I don’t see all my calendars or all my events

First, you need to understand that ‘Pure calendar’ and ‘Pure Grid calendar’ doesn’t sync any informations, they just read the phone calendar database.

1. Calendar selection in the stock application

You need to check that you see your missing calendars/events in your phone stock calendar application.
If you don’t see a calendar, force the application to sync this calendars :
In Calendar stock application -> Menu key -> More -> My calendars, are all of your calendars listed there, and checked?
If not, have you added them with Calendar -> Menu -> More -> My calenders -> Menu -> Add calendars
Then, wait for sync, and reconfigure the widget to enable the widget display in the calendars selector.

2. Android calendar sync

Be sure Google calendars are synced by Android in phone settings (Android settings -> Sync -> calendar).
Then, wait for sync, and reconfigure the widget to enable the widget display in the calendars selector.

3. Calendar sync/storage error

If your calendars are visibles, but not events (in the stock application), then your phone have a problem to sync those events.
A solution, can be to clear your calendar application cache and data (Android settings -> applications -> manage applications -> all applications -> calendar -> clear cache / clear data).
It clear all your phone data, but keep all your calendar informations in Google server.
Then, you’ll have to wait for resync, and go to step 1.
There is well know bugs in Android with Google public calendars (like holidays)… they are sometimes very difficult to sync.

4. Permissions

Some ROMs allow users to control permissions for each application. In some case, granted permissions can be lost by the ROM or wrongly assigned by the user when the application is installed. Be sure all permissions granted to allow Pure widget to read the calendar database.

5. Scrollable mode

If you are using the scrollable mode, and if it works WITHOUT scrollable mode, BE SURE you enabled the scrollable mode in the Launcher settings (ADW or LauncherPro).

6. Some particular ROM / device issues

– HTC 2.2 / 2.3 ROM : To show your events in Pure calendar widget, you must choose the same calendar in the HTC Sense calendar widget.
– MyTouch 3G Slide ROM problem of calendar sync conflict with FriendStream, the solution, disable FriendStream background sync

I you still have a problem, do not hesitate to contact me.

302 thoughts on “I don’t see all my calendars or all my events

  1. Pure Calendar widget does not show my Toodledo events integrated into Google Calendar via webcal link (iCalendar). I am using an HTC EVO 4G. The default calendar shows all my calendars and their events including the Toodledo iCal. The Remember the Milk (RTM) iCal shows up in both the default calendar and Pure widget. In the interim, I have been using GoToDo (GTD) and the widget’s ability to show tasks from the GTD app to display my GTD tasks. What I would like to do is display my GTD tasks from the GTD iCal in the widget window (as calendar appointments) and my Astrid tasks using the task display option for the same widget window. That way I can display tasks from 2 different apps (GTD and RTM) in the same widget window.

    Also a quick question: Is there a reason why one is limited to displaying only tasks from only 1 application (Astrid, GTasks, GTD, etc) in a given widget window as opposed to being able to select multiple task programs? It would be great to display tasks from multiple apps in the same window and also display tasks (especially those without a date and time to the bottom of the list of events for a given day so the appointments don’t get “buried” beneath a long list of tasks.

  2. I’m confused. On my HTC Hero, I’m unable to select the shared calendars that I have access to. When I select them, they are unselected the next time I press select calendars.

    How can I see internet calendars?


  3. I figured it out. I was subscribed to a shared calendar that had an exclamation point (!) in the title. No calendars after that one in the list worked. I took out the ! and it works fine.

  4. I get my Exchange calendar in the default calendar app. The pure calendar widget does not show that calendar as an option. Am I missing something?

      1. I was able to get it working again by wiping all the local data from -all- calendar apps and waiting. Not sure why the calendar disappeared but it’s back now.

  5. android 2.2 with latest software release, with both droid launcher and launcher pro….google calenders and astrid tasks show in widget in launcher pro but nothing in droid launcher. I’ve reloaded the widget several times on a clean androud launcher screen with different skins. ‘show dates with no events’ is checked but the only date appearing is today.

  6. i have the widget but when i have the widget installed the widget will not update to the change in the events of the calendar within the phone or online. is there something that i am missing/

    1. Please, be more explicit, where do you add the event ? from the widget ? the main calendar app ? google web service ?
      Be sure your events are synced if you add an event in the main calendar app with the Google web service.
      I am not aware of any sync problem for Pure calendar.

  7. Hi there, I have been using the application for some time. But there is a minor issue that need your help.

    The event in the widget (including event description and location) only displays in one line no matter the lentgh of the event. It can’t be displaed in multiple lines as shown in your screenshot. As only displayed in one line, most of the information like location can’t display. That means I only can see portion of the event but not the full one, which is quite inconvenient.

    I use Pure Calender v2.26 on HTC Desire 2.1 ROM and sync with TouchDown.

    Thanks for your hlep.


  8. After the latest update to Pure Calendar, I no longer can choose my Touchdown Exchange calendar for display. The above instructions no longer are relevant to the current version.

  9. Hi, I can’t see all the events on my calendar for a given day. I can only see two events per day. Can you help? Thank you.

    1. I need more informations.
      Are those events visible in the stock calendar app ?
      Are all those events on SAME calendar ?
      Any specific pattern ? …

  10. Hi, I have both “Pure Grid calendar widget” and “Pure Calendar widget”. Great work, but I have two issues with them:
    1. I use it with the built-in calendar of FroYo and Touchdown. On my Exchange-account I have two calendars configured which I can see in Touchdown.
    Now, I have configured the “Pure Calendar widget” and the “Pure Grid calendar widget” to show both Touchdown calendars, but only the “Pure Calendar widget” shows both. The “Pure Grid calendar widget” only shows the main calendar of Touchdown.

    2. I’m not able to add a new event to my Touchdown calendars using the “Internal Quick Event Insertion”. I can add all informations but after I click “OK” the new event doesn’t get added to the calendar.

