Pure music

Pure music is the last widget.

This widget allow control of your stock music player (Android stock, HTC player, or Samsung Player).

It is skinnable, and display album covers.

Important : it can only interact with stock media player or HTC music player (No Sony for example).
It works from Android 1.5 to Android 2.3.

ID3 tags supported up to v2.3 (android limitation)

It is now functionnal with Google Music 3.0 but Pure music can get album arts only if you use local files.

Tested on :
– HTC Desire Z
– Samsung Galaxy S 2.2
– Samsung Galaxy Tab
– Archos tab gen8
– HTC Hero 2.1
– Nexus 1
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Not working on :
– Kyoceria Echo
– HTC MyTouch 4G


Install now

From Android phone market : market://details?id=org.koxx.pure_music

From web market : http://market.android.com/details?id=org.koxx.pure_music







Bugs report

– accent problem on G1
– ‘none’ on widget start >> no solution, music service is not started.
– problem with settings db on Sense


Next features

++ control play/pause with camera button
++ encode visible strings in HTML
+ volum control


Not developped ideas :


Revisions log

nr : not released

– IMPROVE skin manager style
– IMPROVE skin manager download progress visibility
– FIX skin manager list issue
– FIX skin manager error message in case of invalid skin
– NEW skin server (fix user skin publishing)
– ADD and UPDATE translations
– NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets
– FIX 4×4 update service issue
– FIX memory issue with 4×4 widget size
– FIX issue with Gingerbread and Froyo
– FIX ICS ‘open’ music player action
– FIX ICS album art
– NEW enable Holo theme in config panel for Honeycomb/ICS
– NEW skin manager (you can publish skin)
– FIX ICS crash on app launch
– NEW fully new internal skin system with lower memory usage
– NEW Galaxy Note resolution support
– NEW support of 1024×600 resolution and Ice Cream sandwich / Samsung Galaxy Nexus resolution
1.2.6 :
– NEW 2011 APP icon
– NEW support of Xoom tablet resolution
– NEW widget size adjuster background
– NEW alternative skin server added in case of problem on the primary skin server
– IMPROVE skin manager
– FIX internal service management bug
– FIX skin manager exception
– FIX skin manager modifer issue
– FIX widget size adjuster for QVGA
– FIX skin manager ‘upgrade’ action
– FIX HTC & Samsung commands
– FIX Gingerbread for Nexus S
– FIX Samsung Player < 2.2
1.2.1: fix skin manager reload on rotate + hide skins files from gallery
1.2.0: switch to a backup skin server
1.1.9: now default album cover is skinnable
1.1.8: now compatible with Samsung 2.2 player !!
1.1.7: ??
1.1.6: skinnable menu icons + compatible with Samsung Galaxy
1.1.5: fix 'prev' color button + fix reconfig crash + fix skin problem
1.1.4: new config menu + option: apply text color to buttons
1.1.3: fix settings import/exprt for HTC Hero/Eris
1.1.2: ANDROID 2.2 UPDATE + settings exporter/importer
1.1.1: fix widget size remover for nexus
1.1.0: widgets sizes remover added
1.0.9: improve cover image quality
1.0.8: bug fix
1.0.7: fix open app bug
1.0.6: improve default skin button resolution + limit cover size + new default cover + option : stop/prev buttons in layouts
1.0.5: 4×2 size added
1.0.4: automatic hero/eris bug fix selection + 4×4 size
1.0.3: fix 1×1 text overlap
1.0.2: fix 2×1 layout
1.0.1: 2×2 size added + fix font size
1.0.1: initial release

172 thoughts on “Pure music

  1. i’m using the widget in 2×1 on my homescreen.
    is there a way that will default clicking on the album art to open the music player?
    i find it a bit cumbersome that i have to choose from the menu every time.

  2. I no longer have a data plan, is there a repo online for skins? if so where do I place them on the phone?

  3. Hi koxx3

    I have bought almost all your widgets, but I cant do it with Pure Music because is not compatible with my SonyEricsson Xperia X10.

