Pure grid calendar

Pure grid calendar is a agenda/calendar widget.

It can display :
– agenda events from Google agenda, Motorola Exchange, LG Exchange and TouchDown Exchange
– tasks from CalenGoo (Google Tasks sync), Astrid (Google Tasks sync), TickTick (Google Tasks sync), MyPhoneExplorer (Outlook direct sync), Ultimate To-Do List (Google Tasks and ToodleDo sync), TaskSync (Exchange 2007/2011 sync), Dato Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), SSi Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), GotToDo (ToodleDo sync), TouchDown Exchange, DGT DGT (ToodleDo sync), Pocket Informant (ToodleDo sync), Informant…
– birthdays from contact book

It show a full month view or a full week view.

It fully supports Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich) and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), with events view, edit, delete.

Since Android 3.x, no need for alternative launcher to scroll widget content.

It offers following features :
– direct event and task insertion from the widget.
– insertion of repeating events (every x days/weeks/months)
– mutiple sizes and skins to adapt it to your taste, including sizes for Honeycomb tablets

You can change month by pressing first/last cell or scroll through weeks by swiping when use the scrollable mode (with ADW Launcher, LiveHome, Go Launcher or Launcher Pro).

To see events in the widget (and not only bullets), you need to enable timelines.


Tested on …

HTC Dream/G1
HTC Magic/G2
HTC Hero
Acer E120
Moto Droid/Milestone
Nexus 1
HTC Incredible ???
Moto Droid X
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy S
HTC Wildfire (use htc hero/eris bug fix)
HTC Desire
HTC Desire Z

it works on most devices, if you have any problem, please, contact me.


Install now

From Android market : http://market.android.com/details?id=org.koxx.pure_grid_calendar





work in progress


Bugs report

– full day event edition change dates for HTC devices
– repeating events edition can leads to troubleshout depending of devices.


Next features

++++ toast to confirm event add
++++ “ask” app to open on tap
+++ add small icons for ‘event spanned’ and ‘event repeating’


Dropped ideaq


Revisions log

nr : not released

– NEW support for Open tasks (caldav/webdav)
– IMPROVE support of Tick Tick tasks
– NEW support of Informant application
– FIX QEI strings
– IMPROVE TickTick integration
– FIX Android 5.0 permission issue but now, you need to install Pure calendar AFTER install the task provider application.
– FIX bad minifest issue
– ADD new QEI repeat forever
– FIX time display issue with hh:mmAM/PM
– NEW any week day start
– IMPROVE duplicates filtering
– FIX APK manifest error
– FIX crash at initial setup
– FIX issue with Due Today default tags filtering
– FIX issue with Astrid Clone tags filtering
– FIX settings import/export : calendar selection
– NEW auto export last configuration
– FIX Samsung auto widget removal bug
– FIX skin manager crash
– FIX recurring event deletion crash
– FIX 5×5 widget sizes
– REVERT TO PREVIOUS ANDROID SDK … too many widget size issues
– FIX refresh issue with daily viewer
– FIX info panel crash
– IMPROVE soft option menu display
– FIX TouchDown calendar list
– FIX daily viewer autoclose
– NEW work with TouchDown new security process
– IMPROVE application picker. Can select any activity from any app like aCalendar+
– NEW support Pocket Informant 3 add event
– FIX Astrid clone tag filtering
– IMPROVE calendar picker
– NEW support Astrid Clone tasks
– FIX events filtering
– FIX cseck birthday translation
– NEW display location of events in timelines
– IMPROVE calendar selector activity
– IMPROVE application picker activity
– FIX Android 4.4 image display in scrollable mode
– FIX Android 4.x image issues when widget is installed on lockscreen
– FIX issue with task manager switch
– IMPROVE task filtering support information
– IMPROVE week view events overlaping management
– NEW support Google calendar individual event colors
– NEW support custom color for birthday plugin
– NEW TickTick beta support
– IMPROVE skin manager style
– IMPROVE skin manager download progress visibility
– FIX skin manager list issue
– FIX skin manager error message in case of invalid skin
– FIX skin server DNS issue
– NEW AnyDo auto-refresh
– NEW AnyDo full categories listing
– NEW support of AnyDo task manager
– FIX issue with very high resolution screens and day view
– NEW Pocket Informant 3 support (demo and full)
– FIX Dato Gtasks listing
– NEW 1px timeline height
– NEW text sizes for tablets
– FIX Astrid due time
– FIX week jump with daylight saving switch
– NEW skin server (fix user skin publishing)
– NEW explain free size widget in info panel
– FIX Team Task due dates for users with GMT-x TZ
– FIX text marker for invisible events if no more room in cell with timelines
– NEW support for Tasks (by Team Tasks)
– NEW support Calengoo task priority feature
– FIX task app launch
– FIX day view popup size for high resolution devices
– FIX ‘ask each time’ for event/task insertion
– FIX ‘ask each time’ for app launch
– FIX short time format like ‘8:00a’
– FIX ‘s for birthdays and anniversaries
– NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets
– FIX year/anniversary counters
– FIX major issue with Android 4.x
– NEW support event color change (if your device support it – Jelly Bean required)
– NEW go to date feature for center button
– FIX DGT GTD task opening
– FIX day viewer size in landscape
– FIX date string format for october and 2 digits
– FIX recurring and full days event details view
– FIX widgets sizes for Nexus 7
– FIX Jelly Bean colors
– FIX QEI width
– IMPROVE general QEI rendering (more ICS style)
– IMPROVE data picker
– NEW allow system app picking for app launch
– FIX insertion of repeating events on Android 4.x
– FIX widget focus on Home rotation
– UDPATE some translation
– NEW can display birthdays AND anniversaries (update birthday plugin)
– IMPROVE popups panels to more ICS looking
– UDPATE some translation
– FIX tags/list filtering issue for TouchDown
– ADD & UPDATE translations
– FIX tags/list filtering issue
– FIX timeline heigh and text size issue
– NEW option to allow display of current week at first row in month view
– NEW option to allow display of timeline text inside the timeline
– FIX ‘Launch null’ if ‘ask each time is selected for the ‘+’ button
– FIX month display if no toogle button is displayed
– NEW MyPhoneExplorer task manager support
– NEW options to edit data separators
– IMPROVE calendar selector
– IMPROVE config theme
– IMPROVE alternate skin server usage to bypass current hosting provider issue
– FIX skin manager skin issue (download & colors)
– FIX quick actions images issues
– NEW 4×4 free size widget … resizable and fill the full screen !!!
– NEW allow setting export naming
– FIX QEI with seconds and milliseconds problems
– FIX contact birthday tap issue
– FIX Ultimate TODO task provider
– REMOVE contact permission and publish ‘Birthdays for Pure widgets’ plugin to extract birthdays from your contact book.
– NEW option to filter duplicated events
– NEW bigger cell heigh for tablets scrollable mode (month view)
– FIX compatibility with Android 1.5
– FIX undisplayed task count when not enought place to display all of them
– NEW support of ‘quick event’ app for ‘+’ widget button
– FIX major issue with button actions and ‘loading’ issue
– NEW get birthdays from Contact book ! (require new ‘read contacts’ permission)
– FIX internal issue with scrollable mode and Honeycomb/ICS
– IMPROVE automatic widget sizes and enable them (for tablets or large devices)
– IMPROVE widget config
– NEW enable Holo theme in config panel for Honeycomb/ICS
– FIX problem with month starting and invalid month displayed
– NEW skin manager with publishing and rates
– NEW ICS skin
– FIX Android 4 + scrollable widget + last day tap issue
– FIX scrollable widget issue with alternative launcher usage
– FIX small internal database, config and info layouts fixes
– IMPROVE cariage return management
– FIX tablets scrollable cell size
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics refresh issue
– NEW Android 3.x/4.x scrolling support (ICS / honeycomb)
– FIX 4×1 widget
– FIX 4×3 QHd for HTC Sense
– FIX some blurry font effect
– IMRPOVE landscape
– START working on ICS scrolling support
– NEW fully new skin management
– NEW compatible with Ultimate ToDo List Tab
– NEW application picker
– FIX ICS blurry font
– NEW support of TaskSync task manager in BETA (for Exchange 2007 or 2010 tasks) !!!
– NEW Russian translation
– NEW auto-hide qHD widget sizes if screen is not qHD
– FIX week view scroll mode with tablet widgets sizes
– FIX calendar update observer to avoid missing upadtes
– FIX Pocket Informant unfiltered template
– FIX daily viewer time display
– NEW full support of Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich / ICS
– NEW detection of scrollable support of Android 3.x and 4.x, and of Go Launcher Ex
– NEW Ultimate To-Do List task manager support
– FIX QEI date picker
– FIX QEI manual date typing issue
– NEW color picker with hex value
– NEW support of 1024×600 resolution and Ice Cream sandwich / Samsung Galaxy Nexus resolution
– IMPROVE PI phantom tasks filtering
– IMPROVE widget error handling
– NEW 4×3 QHD widget size
– FIX 5x5XXL widget
– FIX QEI date issue
– NEW ‘ask each time’ mode for the ‘+’ button
– NEW can add Pocket Informant events with ‘ask each time’ button mode or directly with the ‘+’ button
– FIX QEI date issue with latest day of the month
– FIX Pocket informant tasks color
– FIX Pocket Informant auto-refresh (need last PI beta version until they publish it as official)
– NEW support of Pocket Informant tasks (automatic refresh not yet supported by Pocket Informant)
– NEW 5×6 and 5×7 tablets sizes
– NEW auto-hide tablet widget sizes for phones
– NEW add detection of stock Android calendar database error
– FIX QEI date picker for Honeycomb
– NEW task option to choose how to display overdue tasks
– IMPROVE buttons background
– FIX Quick event insertion timezone
– FIX daily viewer text color usage
– FIX QHd layout with week view and scrollable mode
– FIX update Business calendar app links
– FIX DGT GTD tags display
– FIX QHd layout in landscape (red color)
– FIX week number display with 0 events mondays
– NEW support of QHD screens resolution with new ‘4×4 QHd’ widget size
– NEW support of DGT Gtd task manager
– NEW support of task deletion/complete for DGT GTD
– NEW option to display week number no each monday (need timelines enabled)
– NEW highlight of week view current time slot
– FIX date picker
– FIX week view previous/next arrows
– FIX daily viewer auto-close feature
– FIX application icon text
– FIX TouchDown due task time display
– IMPROVE auto-close default duration set to 10sec
– NEW quick action popup in daily viewer for more actions
– FIX internal service crash
– FIX skin manager alternative server usage
– FIX QEI if no time is set with duration below 1 day
– IMPROVE skin of daily viewer
– IMPROVE QEI time picker start time
– IMPROVE scrollbar display
– NEW 2011 APP icon
– NEW add aCalendar support
– NEW toogle button for timeline mode to switch between week and month view
– NEW Quick event insertion : calendar date picker now use local settings for week start day
– FIX colorize current day with scrollable mode
– FIX show event description in daily viewer
– FIX 4x4XXXL with month view and ‘next month’ touch zone
– NEW option to colorize current day background
– FIX issue with TouchDown for tablets
– NEW support of Samsung Latin America calendar app
– NEW alternative skin server added in case of problem on the primary skin server
– FIX config panel evolution warning on each new install
– NEW system option to fix the full day events date on HTC devices when viewing
– FIX scrollable pages sizes
– FIX autoclose feature of daily viewer
– FIX color customization force close
– NEW layout and skins (changes occured according to users votes to have common design between all Pure widgets)
– NEW 4×1 size
– FIX issue with all day events durations
– FIX Xoom, alternative launcher usage and scrollable mode
– FIX skin modifier size adjuster
– IMPROVE Due time presentation if not set
– FIX issue with full day rendering with Exchange sync
– FIX option to show only tasks with due date
– FIX skin manager modifer issue
– FIX Due Today tasks color
– FIX issue with task listing if no event on day
– FIX skin manager ‘upgrade’ action
– FIX tasks modification listener
– FIX invalid task crash
– NEW introduction of tasks !!!
– NEW Add support for Xoom / Honeycomb / Android 3.0 tablets sizes
– FIX bug with week view and visible days selection
– REMOVE Zeam Launcher scrollable widget support text since Zeam dev removed scrollable widgets support
– NEW Z calendar app link added
– FIX problem with Android 1.5/1.6
– IMPROVE boost performances in events listing
– IMPROVE skin manager
– NEW 4×4 XXXL size for 480×854 screen resolution
– NEW week view option: hours grid size is now configurable
– NEW week view option: show only X days
– NEW Business Calendar final app link added
– NEW TouchDown Tablet final app link added
– FIX internal service
– FIX widget Spinner in config panel with Android 2.2/2.3
– NEW CalenGoo available for ‘+’ button action
– FIX bold text issue
– FIX skin manager exception
– FIX scrollable mode and daylight saving switch
– FIX daylight saving issue
– FIX major issue with GMT+x and week view
– FIX QEI disable Touchdown
– NEW Pocket informant final release app link
– NEW Pimlical app link
– FIX major issue with week view and daylight savings
– FIX Galaxy tab 5x5XL and 5x5XXL landscape
– FIX QEI date picker invalid date
– FIX QEI time picker manual input
– FIX internal service management bug
– FIX event edition time/date
– NEW Galaxy tab 5x5XL and 5x5XXL sizes added
– NEW accept Zeam and Go launchers
– FIX QEI time format
– FIX colorize day background option with no day selected
– FIX QEI date picker
– FIX week view rendering for daily repeated events

