Create your own modded version of Gmail allowing content sharing with external apps

Not easy, but you can do it yourself.

Requirements :
* your phone needs to be rooted.
* Android SDK or simply ADB installed

Let’s do it:

1 - Install Apk Manager (found here)
2 - 'adb pull /data/app/*.apk' (get your Gmail updated version from your phone)
3 - copy this APK file in Apk Manager 'place-apk-here-for-modding' folder
4 - launch Apk Manager
5 - choose 22, pick your project
6 - choose 9 to decompile
7 - enter in projects folder, edit the 'AndroidManifest.xml'
8 - on every lines you find android:protectionLevel="signature" change them to android:protectionLevel="normal", save your file
9 - in apk manager, choose 11 to compile the APK
10 - answer yes to 'system app'
11 - answer yes to 'copy original files'
12 - go in apk manager, 'keep' folder, delete 'AndroidManifest.xml' and 'resources.arsc'
13 - go back to apk manager script, press enter
14 - in apk manager, choose 12 to sign the APK
15 - pick the final APK file in 'place-apk-here-for-modding' folder

You’ve got it ! You have your own Gmail modded application.

Now, you need to install it … check here for the manual

Nota: sorry, but I won’t help you on this. If you have questions, go on the XDA forum.

12 thoughts on “Create your own modded version of Gmail allowing content sharing with external apps

  1. Very nice walk through… It works perfectly…

    The problem seemed to be between the chair and the keyboard on my end…

    Thank you…

      1. link to “app request” dns failed.

        2nd link– — error 404

        would appreciate a working link!! thank you!

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