I can’t get my 2nd gmail address working

You need to configure the stock Gmail application to grab all Gmail accounts you want to see in Pure messenger.
Pure messenger doesn’t grab Gmail emails from servers but from the stock Gmail application database.

14 thoughts on “I can’t get my 2nd gmail address working

  1. i have 2 widgets installed:

    facebook is working fine. refreshing ok.
    gmail – not refreshing at all – please advise

    1. How much free internal memory ? Need to keep at least 30mb of free internal memory for proper refresh of gmail.

  2. let me be specific:
    Gmail auto refresh is great: if i have gmail native app on “push” – than pure messenger gmail widget is working great.

    my problem is the manual refresh: not working at all..
    (facebook widget working)

    no task killer
    please advise.

    1. what do you expect from manual refresh ?
      If can request refresh of :
      – K9FP
      – Facebook
      – Twitter.
      All other providers are PUCH only.
      If manual refresh for one of those providers doesn’t works, I need a logcat to check why.

  3. hi

    i am trying manual refresh (using the refresh button at the bottom of the widget) for:

    how can i provide you with a logcat? and where to send it to?

  4. Hi!. I have 3 gmail accounts configured and working with gmail stock widget, and all 3 apeared in pure messenger config window, but only the emails of 2 of them apeared in the widget screen.

    The one ignored is a custom domain gmail account (not @gmail.com) could be the problem related to this?

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but I never tried with such google domains servers and I don’t have any server to make tests 😦

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