync, no problem with that. Widgets are just frontend for the main calendar phone database/app.

  3. My HTC Droid Incredible won’t work with Exchange ActiveSync. I’m using Roadsync / Touchdown right now, but am unhappy with both calendars.
    1. Will your app work, even if ActiveSync doesn’t (but Roadsync and Touchdown do)?
    2. Is there a free trial?
    Thank you, Kevin

    1. If it helps Kevin, I have your exact scenario with my HTC Desire – Stock ActiveSync won’t work but Touchdown does (RoadSync wouln’t for me however). I very much disliked the Touchdown calendar and trialled many before finding Pure.

      I am now using Touchdown for ActiveSync with Pure Calendar for my agenda widget and Pure Grid Calendar for my calendar widget. I’m getting seamless sychronisation with my Outlook Calendar (no Google or other go betweeners) to Touchdown then Pure and loving it!

      The added bonus being both Pure widgest are far superior to the stock ones and well worth the money in my opinion. Nothing negative to report at all. Thanks Pure people!

  4. I just “installed” your Pure Calendar to my Android smartphone last night and do not know how to work with it. All I could bring up was the first widget and nothing more; I am not familiar with widgets and if I do not get an easy explanation that it will improve my productivity and know that it is easy to understand, I would like a refund.

    Regards, Sue M.

    1. Refund are possible under market rules.
      To learn how to use a widget, please, read the information page embedded in the application.

  5. Does Pure Messenger work with Touchdown? I haven’t been able to get it to work. and I see on Touchdown’s website they only show the calendar and task widget. I’m using Activesync if that matters.


    1. No. It doesn’t. Please, contact TouchDown to show your interest about this. I agree to add this possibility, but they need to share those datas.

  6. Just wanted to say that I purchased all four of these widgets and they are fantastic. I use LauncherPro (5 rows on Droid X), so I have 4×2 Pure Calendar (agenda) scrollable over top of 4×3 Pure Grid 4-week view. LOVE these, man. Only need “Sense” skin on Grid widget (all sized, but again I use 4×3). FANTASTIC stuff Francois!

  7. Just installed a couple pure widgets. They look good, but the calendar one seems to lose the entries regularly. Refreshing Launcher Pro fixes it usually, but still.

  8. my pure widget won’t sync with gmail calendar? the events i put in from gmail works, but not the events i put in from the phone. They don’t show up in gmail calendar. But they DO show in the launcher pro calendar…??

    1. Hi,

      first, you should understand that the widget is not in charge of sync, Android is.
      In fact, Android sync the phone local calendar database with internet google calendar servers, then widgets or calendar apps read this phone database to display events.
      So, here, the problem seems to be a one way sync.
      Does it works if you add an event from the stock phone calendar app ? is it synced on Google servers and visible in Google calendar webservice ?
      Did you enable calendar sync in the android settings ?

  9. Hi I am using the pure music widget and noticed that many of the album art covers are heavily related and/or displaying the wrong album cover. They appear to be correct within the actual music player. I started noticing it after I upgraded to froyo 2.2 and started running LP+. Any way to fix?

    1. Hi,
      I am not aware of such problems.
      Which phone are you using ?
      Where are you storing your music ?
      Are you using Tags ? or folder JPG ?

  10. Hi, Are there any plans to make the scrollable widgets work in htc sense? I tried using the other launchers but I just prefer htc sense. Also a 2x wide widgets for messenger would be great. Great products by the way. Have been very impressed.

  11. I can’t seem to find your email address so here goes. I upgrade to 2.2 on the Droid X last night and Pure Grid Calendar won’t load the 2.1 calendar and when I switch it to the 2.2 calendar it says it’s not installed. I get frame of a widget and nothing else. Any thing I can do to fix or has Moto moved stuff around an the widget just can’t find the specific binary it’s looking for?


    1. I have other users report of Pure grid running fine on Droid X in 2.2…
      I advise you to uninstall it and reinstall it from the market.