460 thoughts on “Pure grid calendar

  1. Application force close when I click the button to choose calendars to synchronize.
    Cyanogen 5.0.6
    Helix launcher 2

      1. It appears the problem may have been due to the fact that i had the helix2 launcher installed on the sd. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Love the 4×4 XL feature on Pure Grid Calendar. Can we get a White or Moon White skin in that size with grid lines? Great Calendar!

  3. May I ask how to make the timelines appear with different colours?
    There’s only blue on my phone..

  4. Thanks a lot for this outstanding widget. I only have two suggestions : insert arrows to change months and allow to display first meetings of selected day in the sme format than calendar widget, juste below the grid

    Enjoy !

    1. Bonjour, aller, je vais repondre en francais sur une adresse wanadoo quand meme 😉
      Pourquoi ajouter des fleches alors que l’on peut deja changer de mois si on lit la page d’info. Je pense qua ca surchargerai encore un peu plus l’interface.
      Pour ce qui est d’un mix entre Pure grid calendar et Pure calandar, j’ai abandonnĂ© l’idĂ©e. Mes essais ont donnĂ©e des rĂ©sultats tres tres moches. Je m’oriente vers une autres solutions : le text dans chaque case en tout petit pour les ecrans a grande resolution.

  5. Bonjour,

    Je repose ma question là en français ce sera plus simple.

    Pour voir le texte des évÚnements sur la timeline il faut absolument avoir un écran grande résolution genre 480*800 ?

    Non parce que sur mon Legend, je ne vois pas le texte ou alors j’ai loupĂ© un truc et ça c’est bien possible!!!
    DĂ©solĂ©, si la question est dĂ©jĂ  traitĂ©e… j’ai parcouru le site vite fait!

    1. Alors en francais 😉
      c’est pas encore dispo :p
      Ca sera pour n’importe quelle resolution.

  6. Bonjour,

    Je parle en français aussi ! J’habite en Irlande et ici il n’existe pas la marchĂ© Android et donc je ne peux pas tĂ©lĂ©charger les applications payĂ©es. J’ai SlideMe mais je ne peux pas trouver Pure Grid Calendar. :/ Je n’aime pas le calendrier HTC car tous les Ă©vĂ©nements du mois sont verts !


    1. Bonjour,
      SlideMe, c’est fini, trop de complications.
      Il reste l’achat direct PayPal (regarde le bandeau en haut) !

  7. Bonjour,
    je tenais a dire que je trouve que c’est une trĂšs bonne idĂ©e que d’avoir rajoutĂ© les titres des Ă©vĂ©nements sur le calendrier. Du coup on visualise mieux.
    Mais je voulais savoir s’il Ă©tait possible d’enlever les petits carrĂ©s sur les dates?
    D’avoir par exemple juste le carrĂ© sur le jour en cours, ou un changement de couleur de la date? C’est purement graphique, sinon je trouve ça top. Vraiment pas déçu de l’avoir achetĂ©e.

  8. Voila bravo avec toutes ces nouveautés ça fais 1 heure que je bidouille pure grid calendar ^^. Le boulot va pas avancer avec tout ça .
    Du coup des idĂ©es me viennent Ă  l’esprit, je suis dĂ©solĂ©e c’est en français mais Ă©tant une quiche en anglais il vaux mieux.
    Je me disais que l’affichage des titres est plus que pratique mais prend de la place. Ça pourrait ĂȘtre bien de faire une mise en page avec des cases plus grandes, quitte Ă  ce qu’elle contienne moins de semaine.
    Et aussi, est ce que ça serait possible de faire un widget Ă  la taille 4×1 parce que du coup ça prend pas trop de place et permet de visualiser la semaine a venir. Enfin c’est juste des idĂ©es comme ça ^^

  9. Bonjour,

    Excellent widget mais je trouve trĂšs regrettable que ce widget ne soit que en anglais… DĂšs qu’il est en français, je l’achĂšte de suite…

    1. Bonjour,
      les anglophones reprĂ©sentent 80% des utilisateurs. Les francais: 3%… alors moi, il me parait normal que ce soit D’ABORD en francais.
      Le passage dans les settings prend environ 30 secondes… aprĂšs, il n’y a presque aucune trace d’anglais.
      Les traductions dans les langues principales (FR-ES-DE-IT) sont basĂ©es sur le volontariat… (chercher ‘translation’ pour comprendre comment participer).
      Ca m’Ă©nerve toujours un peu de cotĂ© franchouillard qui veut tout en francais. Bizare, mais presque aucun italien/espagnol/allemand ne m’a demandĂ© ca.
      Il y a en a beaucoup des applications en francais sur le market ? je pense pas…
      Au passage, les traductions, c’est l’enfer a maintenir Ă  jour…

    2. par ailleurs, les quelques francais Ă  se plaindre n’ont jamais rien traduit… La traduction de Pure calendar Ă  Ă©tĂ© faire volontairement par Norman (que je remercie vivement au passage).

  10. J’aime beaucoup ces nouvelles petites icĂŽnes surtout la mienne ^^.
    Bref, juste pour dire Ă  Thibault qu’effectivement les paramĂštres sont en anglais mais trĂšs comprĂ©hensibles (si j’y arrive tout le monde peut le faire ^^).
    Et surtout une fois le widget sur le bureau c’est en français alors… en fait c’est pas vraiment un PB.

  11. Hello, as it’s now possible to configure multiple gmail accounts in android, is it possible to access multiple calendars with Pure Calendar(s) ?

    Thanks !

    1. Hi,
      Multi google accounts : yes
      Multi calendars from multi accounts : never tested, but I think yes

      1. Thanks for the quick answer ! But extra account’s calendar has to be added to google calendar (browser) before right ? Just adding a second account to android (2.1) doesn’t enable the new calendar (instead of mail/contact) right ?

  12. Hey hey hey, trop bien sans le fond merciiiiii. Sinon j’ai une petite question technique, parce que comme je le disait suis une quiche en anglais. C’est quoi systeme options (euh traduire ça va hein quand mĂȘme ^^) Mais je veux dire, oui parce que je suis aussi dĂ©butante en android (la totale ^^) c’est pour changer quoi? Merci d’avance

    1. Ce sont des options proches du systÚme Android (pas vraiment des veritables fonctionnalités du widget).

      1. ok et est ce que ça peut Ă©viter le “fermeture soudaine de l’application accueil (du processus.com.android.launcher)” ? parce que j’ai ça mais bon je dis pas que c’est pure grid calendar parce que vu comment je bidouille tout le temps ;p
        En tout cas vraiment merci de tes rĂ©ponses c’est cool

  13. Thanks for the great app.

    It’s more convenient to show the date above the time line; but the way showing today, just as the screenshot above, in previous version is better. Date of today with a small rectangle background is indistinct on widget, and it’s worse if not showing date background. Could it be possible change back the way showing date on widget, or, may be an option to choose ?

    1. Hi,
      Most people seems to like the new layout,.
      I won’t add 5 new options to be able to recreate the old one, especially if only 3 users are requesting it (there is 20000 users).

  14. Hi,
    Will you be making a scrollable version of pure grid calender similar to that of sense, or even add it as a feature??

    1. Hi,
      may be but first, Pure calendar… after, I’ll see, may be Pure grid (but it will be difficult due to image sizes and memory, it’s not the same management than Sense), more probably Pure News widget.

      1. Oh alright thanks for the reply, hope you can get it running so won’t have to use sense again.

  15. Hi,

    I’ve been using Pure calendar grid for a few months now and absolutely love it, but I’ve noticed that events / appointments disappear after six weeks have passed.

    I.E. if today was the 23Jun then all my appointments on 01May have gone.

    I know that it is synching with my Google calendar ok, also the Google calendar itself still shows all the missing appointments.

    Any ideas.

    For info I’m using a HTC Desire.


  16. Here’s one more vote for scrollable pure grid calander. The current method is a bit fiddly to change months. But great app regardless.

    1. Once the main TouchDown interface bug will be fixed (it should be ok since last fix, I am just wating for confirmation), then yes.

  17. Please add the week numbers! At now I find only one widget with them, but it not so goos as yours 🙂

    1. You can already add it to the title bar.
      Where would you want to add it ? there is not a lot of free room 😩

  18. I am using pure calender at the moment but would love to try pure grid. Could you tell me if it is compatible with HTC Tattoo as it does not appear in the market. If it is please could you enable it for the tattoo market


  19. I real understand that there are no free space, but in the month view I interested only if I have the week numbers on the left side of each week.
    Because very often people do some planning in weeks (not days)

  20. bonjour bonjour,
    alors tu n’as pas reçu le logcat c’est normal depuis je n’ai plus de fermeture du launcher, Ă©videmment…^^

    Mais c’est pas pour ça que je poste un commentaire, juste pour dire Ă  Thibault, que les paramĂštres sont en français, c’est bon tu peux acheter ^^.