    1. Hi,
      1. yes, I know this problem … I’ll solve it when I’ll be back from my holidays.
      2. no, it is not possible to do this. I don’t have write access to TouchDown calendars. I will remove them from the list.

      1. > 2. no, it is not possible to do this. I don’t have write access to TouchDown calendars. I will remove them from the list.

        I hope you only remove them from the list for editing and not for displaying them 🙂

  11. when iI look in my stock calendar the events are not there. when iI go into more >calendars, the calendars say synched and visible.

  12. iI apologize, iI didn’t answer all your questions. iI have three different calendars, mine, my husbands and us holidays. some of the events from my husbands calendar are missing, but iI can’t see any differences in his events that are visible and those that are not. no pattern that iI can see just yet.

      1. I have this same issue.. All of my events were loaded in google calendar from a web page. However, they just randomly disappear. The “repeating appointments” always seem to work. Most of my missing future events are 1 and 2 week long conferences. I already set up hotel reservations and google+ picked up the hotels from my emails. Those events always seem to work. The conference titles are the ones that disappear and usually they disappear about 9 months from today. However, every once in a while one of the conferences shows up.

      2. I figured it out. SOme of the future ones have an “@” sign in the title. I get rid of the @ and the event shows up.

  13. Hi, i hace HTC Desire 2.2 anda gtasks installed. It works great but i have a little problem. Three-dimensional widget shows all the tasks i have, even If they are later than Exchange events. It does not keep chronological order.

    1. Hi,
      I am not sure to understand.
      Can you give me an example ?
      But you have to know that tasks and events are listed in 2 separated blocks (tasks first / events after by default).

  14. Hi, I have an HTC EVO 4g with a stock rooted ROM. I’m using the latest version of Pure Calendar Widget and everything was working fine until I screwed up a ROM upgrade and lost root. I was forced to wipe my data and start over again and re-root. After getting everything set up again, I find that the widget will show me either my Facebook events or my Exchange events, but not both. I have TouchDown installed but I’m not using it for Calendar– I use the stock HTC Sense calendar for that. I select HTC Sense Calendar in the widget settings, and save. When I go back into the settings, it has changed back to Stock Google Calendar and gives me a warning that the program might not be installed.
    Losing the Sense Calendar setting would certainly explain why I can’t see both calendars at the same time, since the Facebook calendar doesn’t have any Exchange data and the stock Google calendar doesn’t have any Facebook data. So, the main problem seems to be in saving the setting to use the Sense Calendar.

  15. Update:
    I rebooted the phone and now it saves the HTC Sense setting, but still will only show one calendar at a time. I have all calendars selected in the stock HTC Sense calendar settings, so why won’t it show them all in the widget?

  16. Hi, I’m using the 2×2 widget but it only shows 3 calendar items, eventhough there is more space on the screen to fit in a fourth one. I have ‘2 months in future’ selected, and I do have more calender entries. Is this a hardcoded limit? Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      which device are you using ?
      are you using the standard launcher or an alternative one ?
      Are you sure your events are in the search period ?

  17. It:s a htc desire,stock ui and launcher. I’ve set the search period to 6 months now, no change. I checked the sense calendar settings but couldn’t find anything there either. Thanks.

      1. Hi,

        Yes I did, this seems to work fine. When I add a higher widget, more events are shown (3 or 4 units high). Only the ones that are 2 units high seem leave too much space at the bottom. I can’t make a screenshot, I’ll see if I can take a picture with my wife’s phone.


  18. Hi. I have same problem that Roel. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Tab and it only shows aprox. 6 events or tasks. There is a lot of space empty under these rows. And another question, I see all future tasks. Can I limit it?Congratulacions, your widget can be my solution…

    1. Great app, but have 1 comment: would prefer to have 1 widget to display both tasks (Astrid) and calendars (stock).It does work but would like to launch Astrid when tap on tasks and calendar if tap on meetings. Now it is either one or another no matter where I tap., Thanks

      1. Thanks, did try that, but if tapping the task space on the widget could launch task provider (Astrid) and tapping the calendar space on the same widget could lunch calendar – that would be ideal. Thanks

  19. Hi, I’m using an HTC magic, Andorra I have trouble to see all my calendars despite having them selected and sync. What would you recomend me? Thanks

  20. Hi, I followed the steps but the calendars are showed in calendar app but not in pure agenda. the app skips 2 of my calendars. If you need more information let me know. bye

  21. I have a HTC Hero. My Pure calendar was working perfectly with Google Calendar but now it won’t show all of the events from the calenders I’ve created online and it will only show new events that I create on the phone, rather than allow me to create the event on Google Calendar online and have it sync to the Pure Calendar on my phone. So basically events will sync from my phone to the internet but no longer from the internet to my phone. Am I missing something? I update Pure today but that hasn’t fixed the problem.

    1. Hi,
      I need to understand that Pure widgets doesn’t sync anything. They just read the phone calendar database. Android System is in charge of calendar sync.
      If you see all events in the stock phone calendar application, then, it means all events are synced to the phone and Pure calendar is faulty. If you don’t, then the phone sync process is faulty.

  22. Hi, I have a Samsung Fascinate running stock 2.1 and using Launcher Pro Plus. When I create the widget, it loads fine, but after a while, it goes blank and I have to reload. Thoughts?

  23. I have 2 google calendars and although both are checked to show up, only one does. I read through the tips regarding having trouble seeing calendars and made sure the default calendar shows both and it does. If I add items to the calendar that doesn’t show up, they sync up to my google calendar, but they aren’t getting pulled down. Please help. Thanks!

  24. Hi,

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy I9000 with Android 2.2 and I9000-Version BUJP5. I tried to install Pure Grid Calendar and Pure Music, but they both do not work.

    The Calendar is set to launch the Regular Google Calendar – this is the one I am using and I am synchronizing with my Google account. There is setting I don’t understand named “select calenders to show”, and there is only the choice of “Pure Grid Calender widget”. What does that mean?

    The Music Player does not find any music file.

