How to help me to debug an application

10 11 2009

All applications can have bugs.
I do my best to avoid them … but they are here😉

To help me, there is some simple things you can do :
1 – contact me, explain the bug details, and your configuration (device, ROM)
2 – if there is a crash (a ‘force close’ message), it is generally very easy to solve… if I have the logcat.

The logcat ? what is that ?

This is the main phone log. Every application can add traces to this log, and developpers use this log to help them in debug tasks.

How to send the logcat ?

> For android 1.5 to 4.0.x

You need to install a free tool from the market : “Log collector” (from Xtralogic)
If you use a Samsung device older than Galaxy Nexus (november 2011), you need to use “aLogcat”: save the logcat on the sdcard, and attach it to the email because Samsung email app cannot send very long text email.

> For Android 4.1.x

It’s more complicated because Google protected the logcat.
You have to install ADB tool :
Then type ‘adb logcat > log.txt’ before reproducing the issue, reproduce the issue, type ‘CTRL+C’ to end the log collect, and send me the log.txt file.

> For Android 4.2 and later

The easy way :

Tap Take Bug Report at the top
Wait a minute or two for the report to generate. When the report is ready, an email will be created for you that contains the necessary information.
Send the report to

First, You need to enable the ‘developer’ menu from the configuration file. To do it, check this
– Open your device’s Settings
– Developer options
– Take Bug Report (enable ‘USB Debugging’ if the option is greyed out)
– Wait a minute or two for the report to generate. When the report is ready, an email will be created for you that contains the necessary information
– Send the report to

Another way, install ADB (from the SDK) on your computer and connect your phone to ADB to read the full logcat.

And after ?

You need to reproduce the crash/bug, then wait few seconds, and launch the “log collector”.
It will ask you where he should send the log.
For Samsung, with aLogcat, you need to save the logcat on sdcard, then attach it to the email.

Just enter my email :

When I have the logcat, I am generally able to solve the bug very quickly.

If the problem is visual, take a screenshot or camera shot …
For screenshots, everything is explain here :
or if you are root, you can use ‘shotme’ application (free)



4 responses

13 11 2009
big shel

I cnt install my msn or my yahoo

13 11 2009

Why ?
Have install ’email for pure widgets’ ?
Have you configured your email accounts ?

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