7 thoughts on “Move apps to sdcard

  1. Actually, that’s not what it says at all. It only says that the widget will be unavailable until you do a reboot.

    1. May be, but there is much more effects they didn’t plan.
      On next reboot the APK is not found when listing all available widgets because the sdcard is not mounted at this boot step (may it can work is you sdcard is nearly empty).
      Result : impossible to load widgets when rebooting + no way to insert a fresh widget because not present in the widget list.

    2. and don’t forget the Android Help section title : “Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage”

  2. I am using an HTC Desire and loaded something that causes my apps to go to the SD card. In the past with other widgets (extended controls for example) I have been able to move them back to the phone before opening them and make them work correctly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work with Pure Calendar. I even tried unmounting the SD card but then the application failed to install to the default application directory.

    Do you have any suggestions to get this to work?


    1. No idea, but you clearly need to find the setting to force the install of the app in internal memory (check ROM settings or app3sd settings)

  3. I have an Xperia SL (not rooted) which seems to force the Pure Calendar installation to the built-in SD card. As we know, the widget disappears every reboot. I guess I’m out of luck?

    1. I don’t think it changed : Android is not able to load widgets when they are on sdcard because the partition is not yet mounted when the device is booting.
      Your only chance it to move the app with titanium back or another app like this … but I think it will require root.

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