    How can I get you tools get working? Thank you for your help in advance.


    1. Hi,

      1- I personnaly make all my test on a 2.2 Samsung I9000. All apps are running fine on it.
      2- For Pure Grid, Google calendar can handle multiple calendars, the “select calenders to show” is here to allow you to select calendars you want to see in the widget.
      3- For Pure music, It just allow you to control the Music player. Open the music player, then pick you music. The widget will control the player after that.
      Remember, the widget doesn’t sync anything. It just read the stock calendars phone database. If you don’t see anything in your phone stock calendar application, you won’t see anything in the widget.

  25. Hi,

    HTC Hero, Androir 2.2.1, FroydVillain1.7. Using Regular Google calenar and Touchdown. Under “Select Calendars” ony Touchdown is shown but no google calendar.
    Account is synced, native calendar itself shows everything correctly.

    Before upgradind to 2.2 I used HTC sense 2.1 and everything was working ok.

      1. Then it’s due to the ROM which doesn’t expose Google calendar provider 😦
        A friend is having a 2.2 Desire, it works without any issue.
        Can you send me the CalendarProvider.apk and Calendar.apk of your ROM ?

      2. another solution to test if it is my app or the ROM : test another calendar widget like CalWidget.

  26. Bonjour,

    Avec Pure Calendar comment faire defiler les événements lorsque l’on a programmé la vue sur 6 mois ?
    Avant que je configure mon appareil Android 2.2 cela marchais très bien
    Merci d’avance et cordialement.

    1. Bonjour,
      il faut :
      1 – ADWLauncher ou LauncherPro
      2 – activer le mode scrollable dans le Launcher ET dans le widget

  27. Hi there. I have 5 calenders with g calender. And I have a samsung galaxy s captivate. With the pure calender grid on it. I had all 5 calenders synced fine and one day a calender was missing. I went into the pure calender grid to make sure all my calenders we’re selected and three missing calender wasn’t even there to select. I also read that I needed to “clear my cashe” (in applications / manage applications / pure calender grid…. But the “clear cashe” was un selectable
    I, know im doing something wrong. Also can you suggest a calender (or add to your new one) something that highlights just the date (2, 5, 9 etc) I work shift work 4 on 4 off. And like to highlight my days off so I can plan trips our functions in advanced. (do I work? Is it a night shift?)
    Thanks. And I really enjoy how personal you are getting about your creation. Thank you for taking all this time to answer questions. Happy christmas

    1. Hi,
      as you have read here, you need to check if this calendar and events of this calendar are visible in the STOCK calendar application.
      If not, I can’t do anything for you because I use the same database.
      For your work shift, I strongly advise you to use Pure Grid calendar with timelines and month view. It would be perfect. Have a look 😉
      Merry christmas !

  28. EVERY month, there is a missing calendar. I can see it un my PC, using google calendar but not in my HTC magic. Every month!
    Can anyone tell me why?

  29. It may be helpful toexplain that “show event timelines” needs to be selected for event descritions to appear.

  30. Google calendar syncs with my phone and my regular calendar has synced but my Pure Grid calendar is now not showing things scheduled for Tuesdays and every other Monday. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. are SURE your version is up to date ? (VERY IMPORTANT !)
      Are those events repeated events ?
      Which view type are you using ? with timelines ?

      1. Yes, I’m sure it’s up to date. It automatically updated a day or 2 ago. Yes, it is a repeated event. For example Saturday, Sunday, Monday – every other week Monday is blank. If I click on the day, the event is there but when I look at the whole calendar the little red bar for that event is missing. All Tuesdays are blank but the event is there if you click on the day. I tried putting them back in from Google calendar and it still happens.

        Thank you!!

      2. Ok … I need you to send me a screenshot of the widget (or camera shot), and a screenshot of your google calendar webpage in month view.
        Send everything by email (check my ‘about’ page for my email).
        But I strongly advise you to uninstall the app, and reinstall it from the market to be really sure that your version is OK.
        I solved this bug 2 days ago, and 2 users confirmed the bug correction.

    1. Thank you for your help! I did not realize there was yet another newer update. It works fine now! My apologies for not reading earlier posts. I love this program!


  31. with Pure Calendar Widget 2.4.0, items put in my Google desktop calendar are not showing up on my Droid Incredible. any suggestions would be appreciated, thx

  32. Actually no. The widget takes up one of my screens and when I tap on that the stock calendar pops up and they are not there either. This had been working ok until a couple of weeks ago. I know you are really pretty good with updates but I can’t link it to one of those.

    1. As explained, if you don’t see those events in the STOCK app, the widget can get more because it takes datas from the stock app …

  33. I went into STOCK calendar settings, deselected my Google calendar and then reselected it and now it works, probably operator error 🙂 thanks for your quick responses

  34. Hi there. my company just installed the notes traveler. I am unable to select the calender from notes. Do u know of any solution?

  35. Recent inability to view all-day events visible in stock cal and calengoo (evo 4g rooted but w/o custom rom)

  36. Hi,

    got a little problem with your beta of the pure calendar widget. When not showing the headline for each day, not the whole space is used for showing upcoming calendar events.
    I wanted to get all my calendar infos for upcoming 6 months and the space on the 3×4 widget is not completely used. It seems to me that only those events are shown that would fit into the widget if the headline for the day was shown. If thats the case, the hiding of the headline bar seems not very useful 😉
    I use gingerbread on nexus s if this information helps you.

    But that’s my only concern, the rest is great!
    Thx for support..

  37. Hello again. My holidays are not showing on the calendar after New Year’s Eve. The holiday calendar is checked on the phone and on the Google calendar. I checked for an update but didn’t see any.


    1. Hi,
      you need to check if those events are visibles in the stock phone calendar app. Google have a lot of trouble to sync those events.

  38. You are correct. They are not showing up on the stock calendar either. Guess I’ll have to wait for Google to get its act together.


  39. I have an all day event (Thursday) which shows perfectly in the standard calendar (Exchange) but in Pure calendar it shows as being present on both Thursday and Friday.

