Pure messenger

Pure messenger can display in a single or multiple widgets:
– Gmail,
– Calls,
– Facebook,
– Twitter,
– Emails (POP3/IMAP).

It supports up to 3 email and 3 gmail accounts.

There is 3 view types : normal and list, and scrollable list.

For scrollable list, you need to use ‘ADW.Launcher’, ‘LiveHome’, ‘Go Launcher’ or ‘LauncherPro’. If you have empty scrollable widget, this can be due to a Launcher bug, please read this post

For emails (different from Gmail), you need to install ‘K9 for Pure’ from the market, ‘Email connector for Pure’ or ‘Aqua Mail’.

If you have design skills, I’ll be happy to drive you for skin creations.


To get AquaMail betas :


Install now

From Android market : http://market.android.com/details?id=org.koxx.pure_messenger








– accents not managed for facebook status update
– facebook feed shows hidden people


Revisions logs

nr : not released

– FIX view type change with scrollable mode
– FIX Twitter suspension (my app has been hacked) — YOU NEED TO UNLOG AND RELOG
– FIX few Facebook stuffs
– FIX Facebook wall reading / permission
– FIX Use new Facebook API
– FIX Facebook inbox reading
– NEW compatible with android 5.x
– FIX skin manager crash
– NEW auto export last configuration
– FIX Samsung auto widget removal bug
– FIX APK manifest error
– FIX crash at initial setup
– FIX bad minifest issue
– REVERT TO PREVIOUS ANDROID SDK … too many widget size issues
– FIX Twitter login bug
– FIX major build bug
– FIX widget size issue with Android 4.x
– FIX refresh issue with daily viewer
– FIX info panel crash
– IMPROVE soft option menu display
– NEW support Hangouts SMS app
– NEW support Textra SMS app
– FIX major crash issue with multiple widgets on Android 3.x/4.x
– FIX AquaMail provider. Don’t need beta anymore !
– IMPROVE email accounts auto-selection
– FIX Android 4.4 image display in scrollable mode
– FIX Android 4.x image issues when widget is installed on lockscreen
– NEW ‘Sliding Messaging Pro’ SMS app support
– FIX major issue with AquaMail beta
– NEW beta integration for AquaMail (you need to install last AquaMail beta)
– FIX major crash issue
– FIX Facebook publishing (new permission requested with last Facebook SDK).
– IMPROVE skin manager style
– IMPROVE skin manager download progress visibility
– FIX skin manager list issue
– FIX skin manager error message in case of invalid skin
– NEW DNS for skin server
– FIX skin manager style
– FIX Facebook permissions issue caussing no messages
– FIX major issue with Facebook login
– NEW Facebook API
– NEW Twitter API fix (partial, only timeline)
– NEW skin server (fix user skin publishing)
– NEW Pansi SMS app support
– FIX Facebook notifications retrieval
– NEW Twitter Carbon support
– NEW BETA support for Enhanced Email message interface
– NEW support for Fast Pro for Facebook
– NEW support for Vodafone SMS(Unofficial)
– NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets
– FIX major Twitter login issue
– FIX twitter due to Twitter API changes
– IMPROVE internal writter
– FIX rotation focus
– FIX ICS style for popups
– NEW ICS style for popups
– IMPROVE some graphics
– NEW add ‘Fast Facebook’ app support
– ADD & UPDATE translations
– FIX ICS internal problem with scrollable mode
– IMPROVE alternate skin server usage to bypass current hosting provider issue
– FIX skin manager skin issue (download & colors)
– NEW allow setting export naming
– NEW make scrollable list widget resizeable for Android 3.x and 4.x
– FIX MMS deletion and mark as read
– IMPROVE can now grab more than 50 elements per provider (200 tweets for example)
– IMPROVE internal viewer reaction on message mark as read and deletion
– FIX compatibility with Android 1.5
– FIX internal issue with scrollable mode and Honeycomb/ICS
– FIX MMS with some phones
– NEW enable Holo theme in config panel for Honeycomb/ICS
– IMPROVE widget config
– FIX ICS Gmail unread label
– FIX ICS Gmail mail listing (issues with labels)
– NEW ICS skin
– FIX ICS/Honeycomb Gmail detection
– NEW compatible with ICS GMail (needs root) !!!
– NEW support of TextPlus SMS app
– NEW skin manager with publishing and rates
– FIX 5×5 with other devices
– FIX small internal database, config and info layouts fixes
– FIX quick filter for ICS/HoneyComb
– NEW skin manager (big internal modifications)
– NEW 5×5 list and scrollable sizes for Galaxy Note or tablets
– NEW resizeable on Honeycomb/Ics
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics refresh issue
– may fix Facebook refresh issue. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, EMAIL me when you have such trouble !!!! Market comments are useless to me since I can’t reproduce the issue !!!!!
– FIX internal crash/issues with internal viewer
– NEW support of 1024×600 resolution and Ice Cream sandwich / Samsung Galaxy Nexus resolution
– NEW Galaxy Note resolution support
– NEW email connector uninstaller
– NEW display FB inbox messages
– FIX email connector installer
– NEW color picker with hex value
– NEW support of Twidroyd Lagacy
– FIX gmail provider issue
– FIX quick filter option visible for non scrollable mode
– FIX timestamp config panel
– FIX message write panel
– FIX internal SMS sender
– FIX internal error on FB posting
– NEW quick filter button (2 modes – all/unread – all/single message type)
– NEW add ‘reply all’ action for gmail messages
– FIX MMS/SMS config
– NEW display MMS with embedded images !
– NEW share action
– NEW forward action
– FIX few minor bugs
– NEW display gmail attachments in the internal viewer
– FIX rendering issue with Android 3.2
– FIX invalid url loading in the internal viewer with some URLs
– work on Gmail content provider issue
– work on Gmail content provider issue
– work on Gmail content provider issue
– FIX call deletion issue
– FIX gmail provider misdetection
– FIX email refresh order issue
– NEW new email connector 0.7 (fix Samsung force close)
– NEW check installed version of email connector
– FIX phone number index disappear if start with ‘0’ (need to uninstall and reinstall the app from the market)
– IMPROVE design of internal viewer
– IMPROVE outgoing calls are not ‘unread’ anymore
– IMPROVE scrollbar display
– IMPROVE remove horrible orange color on widget button press
– FIX problem with internal viewer crash
– FIX problem with email refres
– FIX Twitter DM: you need to unlog from twitter in the widget config, accept deletion of account settings, then re-log to accept new Twitter DM permissions.
– FIX Twitter DM reply on a DM
– IMPROVE hide invalid actions depending of message subtype for Facebook and Twitter
– NEW 2011 APP icon
– NEW individual internal viewer selection for each provider
– NEW notification opening show only unread messages
– NEW can delete message from internal viewer without closing the internal viewer
– NEW detect protected gmail content provider (Android 2.3.4)
– FIX Facebook token loss (DISABLE Facebook, delete account parameters, and relogin)
– FIX message body on 2 lines for non scrollable list
– FIX email preview for Exchange message with CSS tags
– FIX Honeycomb empty scrolling page
– IMPROVE German translation (thanks Jay!)
– IMPROVE automatic selection of email accounts
– NEW support of HoneyComb native scrolling !!! (still not compatible with HoneyComb gmail)
– NEW support LG Slate resolution (1280×768)
– NEW German translation
– NEW can open call log from main action panel
– NEW Facebook comments integrated in the internal viewer
– NEW detect some twitter picture hosting services for attachment markers
– NEW initialize ringtones with default ringtone
– IMPROVE support of qHD screen (540×960)
– IMPROVE FB API error handling on timeout
– FIX reconfiguration issue with auto-enabled providers
– FIX FB notification missing sender
– FIX FB notification sender identification
– FIX normal type font size
– NEW support attachment markers for K9FP (update it !)
– NEW support attachment markers for email connector (update it !)
– NEW ’email connector’ plugin installer. ROOT still needed for most devices.
– NEW system option for force Facebook full login (in case of trouble in Facebook registration)
– FIX manual polling reset in config panel
– NEW Facebook interface and login (muuuuch easier than PIN code)
– NEW support of qHD resolution
– NEW alternative skin server added in case of problem on the primary skin server
– NEW attachment markers for gmail, facebook and twitter
– FIX crash when using message actions / message writter
– FIX notification title in the config panel
– FIX classic view initial color
– NEW option for 4×4 smaller size for TouchWiz (system tab)
– NEW allow manual udpate only
– FIX recent calls listing problem
– FIX message action and writer if no message visible in the widget
– FIX skin modifier size adjuster
– NEW reworked Twitter login window
– NEW Official 2011 skin (common with Pure calendar and Pure news). The previous 2010 official skin is still available in the skin manager.
– FIX issue with email/gmail without contact names
– FIX skin manager modifer issue
– FIX skin manager ‘upgrade’ action
– FIX Facebook notification body
– FIX Facebook comments link & web page redirection
– FIX notification issue with multi widgets
– FIX configuration crash
– FIX scrollable mode icons issues
– REMOVE Zeam Launcher scrollable widget support text since Zeam dev removed scrollable widgets support
– FIX major issue with Launcher Pro and HTC devices
– FIX skin manager transparency, preview and size management
– NEW Go SMS Pro app link added
– FIX Moto Xoom market visibility
– IMPROVE skin manager
– NEW refresh periods for FB & TW
– NEW widget size adjuster background
– FIX widget Spinner in config panel with Android 2.2/2.3
– FIX widget size adjuster for QVGA
– FIX email without subject empty string
– NEW applink Flow for Facebook
– NEW support of Xoom tablet resolution
– NEW widget size adjuster
– FIX landscape skin generation bug
– FIX Facebook comment action
– FIX Twitter DM mark as read/delete
– FIX Twitter DM only issue
– NEW support of Motorola Atrix SMS app
– NEW add Hoot Suite app link
– NEW Facebook like action
– FIX internal service management bug
– FIX skin manager exception
– FIX sms timestamp adjustement cancel button
– FIX Facebook comment
– FIX issue with 4×2 normal widget size
– FIX SMS for Handcent
– FIX ‘none’ app selection for Facebook and Twitter
– FIX app launch with email connector and HTC devices
– NEW protection against Twitter API errors
– FIX crash with Email connector and unknow email app
– NEW search periods
2.1.0 :
– FIX direct SMS thread opening for some devices
– NEW Email Connector to read emails from stock email application
2.0.9: fix unread flag issue with list view modes without title/subject + call ‘delete’ calls + fix crash on invalid app opening + may fix Twitter undeleteable messages
2.0.8: add internal SMS timestamp fix option + fix outgoing calls list + fix some Twitter registration errors + change unread marker + email/gmail account indicator
2.0.7: fix gmail lister v2
2.0.6: fix gmail lister
2.0.5: new scrollable message view types : with text only, without type/subject + new option : show only last message from each user + gmail delete now move message to trash + new Info page format
2.0.4: new option to remove confirmation of delete/archive
2.0.3: fix reconfig refresh issues
2.0.2: fix application not reponding with K9FP + bullet proof service + detection of AdwLauncher Ex & Zeam + add ‘Go SMS’ app link + hide skins files from gallery
2.0.1: auto mark as read on reply + optmize K9FP retrival speed + new compact message style for list view + fix K9FP message view bug + new protection against low memory
2.0.0: NA
1.9.9: fix major K9FP problem (WARNING: UPDATE K9FP TOO !!)
1.9.8: fix second notif vibrate setting + MAJOR ‘K9 For Pure’ update (now perfectly handle Exchange) + fix skin manager reload on rotate
1.9.7: add notification problem solution webpage link in notification config section + add text color picker
1.9.6: switch to a backup skin server
1.9.5: fix call with internal viewer bug + split notification mecanism for each widget + add hidden kill widget config command + optimize Galaxy Tab rendering + larger text color choice for scrollable version
1.9.4: fix K9FP empty subject problem + add Sony SMS 2.1 app link + fix Tweetdeck app link
1.9.3: change default skin + fix tweetdeck app link + fix calls bugs
1.9.2: new calllog provider
1.9.1: small fix
1.9.0: improve internal viewer for html page rendering + fix Twitter remaining messages bug +fix HTC Sense 2 SMS app launch + boost speed on Samsung
1.8.9: facebook api fix + fix message reload after Home button + gmail mark as spam
1.8.8: fix FB notifications + fix mount bug + reenable contact picture show/hide for scrollable mode
1.8.7: hide contact picture for scrollable mode + fix notification + show FB notifications
1.8.6: fix skin reboot issue + fix SMS from unknow contact + new gmail archive command + new config panel + fix FB issue
1.8.5: fix notification tap with external app + show nb unread in notif icon + finish italian translation
1.8.4: fix FB newsfeed listing + show FB wallpost targets + add refresh btn for scrollable list + better FB/TW account management + scrollable small/big text size + gmail star + direct SMS thread conversation opening + tweetdesk app added + first unread message opening on notification tap
1.8.3: fix archive from message viewer
1.8.2: fix next/prev and mark as read + fix email/gmail icons in message action menu + HTC Peep added + fix phone number pb
1.8.1: fix next/prev and mark as read + fix FB inbox
1.8.0: confirm delete all + call from SMS + fix foreground notification + fix unread only and message viewer + split FB features
1.7.9: can force widget service in foreground + fix internal viewer link opening + split actions with context + soft image corner
1.7.8: polling start/end time + more robust service + add Droid X SMS app
1.7.7: fix multi gmail label problems + disable image cache
1.7.6: gmail archive & ‘mark as read’ flags sync fixed + fix gmail listing problem + save/restore ALL params + fix refresh pb
1.7.5: french translation + show import/export buttons + fix double open app + show FB messages pictures + fix FB ‘loading’ problem
1.7.4: fix delete msg
1.7.3: ?
1.7.2: show retweets + fix delete all + new Tweeter API used + fix message writter with ADW
1.7.1: fix multipart sms replies + fix sms outbox + fix message viewer arrow behavior on replies + improve mark/delete all
1.7.0: fix config pb + fix long sms problem with internal writer + add next/prev arrows in internal viewer
1.6.9: fix reconfig bug on 2.2 + fix message deletion action + additionnal debug traces + fix config problem + fix message listing problem with multi widget + auto enable twitter & FB on widget creation if already configured
1.6.8: fix ‘loading data’ issue + fix text color refresh for SCROLL list + fix show contact pict for SCROLL list
1.6.7: Twitter filter (tweets/DM/mentions) + new max number of messages + boost scrollable widgets + fix memory issue
1.6.6: reduce max picture size
1.6.5: 4 lines preview on scrollable list layouts + show TW mentions + 4×3 scrollable list
1.6.4: fix fb comments count refresh + disable K9 check if not active + fix external app opening
1.6.3: improved list view for FB & TW & SMS + small change in default list skin + fully reworked list layouts (bigger 4×4 for Droid/Nexus…) + new SMS internal writer + reworked internal writer + remove emailForPure support (too buggy) + fix a K9 For Pure pb with new version + autoselect K9 accounts
1.6.2: fix settings import/exprt for HTC Hero/Eris + fix a gmail pb + bigger 4×4 normal view + splitted widget refresh fix + boost scrollable version
1.6.1: another gmail fix for Froyo + Gmail message listing boosted + fix mark as read for external viewer with FB & TW
1.6.0: ANDROID 2.2 update + fix FB & TW actions + fix Thai font
1.5.9: fix H++ & FB bug + fix phone number recognition
1.5.8: fully reworked message kernel for stability and reduced memory + config button moved to main action menu
1.5.7: fix FB for Android 1.5
1.5.6: bug fix for bitmap on Android 1.5
1.5.5: fix Hpp message tap
1.5.4: improved tweet writter + toast about rebuild start/end + settings exporter/importer + fix FB & TW notifications
1.5.3: fix twitter reply + 4×1 list mode + new FB ‘comment’ and ‘post on wall’ + HTC Sense 2 SMS app link + fix 2/3rd gmail @
1.5.2: fix internal viewer toast + fix some FB image loading error (image server down issue) + official Twitter app link added + widgets sizes remover added
1.5.1: auto gmail config for Android 2.0 + fix Hpp message click + add action buttons in the internal viewer
1.5.0: first scrollable release

