Pure news widget

Pure news widget is a scrollable widget for news reading (Rss/Atom) compatible with Feedly and your own RSS list (OPML) .

Currently, it require a launcher supporting scrollable widgets, like ‘ADW.Launcher’, ‘LiveHome’, ‘Go Launcher’, ‘LauncherPro’ or Android 3.x/4.x

– Connected to Feedly to retrieve your prefered news, or get your feeds from your own RSS feed list in text format (OPML)
– Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, LiveHome, Go Launcher, LauncherPro or Android 3.x
– Tap on a story title to open the full story in the browser or in internal viewer (works in offline mode too !)
– Tap on a right story part to trig the story action
– Supported story actions: mark as read, share, star …
– Show news thumbnails
– Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget
– Lot of options to customize rendering
– Can use Google Mobilizer to reduce used bandwidth when reading full article
– Optional local cache of articles
– Can restrict sync to Wifi connection
– Support multi-widget with as many feeds as you want.

If you have design skills, I’ll be happy to drive you for skin creations.

Note : If you have empty scrollable widget, this can be due to a Launcher bug, please read this post


Install now

From Android market : http://market.android.com/details?id=org.koxx.pure_news





cf suggestion module



Android Central


Revisions log

nr : not released

– FIX Feedly login page
– NEW undo mark as read
– FIX issue with HTTPS feeds
– NEW auto export last configuration
– FIX Samsung auto widget removal bug
– FIX skin manager crash
– FIX APK manifest error
– FIX crash at initial setup
– FIX HTTPS images
– REVERT TO PREVIOUS ANDROID SDK … too many widget size issues
– FIX Feedly feed listing
– FIX widget size issue with Android 4.x
– FIX refresh issue with daily viewer
– FIX info panel crash
– IMPROVE soft option menu display
– FIX very big text size
1.4.4 :
– IMPROVE data usage for image download
– IMPROVE image grabbing for Feedly provider
– FIX major crash issue with multiple widgets on Android 3.x/4.x
– IMPROVE scrolling speed (you may need to reconfigure images size)
– NEW check internet access on feed selection
– FIX Android 4.4 image display
– FIX Android 4.x image issues when widget is installed on lockscreen
– NEW can disable lower right corner action
– FIX image grabbing for large images
– FIX configuration issue with Feedly
– IMPROVE skin manager style
– IMPROVE skin manager download progress visibility
– FIX skin manager list issue
– FIX skin manager error message in case of invalid skin
– FIX Feedly : some feeds didn’t work
– FIX Feedly : grab more pictures
– FIX Feedly : feed ‘add’
– FIX default date format
– FIX arabic titles
– NEW date string customization
– NEW optimize OPML parsing speed
– NEW OPML feed selector
– FIX skin server DNS issue
– FIX OPML reading
– FIX OPML entry link issue
– FIX clean subscriptions clearing when changing provider
– FIX service crash
– FIX Feedly account and token loss
– NEW check for enabled provider
– FIX read marker for Android 3.x/4.x
– FIX skin manager style
– NEW new provider : Feedly
– NEW filter invalid images
– NEW new provider : OPML RSS/Atom list file
– NEW skin server (fix user skin publishing)
– NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets
– FIX major service issue
– IMPROVE image extraction
– IMPROVE add 120 words limit
– ADD & UPDATE translations
– FIX ‘loading data’ issue on Android 3.x
– FIX refresh time issue
– IMPROVE alternate skin server usage to bypass current hosting provider issue
– FIX skin manager skin issue (download & colors)
– FIX refresh time issue
– FIX problem gif embedded images
– FIX body inherit if empty
– NEW proctection against big image/content download (200kb max per image, only png, jpg and gif)
– NEW allow setting export naming
– FIX list view mode with Honeycomb/Ics
– FIX search order (newer will always appear)
– FIX source issue with Honeycomb/Ics
– FIX text size with HoneyComb/Ics
– FIX internal issue with scrollable mode and Honeycomb/ICS
– FIX compatibility with Android 1.5
– NEW enable Holo theme in config panel for Honeycomb/ICS
– FIX unread only for ICS
– FIX reconfiguration issue
– IMPROVE memory usage
– IMPROVE automatic widget sizes and enable them (for tablets or large devices)
– IMPROVE widget config
– NEW option to enable Javascript support in the internal viewer (required by some websites, but slower)
– IMPROVE management of big stories images
– IMPROVE internal viewer (better page fit, better performances, progress indicator…)
– FIX unread only for ICS
– NEW skin manager with publishing and rates
– NEW 5×5 list and scrollable sizes for Galaxy Note or tablets
– IMPROVE protection against full storage for image cache
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics refresh issue
– FIX small internal database, config and info layouts fixes
– NEW fully new internal skin system with lower memory usage
– NEW support widget resize !!
