Pure messenger and Home++

This is an early beta but a lot of people are requesting it.

So… here it is !

Scrollable widgets with ‘Home++ for Pure’ (thanks to Franck, the Home++ Dev for those modifications).

‘Home++’ is a Home replacement application (like dxTop, GDE, HelixLauncher or openHome.) from Intuit
‘Home++ for Pure’ is a modified version of ‘Home++’ which support scrollable widgets.

Here are requirements :
– minimum of Android 1.6 for Home++ (see Home++ FAQ : http://hpp.intuitit.mobi/faq/aversionforandroid15
– uninstall the Home++ market version
– install this custom ‘Home++ for Pure’ : here

Home++ (the original version) will be soon open-source, so I hope everybody will use this code to make all 3rd party Home compatible with scrollable widgets.

Don’t ask me to make it compatible other home applications, I already asked them (GDE, Helix), now, THEY have to work to make their Home compatible with my application… so, push them !
And don’t ask to make it compatible with HTC Sense Home because HTC didn’t publish any API to make scrollable widgets. They reserved this feature to their own widgets. No API = impossible.

NB1: Don’t ask me for Home++ modification or bug fix, I am not able to do it.
NB2: I hope Franck will agree to publish this modified version on the market (he already have my modded sources).

27 thoughts on “Pure messenger and Home++

  1. I have been enjoying this recent update for the last few days. I personally love Home and your Widgets and the addition of scrolling makes everything so much better. So far, I’ve had zero problems, other than remembering to not leave my finger resting in the widget while scrolling (it selects the entire widget as it I were to move it). I only have one suggestion. I enjoy being able to view my Facebook account from the widget however of you could figure out a better way to show unread Facebook updates. It is only a minor gripe but going to “mark all as read” just doesn’t seem very as streamlined as everything else is and is also somewhat time consuming. Perhaps just accessing Facebook messages or notifications. Or maybe a whole Facebook widget on its own? Other than that, I. Love your widgets. I also use your pure calendar and music widgets and recommend them to all. Thank you very much for everything.

    1. mark as read all : work in progress, will be improved for next release.
      facebook standalone widget : no; no time for this.
      facebook unread : I don’t understand exactly your proposal, can you explain ?

  2. Fantastic for some of the time but crashes when sending text messages. Also doesn’t display names from Facebook just says *loading*.

    1. yes, I am working on this.
      One more test day, and I’ll push a version if it works.
      But since 3h, no crash with intensive testing 😉

  3. Hi there I’ve been trying to download home for pure but the link won’t work.
    Could you email me the apk?



  4. I thought Home++ had the scrollable widget support in the beta ? Why we have to change the home++ program ?

  5. Removed Home++ and installed ‘Home++ Pure’ but the scrolling widget (4×4) was really disappointing. It was permanently stucking and I had to choose to close Home++ or to wait. After an hour I switched back to LauncherPro and the ‘normal’ Widget.

      1. How many messages did you try to show ?
        It should be OK up to 50 messages.
        During 2 weeks it was slow because of my new implementation, now, it’s much better.

      2. As far as I remember it were about 70 or 80. But anyway, I switched back to “LauncherPRO” and hope that you guys stick together and make a scollable widget for “LauncherPRO” 🙂

      3. Yeahn it’s too much… and if it was with an old version, that’s worse….

  6. Une suggestion : une fois que la trĂšs attendue fonctionnalitĂ© “scroll” aura Ă©tĂ© livrĂ©e, ça serait super de proposer un layout 5×4 en concordance avec la rĂ©cente option “5 rows” de Launcher Pro qui est vraiment pratique.

  7. Et tant que j’y pense, une connexion flickR comme le fait friendstream, ça serait super

    1. euhhh … flickr, c’est bien pour les photos non ? je vois pas trop le rapport avec de la messagerie….

      1. FlickR c’est comme Facebook, c’est un rĂ©seau de contacts qui postent des infos (ici sous forme d’images). Dans le flux Pure Messenger j’ai 90% de facebook (d’ailleurs c’est un peu polluant en attendant le scroll) 7% mail 3% SMS. Je retombe quasiment sur le comportement de Friend Stream qui avait l’avantage d’inclure FlickR dans le flux. C’est une demande moindre mais je ne connais aucun widget FlickR (hormis FriendStream), or c’est une communautĂ© forte.

      2. Ok … pourquoi pas.
        Mais si Pure messenger arrive a decoler, ce que j’aimerai c’est pouvoir lui adjoindre des plugins : FlickR, Google Buzz, Rss …
        Ca serait top, mais pour le moment, il n’y a pas asez de client pour que je puisse me permettre une aussi grosse evolution 😩

  8. C’est un peu le problĂšme de la poule et de l’oeuf, en effet. Avec une connexion FlickR, tu pourrais revendiquer ĂȘtre la seule alternative Ă  FriendStream, en tout cas. Et ça c’est une sacrĂ© rĂ©fĂ©rence.

    Bravo pour ton travail en tout cas, toutes tes applis devraient ĂȘtre des best-seller dĂšs lors que la mise en avant sur le Android Market sera efficace et que tes applis seront mises en avant.

  9. Using latest LauncherPro (supports scrollable widgets). I’m able to gen the FB code, but when I paste into ur app, I get “Invalid signature”. Is there something that LP dev needs to do that’s specific for ur app?

    1. No, this is not the LauncherPro fault.
      It seems to fail on same devices. I don’t know why.
      Can you test in Wifi ?

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