682 thoughts on “Pure messenger

  1. I have trouble finding the application in the market. Here in Norway we can still only download free apps. Is there any way for me to get the app?

    1. I’m having trouble writing new emails. I can not access the list of recipients. With K-9 it works. Thank you for an answer.

      (Samsung Note)

  2. Any way to add the functionality of replying to texts via a small popup? Like in Beautiful SMS widget?

  3. what is the status of the k-9 build? which build of k-9 is it built off of? any progress as far as getting Pure working with the “official” appp?

  4. I’d like to see it support Touchdown (Exchange) email. It would then support all my messaging services. Until then, It’s just an additional app on my phone — it doesn’t really help.

    1. First : fixing TouchDown issues with current integration in Pure calendar … then, may be a new partenreship with TouchDown. It’s not easy. It requires at least 50h of work to make 2 apps communicate. Then, I’ll need to spend at least 50 more hours to bring messages to Pure messenger interface…
      Are you ready to pay additionnal cost of this feature ? 100h at 60$/h = it’s a 6000$ feature. I hope you realize…

      1. I do realize that it would take some time and effort, and it’s totally up to you whether or not you invest that time. I just know that TD solves a lot of ActiveSync issues for a lot of users and I’ve been suggesting it to other companies. Their web site gets a lot of hits and they are advertising your 1 product there already.

        And, no, I am not willing to pay $6000 for this feature, but there are many thousands of us who would be willing to pay an extra dollar . . .

      2. I would like to vote for this feature as well. The TouchDown integration would be great.

      3. Hi koxx3,

        I love your Pure widgets. I am so excited to hear you are starting the TouchDown integration. Our company has about 30 Smartphone users who are having to switch to TouchDown within 2 weeks as we port everyone to Exchange 2010. As you probably know, Google/Motorola/HTC/Verizon have been unable to fix the Exchange sync issues.

        This brings me to my point. TouchDown is great, but with very LIMITED widget options…one color, no customization. I would love to roll out Pure Messenger to all our users as well. I have a huge interest in your project being successful as I’m the CTO for my organization. I would love to help you beta test if that would be beneficial. I’m a software developer myself and manage a team of 10 software developers in addition to beta testers and support services personnel.

        If you are interested, please drop me a line. Oh, and we ARE willing to pay for this feature. 🙂

      4. Hi,
        Unfortunately, for security reasons, NitroDesk prefer to not share messages with external applications.
        So, this integration is stopped and it won’t be possible to display TouchDown messages in Pure messenger.
        You should contact NitroDesk for more informations.