    Any ideas?

    1. By ‘standard calendar’, do you mean the stock phone calendar app ?
      If yes, can you send me screenshots please ?

      1. I can indeed send the screen shots, how do you want them sending to you?

        And yes the entry looks fine in both the stock calendar and in Pocket Informant.

  40. I tried to add grid calendar widget on homescreen.it only shows screen asking it to be added as widget.no calendar screen gets installed. Galaxy tab.

    1. Yes, this is normal … it IS a widgetn, and if you read instructions, you’ll learn how to insert the widget 😉

  41. Every month the same problem. I have trouble to see my calendars on Android, but I can see perfectly all of my calendars in Google calendar on my PC.

    1. Did you try to contact Google ?
      Sync of public/shared calendar is a very usual bug due Android sync or Google server failure.

  42. How do I get the events I inserted via my phone to sync back to my google calender via computer? The sync is working perfectly from computer to phone but not the other way around.

  43. I figured it out! Well, someone else did and it worked for me. I was having trouble with holidays not showing up on my HTC Pure Grid calendar. Google was not offering help but I did find where someone suggested going into Manage applications and emptying the caches of of the 2 calendar programs. I then deleted and reinstalled Pure Grid, reset my preferences and, voila!, there were my holidays! Please share and I hope it helps someone! Forgive me if you already posted this fix.


  44. I have one calendar in Google Calendar that i don’t see, But it doesn’t appear on the stock version either, so incredibly weird. It’s one i got from the “Browse Interesting Calendars” feature on Google Calendar’s site. Any experience with those? (Editing it shows only an HTML link, not iCal or others)

  45. I have a Samsung Galaxy S. Its OS was updated to Froyo android version. Now I can’t configure application to lunch and my events do not appear in widget

  46. How can i add Facebook- events and birthdays to my calendar? I can’t find it on my desire, my girlfriend can on her desire z…

  47. Ok, I had been using Pure Calendar/Grid for a long time, I added the sports schedule to my goggle calendar and the birthdays. When I sync my MyTouch phone, it will show everything..the birthdays, my user created calendar but the sports schedule are not showing. Can you please help me? Thanks

    1. If you don’t those events in the stock Android calendar app, I can’t do anything. It’s an Android sync issue. You need to contact Google.

  48. Good day!
    I bought the program “Pure calendar widget” version 2.4.6 in the Android Market.
    When you configure it to work with the program “Got To Do version 1.4.1”, I am having difficulties.
    Your program does not show the correct time tasks.
    It shows the same time for all tasks, even though it is in fact very different.
    My phone – HTC Legend with Android 2.2
    Help me please.

  49. Bonjour,

    Alors voilà mon “problème” d’affichage. J’ai un HTC Desire HD et une Tab Samsung. Sur mon HTC j’ai tous les rendez-vous qui s’affichent, et sur la Tab il en manque toujours un, toujours le dernier n’est pas affiché. La configuration est identique. Avez-vous une idée du problème?

    1. Bonjour,
      la taille des ecrans n’etant pas la meme, ca parait logique que les nombres d’evenements affichés soient différents. Apres, il y a plein d’autres choses a prendre en compte. Par exemple, ne pas ‘etiré’ un widget meme si le launcher le permet … est-ce que l’evenement en question est bien visible dans l’application calendrier de la GTab …

      1. Alors en ce qui concerne la taille de l’écran effectivement. Mais Ayant réglé le format 4×2 sur les deux, je pensais avoir le même nombre de rendez-vous affiché. Les widgets n’ont pas été étirés sur mes deux appareils. Sur le calendrier de la GTab, j’ai bien le rendez-vous en question mais il ne s’affiche pas alors qu’il y a largement la place de l’afficher. Exemple :
        sur le HTC j’ai 4 rendez-vous qui s’affichent : 26 – 3 – 4 – 5 mars
        sur la GTab je n’ai que 3 rendez-vous : 26 – 3 – 4 mars, le 5 n’apparaît pas.

  50. Calendar items show in the google calendar on the phone but don’t show up in your widget. Dato Gtasks work fine with your widget. Motorola Atrix, Froyo 2.2.1

  51. After the last update I am only able to see half of my calendars. They are all on Google but not showing up in my phone. They are all checked, I have uninstalled the app, restarted phone, reinstalled app, restarted phone and still nothing. I have been using this app with no problems for almost a year.
    I have a htc hero (sprint) Please help!!

    1. Are those calendars/events visible on the STOCK calendar app ?
      If not, as expleined here, It is absoltly not a Pure widget problem… and uninstall/reinstall won’t help.
      You need to find a way to fix the Android calendar sync.

  52. All of my delegated appointments from my group wise calendar are not showing up on my pure calendar widget or my calendar on my droid phone (Samsung galaxy). They are on my gmail calendar. Only some of them are showing. This seems to be happening after my recent update. I tried to re-configure my pure calendar widget and it still won’t sycn. Help.

    1. as written here, Pure calendar doesn’t sync anything. So, you need to fix your PHONE sync. Until you see calendar events in the STOCK calendar app, I can’t do anything.

  53. Is it possible to see in the widget the exchange events. I can see in the phone calendar now. Regards

  54. I have recently starting having events not show up in my calendar. They are there if I click on the day but you can’t see them otherwise. Please help me.620-229-0293

  55. I have a Droid 2, I use Google calendar, gtask, and usholidays calendar from Google. I have been using Pure calendar since I had my first Droid and it has worked great for me. After your last update the usholidays do not show up in my calendar, the others work fine. I looked in the settings and both calendars are checked as they always were. I have rebooted the phone several times. Please help!