– NEW Galaxy Note resolution support
– NEW detection of scrollable support of Android 3.x and 4.x, and of Go Launcher Ex
– NEW support of 1024×600 resolution and Ice Cream sandwich / Samsung Galaxy Nexus resolution
– FIX multi-account management
– IMPROVE automatic Google auth token refresh
– IMPROVE connexion error handling
– NEW color picker with hex value
– IMPROVE automatic Google auth token refresh
– IMPROVE automatic Google auth token refresh
– IMPROVE internal service stability
– FIX QEI date issue
– IMPROVE detection of login errors or token expiration
– FIX multi-widget with HoneyComb
– FIX story opening if no story body
– FIX mark all as read
– FIX login issue with Android 2.1
– FIX invalid feed category listing
– FIX feed automatic removal from feeds list
– NEW action menu on right story part (if you enable it on the config panel)
– NEW can share a story (via email, Twitter, FB, SMS …)
– NEW can star a story
– NEW add old login style in case of trouble with credential login (use menu key in the config panel)
– FIX feed retrieval if no categories defines
– NEW allow old and new login type (for users who didn’t configure gmail account on their phone)
– NEW phone credential usage for Android >2.0 (avoid using password). Please, relogin in the widget config.
– NEW display categories in feed selection
– NEW allow full category selection in feed selection
– NEW fully support multi-widgets
– FIX 4G network detection and usage
– FIX constant update with multi-widgets
– NEW 2011 APP icon
– FIX important bug with periodic refresh affecting battery usage
– NEW support LG Slate resolution (1280×768)
– NEW alternative skin server added in case of problem on the primary skin server
– IMPROVE support of qHD screen (540×960)
– FIX white background text color
– IMPROVED feeds images extraction
– FIX skin modifier size adjuster
– FIX Hebrew display of some feeds
– NEW optimization of bandwidth used for refresh
– FIX major issue with device for mobile network
– FIX skin manager modifer issue
– FIX skin manager ‘upgrade’ action
– FIX Xoom, alternative launcher usage and scrollable mode
– NEW auto enable Wifi option
– NEW refresh only if Wifi option
– FIX internal crash when chosing feeds
– IMPROVE management of big feeds list (>100)
– NEW option to show or not the global feed action button
– FIX internal crash with feeds without body
– FIX mark all as read
– NEW mark all as read
– NEW individual mark as read (tap lower right part of feed element)
– FIX issue with Android 1.5/1.6
– FIX internal viewer crash issue
– FIX big & very big text size
– RELEASE VERSION – no more beta
– FIX feeds without body display
– REMOVE Zeam Launcher scrollable widget support text since Zeam dev removed scrollable widgets support
– FIX link opening when using local cache
– FIX Android 3.0 and alternative launcher usage
– FIX skin manager transparency, preview and size management
– NEW first offline cache (need Android 2.x + internal viewer + sdcard)
– FIX crash with external application opening
– FIX Android 3.0 and alternative launcher usage
– IMPROVE add explanation for Google Reader app
– IMPROVE skin manager
– NEW widget element view type (header only or full)
– NEW lot more skins
– NEW widget size adjuster background
– FIX widget Spinner in config panel with Android 2.2/2.3
– FIX widget size adjuster for QVGA
– NEW open a news mark it as read on google reader
– IMPROVE cache cleaning
– IMPROVE news layout
– FIX refresh period config issue
– FIX landscape
– NEW support of Xoom tablet resolution (not yet scrolling)
– NEW widget size adjuster
– NEW show only unread feed elements
– NEW option for images size
– NEW option to launch external app like Google reader app
– FIX landscape skin generation bug
– FIX unsuscribed feed elements after reconfiguration
– FIX word count limit config issue
– IMPROVE graphical refresh speed
– NEW Pure 2011 skin 😉
– NEW application icon
– NEW thread refresh indicator in subscription selection
– NEW info panel
– NEW ‘add news’ button linked to google reader website
– NEW try to stop service once update is done
– NEW option show date of last update in the widget
– NEW option show refresh button
– NEW warning about scrollable launcher
– FIX none/all buttons in feed selector
– FIX refresh issue with some widget sizes
– FIX delete old GR feeds in feed selector
– FIX internal viewer usage
– FIX size hider
– FIX custom color buttons
– NEW 4×1, 4×2, 4×4 widget sizes
– FIX unlimited word count
– NEW option for Google Mobilizer
– NEW limit in number of words
– FIX landscape
– FIX web retrieve stability
– FIX news click to open full article
– IMPROVE images retrieve
– NEW option set widget title
– FIX full date string usage
– FIX static loading message
– FIX crash on save & exit
– NEW loading indicator
– FIX grabbing images from news body
– FIX title line clickable for feed without body
– FIX duplicated news images
– FIX footer text overlapping
– FIX grab most recent feed first
– initial release