      5. I just noticed that Executive Assistant is capable of displaying Touchdown emails. Does this mean that Nitrodesk has changed their policy of external apps accessing their emails? Can Pure Messenger now be updated to display Touchdown emails?


      6. I contacted TouchDown team, and I don’t think their API is compliant with requested features needed by Pure messenger (no actions possible on messages, no storage allowed by the app reading messages).
        EDIT : oh yes, and I forgot : they will soon cut this API when the Exchange server will require higher security (encryption, PIN code)

      7. Aww that’s disappointing. I’ve been longing for a proper email widget for touchdown. I’ve got Executive Assistant but it doesn’t look very good.

  5. Since I updated to v. 1.6, I’m missing the settings button. I’m using a moto milestone and I can’t seem to find the setting to get the settings button back. Now, when I want to make changes, I need to set the widget up from the start…

    1. Settings access is now in the upper neft corner button (for the classic view) and in the lower right corner (for the list view);

  6. Hi,
    Great app.

    I can not figure out how to pull email from 2nd gmail account.

    Thanx for your help.



    1. Hi,
      did you add the 2nd account gmail app ?
      once it will be done, you’ll be able to add it to Pure messenger.

      1. Thank you for prompt answer.

        I have never heard about this app.

        Could you please point to it.



      2. Sorry, I mean ‘add the 2nd email account TO your phone gmail app’.
        Did you ?

  7. Hi,
    I have a HTC Hero running Sense UI.
    You already said that API did not allow to create a native scrollable list view without using Home++, but I am using Touchdown/Nitrodesk to get my corporate mails, and their “all mails” active folder (that may be opened on a home screen like a widget), is a real scrollable view that allows to scroll and to select directly the mail to open. It is perfectly fluid as well.
    So why not in Pure ?
    I can send you a snapshot if you want

    Best regards

    1. Hi, this is not a widget !!!!
      You have to CLICK on an ICON to open the panel (which is a part of the full app)…….

  8. First off, wanted to thank you for the great widget that brings everything together in one place and does it in a very nice and easy to use way. I love the widget, but about once a day I have a problem with twitter interactions with the widget. I have the widget set up with a list view and have it set to show only unread items. As I’m going through all of the new tweets and FB posts, the widget will not recognize that I have read tweets and they don’t disapear from the list. If I try to interact with the twitter portion of the settings or just wait long enough, I get a force close message and then the widget goes back to normal operation. I am using the most current version of tweetcaster as my twitter app and have a Motorolla droid running the most current (offivial) version of android. The only other thing that may be of use is that I am using launcher pro as my default home app.

      1. E-mail sent with aLogcat. I hope it helps figure out the issue! I think it should include all issues as described.

  9. This is really weird, just yesterday the widget was working completely fine but now it won’t show anything even if I refresh 😦

    1. are gmail accounts automatically listed when you insert a fresh widget ?
      which phone model ?
      which ROM ?

      1. its listed as ‘gmail’ which is what i called it on k9
        htc desire
        stock rom

      2. I don’t understand. Do you want to retreive your gmail from the official gmail app or from K9 ?

      1. please, CLEARLY expose what you want (2 gmail accounts ? 1 gmail + 1 pop/imap account ?)

  10. ive tried both, separatly, and neither dowload messages to the widget, k9 sees everything but the widget just loads empty

  11. Is there any way to make it so that when I click a comment for twitter or facebook and it opens the selected app it takes me to that particular comment? Opening facebook for android takes me to the app’s home screen, and twidroid pro to the top of the timeline. Also, is it possible when something someone has posted to a friend’s wall to show it such as “x posted on y’s wall” and then the comment? Right now it shows up as if the person themselves had posted something to their own wall. I’m on a mytouch 3g slide.

    1. No, the external application NEEDS to offer to other applications the possibility to launch an action/panel AND the external application (FB or TW) should have documented it.
      > none of Facebook or Twidroid did document those, and I don’t if they have programmed a entry for external apps to interact with this app.

      If the external application is open source, even if the interactions are not documented, I can have a look on the code to check if it is possible
      > none of Facebook or Twidroid are open source.

      So, the answer is NO, it is currently not possible.

      for this “Also, is it possible when something someone has posted to a friend’s wall to show it such as “x posted on y’s wall” and then the comment?”
      > yes, I have to work on this, this is in my TODO list.

  12. Hi,
    Is there a way to bring me to a FB profile when I tap on the profile picture of the poster?
    I can do this in the FB app that came with my Milestone Android, but I could not do it in Pure Messenger (it just brings me to the main screen of the FB app).

    1. Hi,
      I don’t know how to link the Facebook contact to the FB contact profile. For images, for example, this is impossible (not allowed by Google following an agreement between Google and FB)… so I am really not sure that it is possible.
      It seems all Facebook data in the contact book are protected by Google 😦

    2. Oh, and for a direct access to the official FB app, there is no API provided by Facebook, so, impossible to know how to do it 😦

      1. Would it be possible to display the QuickContactBadge when tapping on the profile picture? In stock Android contact, I can tap on a contact’s picture and bring up the QuickContactBadge that allows me various way of interacting with the contact, e.g. FB, TW, Call, Text, etc…

        BTW, I purchased Pure Messenger from your paypal site, but it’s only v1.6.0, not the latest version?

        Oh, and thanks for the great work.

  13. Dear Sir,

    I like pure messenger so much. Yesterday I just installed it but found:

    1. It works perfectly with Gmail.
    2. It doesn’t work with hotmail. I installed K9 for pure. I enable “POP/Email/Exchange” and can choose account “Myhotmail”. In K9 I can see new mail come in but nothinging appear in Pure Messenger, even I sync and refresh many time.

    I use Milestone+LauncherPro. Highly appreciate all of your efforts.


    1. Hi,
      Are you using last version on ‘K9 for Pure’ and ‘Pure messenger’, this is VERY IMPORTANT !
      There is a big change in Pure messenger and K9 last versions.
      If don’t have lastest versions, it can’t works.

  14. Hi,
    My feeds for Facebook is showing the “Loading…” message perpetually, the contact picture is not showing no matter how many times i refresh.

    What should I do?

      1. Advanced Task Killer Free. Pure messenger is in Ignore List.
        Motorola Milestone-Android 2.1, unrooted

      2. please contact me by email (see the ‘about’ page for my email).

  15. How come it only shows Facebook photos on the list view? It doesnt show photos for my sms messages. I am using launcher pro. Handcent SMS is my SMS in case you need it.

  16. hello i left you a message about being able to choose themes but LOL i found out that you can change them already lol…wow i feel dumb…but actually i LOVE the transperant theme but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a version with ALL white letters so i can use a darker wallpaper..

    1. juist is possible, just rotate the screen to refresh after changing text color (waiting for a bug fix in ADW/launcherpro)

  17. I have installed pure msn and k9, i seems that everything works but i do not see any messages or mail, its says rebuilding database etc, iets say how many messages there are, i see a skin but no message

    please help

    1. you mean ‘K9 for pure’, not ‘k9’ ? right ?
      you selected the K9 account in the widget config panel ?

      1. I have the same problem with K9 for Pure – except that I can see messages more than 23 hours old. Anything less than 23 hours old doesn’t show up. I’ve tried refreshing, etc. (I’m the same person who wrote about MailDroid before and you suggested trying K9 – when I did that’s what happened). I am using latest version of K9 for Pure and 1.7.0 pure messenger. Thanks!

      2. I just sent you logcat (with a different program as LogCollector is no longer free) – let me know if that helps thanks you! Subject Android Log: Jun 23, 2010 18:17:37

      3. Hi,
        there is two versions of Log Collector (1 free / 1 paid).
        Anyway, thanks, I’ll look at it during next days.

      4. OK, now it is showing up to about 8 hours before the current time instead of 23 hours for some reason. It still is off, but off a different amount of time.

        Did you get the updated log I sent with Log Collector a couple of days ago?

        Thank you!

      5. I’ve noticed a few more things about this issue:

        (1) The amount of time that the e-mails lag varies – now it is only 5 hours instead of 23, for example.

        (2) I briefly got the issue to fix itself by getting rid of the widget and then starting over with a smaller number of messages displayed (50 instead of 100, I believe) but then it stopped working again.

        Unfortunately, the widget is still not showing my most recent e-mail and I’m not sure what to do about it – do you have any other ideas based on the logcat from a few days ago or anything else? Thank you for your help!



      6. You can always try to send me a more recent logcat, but since I am not able to recreate the problem and nobody else reported such problem, I don’t know … 😦
        Logcat is the only chance for me to understand something.
        Are your timezones correctly set on your phone ?

      7. So after playing with this for several hours, I may have a sense of where the problem is coming from. It seems to have something to do with the number of messages shown in the widget and/or in K9 for Pure. Limiting the number of messages to 75 in the widget and about 50 per account (I have two) in K9 for Pure seems to fix the problem (and it’s working for now). Increasing the number of messages in the widget and/or the number of messages Pure shows per account (I was at 100 for each category before) seems to bring the problem back – I’m not entirely sure whether it is the number of messages in the widget or Pure and don’t want to have to start from scratch again to test both at the moment, but it has something to do with one of them.

        Does this make any sense?

  18. hi koxx,

    the refresh is slow, even for sms which I would think there’s little network activities going on, are you going to improve on the performance?