    Et aussi juste te remercier Koxx3 car cette petite Maj est bien cool, a croire que tu lis dans mes pensĂ©es. J’me disais justement aujourd’hui “c’est bien qu’il y ai des MAJ, du coup c’est plus complet, mais c’est dommage de devoir toujours paramĂ©trer Ă  chaque fois!!!” Tu n’imagine pas ma surprise quand j’ai vu les 2 petits boutons import et export ^^
    trop fort!!!
    j’adore, j’adhĂšre

  21. Why in this image the numbers of the days appear centered in every cell, and in my widget not? I don’t find the setting to do this… and i’m setting up the default skin and so…

    1. oh! and the “today” day it’s remarked with only greyed background, not with this “lovely” belved gray background that I see on this image 😉

  22. I’m a nexus one user, in the internal quick of event adding method, though it allow us the type the event start time, I think a scrollable clock to pick the event start time (similar to HTC sense one ) providing a better way to select the event time. would you consider to implement it if you have time?

    1. Hi,
      yes, I know, this is a scheduled feature. A ‘quick insertion 2’ which improve the input methods. But it will take time …

      1. Great news! I am looking forward to this feature long time!
        I will wait for it, take your time.

        Also I think it’s the best calendar apps in android!

  23. I downloaded both pure grid calendar and pure messanger. when i go to skin, its says retrieving data and then nothing appears. what do i do

  24. I have purchased the Pure Grid Calendar and see how many have it skinned where the bars for day are above, but on mine they show up bellow the number. Is there any way to combine in a single line above? If I disable the “Show events timeline” then I get a grey dot that I don’t like either.

    Any help would be useful.


  25. Dear koxx3, what about the week numbers, we start to talk before?

    On the widget just near every week – it’s number. (like additional column), is that possible? Hope Yes.

  26. Do I need to have the Pure Calendar widget installed to be able to use the Pure Grid Calendar widget? Thanks

  27. Francois,

    Is it possible to manually copy or re-configure the Sense2 skin from agenda widget skins directory to the grid widget skin directory (and what XML junk do I have to tweak)? I LOVE this skin. Thanks buddy; again, awesome work!!!

    1. bonjour,
      oui, c’est possible avec 100h de travail. Ca n’est pas ma prioritĂ© pour le moment.

  28. My grid calendar widget now only shows one of my gmail calendars. I have removed and readded the widget several times so no avail. Thoughts?

  29. I’m running a Sprint EVO on Android 2.1 and HTC Sense. When I pick the calendar application to launch on widget tap, I want it to open the Google calendar day view for that day. If I select Stock Google Calendar 1.5-2.1 it tells me that’s not installed on my mobile. The only thing it will let me select is HTC Sense, which doesn’t get me where I want to go.

    1. I saw in the FAQ where you can’t control views when opening Google Calendar. That’s unfortunate, but I understand. However, I still don’t understand why it doesn’t at least recognize that I have Google Calendar installed and open it instead of HTC Sense.

      1. This is because you don’t have the official Google calendar app on your phone. You have a modified version coming from HTC. But don’t worry, it works the same.

  30. Hi – great app!
    I wonder if it is possible to have separate configurations for each calendar widget? e.g. I’d like to use a 4×1 on the home screen for a quick glance ony of my business calendar, a 4×4 for a complete caledar on a separate screen and another 4×4 for gtasks only….

    is this possible?



  31. Why, when adding widget, the app says I don’t have Android 2.2 stock calendar installed when I really have a Froyo Rom (cyanogen) installed on my HTC Magic. I must configure the widget to open android 1.6 calendar, instead.

    1. Because CyanoGen doesn’t use the new Google calendar package name ‘com.google.android.calendar’ (2.2) instead of ‘com.android.calendar’ (android 1.5-2.1)

  32. How does the events ordered in grid cell or on list, after tap on grid cell? Is there any possibility to change sort order? Thanks.

    1. normally: tasks first, then full day events, and simple events.
      It is currently not possible to change the order.

      1. Thanks for reply. Could you confirm, that all day events are ordered in calendar creation reverse order?

        Just created Cal1, then Cal2 in GC. Have added in next order:
        event1 to Cal1,
        event2 to Cal2,
        event11 to Cal1,
        event21 to Cal2

        By grid cell tap have next order:


        From this order I suggest:
        first: reverse Calendar cretion order
        then: reverse event name order.

        Could you please submit my suggestions?

        I ask for this because there is no sort order option and I need to sort events somehow. I can sort my events by app rules, so I’ve asked to understand programm flow. Thanks.

      2. For new features requests, you need to submit it to votes 😉
        To submit it, please go here : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/

        They are filtered but event start time, not event creation. they are all at the same start time, I don’t control sorting.
        Personnaly, I think a sorting option (one more option…) is useless.
        But we’ll see voting results 😉
        I always implement popular features.

  33. Select calendars does not work, it only shows the calendars from the standard calendar app (HTC Desire).

    1. “only shows the calendars from the standard calendar app” ? what does it means ?
      it works with those calendars, but you expect to see more calendars ? which one ? are they visible in the stock phone calendar application ?
      oh ! and you should have a look at the FAQ.

      1. In the standard calendar app I have a calendar I do not want to show (google week numbers) but I want it to appear in the grid widget, because it can not display week numbers.

      2. I changed nothing about calendars selection visibility in Pure grid since a lonnnnng time.
        I have myself google week calendars in Pure grid without any issue.

      3. ok, I can not select which calendars I want to display in grid widget, those I want to display should I choose the HTC calendar.

        Select Calendar in grid widget will not work, I can deselect all calendars in the widget but they are still shown (those I have chosen in the HTC calendar).

        Sorry for my English – thanks to google translate

      4. in pure grid : select none = select all.
        You can show all selected calendars from your original calendar apps (HTC Sense) or a subpart of it.

  34. I would not have shown week numbers in google HTC calendar, but want it displayed in grid widget. When I choose it to be displayed in the grid widget will not show. It must be selected to the display on HTC calendar before it is displayed in grid widget.

  35. Hallo,

    The version 1.5.2 does not work with TOUCHDOWN calendar. I only see google calendar? Is this normal. I have allso Pure Calendar wich shows the Touchdown calendar

  36. Hiya,

    Can’t seem to get this to show my Touchdown Exchange calendar , it doesn’t show up in my choice of calendars. Have re-installed both grid calendar and Touchdown to no avail.

    Any thoughts?


      1. Fair enough, maybe you want to change the description at the top of the page then, where it says:-

        ‘Pure grid calendar
        9 Votes
        Pure grid calendar is a agenda/calendar widget.

        It can display :
        – agenda events from Google agenda Motorola Exchange and TouchDown Exchange’


  37. Hi, So far a very nice app, but how do you toggle the day event skins on the Calendar Grid app. I change them thru the skins (tried about 10 different ones) and I am stuck on what seems to be the first one I selected…for example, the day numbers come up centered in th box and I have nothing more than the grey circle on a day where there is an event. I would like it to show a brief excerpt of the calendar event, such as the 4th screenshot in the original example above. Mine is showing like the 1st currently.


    1. yes :
      – not many users interested in (look at suggestion page)
      – refresh would be slower
      – it would need some rework.

  38. Maby you should add it regardless interest. If you have support on one app you should add it to another to. Both apps are calendar related and should have same functionality.

    1. No, it doesn’t works like that with me. I am driven by users needs… More people want a feature, more I’ll focus my work on that feature.

  39. Hello.
    In my case, it is not possible to donwload a paid application from Anroid Market (a bug with my HTC desire i think).
    Is there another way to buy it ?

    1. Actually, there is a massive Android Market outage at the moment affecting every phone I have; been going on for 3+ hours. Perhaps that is your issue as well?

  40. Hi, if I add my own skin and select it, after the phone reboots it resets the skin. When I check the file i see it’s deleted my .png!

      1. I just copied the .png to the /.org.koxx.pure_grid_calendar/skins/backgrounds folder.

        I have also tried following these instructions: https://koxx3.wordpress.com/2009/11/13/the-skins-design-challenge/ – it says to ‘create a sub folder’ in the backgrounds folder and put the image in there, but when I do this I get this error:

        “Problem listing skins from SD card. Delete folder /sdcard.org.koxx.pure_grid_calendar to cleap up.

    1. Actually that back, I spoke to soon – it reset the XML and deleted my .png when it updated the list! Is there a way to stop it talking to the server?

  41. i have following wuestion to the pure-grid-widget: i can not find the settings for the refresh-interval. i have also the pure calender and there is am option for this.

    thx for your reply

  42. Why are you still mentioning that Pure grid calendar can display TouchDown Events on this page ??

    I bought it because it’s listed here and now the functionality is just not there.

    What’s you solution ?

  43. Hi. Just a quick note to let you know that the last update has reduced the number of weeks shown on the 4×2 widget from 3 to 2 (not sure if this is intentional but does seem to waste a lot of screen real estate). Cheers.

    1. All skins had to be redraw for prepare new features coming.
      The 4×2 widget remains at 3 weeks with non scrollable, but cells are smaller.

  44. Since the latest update I’ve been unable to skin Pure Grid Calendar. It switched to default after the install and now it force closes when I try to skin.

    Any advice?

  45. ‘Ello,

    Whenever I place my phone in landscape pure grid shrinks and centers itself on the screen despite actually taking up the entire width. Is there any way to change this, koxx?

    I use pure grid agenda along side of the pure grid calendar and they don’t.. how should I say.. align properly on screen? Pure agenda will go flush with the edges of the screen where pure grid will not.

    Is it just me?

    1. Hi,
      no it is not possible.
      I try to thinked to many ideas for this, but I didn’t find any solution.
      There is multiple contraints I am not able to comply :
      – which form could it adopt in landscape, just enlarge ? ugly and not more useful with 2x large and same height
      – currently, it’s 1 single bitmap generated for the whole widget (impossible to change), and enlarge is not possible or it would be VERY VERY ugly. So, it would mean prepare a special bitmap for the landscape.
      —> prepare an alternative bitmap would use a loooot of CPU (as you noticed, refresh or change month is not very fast due to full redraw and events management)
      – let says 2 bitmaps (1 port / 1 land), then it would use a lot of memory in the launcher (nearly x2 the actual memory footprint). especially with timeline where background can reach 675×480 in 24 bits ! Most launchers would simply crack with so much memory. Some already have problems with biggest widgets sizes.
      In other pure widgets, the definition remains in SD 480p (not HD 720p requiered for timelines).

      More, most users doesn’t have/use landscape (in stock Home, unless you have a keyboard, you never have access to the landscape view)… so, make everybody paying (with CPU and memory) for may be 5% of users… it’s not very fair.
      And don’t talk me about options for such things, it would be horrible in the code to manage such cases (resolution, options, land or not …).

      So, unless you have a miracle solution, you’ll have to stick with the current situation.

      I really prefer to focus on more useful features like weekly and daily view.

      1. I can definitely understand what you’re saying.

        I appreciate the (very fast) response, Koxx.

  46. hey there,
    since 3 days (i guess it started after installing the latest update, not sure though) i have the problem that the day indicator (4x4XL) doesn’t jump ahead the next day. i have to click the refresh button to get the indicator to the correct day.
    is it just me or is this a common issue?
    device: samsung galaxy spica, android 2.1

    P.S.: i really love this widget! great work!

  47. Using the weekly view on my HTC Incredible. I have the 4×4 XL widget running on my second screen (not home screen).
    Format could be even larger on this phone (as is with the stock Droid weekly view calendar).
    Looking forward to the color choice for current day.
    Only downside: seems to run down the battery. I have installed/uninstalled/re-installed. When it’s running, the battery is draining much faster.
    Looking forward to future versions!