    Will It be compatible in a near future? I`d love it.

    Thanks 😉

  4. Is it possible for you to make a Pure Music widget that uses the doubleTwist music player instead of the stock music player?

    1. No, it would need a DoubleTwist parternish or open sourcing (read my last blog post about partnership please).

  5. I’ve got an HTC Droid Eris with Android 2.1. I’ve installed the stock Android Music player, and was wondering if it is possible to force the Pure Music Widget to use the stock player rather than the Hero player?

    1. No, it won’t be possible unless you give me your phone to try. I don’t have the i5700 to search the hack…

  6. Just got the music widget and I like it a lot but I noticed that it does not support track skip etc with bluetooth headset … am I missing some config somewhere or its just not there?

  7. i’m using samsung galaxy s and found that pure music doesn’t work for the device.
    any plan to update for samsung galaxy s? it’s really uncomfortable not using widget with a music player.

  8. Any plans to update this widget in the future?
    Now that swipe is possible, you could implement swipe across for forward and backward. I really would like to see one good music widget that offers access to rating, so I could change rating of song while I listen to it (that’s how I modify my songs ratings to filter through iTunes smart playlists).

    1. Hi,
      yes, I would like to add few features, but currently, I am working on a memory bug on the scrollable listview (which make the launcher crash or the list disappear).
      I really want to fix this bug before continuing scrollable widgets.
      I have too much issue feedback on current scrollable widgets to start something new in this mode 😦
      I don’t know how much time this bug will busy me … but I already spent 20h of work on it !

  9. Really loving your widgets so far, and your very active development schedule! I am using the 4×4 widget size right now, and I was wondering if there is an option/skin to add a track progress bar. If not, that would be awesome…something like your calendar grid widget that has the timeline and size options, so you could pick the timeline size? That’d be sweet…but I know you have your hands full! Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Hi,
      it is not possible because of restricted widget API in the stock Launcher (it is possible for internal HTC Sense widgets, nut not for external widgets).

  10. Hi,
    Since trying the colorized buttons option, unchecking it doesn’t work anymore. I’d like to go back to fully transparent buttons. reboot didn’t help. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  11. i already bring out stock music player on my x10 but still can’t play in pure music widget. it forces close.. what should i do?

  12. Hi,

    you need to fix your description at the top of the page.

    “This widget allow control of your stock music player (Android stock, HTC player, or Samsung Player).

    Important : it can only interact with stock media player or HTC music player (No samsung for example).”

    First line states it works with samsung player, 2nd line states it doesn’t work.

  13. Salut,

    Widget doesn’t seem to function with my Samsung Galaxy S (running 2.2). I’m using the stock Samsung player.

    I get the “None” problem and force close when i try to open the player…

    Any ideas as to what is happening?

  14. Seeing as froyo is now official via the Samsung Kies software here in Sweden, can we expect the widget to be made compatible?

  15. Hi,

    If the image of the album cover is a vertical rectangle, it is reshaped into square when displays and this screws up the image. Is there any solution for this?


      1. Thanks for your quick reply.

        I have uploaded the images.


        Screenshot of the music player:

        Screenshot of the widget:

        Thanks again.

  16. I love this widget, but none of my cover art is showing up on the widgets. The songs all have the ID tag of 2.3, and the cover art works fine on any other music player, including the stock HTC player. I’m using the HTC Incredible.

    1. Always the same problem for HTC Incredible.
      Impossible to load cover if files are stored in INTERNAL memory.
      Move them to sdcard, and everything should be fine 😦

  17. I’m using Droid X and I can’t add this. When I go to add the widget to a screen there’s not an option to add the widget to the page, could you post a screen cap of the settings so show what I should be clicking?

      1. I know how to insert a widget. And the video for that only showed how to insert the Calendar, doesn’t help with inserting Pure Music. 😦

        I made you an album of what I’m looking at.

