Return app and refund

Here is the Google policy about application refund.

Basic rules :
– if you uninstall within 24h, you won’t be charged.
– it works only for the first install

Google page here

9 thoughts on “Return app and refund

  1. Just uninstalled the grid widget (probably going to switch to the regular Pure Calendar widget) but it said refund failed, try again later. How do I try again? at the market page I only have the option for “buy.” Want to buy the pure calendar widget but not about to pay for something i can’t refund if I don’t like.

    1. Hi,
      Sorry, but devs are not in charge of distribution and payment management. Google is. You need to ask those questions to Google.

  2. Hallo,
    I have Real Calendar baught on Android marked, after installation, deleted and returned. My Samsung i9000 Galaxy has troubles at startup with and an error massage: “Problem loading widget. Calendar was no longer visible.
    (Happened after uncheck the 4×4 screen turned it off, becaus I wanted a smaller one).
    The problem stays after uninstall.
    How can i get my phone clean wihout resetting all so all applications must be reinstalled and configured?

    Petra vdr Giessen

    1. Hi,
      yes, disable sizes can be ‘dangerous’. But I think an application (not widget) uninstall/reinstall from the market, should solve this.

    1. I can’t do anything … temperature is directly exatracted from Noaa.
      I can only advise you to switch to another weather provider in the widget config.

  3. Hey… My music widget wont work right. If i click on the album art icon… It asks me three options everytime and i have to manually select music player… And then the functions on the widget dont work deapite showing the correct album art.

  4. Hello,
    today I bought Pure Messenger Widget and uninstalled it again after approx. 2 hours.
    Is it true that you refund the purchase price if the widget is uninstalled within 24 hours? If so, that’s great – many thanks.

    The more important question for me however is: After uninstalling the widget how can I delete my e-mail-account data (ID and password) from your servers?

    Can you make sure, my data are deleted?

    Many thanks for your reply.


    1. Hi,
      Android market policy is 15 minutes refund (it still better than 0 minute on Apple Store).
      All databases and preferences are deleted with the applications. Android take care about it.

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