    1. Hi
      No, I don’t think it could be faster.
      It tried with only memory storage during few month, there is too much problems.
      To boost it : limit to 25 messages and 1 day search period.

  19. 2 problems

    – I can´t delete single tweets since the last update. Delete all works 😦

    – Gmails not refreshed in the widget, only the read/ unread counter refreshed. If only I press the counter the widget refreshed too

    Device: Desire HTC using launcherPro

    1. – I can´t delete single tweets since the last update. Delete all works 😦
      >>> yes, I know, I am working on the problem.

      – Gmails not refreshed in the widget, only the read/ unread counter refreshed. If only I press the counter the widget refreshed too
      >>> no problem for me.

      1. – Kay, tweets delete works fine after the new update, great work !! 🙂

        – For me it is a “problem” (not a big one), because before the scrollable Version released the refreshing was no problem. Or did you mean the LauncherPro is the problem, I don´t know?

  20. 1. “Mark as unread” would be awesome. I use this a lot.
    2. Won’t use this much until you incorporate Google Voice (at least texts, hopefully voicemails too) since that’s my main texting client.

  21. Hello,

    Have you been able to integrate your code into the official K9 build, or does now still need to use K9 for pure?

    Does K9 for Pure support Yahoo IMAP access?

    1. Hi,

      No, and for multiple reasons :
      – k9 officials devs are not interested to help me
      – they ask me to modify a big part of my code which will slow down a lot the widget for the K9 interface
      – I don’t have time
      – …

      I’ll work during next weeks with MailDroid to integrate an interface with them.

      I think there is not problem with Yahoo IMAP. I use few IMAP accounts myself with K9 for Pure without troubles.

  22. I havea Motorola Droid with bugless beast v.04 froyo on it and when I click on the messenger widget I used to get the small window with the message I clicked on. Now it just shows where the message used to show. Any ideas what it going on?

    1. which version of ADW or Launcher Pro are you using ?
      scrollable widget ?
      be clear please.

    2. I am running Launcher Pro Beta v0.6.3 the Scrollable widget. I can post a screenshot of what I’m getting if that helps.

    1. I was just wondering if you had a chance to check out the screen shot of the null item I’m getting in display?

  23. I have just downloaded the Pure Messenger app and can’t get the links to facebook or twitter to work. Is there a problem there? I am using ADW launchr Pro on an HTC Desire. Thanks.

    1. No, there is no problem. I’ve just register Facebook this morning again.
      What is the problem ?
      Contact me by email please to explain this, the blog is not the good place for this.

  24. I can’t seems to get the format display correct for list 4×4 on my new samsung galaxy S. The top and bottom seems to be cut by half.

  25. Can’t seem to get anything working on this? Trying to install on my GalaxyS with launcherpro.

    It tells me to generate a pin for facebook, opens up a broswer, which then gives me an opens a facebook page in the browser with an option “get a log code for pure messenger andriod”, which i have to click on numerous times before it takes me to another page, then it gives me the option to generate a code. When it does, i write down the code. Go back to pure messenger, and enter it. Then press Generate. It then tells me it had invalid parameters.

    How do i get this sorted?

    1. Sorry i don’t press generate, i press register and it gives me the invalid paramets message.

      1. 3 things to check :
        – always tap ‘back’ key to go back to pure messenger once the code is generated
        – tap the PIN code in CAPS LOCK
        – try in Wifi if it doesn’t works in 3G

        I use this process at least 3 times per day … and it works fine.

      2. I;m using it in WIFI

        During the process, it will sometimes goto the page displaying the “get a log in code for pure messenger andriod”, but pressing the button simply refreshes the page. Eventually it will take me to the page saying generate. Even then it’s very rare it will give me a code, instead it will just log me straight into the facebook homepage, or take me back to the previous screen.

        When i do get a code, i press the back button, but it just takes me back to the previous webpage, instead of the application.

      3. There is something weird with your browser. The ‘get pin code’ should works at the first time !
        But once you get the code, you need to press ‘back’ multiple times until you go back to pure messenger.

      1. +100 more for TD support.

        I contacted Nitro and expressed my interest. THey said it is not working (at this time). There is hope!

  26. How do I make Pure Messenger scrollable? I have Launcher Pro installed and have allowed scrollable widgets and have checked the setting “Page scroll” in the Messenger settings and I only get a widget with up and down arrows with no scrolling. I have Pure Calendar installed and that scrolls seamlessly. I am using HTC Desire. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. You have to insert a ‘scroll lsit’ widget, not the ‘list’ widget.
      ‘Page scroll’ is a fully different feature.

      1. Thanks … don’t know how I missed them … I need a Pure widget to manage my Pure widgets ;).

  27. Is it possible to assign a different text colour to messages that have been read (so that I can grey them out but still see them)? Fantastic application by the way, with this and your other applications, I am missing very little about Sense. Thanks.

  28. Hi, I’m running into a problem with using Twitter with a Pure Messenger widget. The widget(4×3 scrollable) had been working properly for weeks only to cause problems today.

    I am using Pure Messenger 1.7.7 on an EVO 4G(not rooted) with Launcher Pro

    It keeps asking me to authorize Twitter and one of two things happens when I try to authorize.

    First, it will go to the Twitter oauth page and when I allow, it redirects back and I get an error stating that it couldn’t communicate with the oAuth URL.

    Now, it’s not even getting that far. I click the “Sign in for Pure messenger access” button, it only displays the following error message. “Request token or token secret not set in server reply. The service provider you use is probably buggy”

    I have tried this over WiFi at two different locations and over 4G and I have a good internet connection in all cases. Gmail and SMS work properly with Pure Messenger widgets. Also, the stock Twitter app works properly.

    The only problem is authorizing Pure Messenger with Twitter.


    1. Hi,
      Hummm … no reason for that. I think Twitter server is just too busy… not sure that official Twitter app have the same ‘priority’ than 3rd party apps.

      1. I also get this error on twitter setup.
        Anyone succeeded configuring twitter notifications through Pure Messenger today?

      2. lol … yes, a lot of users hopefully !
        When you tried to register did it ask to open an app ? if yes, did you select the browser ?
        which main Twitter app are you using ?

        The common issue is : when the you click to register, it ask to open an app … if you select the twitter app, it won’t work … you need to select the internat browser app. This is particulary true with Plume for example which register itself to open any URL.

      3. I was not asked to open an app.
        there’s the app dropdown list below, I tried both “none” and “twitter official” but so far no luck.

        I just get a popup with a link to signup a twitter account and a button to connect. when I click the button I get the “Request token or token secret not set in server reply. The service provider you use is probably buggy” error message.

        must hast missed something…

  29. I did a little more testing and it looks like you’re right. Twitter’s oauth system seems to be having problems. I ran a test oauth script I use for one of my apps and it is having similar problems.

    Thanks for your prompt response. I’ve been very happy with your widgets.

  30. I have Messenger set to open original application on Moto X with ADW. Works with Gmail accounts, but not SMS. When I click on an SMS it just goes back to the home screen. If I do it twice in a row it clears all of the messages from Pure Messenger widget.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply. You work is top-notch! I look forward to you updates and new releases.

      1. I got the latest version and set it to droid X. However, it launches the messaging app. I then have to select Text Messaging. If it would launch direct in the Text Messaging it would be a lot more useful.
        I would also suggest when pressing the reply button from Pure Messenger it would launch original application and show the thread from that contact.

        Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

      2. The problem is : without having the Droid X in my hands, it will be VERY difficult to find solutions to this.
        For SMS thread opening, I think you can forget it if Motorola doesn’t publish the code of NinjaBlur in open source (and they won’t…)

  31. Yeah, I thats what I figured with the threaded SMS.
    As for the launching the messenger, in the app drawer I have a app called Messaging and an app called Text Messaging. Text Messaging is the one that would be ideal to launch. Let me know if there is any info I can give you from the X.

  32. I use the 4×1 list widget… I like to see a button that pops open a window that I can use to easily scroll through all my messages. Navigating through all my messages on a 4×1 widget takes forever…

  33. First off, thank you so much for the active and continued support of what are, by far, my favorite and most essential phone widgets.

    I do have a question/issue I’d like to raise. Using launcherPro set at 4×5 screens the 4×4 widget does not display correctly. Rather it seems to try and scale to fit the entire screen but only actually takes up the 4×4 space on the screen. So the bottom and top bits are cut off, making navigation impossible

    understandably, this is more of an integration issue (i think) but the other sized widgets do not have this problem so perhaps it is a matter of how the widgets are told to scale?

    Anythoughts on a fix, or whether a fix is possible/probable would be great!

    1. Sorry, but I really don’t have time to make modifications to support 4×5 support (and what’s next ? …).

      1. Actually, I didn’t mean I was looking for 4×5 support, just for 4×4 support on a 4×5 homescreen. in other words I would like the 4×4 widget to show up correctly (like the rest of the widgets) in launcherpro with the home set to a 4×5 grid.

        Maybe that is clearer?

      2. it’s the same problem. every graphic parts of the widget are calculated on native screen resolution with 4×4 grid size. This is mandatory for complex skins support.

  34. Thank you for updating as often as you do.

    I’m experiencing a problem, where I mark a message as read and get the following error; This message is not available. This is due to a task killer. Be sure you excluded this widget from your task killer. The message list will be rebuilt in a few seconds.

    I have the “Force Android to keeping the widget service running (use this is you have refresh problems” checked.

