“Needs to pull album art from web!”

I don’t think it’s a good idea :
– many mistake without user approval
– use unlimited bandwidth
– take too much CPU

Prepare your files with a good tagging tool from your desktop/laptop, it’s a better idea.
Tools proposal : Album Art Downloader (win), Album Cover Art Downloader (win)

4 thoughts on ““Needs to pull album art from web!”

  1. I prefer the approach of tagging my music with Musicbrainz Picard before loading it on my phone, but I don’t like storing the album art in id3 tags because 1) they are low quality when embedded and 2) it is a waste of space saving the artwork in each and every file 3) only works with mp3, most of my music is in ogg format.

    The real problem with using a pc to tag your music is if its not done before the FIRST time you load it on the phone, Android will never re-read that folder and pick up the artwork, so if you forgot the first time, or it has the wrong art tagged or something, the only way to repair it is to clear your media storage which deletes the album art (among other things) causing it to rescan again. That’s why I love Cover Art Downloader, it is able to accurately get all of my album art, save only one copy in the cache (or album folder), and will work at any time or with any format without clearing the media storage. It can also tag your album art in the id3 tags if you prefer, but I choose not to.

  2. GREAT idea, Stewart! Thanks for that excellent explanation. It goes a long way for the “not so savvy”, such as myself. Sounds like an EXCELLENT option! Can’t wait to GP home and try it.

    And thank YOU, Mr. Deslandes, for not weighing down or overcomplicating this elegant app.

    1. Ok 😉
      But please guys, use the suggestions module for such things, it’s impossible to track ideas on the blog 😦

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