    1. I have the 4×4 XL widget running on my second screen (not home screen).
      Format could be even larger on this phone (as is with the stock Droid weekly view calendar).
      >>> larger ??? of 2 or 3 pixels ???

      Looking forward to the color choice for current day.
      >>> in which view kind ?

      Only downside: seems to run down the battery. I have installed/uninstalled/re-installed. When it’s running, the battery is draining much faster.
      >>> impossible. The widget uses battery ONLY for refresh when an event is inserted/modified/removed… and it uses CPU for 1 or 2 seconds only.

      1. Looking forward to the color choice for current day.
        >>> in which view kind ?

        Week view — to better highlight the current day. I love the week view. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      yes, it works for X10 mini pro (only the event edition can’t work on this particular device >>> minor feature non fixable due to Sony modificaftions)

  48. The Pure Calendar Grid in week view does not show any appointments from the TouchDown calendar that occur at or after 4pm. Appointments before 4pm or from other calendars show up just fine.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    HTC Evo
    Android 2.2
    Touchdown 6.1.0007
    Pure Grid Calendar Widget 1.7.4
    LauncherPro Plus


  49. I am ready to pull all of my hair out with this Driod 2. I had my calender where it would sink with my outlook and for some reason it stopped working. So I downloaded this app and it tells me that I don’t have Google 2.2 loaded. How can I get this app to work with my outlook????

    1. Hi,
      first, Pure calendar doesnt’ SYNC anything. It just read the phone calendar database.
      second, are you using the stock ROM or a custom ROM ? Custom 2.2 ROM are often including a calendar app named with 2.1 package name. So, forget it, and use 2.1. It will work fine.

  50. Hi. I would like to purchase pure grid calendar. I live in Greece, so I can not have access to payed applications. Is there any other way to buy your apps?

  51. I have the droid. I am looking for a calendar program that shows in a month-at-a-glance appointments beyond one year. Does this program do that?

    1. I think this is a limitation of Google calendar on Android … so, you can forget it for Google calendar. You’ll need to use an Exchange sync or something else.


    1. I have never seen this problem and you are the first one to report such thing.
      Please contact me by email (see about page).

  52. I’m looking for a simple calendar display that shows holidays. I like the Grid Layout and for $2.00 it’s not gonna break the bank, but does it show holidays or is there a way to import holidays ?

  53. I’m having issues with multiple calendars. I use touchdown and exchange, and in exchange I have two calendars. It seems like I can get pure grid to apply only one of these. Pure calendar works flawlessly with two the two calendars so I believe the bug is in pure grid. I also tried to add one google calendar and one touchdown but no luck.

    I hope this bug can be fixed soon since I need the two calendars in the grid. 🙂

    1. That’s right, it not really a bug … I just forgot to finish this code part ! lol … I’ll do it for the next release.

  54. Bonjour,
    tous vos widget sont trĂšs bien, je les ai d’ailleurs tous achetĂ©s suaf un mais ils ont un dĂ©faut commun sur le Dell Streak: leur taille est rigide et quand on est sur le home d’origine certains sont tronquĂ©s comme weather widget. Sur des home alternatives (comme ADW) on peut modifier l’espacement sur le bureau donc j’arrive Ă  utiliser les widgets en paramĂ©trant le bureau en 6 lignes et 8 colonnes.
    J’en viens Ă  Grid que j’attendais depuis longtemps. Il serait parfait un peu plus gros (en plus je suis presbyte !) donc s’il Ă©tait extensible comme par exemple Android Agenda widget que j’ai fini par utiliser Ă  la place de Pure calendar pour cette facultĂ©.
    Merci en tout cas de votre travail que j’apprĂ©cie chaque jour

    1. Bonjour,

      Je peux faire en sorte qu’il fonctionne sur les Home de bases de chaque appareil (et encore, j’ai souvent besoin d’avoir l’appareil sous la main pour le rendre compatible)… mais pour ce qui est de gerer la taille de grille variables, et bien, c’est loin d’etre gagnĂ©.
      Pourquoi ? parce que les fonds de widget sont préparés avec des images statiques pour supporter les skins.

      Bref, supporter les Home de tous les appareils, je fais mon possible.
      Supporter les grilles variables, tres dur… en tout cas, je vois pas comment faire.

      MĂȘme s’il existe une solution, il doit y avoir mĂȘme pas 0.1% des utilisateurs qui utilisent des homes alternatives, ca donne pas vraiment envies de passer 50h dessus 😩
      La preuve, pas UNE SEULE demande la dessus sur le module de suggestions… si, j’ai plein de demandes, je veux bien me creuser la tete, mais il y a tellement de choses plus importantes (pour les utilisateurs) Ă  faire.

      Voila l’explication.

  55. Hi,
    When I select the calendar application to launch on Widget tap the settting doesn’t seem to take because when I tap on the widget, whatever app was previously set is the one that launches. I’m trying to evaluate between calendar pad, gemini and jorte. So I had gemini selected, then switched to jorte and taping on the Pure widget still kept launching gemini. I uninstalled gemini then tapping on the Pure widget would go to the stock android calendar. I powercycled my phone and this fixed the problem. I shouldn’t have to power cycle tho.

    Salt Lake City

    1. And yes, I was tapping on Save and Exit button in Pure widget settings before returning to home.

      Also, i tapped on the Pure widget update button.

      Neither action seemed to help.

    2. Hi,
      You normally don’t have to power cycle. Just wait for the widget to update.
      It can take up to 1 minute if you have multiple calendars and events.

      1. Hi,
        To clarify:

        When I tap on the top of the Calendar Grid widget my selected calendar app opens.

        When I tap on day in the Calendar Grid widget and the mini agenda pop up appears and i then tap on a specific event the stock Android calendar event viewer appears, not the event viewer from my selected calendar app.

        Previously when Gemini was installed, the gemini event viewer would appear. Now it doesn’t matter what calendar app i set in the ‘Select calendar application to launch on widget tap:’ the stock android event viewer appears when I tap on a specific event.


      2. Yes, I understand to launch the configured app I tap upper LH corner.

        However, I also thought that when I tap on a day in Pure Grid, and the mini-agenda pops up that if I tapped on a specific event that the configured app event viewer would be launched.

        The stock android event viewer is crippled in terms of hot-linking phone numbers or location information.

        When I originally setup Pure Grid, I was using Gemini as my calendar app and tapping on a an event in the Pure Grid mini-agenda pop-up would go to the Gemini event view. Now that I’ve switched to Jorte (and changed the configured app to Jorte in Pure Grid) this no longer works.


      3. oh ok … I don’t know what was changed, but I’ll check my code to see what is called on ‘daily events viewer’ event tap.
        But clearly, it’s the same code in Pure cal and Pure GRID cal now.

      4. Hi,
        So I tried reinstalling Gemini to investigate. After installation, when I tapped on a day in PGCw the mini agenda pop-up appeared, then I tapped on an event. Android asked me which event viewer I would like to use, Calendar (stock) or Gemini.

        So it looks like Jorte event viewer may not be available to PGCw?


  56. hi there!

    the pure grid calendar is very important to organize my daily life. so at first: thank you!

    but since 1 week the calendar doesn’t sync 1:1 with my google calendar. some older entries are not longer shown on my device – but in the “desktop” version of google they are still there. i dont know how to solve this problem. is there any temporary folder i could delete to reset all the settings the app made?! reinstalling the app changed nothing but i meantioned that the skins i downloaded are still available when i reinstalled the app so there must be an temp folder or something.

    thanks for your help

    1. Hi,
      as explained in FAQs, Pure widgets doesn’t sync anything. But, it seems there is some problem with events prior the timezone change. I’ll have a look on this after my holidays. Is it the same problem ?

  57. Milestone user here.

    Event will not sync to my MS Exchagne Calendar if I use the Internal Quick Event Insertion. Event appeared in Milestone Coporate Calendar but not syncing back to Exchange Calendar.

  58. Milestone user here.

    Event will not sync to my MS Exchagne Calendar if I use the Internal Quick Event Insertion. Event appeared in Milestone Coporate Calendar but not syncing back to Exchange Calendar.

    Sorry repost again as I forgot to enable follow-up notification.

      1. For the events that I enter to Droid Coporate Calendar, they can’t be synced to the Exchange server.

        I have to run the Coporate Calendar to enter events…. Sorry no way I can give you an Exchange account to test… So, this apps is not quite useful to me now.. Hope you can fix it soon. Weird that, no Pure Grid Calendar users is using Milestone/Droid to sync their coporate calendar?

      2. Well, I had this report once a long time ago, but same problem … no Exchange test server.
        I searched for a free Exchange test server to make tests : nothing.

  59. Great app/widget. Well done. A couple of suggestions/requests: larger arrows to go forward or backward in date; a today button that returns view to current week or month.

    1. Hi,
      if you read the information page … you’ll see 2 things :
      – arrows are just informations (and useless) … touch the full cell (first/last) to change month/weeks
      – there is already a button to go back to the current date….
      In fact, just read the embedded information page … and you’ll learn how to use the widget.

  60. Before I buy I want to know if it displays appointments beyond one year ahead? All the programs I have looked at only go ahead one year.

    1. I don’t think you can. It’s a limitation of Android calendar sync. Not apps…. (NONE does sync calendar : Android does)

  61. Hey I was just wondering if it was possible in one of the next builds to make an option to sort by time? I love the widget but I don’t like how the days are in order alphabetically rather than numerically.

      1. On my calendar it lists things by name…

        Aaron’s Birthday Party – 10pm
        Chris’ Poker Game – 5pm
        Frank’s House – 8 pm
        Help Bob mow lawn – 10am

        I’d like it to list by time…

        10am – Help Bob mow lawn
        5pm – Chris’ Poker Game
        8pm – Frank’s House
        10pm – Aaron’s Birthday Party

  62. My phone isn’t rooted so I can’t install the screen cap apps… and my camera is at home… but I can try later… unless you know of a screen cap app that doesn’t need root access.

  63. Hello, i have just installed the Pure Grid calendar and I have found out that the names for the months are wrong for Slovak language… could you fix it please? Thank you

  64. Hi, I am using a transparent skin so all I see is just text and numbers which is great. However today’s date is indicated by a grey square which looks weird on a transparent theme. It would be better if today’s date was simply bold. Any way to remove that grey square?

    1. Hi,
      I’ve just published a ‘fully transparent’ theme few minutes ago… the day marker is really less visible.

  65. Hi, I am interested in the Pure Grid Calendar. There is one problem I have encountered with numerous widgets, including a couple of calendar widgets. They will install fine (and yes on the phone and NOT the SD Card) but when I reboot my phone, it powers up and there will be a blank box where the widget was with a message stating “Error loading widget” Then they will have disappeared from the list when I long press on the screen to create a widget. I have had this issue with battery widgets, photo widgets, and a couple different calendar widgets. I already know that widgets are not supposed to be installed on the SD card… and I double checked that the widgets were on the phone. That’s why I want to ask first before trying Pure Grid Calendar… do you know of any issues such as this with previous users? I am on a rooted Droid 2, I do use ADW Launcher, and I am just looking for a nice calendar widget that is not going to disappear after a reboot. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi,
      I have always managed to solve such issue 🙂 [except on LG Ally 2.2 ROM which is buggy], or buggy ROM in general.
      Are you using stock ROM ? If yes, then, I am pretty sure it will work.