    I am not running any task killer application. The only thing I believe it can be is related to running “LauncherPro”.

    I have an EVO 4G and am running the Fresh 1.0.1 custom ROM. Any insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated as I truly love Pure Messenger.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

    1. Hi,
      are you using the ‘show only unread messages’ option ?
      if yes, there is a bug, and the message is removed from the list as soon as you open the message viewer.
      I’ll solve this in the next release.
      Waiting for the fix, I advise you to disable this option.

      1. Thank you very much… Once that has been fixed, this app will be almost perfect.

      1. well sometimes i cant hear my phone and when i get a text i have to look for the led really quick

  35. Great Widget and getting better and better.

    What about an option to filter “duplicate” Posts on Facebook and Twitter? Many people are using the twitter-addon in Facebook which pulls their tweets to their Facebook page, so we get this message two times if we follow them on twitter and have them added as friend in Facebook – it would be great to have just one entry in the list and maybe a facebook & twitter-icon on the post and the according options.

    Best regards

  36. Hi Francois,

    I disabled the pm-widget for while (yeah, shame on me…) reabled it today with latest versions and loaded my saved configuration. Then I disabled Twitter and only Gmail (2x), FB and SMS is now enabled but now every gmail message has an twitter icon – any idea why? Is there an icon cache or somethin similar that I can delete?

    Thanks 🙂

  37. Running the latest version and noticed when I press the arrow button for the next message, it isn’t marking it as “read” and isn’t removing it from the list.

  38. i have the motorola droid with stock 2.2 and am having problems displying facebook. the pbone is not rooted and have launcher pro. in the setings i only have my twitter and facebook enabled. selected 15 minute updates and have selected run in the forground option. twitter shows up but no facebook. i got the token from facebook so that is not the problem. had the same problem with stock 2.1. i have axvanced task killer but your widget is marked to stay running. any help would be appreciated . thanks.

  39. Hi,
    At first I would like to say that your widgets are really great, but I have one problem. I want to use 2 scrollable list widgets, one with messages to me (gmail, sms, facebook inbox) and one for updates (twitter, facebook news feed). It worked once but after messages refresh the first widget started showing fb news feed, and now even if I have only first widget configured to show just fb inbox it shows me fb newsfeed. I am on android 2.1, Samsung Galaxy S, Launcher Pro. Please help 🙂

  40. I don’t know why the comment that I wrote deleted, so I leave the same again.

    I’m using scrollable message widget (4×4) on HTC desire, and I found a problem that displays sender’s phone number wrongly on message receiving screen, missing the initial number ‘0,’ so that I can’t send a reply directly adding it one by one.

    I’ve tried to figure out the problem. I thought that it has something to do with the number of figures, and that it could be a possible reason because in Korea those are commonly recognized as 11 figures, not 10.

    However the sms receiving screen, linked to handcent, shows numbers correctly and have no problem with it anymore. But I don’t want to sent the way of handcent.

    Please help, and I appreciate your development of the app.

    1. Please, contact me by email for this problem (just copy the text). It will be easier for me to ask questions. Thanks.

  41. How I can go back to 1.8.1?
    In the new version auto refresh from gmail doesn’t work so good as before

    1. It should work fine, but there is a filter to avoid too important refresh rate.
      The filter is :
      – less than 5 gmail app refresh in last 30 sec => ok, immediate refresh
      – more than 5 gmail app refresh in last 30 sec => program widget refresh in 30 seconds

      This is done to avoid labels listing problems and reduce CPU usage in case of high gmail usage.

      It is never possible to go version backward.

      When does the problem occurs ?
      Do you think this can be the filter or not ?

      1. Let me test what you say, i give you an answer tomorrow

        Sry for my bad english

  42. If I add the list-widget and I remove the usericon, the messages-area becomes wider, wich I like. With the scrollable-list-widget version this does not happen. Is this a bug or an feature?

  43. Thx koxx for very fast support, it was the filter.

    But I have one request, is there a way to move the witgets only if push and hold the bottom or headerbar. I have many times the problem if I scrolled in the widget (with LauncherPro) to inadvertent movements.

    Thx and cu

      1. yep, Federico updated his code to our new long press detection … It was time to ….

  44. Hi, I’m using 1.8.2 version on froyo and noted the following problems in list view:

    * The delete button doesn’t respect archive option for gmail messages (always delete);
    * Can’t hide buttons (delete, mark as read…);
    * Can’t put two widgets with different settings for twitter and facebook (I want one to show only the messages to me and other for the rest).

    One enhancement request:

    * Can you please add a direct refresh button? There are plenty of space in the bottom of list view!


    1. * The delete button doesn’t respect archive option for gmail messages (always delete)
      >>> if you order the delete from where ?

      * Can’t hide buttons (delete, mark as read…);
      >>> I don’t understand, those buttons are not visible on the list view.

      * Can’t put two widgets with different settings for twitter and facebook (I want one to show only the messages to me and other for the rest).
      >>> you are right, and there is no plan to support multi accounts for those. If you really want to, please, use the suggestions page and we’ll see if many users are interested.

      * Can you please add a direct refresh button? There are plenty of space in the bottom of list view!
      >>> in scrollable listview, why not 🙂

      1. Hi Koxx,

        >>> if you order the delete from where ?
        * Internal viewer of scrollable listview.

        >>> I don’t understand, those buttons are not visible on the list view.
        * Internal viewer of scrollable listview.

        >>> in scrollable listview, why not
        * Yeah, I’m talking about the scrollable listview 🙂

        I also noted that all facebook events appear on scrollable listview minus facebook notifications, any plans to add it?

        Thanks for the great widget!

      2. Just one more thing, Koxx… I’m not talking about multi accounts, I only have one account on twitter and facebook.

        I’m talking about in one pure messenger widget I check “Show wall posts” and in the other pure messenger widget I don’t check this option and it preserve my options in the two widgets, so, I’m talking about multi widgets 🙂

      3. yep, I understood, but for me, it means split features in different config files like for multi-accounts 😉

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but I don’t have enought free time to make themes right now… but don’t forget, you can create themes yourself !

  45. Thanks for the app!
    It’s great already but I think it needs some polishing: especially (ordered by my “needs”):
    * remember scroll position such that I don’t have to scroll down to see new messages. I would like to hold the position such that new items appear to the top.
    * Support new-style twitter retweets. I hate to see retweets always truncated “…” 😦
    * Better support for facebook posts, for example it would be great to show images inline for news items, status updates etc. (just like in the web ui)
    * Open facebook and/or twitter messages directly in the app, not just launch the app. Is this even possible?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi,
      * remember scroll position such that I don’t have to scroll down to see new messages. I would like to hold the position such that new items appear to the top.
      >>> I don’t understand. messages always appears on top.

      * Support new-style twitter retweets. I hate to see retweets always truncated “…” 😦
      >>> yes, I know, it will be done later

      * Better support for facebook posts, for example it would be great to show images inline for news items, status updates etc. (just like in the web ui)
      >>> they are already supported in the internal viewer. It is verrryyy difficult in the widget view (CPU and battery usage to download + layouts problems). Which widget type are you using ? normal, list, scrollable list ?

      * Open facebook and/or twitter messages directly in the app, not just launch the app. Is this even possible?
      >>> no this is unfortunatly impossible.

      1. >>> I don’t understand. messages always appears on top.

        What I mean is that if I have message A on the top, and new message B is received from facebook it will not be immediately visible in the widget. I want the scroll position to remain the same. When I want to check for new messages I just scroll the list up, revealing new messages (B in this example). I tried disabling the “scroll automatically to top” but it didn’t seem to help in this case.

        Of course some sort of indicator would be nice to tell me that there is new message waiting for me.

        >>> they are already supported in the internal viewer. It is verrryyy difficult in the widget view (CPU and battery usage to download + layouts problems). Which widget type are you using ? normal, list, scrollable list ?

        I’m using scrollable widget with ADW. Maybe what I want is that comments expand inline in the widget, removing the need to open internal viewer. Internal viewer just feels too much, Usually I just want to see the comments in fb status updates. Opening the browser feels too much overhead. I know this might require a lot layout-wise… Maybe the comments could be shown in the internal viewer? Would that be easier?

        One more thing regarding fb status updates, they sometimes get truncated so that the full text is not visible without opening the internal viewer. I’d like to see the full text directly in the widget. Also, sometimes the “comments” info is missing, (due to longer status message perhaps? It seems that 4 lines is the limit and after that the text is truncated and “comments” link is missing.)

        Btw, about images in twitter (at least the images linking straight to image or the twitter image services), would it be possible to include them to the internal viewer (if it’s too hard to put them straight to the widget) so that I don’t have to open the browser just for one picture?

        Btw2, Whether internal viewer is used should be configurable to twitter and facebook separately, e.g. I might want to lauch the tweets in Twitter but fb-messages in internal viewer.

        Finally it would be nice to have some sort of “loading” indicator in the internal viewer when it is loading images etc.

        Thanks for you quick reply! The widget is clearly the best in the market and I’m looking forward to see it improve.

      2. Ok, I understand now 😉

        for listview position, this is controled by the Launcher. At each list full refresh, the launcher reset the listview position.
        It needs to be modified in the launcher. I can’t change that in the widget.

        For a listview with more than 4 lines, it would be possible. I’ll check if I can add this in a next release.

        For FB comments, I think it’s a big modification to parse and show them in the internal viewer, but I’ll check.