  12. I’m having a similar problem as BenR (must be a Ben thing). I upgraded to Droid X 2.2 last night and had to do a hard reset. Now I can’t find Pure Calendar widget (agenda) on the Market. Other apps of your show up, just not the Agenda one. I had purchased it a while ago which makes it all the more frustrating. Can you verify that it’s set to display under 2.2 for Droid X?

    -Ben U

      1. It just showed up in the market. I tried a couple other calendar widgets and to be honest they all suck except for yours. So glad to get it back and get rid of the awful native Touchdown widget. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work.

        -Ben U

  13. Hi koxx3;

    It was difficult to find and download all of your apps via android market due to a different country only able to download free apps (market restriction). Your website at koxx3.free.fr also don or unavailable. I can make you an e-commerce website that can accept payment trough paypal or credit-card. If you interested in this, email me. No money required for my service, just help me to get Pure messenger working on my android devices.

    1. Hi Andi,

      thank you very much for this proposal. I’d like to wait 2 or 3 weeks, because as you may know, it seems Google will open the market to a lot of new countries during next weeks. I think it will cover most of users needs ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi
    I love pure grid calendar, especially since I figured out how to color different calendars
    A few wishes:
    1. 1×1 start icon for the widget you have chosen (i.e 4×4 XL) w/o going through setup. Space is limited.
    2. Shortcut/save function for recurring events at irregular intervals. Like being on call, just place it into a date, name time and location are automatically entered.

  15. hi

    does the fact that the htc kernel source code is now out, mean that you might now be able to enable scrolling in your messneger widget on sense roms?

  16. I’ve purchased Pure Calendar Widget 2010/01, and I just reflashed my phone today and trying to reinstall all the apps from Market.

    Why do I not see Pure Calendar Widget on Market??
    I do see Pure Grid apps with paid version.. Was it your intention to obsolete PCW? or just another software glitch on Market side?

      1. Got it! I’ve read FAQ. Samsung Galaxy S just rolled out new firmware yesterday and I guess that’s gotta be it..
        Thanks Koxx3.

  17. I’ve been looking and I cannot figure out how to color-code events like you have in the screenshots.

    Droid X

  18. Hi I have few questions or better requests.

    First – I would realy love FM radio widget similar to Pure music – 4×1 especialy. HTC widgets are nice but large thus space consuming.

    Second – I would appriciate if Pure messenger worked with HTC stock email, because K9 Pure in my Desire doesn’t respect any limits (kB and days) in settings and downloads whole and all emails – with impossible moving to SD card it would quickly fill my memory. Again I like HTC widgets, but they’re only 4×4 – so again unnecessarily large.

    I would gladly pay for such widgets.


    1. Hi,
      1 – you are the first to suggest this ๐Ÿ˜‰ use the suggestion module and if many people vote for it, I4ll have a look.
      2 – stock email : TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE (not database external read allowed)… K9FP with emails SD storage for next release.

      1. Thanx,
        1 – I’ll suggest and hope I’m not only one

        2 – Fair enough – hope new version K9 will work for me (except mentioned problem I like K9 very much)
        But what I don’t understand, that this widget (http://blog.invalidobject.com/app-email-widget) that I tried, worked ok with my Desire HTC sense stock email – but looked ugly and had problems with blank subject … generally didn’t sutisfied me.
        But there has to be some way to read the database.
        Pure messenger sceenshots look good for me – if there wasn’t the K9 problem. Other thing which is little pitty for me, that srollable variant is only for Launcher Pro (not ADW or Sense), but that won’t make me not to purchase if K9 works – when is new K9fp version is excepted date.

        Thanx a lot

      2. For the compatibility … I’m also not root … I’m the HTC Sense case, which doesn’t need root. Because I don’t use stock android email, but HTC Sense inbuilt mail client and that worked – nevermind.

        For the launchers – I ment SCROLLABLE versions which I read are only LauncherPro compatible.

        I’ll wait for next K9fp version.


      3. You read wrong, scrollable widgets are available on :
        – LauncherPro
        – ADW
        – Zeam
        – WidgetLocker Lockscreen
        – QuickDesk

        and may be some others !

  19. Hi!

    I really enjoy the Pure Widgets series. Bought Messenger and Calendar already. Big thanks for making those!

