Email Connector and ICS : not working

Unfortunatly, it can’t work on ICS because Google locked the email database with a new protection.
There is currently no way to read emails from ICS database.

15 thoughts on “Email Connector and ICS : not working

  1. Have a problem everytime I boot my phone the pure music widget doesn’t load. I have to remove it and put the widget back on the home screen again. Samsung skyrocket

  2. Latest versions of Gmail(v4.0.5) now provide a method for third party widgets to get the email count through a new API.

  3. Hmm…kind of disappointing.
    As K9 doesn’t at all have the nice interface the new JellyBean Email App provides…

  4. I have just purchased RAZR Maxx with Ics. Does this mean that my pure messenger can’t display my emails?



  5. Would it be possible to use ‘K9 for Pure’ for the widget but the original email application for viewing the email?

  6. Strange, the email connector worked with the stock ICS email client and exchange on my Tab 7.7. I just installed the paranoid Android jellybean rom and it doesn’t work anymore, unfortunately.

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