  66. Thanks for the reply. Yes I am using Stock ROM, I have never tried any different ROMs, only rooted for Superuser permissions and that’s it. I am updated at Version 2.3.20 I use different themes and wallpapers in ADW but that’s about it. The reason I asked first is because this has been a problem with many different widgets, including calendar widgets, and it does the same thing no matter which screen I put it on, the home screen or any other screen. I figure asking first will save us both any hassles. On my home screen I have a Beautiful Widgets clock and weather, a photo widget, a battery widget, and a widget to toggle between ring, vibrate and silent modes. It took a lot of trial and error to find these widgets that would survive a reboot, and I always double check that they are on the phone and not the SD Card. Thanks again!

  67. OK I am going to try the Pure Grid Calendar, but before I do… IF it does like the other widgets and disappears, what do you suggest I do to fix it since I only have 24 hours to refund it? That way I am prepared if it doesn’t work, but what is the fix for the problem?

  68. I discovered what my issue was, and I have installed the Pure Grid Calendar and it works like a charm. Thank you very much for a fine app.

  69. Great app, my first paid one 🙂 I use the weekly view (beta) on full screen. I can click on the right arrow to view next week, but I cannot get the left arrow for viewing previous week to work. What could be wrong? Using HTC Desire Z.

  70. Hi, first of all i love your work. Got all of the widgets bought now.

    When resizing the widget in a launcherproplus 5row config it just moves to the middle position. It would be nice if it resizes. Would this be possible?

  71. Hi, would you consider to provide a default setting for quick insertion method, at least I don’t need to change the duration to 1 hr from 1 day every time.

  72. Hi I saw the upgrade to a xxl version. now my 5 row LPP config is filled ok but,
    it will show just an extra row of date at the bottom.

    This is not giving a enhancement imho.

    Would it be possible to give the week (timeline) more room by stretching it to the bottom of the screen. This way the text will be bigger or maybe (preferred) it is possible to show more text in the row.

    1. Hi,
      are you using scrollable mode ?
      Can you tell me if you also have this problem WITHOUT the scrollable mode ?

  73. How do you get the timeline event to show with the time line above the number like in the first time line picture, mine looks like the second one and I want it to look like the first. How do I do that?

    1. This is no more possible. I removed the screenshot to avoid misunderstanding.
      Now, it’s always dates first, then, below, timelines.

      1. Ah. Thats a shame I really liked the look of that one compared to this one. Still nice though. Thanks for the reply and awesome app

  74. I have a request/suggestion…

    It seems that there are a lot of us out there that would really like the option of setting the default to our Google Calendar when adding an event, vs the My Calendar… I know that we can choose the Google calendar when adding, but it would be most excellent to allow us to set that default and keep it there… Any chance you could/would do that?

    I really love the widget and would even gladly pay you all over again to gain this functionality…

    Thanks for the best calendar out there!

    1. Hi,
      it is already done if you use the ‘quick event insertion’ panel. For the stock intertion panel, it is simply not possible to control it.

  75. well thanks! I was just hoping to save teh one step of choosing which calendar (actually not me, but my wife is resisting moving everything to the phone and still uses a paper calendar in her purse – which does not include me :)) to insert events on… It seems that whatever I choose in the action for the “+” widget button (be it Internal Quick Event Insertion or Stock Google Calendar, teh default is “My Calendar”. I can easily choose to put it on my or her Google Calendar via the drop down, so no big deal… I appreciate the response, and have one other question:

    Is there a chance to switch which calendar an event exists on after it is created? It lists which calendar inthe event details, but it is locked… If no – then again, not a big deal. I really love the look and feel and think that this is THE calendar widget to use. Many thanks.

    1. After pressing the event, you arrive in the daily events viewer, then long press the event name… a menu will appear with ‘edit’.
      Currently, it’s not very user friendly, but I’ll make something better soon 😉

      And about the calendar selection in the quick event insertion, you choose it once, and it should normally remember it. If not, there is an issue :p

  76. Hi, will you consider adding the feature of assigning different background or text colors for Saturday and Sunday in month view? Thanks.

  77. Hi Koxx, sorry if this has been mentioned already but I use 3 of your 4 widgets and 2 of them(messenger, calendar) stretch to a bigger size in adw ex launcher. The grid calendar however doesnt. It looks tiny on my 5″ dell streak screen. Is there any way you can get it to stretch or of making it bigger? I can provide a screenshot if you need?

  78. Bravo, apparemment superbe software que j’adopte des que je mets la main sur mon htc desire z (sem prochaine). Bonne annĂ©e 2011, et comme tout dĂ©but d’annĂ©e, un souhait : comptez-vous dĂ©velopper la possibilitĂ© de faire apparaĂźtre + de texte sur les “bulles” de rdv du semainier (façon texte beaucoup plus petit), et pourqoi pas couplĂ© Ă  un aperçu plus gĂ©nĂ©reux (en taille) de la semaine / Ă  la taille de l’Ă©cran : (il y a bcp d’espace vide..)) ?? Ca aiderait beaucoup, qu’on l’utilise votre agenda pour des besoins pro ou non. Je pose la question car cela me fut possible avec un soft sur mon ancien HTC touch pro wm6(640×480)…

    1. Bonsoir,
      on peut deja regler la taille du texte pour en faire apparaitre plus.
      Par contre, je comprend pas le coup de “l’apercu plus genereux”. Il y a deja un visualiseur journalier…
      sinon, avec la nouvelle vue taille XXL, tout l’ecran est utilisĂ©.

  79. Hi koxx,
    Thanks for this useful widget (Pure Grid Calendar) !!
    Just a question : the small left ans right arrows used to change week ou month (depending on the view you choose) are not easily reachable in the XXL size.
    Is there an easier way to scroll weekly or monthly ?
    May be a vertical scroll option could be set to change week or month ? (in a future version ?)
    Best regards from France 🙂

  80. Hi koxx3,
    your Pure Grid Calendar Widget looks really nice! Since I switched to an AOSP ROM, I searched for an alternative for the the Sense Calendar Widget. Your program is the once that comes close to it.

    But I have two questions: Is it scrollable with Zeam-Launcher, too?

    The second one is more difficult. I don’t own a credit card, so I can’t buy your widget via market. I read you offered paying via paypal, but now you removed this possibility. Is there any other way to get your app? I would pay a bit more than the standard price as well =//

    1. Hi,
      For Zeam, I think yes. It seems Zeam introduced scrollable widget support few weeks ago.
      For non Android Market, no, there is no solution. Since my company creation, it’s much more difficult with VAT and accounting 😩

  81. I am having problems with Pure Grid Calendar. After reboot and long period with screen off, the software does note reload. I am getting “Problem Loading Widget”. I have a Droid x, rooted with Darkslider 4.1 rom and ADW Launcher. Made sure Adv Task Killer was not shutting it down. It also disappears from add widget menu after I press and hold home screen. I end up having to uninstall, then reinstall. Any ideas?

  82. When I download from market it downloads directly to sd card. how do I download to phone internal memory?

    1. Ar you using a Stock ROM or Custom ROM ?
      This is clearly not the default behavior because it is forbiden by Google to install widgets on sdcard AND I didn’t allow install on sdcard… so, Android should never install it on sdcard.
      If you are using a custom ROM, contact your ROM cooker.

  83. Hi,

    I just bought Pure calendar and Pure grid calendar, mostly interested with the got do do integration.

    However, it seems grid calendar don’t integrate with any task manager ? Is this true ? It there a way to workaround ? If no, this would make the widget pointless to me, that would be a shame, because it seems awesome.


  84. – The 4×4 and 4×2 versions of Pure Grid seem to fit into their vertical space precisely. However, for some reason 4×3 version is noticeably oversized in vertical direction. It spills well over the bounds of 3 vertical positions. When the 4×3 widget is located at the top of the screen, it is truncated by the top of the screen (does not happen with 4×3 or 4×2). If there’s another widget under the 4×3 Pure Grid, it is often overlapped with the 4×3 Pure Grid (again does not happen with 4×3 or 4×2). I tried different skins and they all appear to be the same in that regard.

    – In non-scrollable mode the days that belong to the previous month and to the next month are displayed in darker color than the current month’s days. This is good. However, in scrollable mode all days are displayed in identical color. Why? This is rather hard to read. The days of the other months do look different, of course, since they include month name, but it would be nice if they were displayed in darker color in scrollable mode as well.

      1. Yes, I’m. Not handled – goot it. Yet it is strange to see the inconsistency: grids 4 and 2 cells tall work fine, while grid 3 cell tall spills over.

  85. I use both Pure Grid and Pure Calendar on the same screen. The Pure Calendar (agenda) sits right under the Pure Grid. In this case the current date display in the Pure Calendar is absolutely unnecessary, since I can already see the current date in Pure Grid. It would be nice if we could somehow completely disable the caption area in Pure Calendar widget and use the extra space to display the actual event information.

  86. When I try and setup pure grid calendar, in the “select calendar to show” menu i cant see or select anything. Whats wrong?

  87. Looking for two things in a calendar:
    1) delete individual event from a repeat event.
    my two boys at school have a lot of school stuff, so at the begining of the year I set up a repeating event. But I want to have
    a) an end date, (don’t want it repeating forever),
    b) ability to cancel one of the future events leaving the others alone
    i.e. school holidays the events don’t run, so can I open the one event
    and delete just the one.

    Second item is to colour code events:
    Can I have one colour for my first son,
    a second colour for my second son,
    a third colour for stuff for me,
    a fourth colour for the volunteer work,
    etc etc etc

    Laslty, I don’t use google calendar, I don’t trust where the data is storged or goes.

    Does your app do the two above?
    From what I have reserached so far, yours seems the best, but need to know about these two items.
    Cheers, Iain

    1. Hi,
      1) No, repeated events delete on Android often fail
      2) Yes, with calendars colors
      3) Without Google calendar, it won’t work. My widget is mainly a viewer FOR Google calendars.

  88. Bonjour

    J’utilise Pure Grid Calendar depuis bientĂŽt un an synchronisĂ© avec mon agenda Google.
    Depuis peu, j’ai divisĂ© mon agenda unique Google en plusieurs agendas (ou catĂ©gories): Perso, Naa (mon boulot), CongĂ©s, Scolaires, Jours fĂ©riĂ©s.
    Tout est OK jusque lĂ , les diffĂ©rents agendas sont affichĂ©s aux diffĂ©rentes couleurs de google (couleurs pas terrible d’ailleurs).
    Le Pb s’est quand je saisis un Ă©vĂšnement sur le tĂ©l (HTC Hero Rom Cyanogen Floyo CM-1.2.0, donc Android 2.2.1), impossible de choisir dans quel agenda l’Ă©vĂšnement va ĂȘtre mĂ©morisĂ© le champs n’est pas disponible, il prend par dĂ©faut CongĂ©s, je ne sais pas pourquoi (peut-ĂȘtre ordre alphabĂ©tique).
    Merci d’Ă©clairer ma lanterne.
    A bientĂŽt et bravo pour cette appli

      1. OK merci
        J’Ă©tais avec ‘Stock Google Calendar’.
        Avec Quick Event Insertion ça marche nickel, j’avais pas pensĂ© Ă  essayer ça.