    What I would really love to see is a Pure gReader Widget. Name says it, I guess. A scrollable widget that shows my Google Reader feeds. I’d buy it ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hi
    I just installed the update for “pure calendar widget” and it said my widget couldn’t be displayed, please try to reload it. So, I redid it, and it keeps giving me the same error.

  21. Hello koxx. I am using Pure Messenger and Calendar on MyTouch4G with Zeam. All good, but is there a way to have the background be completely transparent? Especially in messenger – I have a dark wallpaper and would like to just see words and icons…

  22. Greetings, I just purchase Pure Messenger. I uninstalled K9 and reinstalled K9 for Pure but the messenger is not picking up any messages for K9. I am on a new HTC Droid Incredible running Android 2.2. Please advise. Thank you.

  23. I had it picking up GMail simultaneously and I disabled GMail. Both K9 and GMail widgets have the same email accounts.

  24. OK Now when I try and open K9FP I am getting this message:
    Sorry! The application K-9 Mail (process org.knoxx.k9ForPureWidget) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I get the repeatedly.

  25. Greetings,
    This is working now. I discovered that I had a mistake in server settings when I reinstalled K9FP. Thanks for your work.

  26. Dear Koxx3,

    I like your widgets especially the Calandergrid (it’s pure genius). I just tried your Messenger widgit but it refuses to download skins (server is down?).

    1. For skin server, I know ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I am still waiting for my provider to repair it … it starts to be loooong ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. Hope the will fix it soon,… I do not really fancy the orginal skin.

        Keep up the good work

  27. Would love to buy your widget, but you don’t take Amex, we have no other credit cards. Do you use PayPal — any other way we can buy from you? Thanks…

  28. Hello,

    I use two different Exchange calendars in Touchdown in two different profiles. I would like to view both calendars merged together. Is that possible with the calendar widget? Would a merged week view be possible? Can I easily scroll trough weeks?

    Best regards,

  29. Is the “pure cal…” and “pure grid …” will merge? depending on the situation I want the display of widget switches from one to the other.

  30. It would be nice if there was a way to integrate Pure Grid Calendar and Pure Grid Agenda into one widget so you can flip back and forth.

  31. Nexus S, Pure Calendar, Astrid, Launcher Pro, scrollable widgets.

    Still loving Pure Calendar HOWEVER lately every time I touch your widget LAUNCHER PRO is freezing the widget saying that “screen resizing” is only available on their pro plus version and did I want to buy it NOW. I know this is not your issue and I am not a cheap skate so will probably buy it, but it’s REALLY BUGGING ME and I will avoid that developer in the future.

    Your fix for the Daylight Savings Time worked – I would have never thought of using manually input time in the settings – suppose I’ll have to update that every hundred years or so.

    Thanks, Sharvo

    1. lol, perfect !
      The daylight savings is not very well handled in automatic :/
      Anyway, thanks for your feedback !

  32. I’m running both Pure Grid Calendar (1.8.6) and Pure Calendar (2.5.0) and have the same issue with each. I have selected the option to display the calendar as weeks starting on Sunday. This works fine on displaying the calendar, but when I add an event in either widget and press the “date” button to select a date, the calendar displays with weeks starting on Monday. Not sure if this is a bug or a “feature”. On a future update, it would be nice to have that setting referenced by whatever views display a month or week at a time. Thanks

    1. It’s not really ‘an issue’ because I never thinked about it :p
      but that’s right, it should be handled like this.
      I’ll take care about it.

  33. I am looking at your calendar products – not sure which one to buy. I have GoogleSync updating my Google calendar from my Outlook calendar.. I need to be able to see the details of my appointments on my HTC Incredible 2.2. Which product do you recommend?

  34. Hi,

    I have problem with pure calendar widget, 4×3, if I have some meetings
    at monday, and this monday is first box – upper left corner – this box have
    triangle to move between weeks – If I press this box to see appointments, it
    is not possible – always move between weeks. I tried to press all parts of
    monday box, but no way to see appointments. Same thing with lower right

    Anyway, best calendar widget on market.

