All I get is an information page…

Well, you should read this information page…
My applications are widgets, and widgets are not classic applications: You don’t LAUNCH a widget, you INSERT a widget on the Home page.

To insert a widget on Android 1.x or 2.x: make a LONG press on the free zone of the home page, then select ‘widget’ and pick the widget you want to insert on the page.
Tutorial video :

To insert a widget on Android 3.x or 4.x: insert the widget from the main launcher (widget tab in the launcher), then pick the widget you want to insert on the page and drag it.
Tutorial video :

Be sure you have enough free space on the Home page (a 4×2 widget use 4 icons width and 2 icons height).

40 thoughts on “All I get is an information page…

  1. In spite of this video I can’t get the calendar to add on my HTC Hero – I go to the ‘add widgets’ section (I know how to add widgets!) yet I still get the information screen telling me not to run the program but to add it as a widget.

    I’m going to do a restart – if that doesn’t work it’s a refund for me. Shame.

  2. OK, got it sorted – you have to read through the info screen then scroll all the way to the bottom and press “done”.

    I will have myself flogged.

  3. I have read the information page 3 times now and clicked done each time. How many times do I have to do this before I can open the calendar?

    1. You don’t OPEN the calendar, it’s a widget.
      You INSERT a widget on the Home.
      Watch the Youtube video from the information page.

      1. I have done that, it is on my Home Screen, but it still won’t open. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hello: I’m using “Weather Forecast Widget Donate”. Can’t “INSERT” widget on my homepage because this widget refuses to come up on the menu of available widgets.

    All I can do is try running the widget, which just gives me the message

    Thanks for donating. It removes all current widgets limitations. To unlock widgets, just reconfigure your widgets, you will have access to all features.

    Guess what. I have NO idea how to “reconfigure my widgets”. Google doesn’t help on this either — it seems to be something developers do with long reams of code.

    How do I make THIS widget appear on my widgets menu when I long-press a blank home screen?


    1. Hi, “Weather Forecast Widget Donate” in an unlock key for the free widget … KEEP THE FREE WIDGET INSTALL BESIDE THE KET (as written in the market product description)

  5. I never used widgets before, I followed the directions to use the calendar and nothing, I’m about to get it refunded! I want to customize the repetion time of an event to every 14 days and am unable, please help!

    1. Did you managed to install the widget on the Home screen ?
      Did you choose ‘quick insertion’ as ‘+’ action ?
      Did you read the information page available in the launcher menu ?

  6. After long trials, please help me:

    I installed the pure calendar widget from the market.
    I have enough space on the screen to set a 4×4 widget.
    I set the preferences to default. I selected all my HTC Sense Google Calendars (they show up in the list!).
    After “save and exit” I get a loading data message. After that the widget loads, but stays empty.
    The + and config buttons are grey’ed out. All i can do is delete the widget again.
    The default HTC Sense calendar widget does work with all the calendars.

    What’s going wrong? I’m using an HTC Desire.


      1. Hi,

        I read that already, just as all the other faq’s.
        I configured the HTC Sense calendar now with only two calendar’s.
        I configured the Pure Widget with the same two.

        The widget still gets a blanc screen. However, I am able to make a new appointment trough the widget. This appointment shows up in de HTC sense widget.

        The only thing i did not understand was the thing about scrollable. I did not install addition software. Should I install something to let the Pure widget work?

        Thanks again!

      2. For sure, if you won’t read warning messages … it can’t works.
        Disable scrollable mode if you don’t want to use LauncherPro or ADW.

  7. Oops… i’m so sorry! I found the scrolling mode in de setingsmenu. And you’re right: it says that it requires Laucher.

    Looks great now!!!

  8. I have read carefully the information page. I don’t know what to do to get a calendar instead of just the info page. Any help?

    1. well everything is written on this page… If you still don’t manage to insert the widget, you may need to read the phone manual.

  9. it says “loading data” and I have followed all the instructions.

    how can i get my money back?

    Widget DOES NOT WORK on android 2.1/Huawei Ascend

    1. All Pure widgets works fine on android 2.1.
      Refund is possible under Market conditions. Check on Google pages.

      Are you using official ROM ?
      Be sure to NEVER install a widget on sdcard.

  10. ROM? u mean the memory? the internal memory? yes, it is in my cell phone memory and not in the sdcard

  11. I am using Pure Calendar, what do you mean which widget???

    i bought it and it is not downloading to my home screen. I already sent you the phone log too.

    are you going to be able to fix this? I am using a Huawei Ascend/Android 2.1

    thank you

    1. I didn’t receive logcat with explanation … the logcat may be lost in the 100 emails I received each day … this is the reason why I ask for a problem summary with each logcat.

  12. ok i just sent it again and i put SCORPION11 and the problem again is that i try to download the program to my home screen and it says “loading data” and nothing else……..stays like that forever.

    Im using a Huawei Ascend/Android 2.1

    thank you for your help


  13. I just pushed this for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, picked up the Reader and got just the information page. Nothing in the available widgets. Finally I tried a reboot. Then they showed up. I’m glad it worked but that was annoying.

  14. Pure Calendar Widget on screen. Read information pages. Hit “done” many times. Still get only information pages when I touch the widget icon on the screen. Not working. Any solution?

    1. Hi,
      yes, you missed the red information message in the information page.
      You need to READ instructions (or watch the video) to learn how to insert widgets.
      Widgets are NOT like standard apps.

      1. My Droid Razr Maxx doesn’t allow for the long hold to insert widgets. When I go to the widget section pure grid is not an option.

      2. If you have an Android 4 device, widgets are insert from the launcher panel (and no more from long click).
        Check my other videos.

  15. I have the Moto G running Android Kit Kat. I have read the information pages (several times) and clicked “done” and I know how to insert a widget. The problem is that no widget for Pure Calendar is showing up in my launcher screen!!

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