        For truncature, yes, 4 lines are 4 lines… it cut where it can. ‘comments’ is part of the message. No way to differenciate it.

        For twitter, the problem of images is the fact that they are not identified in case of a tinyurl (or other services like that). I can’t test each url link to check if it is a picture or not 😦
        For other kind of images attached directly to a tweet, I’ll check what I can do.

        For internal viewer choice, I think it’s too clunky to choose to enable it for separated provider. But I’ll be happy if you can suggest it in the sugestion pages (Google moderator) to see if other users are interested by this. In any case, I think you are the first one to suggest it.

        For image loading in the internal viewer, ok, it will be added.

        But remember, it’s a widget… it should remain as simple as possible … and not too cpu or battery consuming 😉 each new option have a cost.

  46. Thank you for your answers! If you do the mentioned improvements to the internal viewer it definately will be better!


  47. I have bought this widget yesterday and I have two possible advices:
    – when I choose to open the original viewer ( for example gmail ) on tapping of a message, it would be great if directly the message was opened, and not the gmail application with its message list!
    – What about some traslations? I think that would be useful to translate the notifications at least! For example I could translate in Italian, if I had all the texts!

    Well done!

    1. Hi Yuri,
      unfortunatly, it is not possible to open the direct gmail conversation. I’d like to, but Gmail doesnt offer use this possibility 😦
      For translation, no problem ! Please email me (see about page)

  48. Ok, I have just emailed you for the translation..
    another advice or, maybe, problem:
    when I choose to reply to an email that has been sent to more than one email address ( in to: or cc: ), the reply isn’t sent to everyone, but only to the previous sender.

    So.. I think that it would be great to have “Reply all” option!

  49. Is there any way to edit the skins so that I can change the icons on the scrollable message widget to something other than blue? There seems to be a couple of skins with the settings ion grey but the others are still blue. Am I missing something?

    1. yes, just download a skin like ‘sense’ (list or normal) and edit files from the sdcard (/sdcard/.org.koxx.pure_messenger/xxxx)

      1. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I have just had a quick look at the skins folders you pointed to and the icons I wanted to see (on the sense for lists skin for instance) were there, but when I included the widget on the desktop the icons appear blue.

        I tried deleting the skins folder (from the menu button option which I had not noticed before) and then downloaded one skin to try. Icons now appear as they should. Seemed I just neded a good clear out ;). Thanks again.

    2. oh, in fact, you need to ‘select’ the skin (in the skin manager) after modifications if I well remember.

      1. Hi. I have used one of the supplied skins and icons as clearing out and re-downloading one skin worked … I initially thought I would have to create new icons etc. as I always got blue icons. Seeing that usable ones were available made me realise something else was going on. Having said that, I might be tempted to have a play when I get some time ;).

  50. Have purchased this and been running it on my Samsung Galaxy S for about a week now. After removing JuiceDefender and even upgrading the ROM to JM1 via Kies (suspected lag issues) I have had to stop using this widget as it has been making my phone grind to a halt. I have also applied the recent update of the widget via Market.

    Set to 25 messages, 1 day; SMS and Facebook only (with GMail it is unbelievably slow)

    LauncherPro, scrollable 4×4 widget in use.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi,
      what do you mean by “making my phone grind to a halt” ?
      first, you should try to fully uninstall the app and reinstall it from the market (to be sure you don’t have any ghost widgets).

      1. Hi Francois, thanks for your reply.

        I have performed an uninstall/reinstall from the market and I have also checked for ghost widgets/multiple instances using ATK.

        As far as the slowdown is concerned it is literally general slowdon of all functions. Waking the phone from sleep, app drawer access, program load times. Strange really. Not constant, but frequent enough for it to be annoying. As soon as the widget is removed everything goes back to normal and stays that way.

        Would love to get it sorted as the widget is just what I want!

      2. Hummm… I don’t know ATK, but I’ll check that.
        It would be really interesting if you can send me a logcat when you notice this slowdown.
        At least, we should be able to undesrtand why.
        Are you using K9 with Pure messenger ?

        But PLEASE, contact me by email (see about page) for such technical discussion, it’s very hard to follow on WordPress 😦

      3. oh, ok, ATK = advanced task killer.
        It doesn’t help at all to remove ghost widgets, but full reinstall does 😉

  51. Easily one of the best widgets out there.

    Is there a way to remove the headline from messages, btw? The logo on the right is enough I think, the header ‘Twitter’, ‘SMS’, ‘Newsfeed’ etc etc. are only taking up space. Is there a way to remove this (or would you consider making it?).

    Compliments for the great widgets though!

    1. Thanks 😉
      The problem is the layout needs to fix identical for all elements (SMS, Gmail, email, TW …)

      For email and gmail, it needs 2 lines (subject & sender)… and for others like FB or TW, it is still useful to show the message subtype (inbox, DM, wall post, newsfeed …).
      So, I don’t have any replacement solution for this 😦

      1. With 100 options in the widget config panel, that’s sure, we’ll be able to do anything 🙂
        but the widget will be sooooooo slow and clunky, that everybody will drop it to the trash.

        So, please, if you want such options, use the suggestion pages :

        All popular features are added to my apps…

  52. I really like this, and appreciate the 4 x 4 widget for a quick look at all my information streams. I’m also interested in smaller, dense “zones” of information that are purely text based. To that end, here are a couple things that might make that possible.

    – 2 x 2, 2 x 1 widgets
    – Shift text left when hiding contact picture.
    – Hide icon on right, replace actions with show menu on click and hold.
    – Remove headline when only one type is enabled for display.
    Along the same lines, how about a 2 x 2 widget?

    Keep up the great work!

  53. First off all: I am a big fan of your widgets! I do have some suggestions though. Would it be possible to filter the Facebook messages? I don’t need all my friends updates, I only want to see posts on my own wall and direct messages. Also, when you click on an email in the widget, could you make it so that it would open the correct mail conversation in gmail? Alternatively, the internal reader should have a button to open the corresponding app! Oh and more skins for the list layout would be awesome:)

    Thanks for the support!

    1. Hi Niels 😉

      First off all: I am a big fan of your widgets!
      >>> thanks 😉

      Would it be possible to filter the Facebook messages? I don’t need all my friends updates, I only want to see posts on my own wall and direct messages.
      >>> You can already do it, did you try to select message types in the config panel ?

      Also, when you click on an email in the widget, could you make it so that it would open the correct mail conversation in gmail?
      >>> unfortunatly, Gmail is closed source and there is no way to order him to open a specific message 😦

      Alternatively, the internal reader should have a button to open the corresponding app!
      >>> do you mean ‘open app’ or ‘open conversation’ ?

      Oh and more skins for the list layout would be awesome:)
      >>> most skins are users submissions 😉 I’ve just received a new one, I’ll push it during next days.

  54. Hi !
    First, your widget looks great 😀
    But i have a problem… When i’m trying to generate a pin code to activate facebook i have this error from facebook.
    “An error occurred with Pure messenger android”
    What can i do? Wait?
    Thanks !

    1. Hi,
      I know, you are not the only one. it seems Facebook servers have a problem 😦
      It’s working fine for me.
      Where are you from ?

  55. Hi there,

    Your application is great! I love the potential and the features the Pure Messenger has. There is one problem that I have been having. I have tried multiple skins while running the widget in list format, but when I click on an email or SMS, the last one that I was reading always comes up. Then I close that email or SMS, push it again, then the correct one comes up. Differant skins, same format, 2 differant phones (Both Droid X)

    1. Hi,
      not sure to understand.
      You are using the internal viewer, yes ?
      In any case, be sure you always close the ‘viewer’ by pushing the BACK key… never the Home key.

  56. Great widget i really really like.
    But i think it should integrate 2 functions more at least:
    1. MMS notification
    Now it doesn’t work when a MMS come in.

    2.Wake screen up when standby
    it can’t wake up the screen when the new info arrivals. we have to wake up the screen ,unlock and then to read.

    hope your reply.
    tks again!

  57. Tks for reply.
    1. wooha, the best news!
    2. i don’t think so . For example, the app like handcent, sms popup ,ohmysms, i think maybe you heard about them. These three apps all can wake the screen up when sms or mms arrives. But so far ,they can’t make gmail pop up and wake the screen.

  58. Hi koxx3,

    really liked your app, but had to uninstall it.

    used it in htc sense,(wildfire)…d top n bottom edge was cut off…tried diff thmes but didnt work…shud b either sense or wildfire issue…

    anwyz gr81


  59. Francois,

    Why the devil did you hide contact picture in scrollable mode ? It was working fine on my Hero (launcherpro) and I do love that feature!
    Also, in the Display settings the option still is still here and checked. This is not coherent.


    1. Bonjour…
      je n’ai aucun soucis avec les images de contacts… tu as quelle type de widget ? scrollable ou pas ? tu as essayé de rebooter ?

      1. Hello,

        Merci de ta réponse rapide.
        J’ai un widget scrollable. En fait je ne comprends pas ton change log: “1.8.7: hide contact picture for scrollable mode…”
        et je constate depuis cette version que je n’ai plus les photos de mes contacts, d’ou ma question.

        Apres un reboot, ca refonctionne!!! Désolé pour la remarque
        Du coup, quelle est la signification du change log de la 1.8.7 ?