    Best regards

    1. Hi,
      yes, this is a problem (only with 4×3 & 4×2). I’ll have a look at this.

  35. Could you add a possiblity to reply to Facebook messeges?
    It would be even better, if you could jump directly into the conversation in the Motoblur messaging app (like you already can with sms).


    1. I mean for FB Reply…
      For Motoblur, it’s is impossible to integrate because it uses private Motorola API (not public).
      With SMS, it was easy because they respected the Google SMS application API.

  36. Hi Koxx3,
    A couple of questions about Pure Calendar Widget:

    Sometimes when I use the scrolling widget, the colour bars on the left-hand side (differentiating between different calendars) disappear when you scroll down. Then when you scroll back up, the bars that were there also disappear. Is this a bug?

    Has there been any update on the sync issue between your widget (indeed, most Calendar apps on android) and Google’s Birthdays Calendar? Sometimes I have selected the Birthday Calendar and it only displays some of my birthdays. Sometimes I HAVEN’T selected the Birthday Calendar and it still displays some of my birthdays (the same ones as before, I believe). And sometimes it doesn’t even appear as a Calendar to be selected and yet it still appears, I believe (not sure on this last one). Any ideas how to fix this?

    Also, the Got To Do tasks app that you have previously synced with is no longer on the market – the developer isn’t developing it anymore (http://gottodoapp.wordpress.com/). Is there any chance of syncing with another Toodledo app? I’m using Ultimate To-Do List at the moment, and it’s the best Toodledo app IMO, so that’d be awesome if you could sync with Ultimate To-Do List. I’d love to see my Toodledo tasks appear on your Calendar.

    Finally, is there any way of being able to change the widget settings *without* having to delete and re-configure the widget? What I’m finding annoying is that the widget configuration settings reset themselves to default each time you want to configure it. Thus, if I want to change just one setting of my widget, I have to reconfigure ALL of the settings. Am I missing something?

    God bless =)

    1. Hi,
      1) scrolling bitmap disappear: it means your launcher is out of memory
      2) birthdays: no idea, but this calendar is always difficults to sync ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Check Android forums for solutions. If you see the same thing in Android Stock calendar app and in my ap, then I can’t do anything ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      3) For the next task manager integration, please vote for your favorite in the suggestion module. The next will probably be ‘Due Today’.
      4) To change settings, just press the upper right icon of the widget ๐Ÿ˜‰ it enter the widget config panel. The only restriction due to Android is : no size change. Everything else can be reconfigured. Another thing, you export and reimport your widget settings (check widget config -> system tab)

  37. I use GotToDo to sync my tasks with ToodleDo and then into Pure Calendar Widget. A couple of months ago the due time on all tasks displayed in Pure Calendar Widget changed to 0000 (24 hour clock). It had worked fine previously and was wondering if this is a Pure Calendar problem or a GotToDo problem.

    I noted above that one commenter said GotToDo is no longer being developed. Do you know of a replacement that will sync with ToodleDo.

    Love this widget. thanks for all the work

    1. Hi,
      the next ToodleDo app will be choosen by users throught the suggestion module ๐Ÿ˜‰
      So, please, vote !

  38. Hi, iยดm using pure news widget now for 2 days and iยดm really lovinยด it. But the problem is, that the widget is producing to much traffic. I told the widget to poll every 1 h, but it does refresh every 10-20 min and each time it downloads circa 2 MB (!) (measured with trafficinfo). I use the google reader and told the widget to have max 25 elements at once. I think this cant be normal and it is also not acceptabel, because in one month it will so produce more than 3 GB of traffic, only with small news feeds. Why does this widget produce so much traffic ?? What can i do to prevent this. What settings do you propose ? Iยดm using a HTC Desire with ADW Launcher EX and Android 2.2.

    1. Hi,
      did you enable the offline cache ? if yes, this is normal because it download all pages on your sdcard.
      if not, it download only few light XML files (less than 100kb per refresh with 5 feeds), so, it shouldn’t be an issue.
      Please email me for deeper log analaysis (see about page for my email).