143 thoughts on “Pure news widget

  1. Hey there 🙂
    I have the google reader app installed but wenn I click on “select feeds” in the menu there’s only a blank page. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Do you see the small refresh icon at the upper right corner ?
      If no, I think you failed entering password or your internet connexion is bad.
      If yes, wait for feed list to be retrieved

      1. Hi,
        It’s don’t for too 😥 and i use the refresh icon and use wifi connexion

        I see all of my rss flux in the feed list and i waiting for about 3 days. Any ideas ?

      2. Hi,
        Sorry, but I don’t understand… please give me a better explanation of the issue and of your configuration.

      3. I’m on Nexus One and widget is blank. I see all of my google rss flux in the feed list but nothing on widget…

  2. How can I unsubscribe feeds… as they r piling on at d moment. I uncheck them ofcourse but unable to clear them frm d list.

    1. Yes, there is a bug on this.
      I’ll solve this for the next release.
      They are not clear, but they won’t be loaded any more… so, they will disappear soon 😉

  3. hi! love your widget.. o know its in beta stage.. but i found 2 importantimportant bugs for me.
    first it gives an FC ir you set the update interval to manual.. and rge. second one is when you select oficial Google reader to read the news.. when you press on a news it opens the Google reader.. but dont open the news.. it just opens the Google reader :/

    1. Hi,
      1. the FC is fixed since last market version (0.4.0)
      2. it will never be able to open a direct article from Google Reader because it is not open source. I was SURE that I would have this remark. I think I’ll remove it because everybody will say it is a bug !

  4. I really like the looks of this and I think it fills a need that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. But I’m not comfortable giving 3rd parties my google password, especially when there is open auth technology available. From my previous browsing into other rss client forums, I think you will find many people feel that way. Are you planning to support open auth?

    1. This is an idea… why not. Please, use the suggestion module to trak the idea.

      1. OK, will do. In the mean time could you please reassure me that you store my password in some tightly encrypted way that could not be read by another app? I only understand these things well enough to worry about them, but I am concerned that a malicious app could learn how you store passwords and then get at mine from your file. Thanks.

  5. Is there a way to clear articles in the widget without reading them? I have it set to clear as read which is great but would like to clear the articles from the widget if I don’t want to read them. So far this is a replacement for my news reader…..love it!

    1. Currently, no… but soon, yes (an action button for each feed elements + a general ‘mark all visible as read’ will be added.

  6. To your concern Dave I’ve used this devs Pure Calender Widget for what seems like eons. I am like you and worry about tossing my Google info to anyone but trust this fella. He cares about his projects and I feel protected.