      2. oui, ca ne marchait pas avec la 1.8.7 donc j’avais desactiver l’option (meme si le change log est pas precis sur CE point… d’ailleurs, on peut etre precis sur rien du tout avec cette m**rde de market car la zone de description est limitée a 325 caracteres !!!)
        Bref, j’ai trouvé une solution technique pour afficher ou non les images contacts en mode scrollable et je l’ai remis l’option dans la 1.8.8.
        Voila, tu sais tout 😉

    1. Hi,
      it’s added 🙂
      It will be available in the next release.
      I tried ‘star’ too, but impossible to make it working 😦

    1. Hi,
      thanks for this proposal !
      Please, contact me by email (see about page), I’ll send you requested files.

  60. hiya mate,

    great app! i just wanted to know if there’s a way to reply to all within the widget?

    many thanks


  61. When an email arrives, after reading it in the internal viewer, the icon in the notification bar doesnt disappear

  62. Hi.
    Is it possible to show the “integrated inbox” of k9(for pure)?
    is it possible to show a child folder in yahoo (via k9 for pure), and if so, how do I conf it? Thanks

  63. Hi koxx,

    I’m using Pure Messenger widget on a Samsung Galaxy S. FB, Twitter and SMS seem to be working fine, but synchronization with K-9 for Pure doesn’t seem to be. (K-9 for Pure itself seems to be working OK otherwise.)

    Emails eventually appear in the list, but there seems to be a delay of up to 8 hours before they do. I tried tweaking the number of messages to display in both Pure and K-9, as suggested by Adam, above, in June, but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

    I will email you the logcat if it will help, but given the nature of the error I’m not sure over what period you need the log. Should I start logcat, send myself an email and then send the resulting log or would a longer period be required? Do you have any suggestions?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I use K9FP everyday without any trouble… but may your phone can have a trouble with it.
      2 things to check :
      – NEVER kill K9FP or any Pure service,
      – be SURE your phone is not in low memory state.

      If you think those 2 points are OK, then yes, I’ll need a logcat just after a forced refresh in K9FP which doesn’t refresh Pure messenger.


      1. Koxx,

        Many thanks for your advice. I had the minfree settings set to Strict, which may have been killing one of the services. I’ve reset that to default and it now seems to be working OK.

        I’ll keep an eye on it and hold off sending you a log unless the problem recurs.

        Many thanks for your time and help.


  64. I use the messenger as my main communication-central and it would be great, if it would also display the missed calls with contact picture and the option to dismiss the notification and to also call back.
    Bet you can’t do that, can you?

    1. Yes, I saw that in the suggestion module. If people continue to vote for this, I’ll definitely add it 🙂

  65. Do you have any estimate when the pure messenger will work with the “normal” K9? Having both versions running (K9 and K9pure) consumes a lot of ressources 😦

    1. No, no date. The content provider of K9 is not yet stable, and the refresh feature is not taken into account at all.
      But why do you conserve K9 ? K9 for Pure fully replace it…

      1. Is there no significant difference between K9 and K9pure? Isn’t K9 further evolved and K9pure a litte – er… – outdated? At least that’s what I thought? (No offence meant ) 😉

      2. Ahhh – I see. O.K. I uninstalled K9 🙂
        Will you freeze K9pure at the current version, or will you update it further? Not really important, though, because the current version is pretty evolved…

      3. That’s good to know 😉
        Thank you for your good work so far. It really makes my daily business-life easier. Have a good time and enjoy your life 🙂

  66. Hi,

    I have often several email addresses for the same contact and it seems that PM displays the picture of the contact only if the incoming email address matches the very first address in the contact book.
    Do you confirm ? Any fix for that ?


    1. Hi,
      Normally, it should search in all emails from the contact.
      Which phone / ROM are you using ? it works fine for me.

      1. HTC Hero 2.1, official ROM, latest official firmware.
        Launcher pro latest version

        Note that I use only Google contacts: I have no contact at all in the Phone book, nor in SIM.


      2. ok, bizare…
        Il me semblait pourtant l’avoir testé sur mon Hero.
        Je re-teste a des que j’ai l’occasion (j’ai pleiiinnnn de modifs en attente actuellement).

  67. Bonjour,

    J’utilise Pure Messenger mais, ayant un tattoo, je suis déçu de son affichage qui n’y est pas optimisé.

    Les skins sont tronqués.

    Serait-il possible d’optimiser l’affichage des widgets ?

    Merci beaucoup,


    1. Bonjour,
      Je n’ai malheureusement aucun telephone en 240×320 pour faire des tests poussés.
      Avez vous essayer avec des Home alternatives ? ADW ou Launcher Pro ?

      1. ok, quand j’ai le temps, je regarde ca… mais j’ai deja tellement de choses a faire que les 0.1% de telephone 240×320 dans la nature deviennent vraiment TRES penible. Quelle idée d’avoir autorisé du low cost comme ca 😦

  68. Thank you for a very nice suite of well thought through widgets. I bought them as soon as the market opened up here in the Nordic Region (Sweden for me).

    I have looked around and found no better place to report problems. I am sorry if I am posting out of context. Here goes:

    There seems to be a slight problem with the sizing of the 4×4 List Widget. The upper half row is clipped (it might be displayed under the google notification bar). The same goes for the bottom of the screen, which ends up under my menu buttons and is clipped.
    4×3 list view works great.
    The other Pure 4×4 widgets work great as far as I have seen.
    My environment:
    Samsung Galaxy S.
    Tested in both 2.1 and 2.2. Same problem on both platforms.

    1. Hi,
      this problem is due to the Samsung Home which doesn’t use the standard Google Home sizes. Their bottom icon bar is too high and use too much space.
      Pure messenger (as Pure calendar) use a fixed widget size (320×400 or 480×600) for a 4×4 widget.
      Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Home size from the widget code 😦
      In a next release, I think I’ll add a special menu to adjust the widget size… not very clean, but it will do the job :/

  69. Bonjour et bravo pour l’excellent travail réalisé sur Pure Calendar et Pure Messenger (mon préféré).

    J’aurais deux souhaits d’amélioration sur Pure Messenger :
    – affichage des messages Gtalk
    – pour twitter : pouvoir choisir une (ou plusieurs) listes Twitter à afficher.

    1. Salut, et merci 😉
      Pour les suggestions, ca serait bien d’utiliser le module de suggestions : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/
      … sinon, je vais les oublier, et surtout ca permet de voir le nombre de personnes interessées.
      Pour gtalk, je suis pas chaud du tout car pour moi, c’est assimilé a du chat et le widget n’est pas assez rapide pour ca.
      Pour les listes twitter, why not 😉

      1. Je vais utiliser le module de suggestions.

        Sinon, j’ai fait la demande pour gtalk, car avec un clavier Android, Gtalk ressemble plus à de la messagerie rapide qu’à un vrai chat. 😉

  70. Scott here. New Droid X owner attempting ADW with all your widgets ordered yesterday. So far so good despite my learning curve with the Droid platform and configuring widgets. I’m sorry if this is very elementary, but my question is about the Email and SMS applications that open when tapping a message/email in the widget.

    I did like the cloud “conversation” look of the stock Droid app when viewing messages SMS/Facebook with the stock Droid. Will I lose that capability with the Pure widget for stock messenger/email apps?

    I just realized I need to run K9 for Pure so I’m going to download when I get to my phone. I’m not sure what that will do.. Hopefully open the emails fully showing pic attachments that I noticed it currently won’t do without.

    Thanks for your time, and so far I’m quite impressed with the looks and customization capability of the widgets.

    1. “I did like the cloud “conversation” look of the stock Droid app” … I am not sure to understand, but I think you want to open the native SMS app instead of the internal viewer … then disable the internal viewer 😉

  71. Is it possible to make SMS notifications “threaded” if they’re coming from the same person?

    That is, if the same person leaves 3 texts, is it possible to just show the most recent one in the list in it’s appropriate position? It seems to unnecessarily clutter the feed if multiples are left in the list…

    Thanks — otherwise a great app!

    1. Currently, no. But please, use the suggestion module to see if other users are intersted.

  72. Are there plans for a Goggle Voice feed? I purchased and like it a lot but missing GVoice is huge for me.

  73. Hey,
    seems I have a problem with Pure Messenger. When I try to connect FB and click on first button (gen PIN) I get “Error occured. Try again later” (opera mini, integrated browser, tried to click button while logged in and while logged out – no use). How I am supposed to add FB to it?

  74. I’m having an odd problem with some e-mails not showing up in Pure Messenger Widget. I’m using K9 for Pure as my e-mail client. The mails that don’t show up are specifically those from a sender called CC_Message_Notification[at]usamobility.net, sent to a Gmail account.

    Refreshing makes no difference. The e-mails come without a subject, but that isn’t the problem, as other no-subject messages to that Gmail account appear appropriately in the widget. Also, all of the messages appear in K9. If I use the Gmail client instead of K9, the messages from that sender do show up in Pure Messenger Widget.

    Any ideas? Does the widget perhaps not like underscores in the sender’s name?

  75. I freaking love your app, It’s by far the best messenger widget out there but please can you make it do when you click a facebook or twitter post, it automatically opens the app and goes straight to the post? Not sure how easy this would be, but its kinda frustrating have to scroll through twitter to find the post you want to look more closely at! Keep up the great work!