        Merci encore

  89. Hi,

    at first let me say thank you for such a grad app.

    I have an issue with the alignement on my HTC Wildfire. Whatever I do, it seems to me that the Calendar is not centred-It only docks on the top or the lower endof the screen. I used the bug fix in the opion but somhow i cannot figure out why it is not centred-the HTC calendar is nicely centred.

    Do you have any solution for this?


    1. Hi,
      I think this is because the wildfire use a very low screen resolution… it causes a lot of trouble to apps. Could you send me a screenshot or camera shot ?

  90. I am using Pure Grid Calendar paid version on a Verizon non-rooted Motorola Droid X running Android 2.2.1. Everything used to work good. Now when I create an event on my phone with Pure Grid Calendar I can create the event and press Save, the phone/calendar says Event Created and the event shows on the Pure Grid Calendar screen. When I close the Calendar screen and open it up again after using another app or screen the event that I just created in Pure Grid Calendar has disappeared and is not there.

    Can someone tell me why this is happening? Thanks.

    1. It seems your phone have a sync issue. Do you have any problem in general with Android calendar sync ?
      If not, then use the ‘stock calendar’ for the ‘+’ action button, and retry.
      If it doesn’t works, please, contact me by email.

  91. Please tell me what you mean above when you say “then use the ‘stock calendar’ for the ‘+’ action button. I know what the ‘+’ action button is – it is what I push to create an event. What do you mean by ‘stock calendar’?


  92. I would prefer to use Pure Grid Calendar but I have not tried Jorte calendar. Everything is working good with Jorte. The screens remain updated and Google calendar between my phone and desktop is in sync.

    I still wish I could get Pure Grid Calendar to work correctly as it use to.

      1. installed the pure grid calendar, but I don’t see any of my tasks from Astrid showing nor any way of enabling them in the widget.

  93. Bonjour,
    J’ai installĂ© Pure Grid Calendar, l’app rĂ©pond globallement Ă  mes attentes. J’ai cependant des problemes pour synchroniser mes calendriers GMAIL. J’ai suivi les instructions ici (https://koxx3.wordpress.com/facebook-events-x-hours-lateearly/) pour synchroniser les anniversaires de mes contact FB, via mon compte GMAIL. Malheursement, je ne parviens pas Ă  les afficher sur le widget. Combien de calendriers differents sont supportĂ©s par Pure Grid Calendar? (J’ai aussi les jours feries français et espagnols). Je suis sous Android 2.2.1, sur HTC Desire Z, avec Launcher PRO. D’avance merci pour votre aide.

  94. I’m currently debating going with either Touch Calendar or Pure Grid Calendar for a month-at-a-glance widget. Can you tell me the advantages of Pure Grid Calendar over Touch Calendar?

  95. Hello,
    It seems it is possible to use categories… Does it mean it is possible to use, in the same pcsync calendar (for example), a color code category for health appointments, an another for job events,…etc… and beeing able to filter between them ? And seeing for example only job events, or healthcare events,…
    Thanks !

    1. Hi,
      Google calendar doesn’t support ‘categories’, BUT you can use multiple calendars to simulate your categories.

      1. Ok thanks, but is it only possible in Google ??
        I synchronize my only pcsync calendar with Outlook and would like to do this without using Google.
        Thanks in advance

      2. If you are able to see your events in the phone STOCK calendar application, then you’ll see them in the widget.

    2. Need need need need filter by category. Categories in touchdown calendar. Click button, Popup list with list of categories, check which ones you want, click OK, now categories are filtered! Sweet! >poof<… I was just dreaming!

      1. Currently, categories are not shared by TouchDown.
        You need to request this feature to Nitrodesk first 😉
        Then, I’ll be able to add this filter.

  96. Thanks for making this awesome app! It’s fantastic.

    For my calendar, I like having my friend’s birthdays, since it is an easy reminder. However in the week view, it clogs up the whole day since it extends from top to bottom. Is there a way in which I can display all day items but not have it clog up the whole thing (like in the online version of Google Calendars where there is a special section on the top )

      1. So there isn’t really a way around those Facebook birthdays? Unless I turn them into a true full day event that is.

  97. With both Pure Calendar and Pure Grid Calendar, when it is plugged into a computer via USB, the interface no longer honors settings (Pure Grid Calendar reverts to the default theme) and sometimes does not display events correctly (Pure Calendar doesn’t put the icon next to tasks to differentiate Google Tasks and Google Calendar events, and Pure Grid Calendar doesn’t show any events). I assume this is because the settings and information reference things on the SD card and the card is unmounted from the phone when plugged into the computer. After I unplug the phone from the computer, I have to manually refresh the widgets to get them to appear correctly again.

    Is it possible to make these widgets work correctly when phone is plugged into a computer? If not, is it possible to make these widgets refresh automatically when the phone is unplugged from the computer?

    I downloaded and installed the widgets via the Android Marketplace, and I am using a Droid X with Android 2.2.1, running LauncherPro and not running a custom ROM.

    1. Backgournd skins are generated when you EXIT the configuration settings.
      I disagree to manage sdcard remount, it would use way too much CPU to redraw all my widget skin background when SDcard is remounted.
      Just avoid edit settings when sdcard is unmount.

      1. Thanks for your response. It’s more than editing settings on the widget, though. This issue also occurs when interacting with the widgets without modifying any settings.

        I have Pure Calendar getting its information from GTasks and if I add, edit, or remove a task within the GTasks app, Pure Calendar refreshes on its own. This causes the tasks and events to not have any icon next to them and the date headers no longer have any background color, so all the tasks and date headers are just shown as if one list. Also, if I add an event to my calendar by clicking on the date in the Pure Grid Calendar widget, pushing the (+) button, entering the event title, and pushing “OK,” the Pure Grid Calendar widget reverts to the default skin and doesn’t show any dates.

        I tend to use my phone a lot during the day so I have it plugged into the computer I am working at and I regularly mark tasks as complete during this time, which then causes the widgets to do what I mentioned. Ultimately it’s an annoyance, but it’s one I encounter multiple times a day.

        Just out of curiosity, what is actually stored on the SD card that the Pure widgets need? Is there anyway to move that onto the phone’s internal memory to get around this issue?

        If it would take too much CPU to redraw all of the widgets when the SD card is remounted, what about a setting specific for each widget where I can just check a checkbox for whether or not I want this particular widget to refresh upon remount?

        Thanks in advance!

      2. Here, it’s different, you are using scrollable mode.
        In this mode, it makes an extensive use of sdcard for all bitmaps of scrollable elements.
        If you want an option, why not, but please use the suggestion module. You are the first one to complain about it over 100000 intalls.

      3. Thanks for your help. I turned off scrollable mode in Pure Calendar and that fixed it. However, turning off scrollable mode in Pure Grid Calendar brought back the day grid and timelines but didn’t restore the skin. When I tried to update the skin, it said it was trying to access the SD card. I guess I can just live with that since I use the Pure Calendar primarily.

        I hope I don’t seem like I’m complaining; I’m just trying to get the most out of my purchase. 🙂

  98. I was changing my phone around and took the Pure Grid Calendar widget off my screen and when I added it back, a functionality that used to be there is gone…I used to tap the little calendar icon in the upper right and an agenda viewer would show up showing my upcoming appts…I don’t see how to add that back in now? Help?


  99. Je voulais savoir si la copie d’Ă©vĂ©nement Ă©tait possible. (mĂȘme lieu, mĂȘme Ă©vĂ©nement mais avec une date et une heure diffĂ©rente).

    Je ne pense pas que cela soit possible en natif avec google calendar (web et mobile).

    Est ce possible avec ce widget?

    merci ^^

  100. I just purchased this calendar… looks nice.

    Why can i only scroll a few months ahead? I have launcher pro installed. For example, today is March 30 but the farthest I can scroll is to September 11. Why is that?


    1. The ‘snap and scroll’ of Launcher Pro is not in the scrollable API we are using.
      The listview bring contraints : everything should be loaded in memory to be displyed in the listview. Impact: it uses much more memory in the launcher. Adding months would kill your launcher memory and brings issues.

  101. Hi, I really like this calendar.

    I’m having trouble entering the correct date for the timeline. When I select a certain date, it chooses one day earlier than the date I selected. But it shows up on the calendar correctly.

    If I want to change ONLY the starting date of an event, it ends up changing my ending date also.

    1. Hi,
      which insertion panel did you choose to enter your event ? ‘quick event insertion’ or something else ? (under the widget config panel, this is the ‘+’ button action)

  102. Hi, I have the HTC Thunderbolt and since I installed Pure Grid Calendar my battery life has shrunk It seems to be less than half the battery life before I installed the widget. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

    1. Hi,
      it means your calendar database is corrupted. It generally take 1 or 2% of general battery usage (checked in the battery status of Android settings).
      The easiest solution is to clean up your calendar database. Check in FAQ for ‘I don’t see all calendars/events’, there is a tips about calendar database cleaning.
      There is no know issue of Pure Grid calendar about this.

  103. Bonjour!
    Depuis une mise jour rĂ©cente j’ai des problĂšmes avec ce widget qui pourtant marchait trĂšs bien avant. J’avais 4 colonnes, du mardi au vendredi. Maintenant les jours ne sont plus en face des colonnes. Si je choisis un affichage sur 4 jours, je n’ai que 3 noms de jours et la derniĂšre colonne apparait vide. Pour avoir mes 4 jours avec leur emploi du temps, je suis obliger de paramĂ©trer un affichage sur 5 jours, avec la derniĂšre colonne vide et inutile.

    1. Bonjour,
      Il ne faut pas utiliser le mode ou l’on cache des jours de la semaine ET le mode ou l’on affiche seulement X jours ensemble. Ils sont incompatibles ensemble. Il faut que j’ajoute une protection la dessus…

      1. Ah voilà !!! Merci pour la réponse! Mais alors quelle est la différence entre les deux modes et lequel faut il choisir?

  104. Bonjour,

    Dans la vue de la semaine, mes Ă©vĂšnements exchange s’affiche Ă  cheval sur l’agenda de la journĂ©e et non pas dans la partie haute comme des Ă©vĂšnement de type journĂ©e.

    1. Bonjour,
      et bien pour moi ca veut dire qu’ils sont dĂ©finis comme ca sous Google Calendar.
      Avez-vous verifié sous Google calendar, sur le telephone, comment ils sont définis ? en jour plein ou non ?
      Autre question, utilisez vous un outil pour faire la synchro ?

  105. Merci pour le feed-back.

    Oui j’ai vĂ©rifiĂ©, sous google calendar ils apparaissent bien dans la partie haute.



    1. Dans ce cas, merci de me contacter par email pour une analyse plus approfondie (mon email est dans la page ‘about’)

  106. Hi,

    new integration of tasks look promising, thing is that the option “show only tasks with due dates“ is not saved. It is always unchecked and tasks without due date are always shown…

  107. bonjour,
    j’ai un petit soucis depuis la derniĂšre mise Ă  jour.seuls les derniers evennements saisis depuis 2/3 jours sur l’agenda google apparaissent sur pure grid calandar.les autres, aussi bien ceux passĂ©s que ceux Ă  venir ont disparus alors qu’ils sont toujours presents sur google agenda.
    et cela sans que je ne change quoique ce soit aux parametres.
    j’ai surement loupĂ© quelqe chose mais je ne trouve pas…
    merci d’avance pour votre rĂ©ponse. cordialement.
    Thery bruno

  108. Hello
    In polish Android – name of month is bad (bad form). Could you make header of widget editable? Also you may add setting to disable date visibility on header.
    Thank you

  109. How do I get the event colors I set in Google calendar to show in this really cool widget as seen in the screen shots above?

