Pure Reminder for calendars [beta]

Tired to forget your events ?
Try ‘Pure Reminder for calendars’ !

Main features :
– compatible with Google calendars, Moto/LG/Samsung Exchange calendars, TouchDown calendars
– ability to create predefined sets of reminders and attach them to different calendars or events that match strings (start x minutes before events, every y minutes, until zzz, with this ringtone)
– a popup and/or notification with snooze/stop feature to delay/stop the reminder

Additionnal features :
– turn off reminders during meetings (based on a calendar selection)
– force phone volum for loud reminders
– allow to select different ringtone for each calendar
– reminder exclude pattern from event title (for example : “go to bed -” >> the ‘-‘ would mean, no reminder for this event)
– auto unlock screen
– shake phone to stop/snooze
– increasing alarm
– vibrate/led
– adjustable snoozetimes
– speech (predefined text, speak calendar event title, description, location, date/time/etc., No. of Postpones (for “I have warned you {X} times” spoken text)

Estimated time before first Market version with main features : 3 weeks
Estimated price : 0,50€

EDIT 01/06/2011: sorry, but the project idea is dropped because of low user interest.

19 thoughts on “Pure Reminder for calendars [beta]

  1. Please consider TTS Say Text option.
    With many Natural Voice synthetizers, it is easy to get a proper voice spoken reminder. Allow predefined text, speak calendar event title, calendar event content, calendar event location, calendar date/time/etc., No. of Postpones (for “I have warned you {X} times” spoken text) etc.

  2. Ability to create predefined sets of reminders and attach them to different calendars, exact events, or events that match strings, i.e.

    Example set: (a) Play a sound 15 minutes before; (b) Play a sound 5 minutes before; (c) speak when exact time to event;

    Example filter: Attach the Example Set to every Event that contains “Important” in its title.

    Ability to create multiple filters, multiple sets of reminders, and attach sets to filters.

    1. That’s a very good idea !

      For ‘exact event’, it could be done only with word matching, but yes, that’s very good πŸ™‚

  3. Remote Reminder options to remind others along with yourself. For example, not only remind yourself to go to cinema, but your friends as well.
    * Email another email address with a predefined or custom subject and entry
    * SMS a phone number with predefined entry
    * Google Talk message to a predefined contact
    * Tweet a message to a predefined friend (via Pure Messenger or Twitter app)
    Also this can be assigned to post-event reminders such as:
    * Email, tweet, SMS someone you’re late because you’re obviously not there. For this to work right:
    ** Option for each remote reminder to have a prior Dialog “REMIND? YES/NO” with 15-30 seconds timeout to default YES so user can turn off a reminder that is no longer needed.

    Geolocation Rules
    * Allow each reminder to have optional GPS Fix
    * Allow to assign GPS to Reminders that must be TRUE for Reminder to trigger. This is very similar to Tasker/Locale GPS automation.
    ** You’re at an exact location.
    ** You’re within X m from exact location
    ** Your location is less or more than X m from event address, with distance calculated by Google Maps using car/bus/pedestrian mode (user chosen).

    Example how this would benefit user:
    User travels 30 minutes from work to home. He wants to watch NHL match on TV. He designs the following reminders: (a) 45 minutes before, if I am within 1km from work, remind me; (b) 15 minutes before, if I am within 1km from home, remind me. If user is at home, he’s reminded early enough to prepare snacks. If he is at work, he has enough time to travel home.

    Intelligent Geolocation Reminder
    * Allow user to choose an Google Maps address for a event or reminder attached to it (by entering address or choosing pin over Google Maps overlay)
    * At times, read user’s current GPS location and calculate the distance between the user and the event/reminder’s address
    * When Google Maps distance for car or pedestrian travel reaches close to the period between the current time and event time, alarm the user.
    * The user now has as much time until the event as needed for him to travel to the event/reminder address based on the pedestrian or car travel time from his current location.

    Example: User is somewhere traveling back home. He doesn’t know how long it takes him to go home, but Google Maps can calculate it’s about 17 minutes. He has set a 15 minutes before reminder assigned to his home. Because of the distance and prior event buffer time, he will be reminded 15+17=32 minutes before the event time.

    1. Hi,
      I understand your request, but I think they are VERY specific… may I’ll add a ‘locale’ plugin later, but currently it’s ‘Pure reminder FOR CALENDARS’ …

  4. this is Exactly what I am looking for right now! I would like to see sounds selected by choosable criteria: by calendar is good, but also by priority, maybe by related contact, or just choose at will.

  5. Hi,

    This sounds like a great idea, especially the touchdown integration and just what I would like.

    Is this available yet?

      1. Sorry to see this app canceled. I don’t check in here as much as I should and only just today found it. Love what you are doing tho,2 thumbs up!! Running LPP and your both of your calendar apps. Great work!

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