K9 For Pure

K9 For Pure is a modified version of the K9 application (http://code.google.com/p/k9mail/)

K9 is an application to manage your emails from POP3, IMAP and Exchange email accounts.

This modified version allow Pure messenger to retrieve emails from K9 For Pure (not possible with official K9).


Revisions logs

nr : not released

1.1.9: FIX 0 messages listed in Pure messenger
1.1.8: FIX pure messenger crash and hanging problems
1.1.7: fix remote refresh
1.1.6: upgrade to official K9 3.900
1.1.5: support attachment markers for Pure messenger
1.1.4: fix slow email viewing
1.1.3: can force refresh from the widget
1.1.2: solve landscape message view issue
1.1.1: solve problem with Pure messenger and big email boxes.
1.1.0: update to official K9 3.503 + improve Pure messenger listing speed

42 thoughts on “K9 For Pure

  1. I have K9 working with my exchange account however when I try to setup K9 for pure I cannot connect to server, just comes up with Cannot Connect to Server when trying to Authenticate. Any ideas?

  2. I have K9 for Pure installed on a tablet (Viewsonic G) and it won’t send from the tablet. Same exact settings as my phone and it does work on the phone. I saw this on the regular K9 site:

    Issue 3057: SMTP setup fails (Motorola XOOM)

    Apparently it was fixed in version 3.603

    Is this something that be can be included.



  3. Hi Francois

    I downloaded the lastest K9FP and the bug for setting up SMTP servers on tablet is still there. I don’t see a 3.900 in the core K9 release notes only up to 3.800. Do you know if the code you used had the fix from 3.603?



    1. Hi,
      It use the latest code available in GIT (annoted with 3.900 in the manifest). Another user confirmed me that the issue is solved with Honeycomb and SMTP…. weird

  4. Hi guys,

    As I’ve learned there is very little chance for integration with official K9 which is really bad information. K9 for Pure is so buggy and crashes for me at least 10 times per day (on my SGS2). I’m really considering giving up of the widget because in current condition when I have to choose between nice widget and unusable mail application I’ll always vote for official K9.

    At least introduce upgrades of K9 for Pure on regular basis – this soft looks now for a very old release. Information that “I’ll upgrade K9fm sounds like a joke, especially when we’re talking about critical bugs (eg crashing app)


  5. Hi there,
    first of all i really like your widget.
    I still have a strange behaviour in my ‘K9 for Pure’.
    When i compose a mail with an signature i see that my received mail is totally messed up. What i mean by that is that all the text (including my signature) is in 1 line. So no spaces or enters between them. I just can’t figure out what settings i’m missing here. Before i purchased Pure i was working with the regular K-9 client and i never had this problems. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my bad english 😦

    Regards, Mike

    1. Hi,
      Do you reply from Pure messenger or from K9FP ?
      The ‘reply with quote’ features from K9FP flat all the email body. There is no way to specifiy a signature in the standard Android email API.

  6. Hi,
    There is no option to download headers only. This could reduce data load. Full message body could be available after short click on element when internal browser opens it. What do you think?


  7. Hi,

    I think there may be problem with the latest build.

    According to TrafficStats, K9 used 40mb of data in less than 12 hours

    During that time I received only 5 emails – all POP3 and with no attachments.

    Gmail IMAP was enabled, but no messages received. Hotmail IMAP was not enabled (though it did seem to poll)

    I think it is since that last update that it has gone wrong.

      1. I’ll try there. What version of K9 are you using as a base? I am using K9FP 1.1.9

        It’s a big problem. My battery use is terrible – I now have to carry a spare battery as the battery will drain in a few hours and I was going to throw away my original battery as I thought it was defective.

        I’ve used up my entire month’s GPRS data plan (200mb) in less than 3 weeks, and I have used my phone at home for 95%+ of that time (so non-K9 data is probably <20mb)

        I'm going to have to uninstall Pure Messenger/K9FP until this is solved. It is a disaster.

      2. It is based on K9 3.900.
        I am sorry, but I don’t know enought the internal K9 structure to help you on this. My job on K9FP is resumed to add the sharing capability to the official K9.

  8. I understand, this is beyond your control.

    I’ll try the official K9 support groups. Unfortunately, unless they can offer a solution, I’ll have to either uninstall K9FP or disable GPRS data. (No-one offers a data plan of 50mb per day!)