  110. How do I get all day events that are NOT created by me to show in the top part of the widget like the events that I create in my google calendar. In other words all day and multi day events that I accept from others display in the by-the-hour grid rather than at the top.

  111. After the last big update a few days ago, my pure grid calendar is not pulling up my google calender from the internet. I went to my stock calendar and tried to sync there, and I emptied the cache from my stock calendar, but it still isn’t working. It has uploaded things from my google calendar that I’ve added SINCE the update, but it isn’t pulling things that are on the calendar that were added before the update. I really, really, really have loved this ap and hate to loose it, but I NEED it to work with google. I’ve been lost the past couple of days without it working, please help!

    1. Did you check if your stock calendar app is up to date ?
      I repeat : Pure (Grid) calendar doesn’t sync anything. Sync is FULLY managed by Android.
      In 99.99% of cases, you’ll find the same problem on the stock calendar… and this is because this is the main Android sync problem or Google servers which are down.

      1. My stock calendar is up-to-date. Me and my husband are completely scratching our heads as to why the app just isn’t working anymore. He’s a bluetooth engineer, so it’s not like we are clueless in the ways of cell phones. It just isn’t pulling up my google calendar events anymore. SO frustrating and I can’t find another calendar that is as good as this one (used to be!)

  112. it’s very cool software, but can’t display suitable in my HTC flyer!! it seems resolution is not enough….

  113. I have a HTC Sensation (europe) pure grid calendar widget 2.0.3 does not work, stall trying to load, version 1.9.4 works, but does not fit the screen completely

      1. Hi,
        be SURE that you have latest market version. I have a european Sensation, and it works fine.
        If there is no update on the market, please, email me (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  114. I’m using the 4×4 modes on a 320 x 480 screen in week mode (M-F) — Is it possible to display the location of the event, in addition to the title? I have “show event location” checked, but it does not display (nor the description and end time)

    Is there also a way to disable the “timeline” that appears at the top (below the date) in ‘week” mode?

    Thank you!

  115. Hello, at the first of all, thank you for nice widgets. I am using your Pure grid calendar and also Pure Calendar…

    Problem :
    – I can’t get my task running with “Pure Grid Calendar” and “gTask”. The is no problem with regular “non-grid” version with exact same configuration ?
    Which widget size I should select and where tasks are visible ?

    I am very sorry for really dumb question, but I am little desperate now 🙂

    I am using LG optimus ONE and GB 2.3.3

  116. I really love your “Eclair” Style, but in a older version of “Pure Grid Calendar”, there was a even nicer Version without the Dots, but with Symbols! Can you add this Style again to the downloadable styles?

    1. Sorry but I don’t have time to create more skins. You can edit image files from the sdcard if you want 😉

      1. No new skin, just the old Eclair without Dots, i don’t know why you deleted it?

      2. Then you have something wrong with your skin folder.
        Tested 1 minute ago : dots are always here…

  117. You misunderstood me. You had a skin without dots (in v 1.9), but with Symbols (like the others) and now you only have the one with the dots.

  118. Could you update the widget for qHD resolutions? You mentioned that you own a sensation yourself so it would be great if it would fill up my whole screen like the original (sense) calendar widget.

      1. I hope you will succeed over time. Btw. the sensation is much smoother if you disable “watch” using temporary root and titanium backup.

  119. I’m trying to use this on my Sprint HTC EVO, but when I try to enter an event, and click on the date or the time, I get a message that the app closed unexpectedly. Can’t figure out why.

  120. Hey,
    I would like to use pure grid calendar for my HTC Wildfire.
    But I couldn`t install it. I got only a “pure grid calendar INFO”-file in the App-list.
    And I can not choose of “pure grid calendar (4×4 XXL…)”-file or “pure grid calendar (4×2 L…)”-file.
    I deinstalled that widget but would like to try it again. What did I wrong?
    Thanks for help!

    1. Hi,
      are you using stock ROM or custom ROM ?
      Be SURE that you didn’t install the application on sdcard.
      ciao, F

  121. I am using Samsung Galaxy S II. I love Pure Grid Calendar btw.

    One thing you could fix is for me to see 09:00AM to 05:00PM in Week View Widget (that’s the last thumbnail image in the Screenshots above…) without being cropped at 04:00PM as it is currently.

    I have already turned off Tasks but do need to see All Day events, and I am minimizing the vertical height to 2 already? so I am not sure what else I can tweak in order to see my full work day vertically without cropping. In Week View. Currently I am swapping back & forth between this and Executive Assistant, which isn’t exactly efficient viewing if you ask me 😉 😉

    How about a feature where slots with no events can be compressed a little bit more to allow for more vertical space? Just a suggestion.

    Anyway, hope you can look into it, Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but I don’t understand the problem.
      Are you using the scrollable mode ?
      If yes, can you try without ?
      Can you send me a screenshot or your situation ?
      And please, for such technical issue, email me (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  122. I really appreciate this widget. I miss however the week number in the month and weeks views. I can not figure out how to show them.

  123. For the newer phones (like Sensation 4G) a 5×5 Pure Grid widget makes sense already. The currently available 5×5 XL versions are too large and get clipped on all sides. It would be nice to have “normal” (non XL) version of 5×5 widget.

    Also, it would be great to be able to fine-tune the height of both Pure Grid and Pure Calendar widgets to achieve the same height for both widgets (at least when both use similar skins).

      1. Well, I run LauncherPro in my Sensation 4G, and 4×4 grid certainly feels a bit wasteful on that screen. My current grid setting is 6×5 (6 rows, 5 columns). It would be nice to be able to create a 5×5 Pure Grid widget on that screen with an extra row left available.

        At this time I create a 4×4 XL Pure Grid stretched to 5×5 area. It looks fine. However, it leaves empty margins on all four sides. It would be nice to use the entire 5×5 real estate, i.e. make the grid cells larger.

  124. Hello.

    Is there a manual or user guide? I purchased Pure Grid Calendar, but I dont know how to work.


    1. Hi,
      yes, there is when you tap the ‘pure’ icon in the launcher.
      You’ll learn how to insert a widget, and main features of the widget.

  125. Oh, I thinking on the web…
    For example, three buttons at the top (one plus, a point with two hemispheres, and a circle), what is its function?

  126. Pardom, I dont understand. Plus is for a new entry, no?, but the other two?, which is back to current date?, and the other, the third?

  127. Calendar Grid Widget won’t update/synchronize. I have disabled task killer and low memory space is not an issue. Help please.

    Samsung Galaxy S.

  128. Hi,
    Your grid calendar is great!
    I have a suggestion:
    Please, make the fonts of the days (in the day header) bigger (or give an option to define the font size)

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      there is no download site for ‘old’ skins. If there are not in the skin manager, it because they are no more compatible with the current widget layout and they have been removed.

  129. I, too missed the “Widget Config Panel” where I needed to “enable timelines.”
    Where is the Widget Config Panel?
    Should I uninstall/reinstall?

  130. Hello, bonjour,

    J’ai un Galaxy S, et un Mac. Par ailleurs, je suis un dinosaure car j’utilise encore mon Palm comme Agenda, Crnet d’adresses, task, et notes.
    Avec Pure Calendar, est-il possible :
    -de rĂ©cupĂ©rer mes donnĂ©es d’agenda Palm (exportables en vCal) et de les transfĂ©rer sur Pure Calendar?
    -de synchroniser facilement mon agenda sur Pure Calendar entre mon galaxy S et mon Mac?


  131. Hello!
    I have found a problem with pure grid calendar. I have added an activity through Google that recur every 5 weeks (September 16 to October 21, etc.). When I now want to change the activity on the 21 October and only that day the calendar go automatically to the 16 September and I can not change the date. When I do the same in the HTC calendar it works and the 21 October will arrive. Otherwise, it is by far the best calendar ever.
    Thanks in advance.
    Sincerely, Jacob (HTC Desire S)

    1. Hi,
      editing reccuring events from the widget is very randon depending of the decice. This is absotly not documented by Google and can have various effects depending on how the manufacturer implemented this.

  132. Hello,

    I’m getting a force close on HTC Evo 3D, running KingKobra ROM 1.5. I’m also using Pure Calendar Widget (agenda) on the main screen and Pure Grid Calendar on another screen.

    I can select all my options and everything when configuring the PGC widget but as soon as I press Continue and Skin, the application force closes. I can make changes in configuration and apply them, but continue and skin causes problems. Version 2.1.5


    1. Hi,
      I need a logcat just after the force close… but I need to inform you : nobody else reported such trouble over 50000 installs. So, I guess your ROM may be the cause…

    2. I tried version 2.1.4 and no force closes on that one.. looks like something to do with 2.1.5.

      I’m also using widget size 4×4 QHd – 1.5 month widget.

  133. Great app, only one I have found to do what I want, but……… Bug found I believe…. I like to have my calender show Mon through Friday only, so I select 5 day view, starting on Monday. This works, but every time I change anything in configuration, the Timelines > Week view options > [ ] “Force current day at first column (ignore week start option)” check box gets rechecked. So anytime I make any changes to anything, I also have to go to that settings and uncheck it again.

  134. Thanks for Ultimate to Do List integration! There are two things I wish to be improved.
    1. My tasks in UTL has start and due time, but in Pure Grid (week view) they shown in first row, as if they has not. UDL developer told me that UDL sends time info to Calendar, so it will be great to use it.
    2. It is very useful to add new task from Calendar into task manager. But this option needs badly to pass time info from tapping area in Calendar to outside. I was told this is impossible. I do not heard! 8-).

    1. Hi,
      1. I’ll check time support, but I think Pure Grid doesn’t show task as timed events (only as all day events).
      2. I don’t understand this request. Can you explain ?

  135. In calendar (regular and grid), they both, are not showing the flagged emails that TaskSync shows as tasks. I know implementation of TaskSync is still in BETA, but I just would like to know if this (flagged emails from TaskSync) is your to-do list?

  136. Pure grid doesn’t resize (width) on galaxy nexus. Pure calendar will stretch pure grid will not. Say like on ADW 5×5 screen a 4×4 Pure calendar can be resized to cover the whole screen horizontally but pure grid will still only be 4 across.

    1. I don’t remember if it still exist. I think it doesn’t due to new skins sizes introduced few month ago (the icon was expanding out of main skin borders and tihs is not possible anymore).

  137. Hey koxx3 im having some issues on my Gnex. I put a 4×4 scrollable widget up and all works well except when i try to click on the right edge of the widget to add events to sunday. i can click on any other day or spot on the calender and it works fine. Just this one small issue that is bugging me. can you look into it for me? Thanks a bunch. Love your work….i was missing my HTC friend stream and calender till i found your stuff!!!

    1. Hi,
      I am aware of this bug.
      I’ve just published a fix.
      Can you try the latest market version and give me a feedback please ?