  18. Using this on my lock screen and it is almost perfect. Is there anyway you could add an option for the 2×1 widget to have JUST a play/pause button and skip button? No album art, no nothing…just two buttons. I just want a “pure” compact control widget.

      1. awesome! it works great in 2.3

        even works pretty well with the leaked 3.0 player too, though the pause button fails to appear, but I know what to press.

  19. Hey, thank you for this cool widget !
    I just want to suggest you a few features to improve user experience :
    – Make the long texts auto scroll on widget (up to now, it is just truncated)
    – In the skin selection menu, only display one of the options “install/select” : if the theme is downloaded it just select it, else it download it and select it. (it adds one action for the user to download, then select, furthermore, he can download skins twice…)

    Works perfectly on 2.3.3 with ADW launcher EX

    1. Hi
      – Make the long texts auto scroll on widget (up to now, it is just truncated)
      >>> this is not technically possible (excepted for build in widgets included in ROM)
      – In the skin selection menu, only display one of the options “install/select” : if the theme is downloaded it just select it, else it download it and select it. (it adds one action for the user to download, then select, furthermore, he can download skins twice…)
      >>> that’s a good idea.

  20. Hey Koxx3,

    Do you think it will be possible to control the music with the volume button (next/ previous) on our phones ??? or is that something that is impossible?

    I’m using a Galaxy S with default Samsung music player.


      1. Seems they are waiting for an unification of 2.3 and 3.0 before releasing 3.0 source 😦

        Just for info, the widget is able to retreive all the information about the tracks played in real time, but it can’t act on the player (play/pause, next, …)

        I’ll wait for 3.0 source to be released then I’ll try again, I can’t wait to have the last standing widget that is not a pure widget to turn “light grey with outline” 🙂

  21. On Nexus S, the album art embedded in ID3 tags doesn’t show at all (it displays fine in the stock music player). Out of 100 files, I think 2 of them displayed album art and it was wrong — not what was in the ID3 tag but something random! Bought the widget just to have album art, so very disappointed.

      1. Thx for the reply. I’m running 2.3.4. Let me know if I can help troubleshoot or test.

        Also (a minor issue) is that the icon for play button never changes (to pause or stop icon). I’m running beautiful widget skin, in case it has something to do with it.

      2. Francois, did you ever get a chance to debug this with API level 10? I’d really love to have this working 🙂

      3. Not yet :/
        I have a lot of work on Pure Grid to re-arrange all layouts for v2.
        I think it should be finish in 3 or 4 days.
        After that, I’ll be able to check Pure Music 😉

  22. Where can I find information on creating skins for Pure music widget? I’ve been looking, but the best I could do was to replace the image files in /data/…


  23. Hello,
    Your widget is great. But interaction with the new google music 3.0 is buggy. Album artworks are not loaded correctly.
    Will there be a fix in the next version?

  24. Due to the poor headset double click button implementation on the Nexus S (2.3.4), I’ve been using the app Headset Button Controller http://www.appbrain.com/app/headset-button-controller/com.kober.headsetbutton to control next track (long hold) and previous track (2 slow button presses)

    However, the moment the app is turned on, the pure music widget previous and next buttons no longer respond, although the pause button works. I don’t know what Pure Music does differently, since HBC works with the stock music widget, and also the Winamp widget

  25. Hi
    I’m a very happy user of pure music widget since some months (nexus one before), some days ago i bought a new samsung galaxy S II and i’m having trouble to make the widget work with google music player, it opens always the samsung stock player. Is it possible to choose the google music player as default?
    Thank you very much for your good work 🙂

  26. Je préviens… j’ai téléchargé l’application sur mon Galaxy Ace…
    Ca lit bien les musiques, mais… impossible d’appuyer sur les boutons… j’appuie, l’animation comme quoi j’ai cliqué est là, mais aucune interaction.

    1. no, Google didn’t publish any sources.
      my exploration of the new app API doesn’t give anything allowing me to catch the played file artwork and the play status.