    1. We are lucky here : data plans are unlimited in France (just slow down after fair use of 500mb) 😉

    2. Did you try to simply uninstall and reinstall K9FP from the market ?
      it fixed some issues with previous users.

  9. I’ll give it a go.

    It appears to be a known issue with K9 – see issues 3032 (and a few others that talk of excessive battery drain, but not high data usage)

    Seems to be related to the IMAP features. I’ll remove hotmail and see if that affects it.

    I am jealous of your data plan, but still, you’d used 1.5GB per month on email alone!

    1. I have an 1 IMAP + 1 POP accounts in my K9FP and I clearly don’t have such trouble … :/
      ~1Gb used per month with 800mb of podcasts

      1. Grr, I am jealous. 🙂

        I’ve reloaded K9FP, but I have just had a clever plan: I will set up the POP account on K9FP and use the gmail app for gmail IMAP.

        This should work if the problem is IMAP on K9.

        Fortunately, your clever widget will allow this to work!

      2. Yes, it will work fine, but be careful to not update Gmail to his latest version (2.3.5), Google locked the Gmail database access.

  10. Thanks for the warning on the update.

    For your info, I set it up with POP on K9FP and gmail on the Gmail app. It all seems to work smoothly and 30 emails in 24 hours only generated less than 1mb of traffic.

    I am pleased that your widget allows this flexibility, thanks.

      1. Guess who forgot to deselect ‘Allow automatic updating’ for the gmail app? 🙂 (sorted after some uninstalling/reinstalling)

        Now, if only we could have the option to select ‘default notification’ as well as ‘default ringtone’, I would be a very happy man.

  11. On a Samsung tab 10.1, I am unable to download attachments to sdcard. It says no file browser found even though I have two installed and the touchwiz update came with aa stock one. I have the right path specified…

    1. And did you configure your accounts in K9FP ?
      Do you see your accounts in Pure messenger widget config panel ?

  12. Hi,

    When i try open any documents in K9P, it shows: 1) pdf “can’t open document“ (not sure in english – having czech stock)
    2) some docs: “can’t find viewer for application/vnd.openxmlformats.fficedocument.wordprocessingml.document.

    -got polaris and the same attachments are able be opened in stock email client. Is there any option, where I can configure internal document viewer in K9P? Is this known bug? I found some posts on google, but without solution.

    SGS2, android 2.3.3, launcherPro +

    P.s.: what about feature ‘open attachment directly from messenger widget?’ 🙂

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but this is not a part of modifications I made to the original K9 … so, I can’t answer. I advise you to push your question to the official K9 team.
      May the next upgrade of K9FP (based on K9) will solve the issue, I don’t know. There is no ETA for the next K9FP.
      For direct attachment opening from the widget, it depends of how much users vote for the idea in the suggestion module.

      1. Thanks,

        for everyone, who deals with this. Here is link about this issue on official K9 forum. Unfortunately without meaningful solition yet.


  13. I’m having trouble writing new emails. I can not access the list of recipients. With K-9 it works. Thank you for an answer.

    (Samsung Note)

  14. Does the “Send as” feature work with K9FP?

    I have tried it and it just returns the new composed mail to the Drafts folder, not being able to change the from of an email (killer feature for me, as I have several accounts).


  15. Having been a HUGE fan of Calendar, I purchased Messenger as well…I already used K9, so I thought that K9 for PW was just an add-on, not a completely different app. UGH…and since saved settings from K9 won’t install in K9 for PW, that mean setting everything up from scratch (for 12 accounts). Anyway…..

    Strange problem. Folks at K9 don’t seem to know.
    I have no problem changing any of the settings, except one. “Start in Unified Inbox” located in Global Settings\Interaction. No matter how I try and what I do, the setting turns itself back on when you leave the settings menu. This is actually a real headache, as I don’t use the unified inbox, and it seems to really hang up the app, trying to do additional syncing. Although it seems minor, it actually makes or breaks the usefulness for me.

    Do you have any thoughts? Since the unified inbox is what your widget pulls in, does that keep the inbox set as default opening point? (don’t see why it should since what the app opens to, and what the widget communicates with behind the scenes are separate.)

    PS..This is on my new ASUS Transformer pad, with Android 3.0


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