    2. I did a test with trafficinfo 1 minute ago :
      – 5 feeds retrieved
      – 50 feed elements displayed (no impact on data)
      – images enabled (it can use a datas if images are big)
      => 680kb

    3. also, if you use internal viewer, don’t forget to count all data to get native web pages (or light if you use google mobilizer).

    4. refresh test with offline cache AND google mobilizer (50 new feeds elements to cache): 1.7mb
      refresh test with offline cache AND WITHOUT google mobilizer (50 new feeds elements to cache): 8mb

      I show the refresh time in the header, and I don’t have any issue with period update (it refresh ONLY on time)

  39. Dear Sir

    I have set CalenGoo as Task Provider and set the update frequency at “On Calendar Modification”. But it seems it cannot be updated immediately, it doesn’t happen to Astrid. Not sure it is a bug of Calengoo, or Pure Calendar.

    Thanks & Regards

  40. Hello, Iยดm using a HTC Desire with Android 2.2 Froyo.
    I sync my private calendar with outlook (PC Sync) and my business calendar with touchdown.
    Now my question: it is possible to show events from both calendars with Pure widget?

  41. Hi, I have looked all over for a fix for this issue, but still cannot figure it out! I just downloaded Pure Calendar for my Evo and when I try to add an event from the + it does not give me the option to enter a title or additional information (only the date and time) – and then the event will not save because I receive the error message “Empty event title”. Is there a way to fix this?? And/or a different way to enter the complete information for an event?


    1. Hi,
      you should have read the embedded information page to learn how to use the quick event insertion panel.
      Here is a copy of the page :
      It allows to insert a new event without calendar main application.\nTo enter a new event, you can type :
      – 23h00 dinner
      – 23:00 dinner
      – 31/12 23:00 dur2h dinner @ familly
      – 31/12 11pm dinner
      – 10/02 evr5d.for6m dur2d work at fire station

      Use durXh (X hours) / durXd (X days) / durXhYYm (X hours and Y minutes)… to specify event duration.
      Use evrXw.forYm (every X week, for Y months) to specify event recurrence (example: evr3d.for2w means every 3 days for 2 weeks).
      Warning : date format have to be configured in configuration panel.

      You can also use buttons to set date, time, duration and repetition.

      1. Thanks so much! I did read the page, but the subject part just didn’t click. Thanks again:)

  42. Hi, first off all, thanks for your apps, they’re great.

    I’m writing because I have bought the Pure music widget, and I have two things to say, a suggestion and a bug.

    First the bug: I have an HTC Desire, and the “back” button of the 4×2 widget simply doesn’t work.

    The suggestion is to add a time bar in the widget, like we got in the HTC Sense’s widget.

    Best regards

    1. same answer :
      Iโ€™ll check the back button on my HTC G2 ๐Ÿ˜‰
      The time bar is not possible with stock Android widget API :/
      HTC uses their own private methods to do it.

    2. The back button works on my HTC Desire Z :/
      I am sorry, but I can’t do anything if your ROM doesn’t support the standard back action broadcast ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. Hi, thanks for your answer.

        It’s weird, I use the standard HTC Desire Sense, not a personal ROM. It’s there any manip that I can do to try to fix it?


  43. Hello,

    The pure calendar widgets are the best I’ve used and do exactly what I need for my scheduling. I am curious, though, about the redraw rates for pure grid calendar and pure calendar. I have noticed that they both redraw much faster with ADW launcher than with LauncherPro Plus. What might the reason be for this discrepancy?

    Just curious. Thanks

    Bruce Lucas

    1. Hi,
      Normally, it refresh only when the calendar database is modified (or tasks modified).
      After, Launcher can refresh frequently more than that…

  44. hi,
    i love your pure calendar widget…when will it work with beorganized from pim systems?

    greetings from germany


  45. Hi,

    I am using the pure messenger widget. My issue is that when I get an sms or e-mail, that I like having the history of the total preceding conversation. However, when I use the pure messenger, when responding to a sms or e-mail, it will always start a complete new msg, without showing me the contacts msg history. Can this be configured or is it just not included in the widget?