  27. Hi, i bought your app and when i put the widget on my homescreen and press play, it wont play anything even though it plays on my stock music app. I have the motorola XT300 and it has Android 2.1

  28. The previous button does nothing. No matter what size widget I use, when I press it, nothing happens. Htc evo 4g.

    1. I know, some devices doesn’t accept this ‘previous’ command … I don’t have any solution, it’s a limitation of the music player 😦

  29. Hi, seems the stop button doesn’t work. When I press stop, it changes the track instead.

    In order to actually stop, I need to first hit the pause button, then stop. And even then, it changes the track although this time it stops (i.e. no paused music player in the notification bar).

    I’m running 2.3.3. on an SGS2. Is this a known issue?


    1. Hi, yes, this is a known problem : Samsung music player doesn’t support ‘stop’ action. No solution since it is in a non open-source code…

  30. It seems to work ok on Galaxy S2 – but when you click on the album art and choose goto music, it goes to audio player and not the music app (the audio player doesnt have the ability to choose albums)

  31. Hi, I have a problem with pure music widget and android 2.3.6 and google music 3.0 on my nexus s… it dosent load the album cover or sometime load the wrong one… I use albumart.jpg files in each album music folder. Any idea? Thank you

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but my widget cannot properly with Google Music 3.x because Google didn’t publish any API for this. A lot of informations are missing in data sent by Music 3.x (no song folder, no artwork if not in embedded MP3, no play state).
      I can’t solve this until Google fix/improve it…

  32. I’m on galaxy s ii, I hit add 4×2, go through the settings, reboot and nothing happens, no widget appears. I’ve tried 3 times. I don’t know what’s going on 😦

  33. no I did not install on sd card. I finally got it figured out however none of the skins work, the widget looks ugly no matter what I do. Not really sure what the problem is.

  34. Can we get proper compatibilty with ICS? I use 4×4, and it doesn’t show album art. not from local, nor from google music. And whenever i tap the widget and click Open music player, it force closes.

    Google Music 4.0.9

  35. Hi. Love your wodgets. Im a long time user of calendar. Just tried music on a galaxy nexus. The prpblem is that it doesnt support the current google music player. Any chance of a fix?

  36. I have an SGalaxy S2 running 2.3.6..why can’t I access the music menu to search by album, artist, song, etc?

    1. unfortunatly, it seems Samsung doesn’t repect the Android standard interface … and the main problem is : I don’t have and SGS2 to make the test.

  37. Lol well then trade in one of your other phones for an S2…that’s the most popular phone aside from the iPhone without exaggeration…could you make an alternative suggestion?…this is the second phone I’ve had that this widget didn’t work properly for…it’s beautiful but…….

      1. Hope you’ll learn him/her to code (I don’t have bugs, just the cover not showing, so I use it because it is clearly beautiful !)

  38. Hi, I just downloaded you music widget, It’s everything I was looking for. It’s perfect to use the Stock player using other home launcher!!
    I just have a problem, don’t know if only hapend to me, but the back button don’t work on my device. It don’t start the song from the begining and don’t go back for previous song…
    I have a HTC Desire HD
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

      1. But I have others widgets that support this back action. But no so complete like this!!

  39. Pure Music isn’t choosing the correct music App on Samsung Galaxy Note. Didn’t know there was more than one 🙂

      1. The message is invalid music player. When I choose the player from other multimedia Apps I get 2 items to choose from. Both named music. Icons are identical

  40. Why doesn’t it recognize my Google music player? It automatically tries to use the stock Samsung music player. I only have songs with my Google music app. the only reason I bought this app was to make a widget for Google music.

  41. I have both Google Music and HTC Music installed on my phone, yet the widget keeps on opening Google Music.
    Is there anyway I can force it to link to HTC Music instead?

  42. Hi
    After updating SGS II to ICS 4.03 available in Samsung Kies the playback buttons don’t work. I have version 1.3 from the Google market and you write here something about version 1.31, but where is this upgrade?
    Ps. I also have a question whether it is possible to do the same widget 1:1 but in size 2:2?