    1. Thanks, dgibbs. I actually was thinking later that I used to use Pure Calendar for a long time too. I stopped for other reasons (and not for any shortcoming in Pure Calendar), but that was also before I started worrying about my Google password. (My worry started after a responsible friend had their account mysteriously hacked – what a big mess!) I really like Francois’s work, and it’s not that I don’t trust him, but I still worry that other scoundrels might hack into his files on my phone and get at my password. And in a more positive light, I’d like to see Francois’s widgets be really successful, and I think a lot of even less trusting users just won’t even consider an app that doesn’t work with open auth.

      1. I understand your concern. You know, I started working on Pure news less than 1 month ago. The password security wans’t my biggest concern … there was a loooot of other technical difficulties.
        But I think it should be ‘easy’ to migrate to a Oauth system … I just need time for this (and many other features are MUCH more requested). This is why I ask to use the suggestion module. It really drive the development… if 4/5 users ask for it, no problem, it will be the next added feature. Currently, it is not.

  7. Hi
    Can’t find the “mark all as read” button in Pure News Widget. What’s the trick pleaz ?

  8. Will you have an option to show just the header and the footer? Or a way to have ” zero words” per element?

  9. When i use Google Reader to “select feeds” it seems my Google Alerts feeds are missing.

    is this a known bug?

  10. I do not have the official “Google Reader” app installed, but use “gReader Pro”. When I try to set the option to open Google Reader app I get an error message, but no choice to select an alternative app. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just missing something?

    1. gReader pro is NOT the official ‘Google reader’ app (from Google).
      Currently, only the official app is supported.

  11. It seems that the beta link is broken. I’m getting a 404 error when clicking it from my Nexus One. Is there an alternate download I can use?

  12. Please, can you put a little bar on the left side of each news of the colour I’ve set in google reader for each group of news??? It’d be the best!! So, I could immediately find the kind of news i’m looking for…(android agenda widget can do it!)
    Thank you!!

      1. A bar is a lot of little lines repeated in vertical, if this can be helpful. Or you could put a little circle or something like that near the news title or set the title with the color, don’t you? It would be great!

  13. Hi,

    Since I installed the release version I see heavy battery drain from the news app no matter how I tried to configure the app, or if I re-installed it

    Any suggestions?


    1. Hi, check FAQs, only reason for battery drain : too much feeds, too short refresh period, invalid hidden widgets (on other Home for example)

  14. Hello,
    I’ve been using Pure News since beta and been very satisfied so far, but some time ago I noticed that Pure News makes GO Launcher somewhat choppy when scrolling to/from screen where the news widget is located.
    It is specific problem of the combination Go Launcher and Pure News. There is no problem when used separately (GO Launcher without pure news or ADW Launcher with pure news – butter smooth).
    The lag had been horrible on stock Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy S, and less noticeable on CM7, but still present.

    1. Hi,
      I see 2 possibilities :
      – your Home has too much widget and is out of memory
      – Go Launcher is not optmized enought (at least on scrollable widget code)
      Personnaly, I always use ADW.

      1. thanks for reply, I’d say its GO Launcher’s fault, I dont think I have many widgets installed – 3 screens, 7 widgets total

  15. I’ve probably found a bug.
    I’m subscribed to novinky.cz RSS channel and they have recently added some flashy ads to each message which most likely causes some problems to Pure News because I no longer see messages from this source on my widget. Everything else works just fine, no prob with any other source, just novinky.cz.

  16. Could not seem to find any info on this issue:

    I have the Polling Period set to: Manual update only, but it’s still updating on its own anyway. I can’t seem to find a way to stop it.

    Am I missing something (installed on Motorola Droid using LauncherPro)?

  17. I tried a thousand ways to attach my feed diefrentes within the application and missing. I have installed the official google reader. I can not find the solution.

