Buy without market?


For many countries, there is no access to paid market…
Now, you have another way : I have create a small site to allow APK download with PayPal payment.

Here :

How to process ?

It is very simple :
– follow the link and select your app,
– pay by PayPal,
– wait for redirection after the payment end,
– download the APK file from the internet page
>>> sometime, Windows show this file as a ZIP file… it is not.
– copy it DIRECTLY to the sdcard (do not ‘unzip’ it)
– use ‘app installer’ from your phone (free on the market) to install this APK file.

But 2 importants things:
– you won’t be able to ask for refund,
– you won’t have access to updates.

Don’t email me for this. Thanks for your understanding.

EDIT 09/07/2010: PayPal sales are stoped for the moment. I need to find the way to bill VAT for UE… this is required for my company. Sorry for the convenience.

EDIT 11/20/2009: I have stopped SlideMe support (more informations)

35 thoughts on “Buy without market?

  1. I downloaded the pure calendar and gridcalendar zip files after paying via paypal and then unzipped and put on sd card and downloaded appinstaller. There was no apk file in the unzipped folder so it can’t download them. Any ideas?

      1. do not ‘unzip’ it. This is not a zip (even if windows show it like this). Just copy the downloaded file DIRECTLY to the sdcard.

  2. Hello,

    Is there any way to get access to update after buying the old 1.3.5 version? I could find and email the PayPal confirmation. Or am I forced to pay once more?

    1. Hi,
      no, as explained during PayPal purchase instructions, there is no update possible with this payment method.

    1. well, if you have web creation skills (PHP, Paypal API, SQL), I agree to pay for a small e-commerce web site creation :p

  3. Too bad that doesn’t give you access to updates, I guess I’ll wait for paypal support on the market before I buy it then :-/

  4. I think the biggest problem with your alternative purchase method is lack of updates after buying.
    You can consider another option such as independent Android store i.e . AndAppStroe.
    They accept PayPal payments and have their own market app. client similar to official Google Market which automatic or manual checking for app updates and all that stuff. And the best part for You AFAIK they’re free of charge for developers.

    I bought paid version of JuiceDefender from them, and everything went smooth and easy, took maybe 10 mins including registration and installing store client on my phone.

    1. It is currently not possible for 2 reasons:
      – they do not have any mecanisms to extract sales data requested to run my company
      – they do not have any solution to apply VAT depending of buyer countries requested to run my company

      But, I’ll ask them if they can add those 2 features.

  5. Pay Pal is back up again πŸ˜€

    Just like to say this is an awesome widget , probably the best one on my phone and definitely the one I use most…. Keep em coming πŸ™‚

    P.S. I upgraded to Froyo so couldn’t see Pure Calendar in the market to download it again … Just bought it again through PayPal rather than messing about … The widget is well worth double what you charge anyway. Enjoy the beer money πŸ˜€


  6. I paid for both Pure Calendar and Pure Messenger back in time, and while no updates limitation has been pain to deal with I didn’t mind rebuying the app once or twice a year. These days I installed ADW.Launcher and came for the scrollable versions of the widgets just to find out that even if I am okay with paying again for them, I cannot. This is a big downer for me. It means I am stuck with an old version and no way to update even if I am willing to pay more.

    I really, completely, absolutely do not understand how come other people can deal with EU buyers but the developer of Pure Widgets cannot.

    1. To earn money, in France, you need to create a company.
      I started to be an “auto-entrepeneur” one year ago for those widgets. With this status, there is no VAT to apply to sales, and French state doesn’t collect VAT.
      Now, I had to move to another level : EURL. And, now, things are much more regulated. I need to apply VAT for all european buyers.
      Google checkout have an option for that, so, no problem with Google Android Market.
      PayPal also have an option, but it’s more complicated because my PayPal account was linked to my name. Now, it have to be linked to my company.
      I’ll try to create a new PayPal account during next weeks, but I have a lot of things to handle with this company creation, and when I see sales rate on PayPal (5/10 sales/day), there is nothing urgent from my point of view.

      1. I am sorry you think so about your off-Market business. It seems you’re simply not interested in users who live outside a selected crowd of countries. I can’t judge you, you base your decisions on volume of sales, but it is a shame such a great software has to be dealt that way. First no update clause, then this…

        Anyway, I had to root my phone to get Market Access and buy the apps off Android Market. Hopefully I won’t regret voiding my warranty. I am not interested in being treated as a third country scum just because I want two scrollable widgets.

  7. I am unable to buy apps from the Android Market, I don’t like the AndApp market (their app acts very weird), your PayPal page does not work, you give no way for us to get updates. I find it very difficult to give you my money!

    Please set up a decent PayPal method, and a way to either get updates after one payment, or make us pay a price (lower than first buy) to get us an updated APK now and then.

    It’s a shame Google’s support for paid apps is so lacking, it gives reasons for increased app piracy :(.

    1. There is multiple problems :
      – I don’t have any skills in web design… making 2 lines of PHP takes me 2h…
      – outside market diffusion is very minor

      I am Java programmer, C programmer, a little bit graphist … but I am not web designer.

      As explained, if anybody has skills for that, I’ll gladly accept a very small sell site.

      It’s always easy to ask something … but do you have those skills ? are you ready to help ?

  8. Hi

    Have you thought about using Zen Cart?

    It takes a lot of the PHP work out of the way, there are plugins for paypal, google checkout and wordpress. It supports the creation of VAT for different zone and countries. All you need is a hosting that has MySQL server backend available.

    Lots of small retailers use it, and most of them can’t code. As you can, you’ll find modding the standard zen cart fairly easy

    Tip: if you do go for zen cart, make sure you understand about the template override system and then use it πŸ™‚


    1. it seems a good idea.
      After some search, I see 2 problems :
      – I’ll need a profesionnal webhosting (I’ll change that during next weeks)
      – I doesn’t seems so easy to sell software license with this…

      1. Hi

        I have no doubt that you can sell software though Zen cart, it depends how “automatic” you want it, generating codes etc. If you a prepared to do part of the process manually at the start then is would not be too hard.

        After all what is the deliverable? actual S/w or an email with a license string/url. Your problem isn’t these details but the payment/tax side, which a shopping cart system would solve.

        The other way to look at this could be, to let someone else sell it, they would take the risk of getting the tax correct for different customers. You would only have deal with them so your tax calculation for that revenue should be more simple. But you do lose a degree of little control and maybe profit. but you don’t have to look after a website and payments, which in themselves have a cost.


  9. Hello,

    I want to buy your Weather Forecast, but I not access in the market page for this appliccation. Is the another way to buy this?

  10. I purchased the weather forecast widget a few days ago, then had to unroot my phone, now I can only find the unlocker in the app market. Do you have a link to the free apk? I really like that widget…


    1. Hi,
      The weather widget is still on the market, there is no problem to download it… and there is no other download place. Sorry.

  11. Sorry, my market settings were fouled up after rooting my phone…I’ve since downloaded it and love the 4×3 calendar view with Launcher Pro on my Evo 4g…fantastic work!

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