  43. i’m trying to create a theme but i keep getting this error…

    [ERROR] Generation background.png 9patch chunk return an error (11).

    What does this mean?

      1. and i actually just moved a file over from the cm9 music apk which is already a 9.png file but i’ll keep trying.

  44. hi. i have downloaded a pure music skin online and i placed the folder inside the “skins_V2” folder but i dont know how to go about applying the skin. any help?

  45. ok i see. but im having problems. i want this scotch tape skin that i saw someone using on there phone but i have no idea how to go about making the 9-patch. i saw the tutorial but i still dont even know what to do. i guess i can try anyways.

  46. Skins can not be loaded, skinmanager account suspended… too bad the 15min are allready over 😦

  47. im using a samsung galaxy s3 and the puremusic widget 4×1 isn’t letting me pause and play music from the widget, are they any solution ? thanks

  48. Hii Koxx, I’ve seen your widget on one of my friends phone how he used the taped skin on it.. It was gorgeous! I bought ur app from the market but it crashes on my phone.. I have a HTC Inspire 4G. When i put the widget after configure, when i say it to open the music player, it force closes saying : “process org.koxx.pure_music has stopped unexpectedly”. Kindly help! Am I doin any wrong?

  49. It looks like the latest Google Play Music update (ver. 4.3.609.436083) that came out on August 22nd broke compatibility with the Pure Music Widget. I’ve been using PMW with Google Play Music for quite a while now, so I’m hoping you’ll be willing to update the widget to fix things. 🙂

    (I still can’t believe after all these years that Google only offers on widget for their native Android music app, and an ugly one at that)! 😛

  50. I have the new lg motion and I can’t get the pure music widget to work, am I missing something?


  51. Hey,
    Love your widgets dude. One thing, I can’t seem to get this to work on the s3. Any fixes for this? The widget updates and I can open the music player from it, but the media controls don’t work at all.


    1. Hi,
      unfortunatly, I can’t test because I don’t have this device.
      If you can contact me by email (see about page), I can try to send you a beta.

      1. Also with Galaxy S3 running latest Omega Rom and Nova Launcher. Widget looks nice and I can get to music player via it, however no controls on the widget work at all.

  52. Pure music shows what is playing but i can’t use the buttons on my samsung galaxy note.
    Is there any way to make this work?

  53. Hi

    Nothing works with this widget: the Album doesn’t show, control buttons don’t work and only one skin is working. Any suggestions ?


  54. Hi, koxx3,
    is there any way to use the Pure Music on iBasso DX100 (Android-based player ), as a widget for its stock player?
    thank you

    1. Hi. no, it can support only Google music player because other players doesn’t publish their API. sorry

  55. You should add media volume. Your widget is awesome. It will more awesome if you add the media volume.

  56. What do u mean stock media player? >< I am using Samsung Galaxy Express. The buttons of this widget are not working. How do I "link" this widget to another music player?

  57. Pure music shows what is playing but i can’t use the buttons on my samsung galaxy mega 6.3 .
    Is there any way to make this work?

  58. Hi.
    For some strange reason, the widget can’t connect to download skins.
    All the other widgets did this without a problem. Any idea what could be causing it?

  59. What happened to the skin server? I use Pure Agenda Widget and was excited when I happened to see a reference to this one, but it is defunct and I will be getting a refund in just a few minutes.

    So thoroughly disappointed!

      1. I did just this second. When I tap “Pick a skin,” I get an error that says:

        “Skins Manager
        Download failed. Server is temporarily out of order.

        This is on a fresh install of the app.
        I’m on a Galaxy Note6 running 5.1.1.

        Also, when I tap “Visible widgets sizes,” the app crashes.

  60. Using Widget 4×1 and cannot change skin. When clicking “pick a skin” it tries to download for like half a second And then shows “Download failed. The Server is currently not available” in my language.

    Device is a Elephone P9000.
    Rest works great though! Nice widget and fair price

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