  56. Thanks for all your help, It worked fine for over a year with my first Droid and has worked great since, with my Droid 2,,, until your last update!!!, but I’m sure after your 10 minutes of research on the problem it was easy to just blame Google. I was a customer when the Market was new, why worry about my problem. I have a uninstall button that will fix the problem for sure. I also have the ability to leave commits in the Market day after day after day after day, because my company has over 100 android phones which I’m sure you would blame on Google also. Thanks again for all your help, !@#$%^^&&**(())((

    1. It’s not 10 minutes search… it’s 5 emails like this per day.
      And do you see those events in the stock phone calendar application as explained in the page ???

    1. Sorry, but it was not clear… please email me for a deeper analysis (see about page for my email).

  57. I have installed pure grid calendar on my htc desire (2.2).
    Through google calendar I have access to 3 calendars: My own, my husbands and a common. All shared and seems to be working fine.

    In the phone stock calendar I can see all events for all calendars. But the events in my husbands calendar is not showing in the pure grid calendar. Most annoying.
    I have made sure that all calendars checked in the phone stock calendar are also checked in pure grid calendar. And everything should be synced.

    Any idea on why all events are not showing up?

    1. First time I see such problems !
      You are SURE that those events are visible in the STOCK calendar application ?
      If yes, please email me (seea bout page).

    1. Hi,
      no idea, never tried Fliq, but if it use the standard Android calendar database, it will work.

  58. I have the HTC evo and I updated my calendar. I can see all the other calendar that I created and they are checked but when I try to use them under new event and I select the calendar section they don’t appear

    1. “I updated my calendar”
      >>> I don’t understand. Updated from where ? updated the application ? updated calendar contents ?

      “I can see all the other calendar”
      >>> what does ‘other’ means ? I still don’t understand. Is it a new calendar you added ? Do you see it in the stock phone calendar app ?

      “they are checked”
      >>> checked where ? in the stock phone calendar app ?

      Do you see those ‘invisible calendars’ in the stock phone application ?
      Do you see those ‘invisible calendars’ in the widget config panel – calendar selection panel ?

      Please, be clear. Join screenshots or camera shots.

      1. I updated my Google calender so that I can show different calender widgets when I create a new event. But I shows up in the settings from the calender I purchased from you but not when I try to create a new event.

        When I said I see the other calender I ment when I select a new event for a specific day it gives me an option to select a calender meaning ( vacation or day off etc.) But I selected all the calender widgets I wanted to appear such as Facebook and US Holidays. But the only one that come out is Facebook.

      2. May be your calendar is read only. Can you create events in this calendar from the stock calendar application ?
        Which action did you choose for the ‘+’ action button ? ‘quick event insertion’ ? or stock calendar ? or HTC Sense ?
        Select ‘HTC Sense’ if the ‘quick event insertion’ doesn’t suit you.

      3. I selected HTC sense. I also selected the quick event insertion and the calender selection comes up with all the widgets I selected but unfortunately when I complete the event it don’t save.

  59. Ok on my Google account I created different calendar so that when I create a new event or reminder I can select a either home or my email address or pc sync. Now the different calenders I created on my Google account comes up only when I go in to calendar setting of the app that I purchased from you so that I can check off all the calenders on the pure guide widget. I select all the ones I want to be shown and hit ok so it can save. Now when I select a date on the calender I purchased from you and select new event and the select the calender so I can change it, it doesn’t show the widgets I selected to be displayed when I want to create a new event. Am I doing something wrong. I have an HTC evo 2.2.

  60. I put the birthdays in the user information but only a few of these appear in the phone calendar (in google calendar they are). I also tried to rewrite birthdays, to clear chace and data but still not work. What can I do?

  61. I’ve been using Pure Calendar with Touchdown since July and love it!

    Recently (I think since the last update?) I’ve been having a problem where all day events that run from 1200am-1200am are being displayed on both the actual day as well as the next day in Pure Calendar, as if it was a multi-day event. The Touchdown calendar only show the events on the correct day.

    I’ve tried clearing the data for Pure Calendar, but that hasn’t resolved the problem.


  62. When I tap on the widget, it does not open my preferred calendar app, Jorte. Sometimes, the tap causes zeam to FC as well.

    I am pretty sure that I have it configured correctly (everything else seems to work.)


  63. Grr… I think the problem is that the “zone” to tap to open the calendar app is poorly defined (I am still searching the FAQ for the exact answer) as I have hit it accidentally and Jorte opened up.

    Could you take a screen shot of the widget and define where this zone is?


      1. I found there is no embedded information page as you describe. if in fact there is such a page, please provide a screen shot of that

      2. In the Android Launcher, there is an icon for my apps. Press it… This is the information page.

  64. When I set an appointment on my exchange calendar it puts the appointment an hour later when I sync my exchange to my phone calendar.

    Please help

  65. I have multiple google-calendars showing in my Pure Grid Calendar widget.
    The problem is that when i press day to show Day view and then press specific event, it opens an “Add Event” view, where some other events (usually from just one of the calendars) for that day are shown, but not the event I pressed (from an other calendar). Pressing some other events on the Day view correctly results in opening corresponding “Event Details”.

    1. Which phone are you using ???
      Pressing an event in the internal day viewer should bring you to the detail view of the event in the stock calendar. Not to the ‘add event’ view.

      1. Can you please email me ? it is very difficult to have a technical discussion here (see about page for my email). thanks.

  66. I am using Pure Calendar on the .591 build of Gingerbread. It shows none of my events – from 4 calendars. Out worked fine on the .588 build.

  67. I have multiple events listed on the widget but I only have 1 listed on the gmail calendar. Why are there duplicate events it is the same event multiple times.

    1. It means Google duplicate some of your events in different calendars. You find to find the problematic calendar by disabling them one by one. Are those events birthdays or facebook events ?

  68. Hi, i’m using the calendar widget on my Darky Extreme RC 6 Gingerbread JVK build.

    It properly syncs the events when i create and configure the widget. But when waking up from the standby screen, it does not display the events anymore, even though i see the headline and configuration shortcuts on my home screen.

    The only fix that works is going into the widget’s configuration and reapply all settings without even changing them.

    Same applies to Pure News which does not display it’s content anymore when unlocking the phone.

