31 thoughts on “K9FP and Exchange

    1. I’ve been unable to get Pure Messenger to work with my office’s exchange server setup. My web access (OWA) requires me to enter a password along with a one-time PIN code from a VPN token. Does this mean it’ll never work? I can login to exchange via Touchdown just fine, as that doesn’t require a one-time code.

    1. Yes… but for Hotmail, it’s delicate.
      You need to configure K9FP to access Hotmail by POP3. If it works, then you’ll be able to grab everything in Pure messenger

  1. Hey!

    I just installed Pure Messenger and then K-9 for Pure and when I want to add Pure Messenger (any size) as a widget and open the pop/email drop down button, the k-9fp thing is activated but below, where it says “Account 1” – “Account 2” etc I cannot chose any of my K-9 accounts. There is only “none” available. Therefore it doesn’t refresh any emails because no email account is set up for it.

    When I open the K-9 for Pure it tells me to add a new account, but I already have my two accounts in K-9 fully configured.

    What is going on with it?

  2. I was able to configure hotmail with POP3, but the emails do not sync properly. I get a lot of emails as unread (on my phone) even if I already read them on a computer. And when I erase an email on my phone, the email does not get erased when I check on the computer.

    Do you have a recomendation using exchange instead of POP3? I tried the links you provided above, but they did not helped me. I got an error trying to connect to the server.

    1. POP3 doesn’t sync READ flags, this is normal.
      there is an option for POP3 to delete message on server when you delete it on phone (check K9FP settings).

      IMAP is much better than POP3 but is not supported by every email provider.

      Exchange is very difficult to configure in K9FP.

      1. Well, I no longer need to worry about this, because you just released your “Email connector for Pure” and I use that to set the wife’s hotmail working with exchange and the stock email.

        Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the great widget. I set up k9fp to access my mail (after some effort.) I see my mail in the k9fp app as well as in the widget ( messenger,) but mail will NOT push. I can only get emails after asking the k9fp app to check for email. It doesn’t seem to work but just refreshing the widget. Any advice?

  4. I downloaded K9FP, it was configured and able to pull my work emails. But the scrollable widget is not displaying any of the K9FP emails. I verified the configuration to enable, K9 for Pure, Acct 1… it looks correct. When I sync from the widget, it syncs the K9FP (displays it on notification bar). But doesn’t show any emails. It can access all the others (gmail, phone, sma, twitter, and facebook). I also tried to re-install and configure K9FP … didn’t work…Please advise…

      1. Where is the ‘ integrated inbox’? I can not find it on either the Pure Messenger or the K9FP.

  5. I like this widget works great for my SMS’s, but I can’t get K9FP to actually show my emails. I set up K9FP and emails are showing up in the app. But when I add a widget and select Email & K9FP & the account I made in K9FP it comes up empty, I tried different widgets sizes. I looked thru K9FPs setting and didn’t see anything.

    What am I not doing here?

  6. n/m it’s working now, I thought it would pick up any unread messages but I guess it only see’s emails I received since I installed K9FP, which I guess makes sense 🙂

  7. On my Messenger Widget I see all my exchange emails twice. My SMS and phone are doing that. I have a DroidX with Launcher Pro and K9 for Pure.

    Do I have something configured incorrectly?

  8. I too are having problems with exchange.

    The K9FP can retriewe my mail, but it is not displayed in the Pure messages widget.
    I cannot find anything named Integrated inbox, however in folder view there are 2 “inbox”.

    Writing this post, suddently mails appear in the widget..?
    But there are 2 of them..?

  9. I have an exchange email account and I have set up through k9 for pure and my emails populate there but not in the pure messenger widget. I am using the list widget (not scrollable). Do I still need go launcher for the non scroll list view?

  10. I’ve had K9 for Pure working with my Exchange 2007 for a very long time, but suddenly after the last version (4.102-122) it will not retrieve mails?!?
    I’ve tried directly from K9FP and I have no error messages – just an empty inbox folder .
    I have uninstalled, rebooted my HTD Desire HD, and installed K9FP again.

    I’ve also tried the full K9 mail app and it works with the same settings (only went though the set-up guide on both apps)?!?

    Since I didn’t do any changes to Pure/K9 except for upgrading K9FP, I’m pretty sure the error resides here – what to do?!?

  11. Even though the newest version of K9 mail DO get the e-mails (as I wrote in my post)?!? There isn’t anything in your newest version, that could inflict on the e-mail inbox?

    I would happy if you e-mailed me the previous version on sf@it-magic.dk :).

  12. Einrichtung zu kompliziert (erst apps deinstallieren und in einer bestimmten reihenfolge wieder installieten), Kauf rückgängig gemacht <für so eine bastell-app viel zu teuer!

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