  46. my samsung charge is running the pure grid calendar and I love it…..however just today the calendar created a “fake” event…it isnt on any other calendars I have, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app/widget, Iam not sure how to get it off… please help @ linwright3@gmail.com

    thanks in advance

    lin wright

  47. Hi,

    I use Pure Calendar Widget on a Motorola Defy with Android 2.3.4.
    I change the date format in the Pure Calendar configuration to “Month.Day.Year”.
    This is working fine. But I want the German date format and I customized the original format “%%m.%%d.%%yyyy” to “%%d.%%m.%%yyyy”.
    This works also fine and the Widget displays the date in the corect format.
    But if I now want again to configure the Widget it seems that the Widget is crashing. I am not able to view the configuration again.
    Could it be that the Widget has some problems with reading/loading a customized date format?

    Thanks in advance

  48. How to deinstall email connector for pure, please. NOT possible on my rooted hd2 by using standard procedures. Thx

    1. remount the system partion in R/W, delete /system/app/org.koxx.email_connector*.apk.
      Use Root Explorer if you don’t know how to do this.

  49. Hi
    how to deistall email connector for pure from my rooted HD2 witth CM7. Standard procedures dont work.

  50. hi Koxx33

    Using K9 for Pure. Works pretty good, a few issus though;

    1.Exchange account doesn’t work. My company doesn’t offer Webdav, uses Exchange 2010.Stock email app handles this fine.

    2. When replying, not the entire original message is included as quote. In stead of that, it shows >>>> and then the first few lines of the original message.

    3. Would like to have Global settings that ovverride individul account settings for instance with regards to notifications, font size and so on.

    4. Would like to have some quick buttons in the widget to delete, reply, forward and mark as read.

    Success in developing your apps, it’s great work!

    1. Hi,
      First thing, K9 For Pure is simply an extension of the official K9 to share K9 messages with external apps. So, I don’t touch to any other features of K9 expect sharing.
      1. K9 issue, you need to ask to the main K9 team.
      2. Yes, this is to separate old and new message. Which kind of separator would you like to have ? (note that ‘>’ on each line is not possible).
      3. same as 1. K9 features.
      4. you already have all those features in the action panel of each message by pressing the right icon of each message. Any idea to add something faster ?
      Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Thanks, I’ll contact K9 dev. If they update K9, will that automatticaly also mean that K9 for pure is updated?

      2. It’s far from being automatic, but I generally update K9FP every 2 months (based on latest official K9 sources).

  51. Hello
    I use PureCalendar along with Touchdown Exchange. I like lit very much, but I miss a way to sort the tasks by priority or due date. Is there an option I have missed?

    1. Hi,
      they are normally already sorted by due date & priority.
      Can you email me please ? (see ‘about’ page for my email)

  52. First of all, great apps! Obviously greatly appreciated by thousands of Android users.

    Regarding the Pure Calendar Widget and its Tasks implementation. Is there any way that you could display the Folder and Context of a task, similar to how you already have the option of doing so with tags? Many of us use GTD for our entire lives and having only the task title shown keeps the user from quickly looking at the widget and getting the information the relevant information they need to quickly filter it out in their head.

    Again, thanks!

    1. Do you know how to insert a widget ?
      If yes, you don’t find any widget in the widget picker ?
      If yes, please try to uninstall and reinstall the application.
      I have never seen such issue.

  53. Y – I did know how to insert a widget – uninstalling then reinstalling worked- thank u 4 ur prompt response — tho the largest widget is still quite small –

  54. hello

    your pure messenger Widget could be very good. But i miss the possibility zu filter between SMS CALL ans Mail, to see only SMS MAIL or CALL. Or the possibility to group SMS MAIl and CALL in own tap.
    And i miss the posibility, if i click on a message ( CALL SMS MAIL ) from a person, to see all message from this person only. How in the Widget from HTC Sense UI Mail or SMS Widget

    1. Hi,
      I don’t understand your first request about filtering. You can already select the providers you want to see. And now, with the quick filter button, you can very quickly switch from one message kind to another.
      For the person icon, it could be an idea, but I am not very used to Sense functionnalities, so, I don’t really see how it works. It would need a better explanation…

  55. Dear Francois,

    thanks for providing such a widget, which looks complete for me needs. My only point is that i’d like to use it with the locale VCOrganizer database, Any chance to see it compliant with?