    Sometimes these problems occur, sometimes they don’t.

    Kind regards.

    1. Hi,
      99% chance that you forgot to enable scrollable in your launcher settings…

  69. I have a HTC Wildfire and experience problems with all my events that I add in pure (grid) calendar. They don’t show up on the screens
    They are added in the exchange (groupwise) calendar, but get lost on the phone. But they get synced to the PC-version of Groupwise at work. I can’t see them in stock app as well. This makes me think I rather uninstall Pure completely. Or someone should come up with a quick solution…. thanks.

    1. Exchange calendar are very delicate to sync. I advise you to use the ‘htc sense calendar’ for the ‘+’ button to be sure that all informations are correctly filled when you insert an Exchange event.

  70. Samsung Fascinate updated with latest Froyo today 5/24/11: Google calendar all of a sudden won’t sync to stock calendar on phone. New events added to stock calendar are added to Google calendar. I need it to go both ways (and it has except for the last 72 hours). Checked sync settings several dozen times. Hours and hours later I decide to buy Pure Calendar on advice of people in forums. Buy, install widget, create settings, still not syncing from calendar to phone (I have hundreds of items in there that I don’t want to re enter on my phone!). Go to this page and do the “clear data”, “clear cache” options on both the stock calendar and Pure. Resync. Now I have the data back on the stock calendar (all of it) but nothing in Pure Calendar. Now I wonder why I should keep Pure Calendar–$2 no big deal, but why have it if I can’t use it. I must be missing something here but I am tired of wasting time on forums and getting nowhere. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  71. I can’t get Pure Calendar to show any of my calendars. They’re all synced in Account status, I can view everything in the stock Calendar app. Everything shows up fine there.

    I cleared data on all of the Calendar/Calendar Data/Calendar widget, etc. Had it force a refresh in the stock Calendar app, and then tried to delete and readd your widget. The widget comes up, but stays empty – none of my calendars load.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi,
      So, you tried each points exposed here ?
      Did you try without scrolalble mode ?
      If yes, please contact me by email for deeper anylsis (see ‘about’ page for my email).
      Thanks, Francois

  72. Good job with tis widget! But i have an important issue:

    I see calendars in the calendars selection of my stock calendar app (Samsung I9000 with Criskelo 2.3.4 Rom), but in the widget, in the option “Select Calendars”, there’s no calendars, it’s empty.

    I have two stocks apps in my list of apps to calendar, really one of them is not a calendar app. His name is “Almacenamiento de Calendario”, in english, it would be, more or less, “Calendar Storage”, i have cleared all data of this app. In the stock calendar app the clear data buttons are inactive…

    When i clared the “Calendar Storage” data, i have seen that all my events have dissapeared from my stock calendar. I sync them and the events return back. But i still dont see calendar to select in the widget.

    What do you think about this?


    1. Hi,
      if you can see and select the calendars in the stock application, but no in the widget, it’s a ROM issue :/
      Can you contact me by email to check this please ? (see ‘about’ page for my email).

      1. shit.. hehe. I confused pure calendar with pure grid calendar. Pre calendar version 2.5 works fine. Pure grid 1.2 dont works on my rom.

    1. Did you enable all calendars ?
      Did you see those events in your stock calendar app ?
      Which phone are you using ?
      Any custom ROM ?

  73. Hello, since I upgraded my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer from 3.1 to 3.2 (stock rom, default launcher), only the next two appointments are shown in PCW. It is still set to show the next 14 days… This happens in all different widget sizes and themes.

    1. Hi,
      simply enable scrollable mode in the wigdet config to bypass this bug. It will be fixed in the next release.

  74. Hi,

    I installed Touchdown (the latest beta) and pure calendar. In the touchdown app I can see my mails, contacts and calendar events.

    In the pure calendar widget the touchdown calendar is not shown. 😦
    It is also not shown in the samsung galaxy SII calendar app. I don´t have any clue why. Can you help me? Do I need another calendar.apk? Which one?


  75. Hi there,

    Just came across your calendar, great widget! Thanks!

    I do have a problem though: I do see all my selected calendars and events in the stock calendar. I made sure the same calendars are selected in Pure, but for the current day I only see some of the events. For future date it seems to display correctly. Any idea what could be wrong?


  76. Terrified I’ll mess my calendar lifeline!!
    Would love it to scroll —is it available?
    right now I cannot get month view to start with 1st of month…starts with current day.
    I cannot live without this..please help

  77. I changed my phone to a Motorola photon from the evo 3d and now when I try to sync my Facebook calendar with the pure calendar widget they will not show up. I tried updating my stock calendar but nothing. I will appreciate some help.

  78. Hi ! I’m French, sorry for my bad English…
    I have buy Pure Calendar and I have one little problem xD

    I see just 6 events… for 6 months. But, when I use the scrollable mode I see all my events for 6 months…

    I don’t want use the scrollable mode but I want see all my events. No just 6 events… It’s possible ?

    Thank you.

    1. Bonsoir,
      je ne comprends pas bien le coup des 6 evenements… Pouvez-vous m’envoyer une screenshot svp ?

  79. I have one calendar (Calengoo) with one account visible, plus to-do list (Astrid). In the phone outside of Pure Calendar, they show three future events today, three events tomorrow and two to-do items. But Pure Calendar only shows one of the three events coming up today, two of the three events tomorrow and both to-do items. In each case, the events not shown in Pure Calendar were the last ones entered in my calendar, though they do show up on the CalenGoo app on my phone. As if Pure Calendar is not syncing with the calendar and to-do apps on my phone. This just started happening yesterday.

    1. Be sure all calendars are selected in the widget config panel.
      If they are, please email me for deeper analysis.
      Reminder: Pure calendar doesn’t sync anything. It reads events/tasks from the local phone providers.

  80. Hi there,

    My pure grid calendar has stopped syncing with my google calendar on my computer. I have made sure that the calendars I want to see are are all checked in the phone. This has only been a problem since I downloaded my Android update.