    1. What do you mean by “attach my feed diefrentes within the application and missing” ???

  18. … attach my thousand ways to feed various within the application and missing. (sorry)

    I can not put my feed google reader in the application … I despair: (

    1. I still don’t understand …
      Why can’t you ?
      does the Google registration fail in the widget ?
      you don’t see any of your registered feeds in the feed selector ? or are some feeds missing ?

      1. No, only I get the seed of “Reuters”. In Select Feeds. And then attempt Feeds Edit-> Add Feed, but not Google’s.

  19. I got it! At the end I decided to import the xml of my News within the application. Now is a marvel. (Sorry for my ignorance on this)

  20. Any chance you can post up the icons used in the skins? I’d like to use the icons for this widget in a skin I’m making for Pure Calendar (agenda) so they would match~

    Good work though! I love this and have been using it since beta. Thank you for the hard work and support!

    1. for Pure calendar, there is already a ‘official skin 2011’ skin which looks exactly like Pure news skin, just install it.
      In any case, you can grab skin files from your sdcard, after installing them, in /sdcard/.org.koxx.xxxxx/

  21. Loving the News Widget, but I am having problems with a particular RSS feed. When I refresh the widget, it does not show the articles from the last 12 hours. The feed in question is BBC News – Home (http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/rss.xml). Other feeds such as Reuters work fine. Also, it worth pointing out that the BBC News feed in question shows fine in Google Reader.

    Not sure if this a problem with the feed or the widget?

    Thank you!

    1. It’s a problem with the feed. I’ve just added it to Google reader. Result on my laptop : 11 feed elements only !

      1. I suspected it was the feed. Weird thing is, for me it shows correctly in Google Reader (525 articles) with articles showing up to the current time. Typing in the url directly into my browser does not show the latest few articles (none from the last hour) and the Pure News Widget is showing articles from this morning (14+ hours ago).

      2. May Google Reader can ‘accumulate’ those articles… for ‘old’ news, this is because Pure news ask them in reverse order. So, 11 elements in reverse order may give this.

  22. Y u no work with CM7 and root? It worked when I first purchased it but somewhere along the way the updates went from all feeds updating, to some, to one, to none. Its running on LP+ w/ scrollable widgets enabled.

    1. It works fine with CM7 (my dev phone is under CM7).
      Please, email for for debug (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  23. My bad. Got it working proper again with all feeds updating. Had to restrict some functions and reworked home screen options. I followed the links to the post regarding launcher mem and relevant lp forum thread. Good to see it got ironed out. Still prefer it over the freebies. Cheers.

  24. Hi
    Had to change my Gmail password.
    Pure News Widget does not connect with my Google Reader feeds any more.
    I can log (via my pc, with the new password) to my Gooogle reader and all my feeds are there.

    Please advice

    1. Hi,
      did you change the password in Pure news config panel ?
      did you try to reboot ?
      ciao, Francois

  25. I have a question – I would like to have 3 news widgets active with different feeds for each widget. Can I do that with Pure News Widget. Everytime I create a new widget and select the feeds, it changes the other widget I already had running. So…is it possible to have 3 widgets running at once with each having different feeds? If so, can you tell me how to do this? If not is this something you plan to implement?


  26. Congrats on getting OAuth and folder-based widgets working and thanks for implementing that! These are Purely the best widgets out there!

    1. It’s better than OAuth, it doesn’t need any password. It uses phone Google credentials … a single button to approve 😉

  27. I’ve been getting errors lately that says “login error. Try to login please.” i just finally realized its coming from pure news. I can select “login with phone credentials” and it’ll work once. But then i start getting the error again. It seems to have started since the recent update. It seemed to be working before. I haven’t tried manually entering my password yet.

    1. Hi,
      I think this problem should be fixed with v1.1.6 published few minutes ago.
      Please keep me informed if you encounter the bug one more time.

      1. Cool, thanks.

        Side not, the link to the install on this page takes me to the calendar widget in the android market, not the news widget.

      2. Oh, i dont see the update yet, but playing around i removed and added the widget and it seems to be working now. maybe thats all ive needed this whole time.