    Thanks in advance, Riccardo

  56. Do the calendar widgets support the native Exchange task sync app that is included with the latest Samsung Galaxy S II devices? I know it will work with Touchdown but these devices sync tasks in addition to calendar/contacts/email-I don’t want to use Touchdown. Thanks!

    1. Currently, no, it is not supported. I can add support if you can send me the Samsung task application APK.

  57. Hi- this is great, thanks for your work on this. any chance of getting this to read the internal contacts (birthday) database?

    1. Hi,
      for birthday, no because this is not a part of the official Android contact database. It is different for each manufacturer. It tried …. it’s really a mess.

  58. hi, using pure calendar widget and business calendar.
    can’t select business calendar to open when tapping on the pure widget. there is no business calendar entry.

    any ideas

  59. Salut, je suis en train d’essayer le widget, dans la rubrique “Installation sur carte SD” de l’aide (ou plutรดt la prรฉsentation lors de la premiรจre utilisation) il manque un “a” dans “appareil” ร  la fin de la phrase.


  60. I am using LG PRADAphone 3.0. I updated pure music widget today. But if i click the widget, i can show this message “Invalid music player…..”. before updating widget operated very well.Plz fix this bug. I’ll be wating your another update ASAP.

  61. My recently installed weather widget is not functioning. I would like to uninstall it and its components but seem to not be able to do so.

  62. Hi. I’ve been using your widget for some months now with DGT & the filters work great by folder & by tag, but I’ve just downloaded Ultimate To Do List as this is a better option for me due to google sync & I’m having problems with setting the filters on the widget. It works ok by folder, but when I try to filter by tags as well all I see is the title of ‘Filter’ in the pop up box but my tags are not listed below for me to select. Is this a known problem or am I doing done something wrong?.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  63. HI, I have been using your widgets for quite some time and really like them.
    What I really miss is the possibility to set the number of visible weeks for the month timeline view. This feature exists for non-scrollable mode, but not for scrollable. I want to do this not so much for purpose of how many weeks I can see, but to indirectly modify the height of the week rows. At the moment, I can only see the first two events for each day, but usually there are 4 or more and I have to tap on the day to view them.
    I would really appreciate it, if you could implement this for scrollable mode ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi,
      unfortunately, due to android scrollable widget api restrictions, it is not possible to use variable scrollable element size. This is why you can’t set it…

      1. Thanks for your reply. Well, I guess I have to live with it then.
        There is another issue, which apparently only happens on the tablet (Galaxy Tab 2). Some of the widget sizes, especially the larger ones, do not show in right size, e.g. Messenger Widget (4×4) is shown in 3×3 and the borders are missing.

  64. Since last week, my weather widget shows the conditions in English and not in Dutch anymore. It seems the language settings do not work anymore.
    Can this be fixed?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi,
      no way to fix this since Google provider died. You are not switched to weather underground provider (and it provide only english).
      EDIT : it seems WU can support foreign languages, I’ll check that.

  65. hey koxx, it seems that the twitter sync don’t work anymore, yesterday it worked, today 12-10-2012 i don’t receive any tweets with pure messenger. login worked perfect, relog in done. any solution for it., thx

  66. I just love your widgets! Have them all they are amazing beautiful and run light on my low memory phone! Thanks for being an awesome developer!

  67. Hi,
    I use Birthdays for Pure and have a question! Is it possible to change the displayed text? For example, instead of “Max Mustermann hat Geburtstag (# 50)” just “Geb. max Mustermann (50)” Background is to save space, because otherwise every birthday has two columns!

    Thanks and best regards
    – Joerg Risse –

    1. Hi,
      currently, you can’t specify the string, but if you consider it a better translation, you can update in Crowdin translations.

  68. Hi, I have a question about Birthdays for Pure (german). The displayed text to be changed so it does not often two lines in Widgst occupied? For example, “* Max Mรผller (50)” instead of “Max Mรผller hat Geburtstag (# 50)”

  69. Can you add option to restrict calender event description, title, location to be constrained to 1 line per element per event.