    I would appreciate any recommendations that you have.


  81. It can’t show all events and task. Just show 4 events on my samsung galaxy note.
    It’s very useful and no problem on my galaxy s, but now i dont know how to fix it.

    1. Hi,
      please, email me screenshots or camera shots.
      And be sure you have the latest version installed. It have been tested on Galaxy Note…

  82. my calendar wont show the full month and it is synced it just shows current date on calendar header so how do I get the full calendar month to show

    1. Hi,
      which application are you talking about Pure calendar ? Pure Grid calendar ?
      Can you please email me ? (see ‘about’ page for my email)

  83. my calendar wont show the full month and it is in sync it just shows the cuerent date in the header so how do I get the whole month to show

  84. I was pretty concerned about this, but, it turns out it can be completely fixed by solution #1 above. So, it has nothing to do with this great app developed by Francois, but, every time I had this problem… it was because my default calendar was forgetting which calendars to stay connected to. (Fortunately, it doesn’t do this anymore.) But, point being, this is a great app and solution #1 solved the problem for me everytime!

  85. Ii have the EVO 3D. I see there is a way to view your events as you look at your calendar as the xp widget. I can only get mine show a / on the day an event is scheduled. How can I make the calendar show the events on the calendar screen without having to select/hit the day you want to view. Thanks for your reply, I wish I could give 10 stars for this app!!!!!

  86. I can not deactivate the birthdays from contacts at my galaxy s2. It is working at my defy+. It was also working at the galaxy in the past. But not now. Deinstall and new installation takes now effect. Also deleting the config of the app and new configuration takes no effect.

  87. I also have the same issue on a my Samsung Galaxy S2 (ICS). Only some calender items are shown (in this case 2), the rest is not shown. I have set everything for “small” fonts and also no header will be displayed. Although there is lots of space, only two items are shown. What do I do wrong?

    1. Did you check the stock calendar app ? does it show all infos ?
      can you post a screenshot ?

  88. I have several calender accounts on my pure calender and would like to change the timeline colors of the accounts so I can differentiate between them. How can I do this. Thanks.

  89. I have sent you the screenshots via e-mail! Yes, I have checked the stock calender app. There are more items in there.

  90. Bonjour François,
    Quick question : is It possible to force the order of appearance of the different calendars in the “bar type” calendar widget, in instance I would like the exchange calendar event to always appear on the first line of each day cell to avoid them getting hidden if there are many other events from other calendars.
    Great app, nice job, I have been using it for long time after having tried many others.
    Philippe / HTC One S

  91. Hi there,

    I’ve just tried to add this widget on an HTC One XL, however when you go to select calendars, it can’t seem to find Activesync calendars. All the Google calendars are there and selectable, but not any exchange Activesync ones. I am using the stock HTC calendar App and the Activesync calendar is ticked and visible in the App. Would appreciate you looking into this, as my dad just bought this App on my recommendation, but without Activesync calendar support, it is useless to him.

    1. Hi,
      unfortunalty, I don’t have this device, so, I can’t make this test.
      Until then, there was no problem with HTC devices and Activesync.

  92. Hello, it is my second Samsung SII and I installed again the calendar widget. It sees all my shared calendars I have in google, but it doesn’t show the events in the calendar. I tried to clear all data and resync again, but it doesn’t work. What can I do?

      1. Neither, I can’t see events from other calendars than the main one. I can add events in other calendars from my phone, but it won’t show the rest of events already in those calendars.

    1. There is a calendar (or ‘agenda’) application on stock ICS. If you are not using a stock ROM, contact your ROM cooker.

  93. my widget keeps saying “android calendar database error” for everyday for my Google calendar on the widget. I tried syncing, clearing cache and data. Still says it for every day. Please help.

  94. When I have 3 events on a single day I get the “+1” in the upper right hand corner of the day cell. Is there a way to sort which calendars take priority? Right now I see when my favourite sports team plays(not important) but my work meetings and appointments are hidden via the +1. Being able to say which calendars take preference would be a huge feature for me.

    Other than that, I love the widget! Keep up the great work!

    1. They are sorted by first by calendars order, then by timeline space usage if you are using timelines. Calendars order cannot be specified in the widget config.

  95. After upgrade 4.1.2 jelly bean official samsung note 2 I get missing exchange events. Reset the widget and it works for a while.

    Pls advice


  96. It worked fine with Touchdown. I upgraded to the new Touchdown HD, and it doesn’t want to pull my calendar appointments. Been using the widget for years, now my 3rd phone. Love it!

      1. Its a prob with touchdown. As i posted below the beta they provided me has addressed the problem and its working again.

  97. I am having the same problem. Just upgraded touchdown on 3/31 and it no longer sees my calendar in that app. Been using it fine for the past couple of years.

  98. As a followup. I contacted Touchdown and they provided a link to a beta that is addressing this. So far everything is working again like it should with the beta version of touchdown. They should have this updated in the playstore soon.

  99. Im using motorola maxx for more than a year. The calendar i.e. birthdays and full day events have been in sync thus far. Until recently, i noticed that birthdays and full day events no longer appear in my android calendar. I have tried clearing cache and reinstalling the app, but still no use. Despite i have sync and checked on the calendar to sync option. What have gotten wrong ?

  100. Pulling my Hair Out! Trying to Sync Facebook Events with GCalendar.

    All FB Events are Listed as “PUBLIC”

    1) Followed All Correct Steps to Export Events from FB & Import URL/Subscribe to GCal.
    * Receive “No Parse” Issue but after a couple of attempts to reimport – FB Events Appears in Subscribe PC GCal List.
    2) SamsungS3 GCal and SPlanner show all FB Events.
    *GCal on PC shows some but not all FB Events.

    Have followed all Internet provided Options including: Clear Mobile Cache/Data, Disable/Enable, Uninstall/Reinstall, Check/Uncheck.

    Some FB Events just will not show up on PC GCal. Please Help. Thanks.