  28. Hi there..I’ve been using the widget for about a year now (Using Acer Liquid E, Froyo, with Go Launcher. Works like a charm, EXCEPT, when I use the internal viewer, some articles format correctly, and others I have to zoom out (making it too small for me to read). I thought it might be one particular feed, but some articles from that feed render correctly and others do not. Any thoughts/suggestions on how to correct this issue?

  29. Im having a bit of a problem..I have 2 google reader accounts on my phone (1 with rss feeds and 1 without), when I try to login in with phone details, both accounts show up but I can only sign into 1 of the accounts (the 1 without rss feeds) even if i opt to login into the account with the rss geed..is there a fix for this?

    Have you considered supporting other apps other than google reader for Android? I personally think justreader has 1of the best internal readers…would you consider supporting this app?

    1. I am working on the issue.
      No, there is no plan to support external apps since they cannot be open on a specific article.

  30. Hello,
    I would be happy to make themes for Pure News widget.
    Could you tell me the way to do so?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi,
      I am working a on full website to allow anyone to publish skins.
      Currently, it’s not easy :/
      I think it will be ready in 2 weeks.

  31. Francois,

    I have this installed on my galaxy nexus. It seems to work beautifully with my google reader…except that it doesnt refresh automatically…

    I have set polling to take place from 01:00 to 23:00 every 2h and it has never once automatically refreshed (been using it for 2 days).

    Any ideas?

    Also I have it set to display last refresh time in title bar but i have only seen it appear 3-4 times when i refresh. As we speak it is not showing although the settings have it enabled.

    Using 1.1.8 on Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.1 (stock launcher)

  32. I am having problems with PNW on a samsung epic 4g running gingerbread. It no longer updates regardless of what I do. I have reinstralled without success, I have tried just on wifi without success, I have tried 3g/4g without sucess. PNW connects to my google feeds and I can browse them. Manual refreshes also does not work. I have had this probolem for about a week now. Another news feed reader works just fine on the same device.

    Samsung Epic 4g
    Gingerbread 2.3.5
    ADWLauncher ex
    Pure News Widget 1.1.8

  33. francois,

    the last update messed up the footer of each article. the footer is now repeating the body text instead of showing the name of the source like before…

  34. Pure news widget – scroll. Stopped working one or two weeks ago. Stuck on “Loading data”. Tried everything I can think of. Even uninstalled and then reinstalled. Running on xoom 3.2 wifo

    1. Problem should be fixed with latest market release. Can you test it and give me a feedback please ?

  35. How is Google Reader being shut down going to affect this app? I have bought a paid version of this app, and would hate to see it shut down because Google wanna to drop the program that it’s based on.

    1. Yes, it will affect Pure News. I am currently checking what service could replace GR with a good API.

  36. hi!
    i found your great android widget “Pure news widget”.
    i’m so happy and It has become my buddy already.
    i love it.

    by the way, i have a wish.
    i wanna set “maximum number of header characters” per story.
    this is my only hope.

  37. the image size option doesn’t have an effect for me since last 3 versions.
    it’s always showing too small.

  38. Just updated to latest version. App now no longers works. No feeds to select from Feedly (page is empty). De/Re-installed app, no luck.

  39. yesterday I left a note here about the Feedly list not working anymore after a Pure News Widget update. Now the note is removed and a new update was silently brought to Google Play..Excellent that it is fixed so fast, but I would have appreciated some feedback here or in my mailbox.

  40. After really struggling with free space on my phone I finally thought to use ES File Explorer’s SD card analyst and found the culprit – the file_cache in the .org.koxx.pure_news directory takes up over 4GB of space?! Does Pure News never clear out its cache? That’s really something you might want to fix!

      1. 6 of my 8 Feedly feeds at the moment, searching the last 2 days and with 50 elements. But I don’t know if the cache problem happened before with Google Reader or Feedly as I’ve only just spotted this. I’ve turned off “allow the widget to download articles on sdcard” now to disable the caching.

  41. HI, it’s the app discontinue? No more updates of this app? It’s the best widget for rss!

  42. Yeah!!. Some RSS don’t show well the images, for example “meneame.net” “vice.com”. Maybe the error comes from the webs settings and not from the app 😀

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