  70. Have the 3rd phone and tested original fw and cyanogen there. But on all phones and operating system the k9 widget forces a “datenbank wird aktualisiert” popup on all homescreens and above all apps. This is disturbing, cause the popup sometimes took 30 seconds to go away. Howto disable this verbose popup?

  71. Some bugs found.
    K9-forPure: No ability to restore a config backup without configuring an mail account.
    Messenger-Widget: No ability to restore an config with ics, the dialog selection box shows only the headline, did not scroll and cannot be pressed for further actions.

  72. Hi Koxx,
    Love Pure Cal Widget very much and use it for years. There is just one issue bugging me all the time. Birthday events are allways spread over 2 days. In Touchdown calendar and outlook everything is fine.

  73. I am using ‘pure calendar widget’ together with ‘business calendar pro’. Lately i added ‘caldav sync’ to android. I can use my calendars in business calendar pro but in your app i cannot see those calendars (from caldav sync) i can see only google calendars ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  74. p.s. I meant that i cannot choose to show those calendars because there are not on the list to choose from.

    1. OK, i can see calendars but it has ‘google’ in square brackets next to the name of calendar! Thats why i wrote that i cant see them.

  75. I am using DGT GTD app as a Task Manager and configured it in the Pure Calendar Widget. However the DGT tasks are displayed as all-day event in the widget even though the tasks are havinig due date, due time, start date, start time and duration. Please help me on how to configure Pure Calendar widget to display DGT tasks as scheduled tasks.

  76. Hi,
    I plan to purchase but I would like to know first if I can use both gTasks and Toodledo (?) for each Agenda widget running. gTasks on Personal lists and Toodledo is work related. Don’t you have trial app even up to 1 week only?

    1. Hi, Yes, you can use independant task manager for each widget. The trial is the default Google Play trial : 15 minutes.

  77. Hi,
    May I know also if Pure Calendar has already integration with the official Toodledo app?
    Thank you.

  78. Hi,
    Thanks so much for the app. I really appreciate its functionality.

    I’m on Android 4.4.2 on a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. I’m noticing that the widget won’t resize in Nova Launcher. Is that a widget issue or a Nova issue?

      1. Pure Grid Calendar widget. On my Note 8 I’m able to expand it to take up the whole page. Very easy to read for the whole month. Our my Tab Pro 8.4, it seems to be a fixed size no matter how I try to resize Tha widget in Nova Launcher.

  79. Hi,

    I synchronize my TickTick to do list with the Pure Calendar widget.
    Works pretty good. What I noticed today is the following:
    So far, completed to dos are not displayed on the widget anymore, which makes sense. Today I used the “archive” function on the TickTick app to archive all completed to dos. The result was, that now also the completed to dos are displayed on the widget. The archived to dos are still marked as completed in TickTick.
    Do you have an explanation for that and can this be avoided?


  80. Hi,

    I’m using the Pure Calendar Widget together with Touchdown (Outlook/ Exchange Server).It works perfectly only the Birthdays (automatically created from Outlook) will show up as a 2 day event. If I create a one day event myself, it shows up as a one day event.I checked timezone settings on all involved software – no change. Any ideas?

    (I’m running Android 4.4.4, Win 7 an the newest Outlook).

    Many thanks – Uli

  81. Hi! I’m having a problem where my day headers and event entries are taking up too much space. I have events set to use one line per entry, and both the event line and the day headers are using two. It makes for very awkward spacing. How do I fix this?

  82. Favorite must have widget on my home screen! However, Nexus 5 just updated to Lollipop (Android 5.0) and the play store gives me an error on installation. Error says: ‘Error: Unknown error code during application install: “-505”.’

  83. Hi, I have been using Pure Calendar for years, had a problem with the widget the other day, done all sorts of things to get it back on my home screen with no luck. The widget goes to the preferences/setup screen, then when I press save and exit, it exits but does not load the widget on my screen and it does not save any changes I have made. Any idea why, other calendar widgets work ok

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