  101. Hi,
    In Outlook there is the posibility to give diferent colours to the different sorts of calendar events. For it would be importent to see them also in my Smartphone. Is it posible to introduce this posibilyty in your marvellous calender? Now the only difference is between normal and impotent calendar events
    Thanks for all your work
    Greetings Peter Blank

  102. My phone is samsung gallaxy win in that short cut events are not opening at is the resion and how resolved it can you please tell me

  103. Bonjour Koxx. Ton widget est de moins mon préféré. Mais pourquoi ne pas synchroniser le calendrier interne ou locale ? Passer par Google ne m’interresse pas.
    Tel HD2, ROM Nexus, Android 4.2 je crois, cyanogène mode 10.
    Merci beaucoup

    1. Bonjour,
      car les calendriers ‘locaux’ n’offrent aucune API permettant de les exploiter depuis des applications tierces.

      1. Bonjour et merci pour ta réponse.
        Il est de même pour les calendriers calengoo…sinon quelle solution pour afficher des couleurs différentes pour, par exemple, un calendrier perso et un pro? Merci et bravo

  104. On Galaxy S4, using Business Calendar Pro but furtunately still have Free version on cell.
    I have issue that Google calender seems OK, also Business Calendar but Bus Calendar PRO has NO info in it after many months! I just discovered this & I’m not certain how to rectify but suggestions here are helpful.
    I add events (exclusively) in the Business Calendar (I thought the icons on screens were Pro but were all Free version!)

  105. Is there a way to have private events from my own calendar appear in the widget? I made them private to prevent them from being visible when I share the calendar but want them to be visible in the widget. Thanks.

  106. I am using a Nexus 5 (running Cyanogenmod 11..based on Android 4.4.2). All calendars are visible within the stock calendar app. I have confirmed that all Google calendars are syncing. The only calendars available for the widget are my Touchdown calendar and Birthday plugin. I would like to also include my Google calendars but they are not listed. Ideas?

    Thank you.

  107. Hello.
    When I get invitation for meeting and reject it (not participate), it is not visible in Google Calendar.
    But in Pure widget it is visible and I cannot force not to show it.
    Could you help? Thanks.

  108. How do I get the color indicators for the individual calendar events to show to the left of the event?

  109. Hi
    Does it reads the Calendar dataset from Fliq Calendar?
    I saw Fliq Calendar mentioned in the release notes.

  110. Hi. Without doing anything on the phone the widget doesnt show my events anymore. I have upated the version with no results.

  111. Since the update, I can’t see all my events of the day or tomorrow.

    I cleared the cache and data but nothing changed.

    Every day, all the events of the day and all not daily events of the next day disappear from my pure calendar widget.

    I tested in pure grid widget and it was the same.

    I don’t speak english very well so I hope you understand me. 😉

      1. Hi,

        Yes I used it but I tried without and it’s the same. All my events are displayed and disappear as I explained above.

        I cleared the cache and data (in pure calendar and Splanner) before testing.

      2. Finally, the problem is not the app.

        I deleted the data of “storage of schedule” (“stockage du calendrier” in french) and synchronised with “google calendar” and everything is back in order.

        I’m sorry for the worry I caused you and I wanted to avoid complicated researches by my fault.

        Nice work, your app is really well done. Recommend.

  112. Hi,

    Since a few days I don’t see TouchDown calendar tasks in my Pure Calendar Widget anymore.
    This is perhaps due to the update towards the new version of TouchDown (9.0.00270), which I think happened at the same time (but not 100% sure).
    Do you know if TouchDown(TD) support in Pure Calendar has been broken by the new version of TD, or is it due to another issue?
    Note that I don’t see the TD calendar in the list of available calendars in the Pure Calendar Widget configuration either.
    Currently using Pure Calendar Widget v3.5.2.

    1. Hi,
      I contacted Touchdown few days ago.
      They fixed the issue. I should publish the update in few days. You may ask them a beta.

      1. Great !
        Thanks for the quick feedback ! =D

        But do you meant “THEY should publish the update” (meaning a new version of TD), or do you have to publish a new version of Pure Calendar Widget ?

  113. Hi

    Having used this widget for many years I am now experiencing some problems.
    Some of my events are not showing.
    Other events from the same Calender are showing and the missing events ore showing on all other calenders that I have installed.
    The events affected seem to be events that I have created and then invited a guest (my wife). As I have my wife’s calendar in the widget, I can see her copy of the event but net my own
    Do you have any ideas?

    Rob Rimmer
    HTC one M8
    Maximus ROM (v12)

    1. Hi,
      what do you mean by ‘guest’ ? you are not the guest, but the host of the event ?

  114. Sorry, I’ll try to be clearer
    I create an event as host.
    I invite a guest (who accepts)
    My widget has multiple calendars including the calendar of my guest. The widget is displaying the copy of the event in my guest’s calendar (displayed on my widget just as it is on theirs.)
    The widget is not displaying the event in my calendar (even though it is displayed by other calendar apps on my phone)

    This may not be related to the cause but events in my guest’s calendar are obvious to see as missing, I have not performed a complete check to see if other events are missing.

    1. Extra info
      I removed the guest calendar from the widget, my own events appeared as they should.
      Re-adding the guest calendar makes them disappear again.
      There is enough room to show both so its not a space issue.
      Pure calendar doesn’t seem to like identical events across multiple calendars.

  115. Further info:
    Changing the event name in my calendar, without updating the guest causes both events to appear.
    The issue is clearly events with the same name.

    1. I have a similar issue. With 2 calendars, one mine and also the one for my event attendee, the pure grid widget will either show both events (if duplicate events are not filtered in the settings), or it will show only one calendar (if duplicate events are filtered in the settings).

      However, I can’t select which calendar is used when duplicates are filtered, mine or the attendee’s. Is there a way to force the pure grid widget to use one calendar if there is a duplicate event?

  116. Yes, I concur
    This seems to be my problem too, selecting (or setting a priority order) would solve this for me too


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