  138. Hi – using the 4×4 grid widget with timeline labels on Froyo, Motorola Triumph.

    Has anyone reported the issue of creating a monthly recurring appointment for the “last day of the month” on Outlook (synced to Google Calendar), and the appt shows up on Pure on every day of the month? My other google calendar apps (like on iPad) import it correctly. When I try to customize the appt in Pure there is no option to select “last day of the month”…thanks!

    1. Hi,
      did you check in the STOCK calendar application how it appear ?
      I think the sync tool is the problem. Not Pure calendar. How did you connect Outlook to Google calendar ?

  139. Interesting. Yes, you are correct. The stock Android calendar also imported the appt incorrectly. I use Google Calendar Sync to keep Outlook synced with Google. I am surprised that it could not pass it off to Google Android correctly. Not sure what I should do to resolve it, other than simply remove it altogether.

  140. I would like an option to at least show 3 events a day when I set the widget to scroll able mode. Now there are only 2 and a +1. I don’t need 8 Weeks at once but often 3 events on one day.

  141. I bought a new version 2.2.7 PGCw.
    but when I tap the last cell (or first cell),
    month doesn’t change.

    my phone is galaxy S 2.


  142. Hi,

    Any chance to provide a version without the “read contact data” permission? For example (sorry for the question but I’m lacking knowledge on Android development), wouldn’t it be possible to add a version without the permission and release the extra feature as a free addon (so that people would still pay for the widget, while having a choice for that specific permission)?
    Thanks and regards,

    1. this is now ready. The next version won’t need the contact permission.
      The plugin is already published (Birthdays for Pure widget).

  143. Je pense que ce sujet pourrait encore ĂȘtre dĂ©veloppĂ© ? Un article en complĂ©ment ? Merci

  144. Hi,

    I noticed the following behavior in Pure Grid Calendar:

    – When timeline is not enabled, the header title shows the full month name (e.g. April 2012)
    – When timeline is enabled, the header title becomes e.g. Apr 2012 (I think to give space to the view type toggle button)
    – If the “Show view type toggle button” is unchecked (and the button becomes not visible), the header title remains Apr 2012 (though it would have enough space to show April 2012)

    Is there a specific option to have the full header title when timeline is enabled? If not, is it possible to change this behavior (that is: when “Show view type toggle button” is unchecked, show the full header title)?
    Thanks and regards,

  145. Bonjour , avant j’utilisĂ© iplanner ( sur mon iphone3 )et j’etais fan car j’ai besoin des couleurs pour que mon planning trĂ©s variĂ© me saute aux yeux . Ma question est comment avoir les couleurs sur mon android qui sont sur le planning google ? Sur mon android tout les jours sont en bleu . Merci

  146. Rebonsoir , sur la version que j’ai achetĂ© , je n’ai pas les couleurs de marquĂ© dans les outils et vu que je ne suis pas anglophone….merci

  147. J’ai tour relu , ce que j’ai pu , et je n’ai rien trouvĂ© , dsl .Et vu que je ne suis pas un grand informaticien…..

    1. Pour avoir differentes couleurs sur Google calendar avec Android, il faut utiliser PLUSIEURS calendriers différents.
      Android ne supporte pas les couleurs independantes mise individuellement sur chaque evenement.

  148. Hi,

    I tried the new “option to allow display of timeline text inside the timeline” and it’s very useful! The only problem is that it shows the same layout for both full day events and non-full day events, so they can’t be recognized at first sight.
    Would it be possible to implement a layout similar to the Google Calendar one, in order to differentiate these events? That is:

    – Put timeline text inside the timeline (as now) for full day events;
    – Colorize the text of non-full day events with the color of the corresponding calendar, without putting them inside the timeline (and eventually add the start time before such events – but maybe there is too few space for that).

    Thanks and regards,

  149. Bonjour,
    J’ai un petit souci sur Galaxy S3 android ICS 4.0.4.
    Peut ĂȘtre que quelqu’un l’a dĂ©jĂ  rencontrĂ©.
    Lorsque je veux ajouter un Ă©vĂšnement Ă  partir du widget avec le petit bouton “+”, le calendrier proposĂ© est obligatoirement “Samsung calendar” et je ne sais pas comment revenir sur le calendrier de ma boite mail. Je n’ai pourtant pas choisi le Samsung calendar parmi les calendriers Ă  afficher.
    Je me souviens avoir déjà eu ce problÚme également sur Galaxy S.
    Quelqu’un aurait-il la solution ?

  150. The same problem as above, summarized :

    How to change default calendar of Pure Grid Calendar ?
    It’s locked on “Samsung calendar” when I want to add event with “+” button.

  151. I can tell you more. The first time I tried to add a new event, a popup window tell me this :

    Nouvel événement
    Impossible de synchroniser le calendrier Google avec Samsung Kies. Utilisez Mon calendrier pour effectuer une synchronisation avec Kies

    And the Samsung calendar was selected by default.
    Why ?

    1. I found a solution.
      I cleaned data from “Calendar storage” or in french “Stockage calendrier” application : Manage applications > Calendar storage > Delete data (cache also).
      I selected again the gmail calendar in pure grid calendat widget configuration.
      And I selected the “Do not show again” select box on the message popup.
      The synchronisation works.

  152. hello
    i have a problem my widget say calendar database error
    what can i do ?
    samsung galaxy s3
    (i am french)

    1. Hi,
      clean you phone calendar database storage (check FAQs : “I don’t see all my event”).

  153. Hi
    Thanks for this good app.
    I am using ‘pure grid calendar’ with ‘dgt gtd'(‘dgt gtd toodledo’ and ‘dgt gtd pure widget plugin’ latest version also installed).
    Tasks of ‘dgt gtd’ are displayed on ‘pure grid calendar’ widget, but i can’t view or edit these tasks on pop-up of ‘pure grid calendar’ widget.
    (When I touch the widget, pop-up of tasks list displayed.
    But I touched the task to edit or view, nothing happens.)
    * Other tasks providers works well.

    How can I solve this problem?
    Help me PLZ…

    I have lg-f160k(os: android 4.0.3).

  154. Hi – I have the calendar setup perfect on tablet and phone, except for one thing:

    Is there any way I can change the colour of the dates/days separate from the colour of the events? Currently I can either set the text colour to very dark, which means I can read the events perfectly, or I can set the text colour to light, which means I can see the dates ok but it’s difficult to read the event text…

    Other than that, great job. 🙂

  155. Bonjour et merci pour ces widgets super sympa! J’aurai cependant une petite question. Je n’arrive pas Ă  avoir une fenĂȘtre de calendrier comme les screenshots 1,2,5 et 6. Comment puis-je faire? Merci pour votre rĂ©ponse

  156. Hi!

    I want to sync My Calendar that i filled in this widget on my phone to the Google Calendar so that i can change the colours of the timelines. How can i make this work?

    Please help!

    1. Hi, no idea. ‘my calendar’ is not an classic google calendar, but a Samsung one. I don’t know how to transfer/sync such informations, and clearly, the widget won’t help you on this.

  157. Hello, great widget!
    Question, I use it mainly as a nicer and more customizable option to Touchdown one. However I have multiple exchange calendars in Touchdown, I can see all of them in the Pure widget but can’t change their colors, am I missing anything or is this not possible? In the latter case any chance of getting that in a future release.

    1. Hi,
      TouchDown events colors are currently sent by TouchDown itself depending of events categories (business, private …).
      I have currently no plan to force calendar colors :/

    1. Hi,
      no, it is not possible because they doesn’t offer (and refuse to plan) an API to allow 3rd party apps/widgets to read their tasks.
      Personnaly, I find Astrid as good as AnyDo.

  158. Hello. The S Planner calendar widget dynamically adjusts the number of weeks displayed depending on what is needed to show all days in a given month. This maximises the space available to display events.

    Have you considered implementing this behavior?

    1. Hi,
      this is not possible.
      For Samsung, it’s possible because have the code of the widget AND the Home part. I can’t enhanced the Home part since it use stock Android Home.

  159. Hello,
    As an ‘before you buy’ question, may I ask whether your Month View Widget has the option to always show the current week at the top?
    As the end of the month is near, it’s such a waste that the current 4 top rows show “the past/history”, while it’s much more interesting to see what’s in the weeks ahead.
    Thanks a lot for your insights,

  160. Since Pure Grid Calendar Widget >= 2.5.6 is able to display colors of individual events from Google Calendar, I would like to know how to enable these?

    I’ve got 2.5.6 version and I am using the Free Size widget with Timelines enabled, but the colors of events are still default blue (although events in Gmail are all colored up).

    1. Hi,
      You stock phone calendar application have to sync them. If not install the latest version of Android calendar application from the market.
      There is nothing to do in the widget to display those colors.

  161. Hello. I’m sorry to trouble you but cannot find the solution to my problem since i upgraded to pure grid calendar and i hope you can help please.
    It’s a very simple problem (i think) in that i can not see the configuration button anywhere on thexwudget. I wondered if you’d mind advising me how i go about locating this pls. I could manage before i uograded but the button seems to have disappeared now.
    I use the fab widget all the time & just need help if possible to improve what i can do with it.
    Can you help please?
    Thank you
    Bev Walker

    1. Hi,
      this is the upper right button. If you picked a too big widget, may you don’t see it. Then you need to remove the widget and insert a smaller.

  162. This is a bug that has stuffed me around a few times now throughout the years.

    On the day of daylight savings change, this one being the 5th of Oct, events with 1 day duration (all day) don’t display on the calendar widget. But they display on Google calendar and the stock calendar app. Even when creating them with in the widget, once you add them in they disappear from the widget but exist in Google Calendar. Events display fine if you put less then 1 Day duration. I’m guessing its freaking out cause of the time zone change at 3 am.

    Located in Melbourne Australia +AEST time zone, Currently in +11 GMT. S4 running CM11, but this has happened on my older phones in the same situation in the past.

  163. Hi
    I use your grid calendar and I found it to be the one on play store you can customize most. Though I would love to see these add-ons:
    – in settings there should be an option to choose between, when clicking on the grid, to open today’s tasks or the place you really click.

    I also have your agenda calendar and somehow the whole length of a calendar description isn’t shown on the display. It’s cut off little over halfway.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      unfortunately, it is not technically possible with the choice I made for the widget architecture. It’s only a bitmap in the background with cells to press in an overlay. It is not possible to detect the event/task which is pressed.
      For pure calendar, you need to adjust the text length in the widget config panel (system tab).
      Sorry, Francois

      1. Oops, sorry.
        Thank you for your kindly guidance.
        I repost my wish to the page, if you want.

  164. This is a great app been using it for a few years now but it needs extra support for the skins they haven’t grown much in in all the time I’ve been using it, I believe that a larger range of skins and colours would help this apps popularity

    1. Hi, skins are users published contents. I don’t make skins myself since I am a very bad graphist.

  165. I have a bug with DGT GTD, when I try to use “Filter by task/folders” it commes with an error and a blank list.

    The error message:
    Such filtrering is not supported by this task manager applikation.

    It workshop fine in Pure Calendar

  166. Ever since Oreo and your most recent update, when I change months on the calendar it changes the month name in the header, but doesn’t actually change the month on the calendar. Having issues with it thinking it’s yesterday as well. Has worked fine for years until this.

  167. Hi,

    With the latest major update to Android Pure Grid Calendar stopped working, I’m not able to scroll to next week/month anymore? Is this a known bug and will you fix this? It’s been a while since I saw new versions… BR

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