    1. It’s simply not pssible 😦
      Like opening the gmail message for examle : impospible.
      or control Word from Outlook : impossible

      To be controled, an app should expose an ‘API’ to programmer of the other app. Without this, impossible to control anything. All you can do is launch the app… 😦

  76. Hi,

    First off – love your “pure” series. I own Messaging and Calendar 😀 I’ve just recently picked up Messaging (as in, Today) and have a pretty annoying bug with Text Messaging.

    It seems all my text messages come in 5 hours being (I send one to myself and the time shows 1:50PM instead of the real time, 6:50PM). This is causing my new text messages to not show at the top of the list, but somewhere in the middle (or not at all, depending on how many other things I have in the widget).

    Any idea what can be causing this? I’m using a brand new Droid X so it has the SMS fix already, I believe. I have the correct time zone set in the settings. Also, the correct time is displayed within Handcent and the stock messaging app. It appears to be just a pure messaging issue.


    1. Hi,
      this is a very well know problem of Droid X ROM.
      Please google it to find solutions. This is not related to my app 😉

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for the reply 🙂 I’ve googled around and the only thing I can seem to find is that there was a timestamp issue with text messages after the Froyo update. It seems Motorola released a fix for it back in August. I’ve just gotten my phone (on Monday), and it’s up to date, so I’m not sure that’s my issue.

        As I said, the timestamps shown in Handcent, Stock messenger, and the notification bar are all correct. The only place they seem to show incorrectly is in Pure Messenger. As a developer I know that doesn’t mean it’s your apps fault 🙂

        Do you have any other suggestions besides the known Froyo 2.2 update bug? Is there another bug I wasn’t able to find out about while googling around?

        Thanks again 🙂

  77. You can ignore my previous comment. After doing a little more digging (and posting on some forums) I found an app (SMS Time Fix) that will set the offset of incoming text messages.

    Luckily it doesn’t affect Handcent 🙂

  78. Have got a big probl. with the pure messanger since yesterday. Motorola Milestone 2.1

    Facebook Messanger List 4×4

    Since yesterday, the 4×4 Listviews only shows 1 Message from Facebook. All other lines are empty.

    2.) wrong Profile Pictures!
    3.) it shows very old Facebook postings as the newest one.


    New posting vom 12.11.2010 3:45pm and the widget shows a posting from 08/11.2011 as the newsest one. when i hit “refresh” it shows a message from 95.11.2010 1:18pm but with the profile picture of the old posting from 8.11.2011

    i dont know why. removed the widget, tried the 2×2, 4×3, messanger 4×2, 4×4 and all other widgets, bit it shows only 1 messages. counter is still 1/1


    Pollig period 30 minutes
    search messages list in last 1 week
    maximum number of messages 50
    show only unread messages (not checked)

  79. Pure messenger worked great on my original moto droid but now after updating to the Droid 2 I’m encountering an odd bug. The times for all my sms messages are 5 hours behind in the widget. This causes the messages to be on the bottom or not even show in list view since it thinks they are from 5 hours ago… emails and everything else however receive the correct time. All other sms apps not associated with pure messenger widget, including the stock app, display the correct time; the only app that has the time issue with sms is pure messenger.

    1. Just wanted to update on an idea I have that might somehow be causing this, I’m in the EST time zone (-5:00 gmt)…. this would account for the 5 hour problem…. but why would sms be the only thing affected in the widget and why wouldnt any other sms apps be having the problem.

    2. This is an old bug of Moto Droid X 2.2 ROM… there is not related to my app. You need to use a fix for your SMS database. A user reported to found a fix on the market. Google it, I think you’ll find it 😉

  80. HI, after last update it doesn’t receive emails anymore. Only SMS. Does that sound familiar or should I look for another cause?

    1. Hi,
      no, no reason for this, but you need to check 2 things :
      – be sure you have at least 30mb of free memory
      – be sure you never use any task killer

  81. Just noticed with the new version, my Twitter messages aren’t being received.

    When I click on “Providers/Twitter” it shows as “enabled” (it was previously receiving Twitter messages), I get the following error message;
    Application selected as ‘Twitter’ doesn’t seem to be installed on your device.
    Please, select another application installed or adapted to your device.

    I have Twitter installed, have my account synced to my phone. Below is what I am using;

    Phone – EVO 4G
    Rom: Cyanogenmod 6.1 RC2

    If you need anything additional, please let me know.

    1. First, twitter app choice is not the most important. Sync is a totally separated process.
      Second, please, send me a logcat after the widget configuration and once you get this message.

      1. Do you have an email address? I don’t want to post the logcat on a public forum.

  82. Hi, firstly just want to say great app!! bought pure messenger yesterday, and so impressed that I bought calendar & music too.

    I have 1 problem though, the pure messenger doesn’t seem to show emails from K9 for pure, even though the email shows in K9. I noticed at least 3 people had the same problem here in the comments, is it resolved yet?

    I’ll send you the logcat, but I’m not sure what I need to do on the phone that can help you figure out the problem.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      the problem is different for each user.
      First, you need to be SURE that :
      – you are using the latest ‘K9 For Pure’ version
      – the K9 For Pure account is selected in the Pure messenger widget config panel.


  83. Since the last update this morning of messenger and k9 nothing is working anymore. The k9 is showing an empty email from time to time, and everytime the emails are fetched, messenger and k9 are getting into a neverending circle of taking turns using up all CPU-resources until I kill the messenger process. If I only kill k9 it will immediately restart and same things happen again.
    Hmm, any ideas?

  84. Great programs, but getting stuck with the widget not display my pop email. Gmail shows up fine but not my other two pop email accounts. I am sure I have the most recent K-9 for Pure and in the widget configure screen I have K-9 for Pure selected, then under that both of my pop accounts selected. In K-9 for Pure, I can see messages in all of the accounts (gmail, and my two POP accounts) but only the gmail messages are showing in the Pure messaging widget. I have Droid X, Android 2.2.1 running Apex 1.3.0

    1. Hi,
      First, be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you updated BOTH applications : K9FP AND Pure messenger.
      Then, please, contact me by email (see about page).

  85. After updating to the recent K9 for Pure (3.390) the widget doesn’t show K9 mails anymore. It does show Googlemail so I don’t believe it’s a LDW Launcher issue. Rolling back to the K9 for Pure (2.913) solves the problem. What should I do?

    Thanks, Carve (HTC Legend / Froyo)

    1. Hi,
      I worked with multiple users to sort this issue, and I finally found the problem yesterday…
      I’ll publish the new version in few hours.
      I guess you are using POP accounts, it may works with IMAP if you can’t wait.

  86. hi

    i am a big fan of pure messenger. however after last update to 1.9.9 and new k9 my phone (samsung moment) has become very sluggish at everything – including displaying messages in widget which can take a few minutes, making phone calls, etc. do you have any suggestions for what might be happening? or is there a way to download the old versions and go back to them?

    thank you for this great program!

    1. Hi,
      please email me to check what could be the cause of this slow down (see about page for my email).

  87. Bonjour,

    J’utilise pure calendar grid et pure messenger. MAis avec ce dernier, j’ai un soucis avec K9 for pure widget … et la synchro avec un exchange 2003.
    Dans le client standard du Galaxy S (2.1 éclair) je n’ai pas de soucis ni avec touchdown …. Par contre avec K9 il m’est impossible d’avoir un mail …
    J’ai essayé pas mal de config et impossible.
    Y a t-il un autre logiciel pris en charge par pure messenger pour la synchro avec exchange ?


    1. Bonjour,
      je ne suis malheureusement pas un expert en config Exchange.
      Tout ce que je sais, c’est que plusieurs utilisateurs m’ont dit que ca fonctionnait depuis ma MAJ de K9FP.
      Non, il n’y a pas d’autre soft pris en charge.
      Je negocie avec NitroDesk pour ajouter TouchDown, mais il ne sont pas reactif du tout sur ce coup la.

      1. OK merci pour la réactivité !
        J’ai touchdown en test mais c’est assez lourd … Je ne sais pas ce que je ferai à l’issue de la fin du trial.


  88. Hello,

    Just started using smart phone and have been having fun with pure widgets and K9 stuff. I got a bit confused though. I updated the messenger today and when i click on my K9 emails in the widget it now goes to the email inbox but not directly into the message in the K9 app. I like the internal viewer but would like the option to instead go directly into the particular email and not just into the inbox of K9 .

    The thing is I have a horrible memory and cannot remember if I ever had that option or if i am hallucinating. Did the update do something involving this or do I have some other problem?

  89. Hi just purchased messenger to use as to allow me to see my email on my Dell Streak home page instead of the Dell Stage widget which will not allow me to connect to K9. I downloaded K9 for pure – set up for my google account utilising POP3 on K9 (I prefer this app to the standard or google mail) and then removed the original K9. Purchased the widget and loaded onto the home page. I have disabled all except the pop3 email option as I am using K9 for pure and the list/4×4 widget but I do not get any mail in the list. Am I missing something really easy in setting up. Dell Streak on 02 with Froyo 2.2 Official Release.

  90. Hi fixed problem – needed K9 Pure to be removed and reinstalled – it must have been a problem between K9 still being on the system when I set it up. Now working great. Thanks I will be looking at the calendar widget next.

  91. This is a great app you have here and it’s one of my favorites. Do you have any plans to skin or theme the internal viewer? I have an oled screen so white text on black looks really good and saves on brightness. I use the transparent theme for the widget with white text and my wallpaper is black which I love and is the reason I paid for this app 🙂 but when the internal viewer comes up it’s big and bright and doesn’t fit in. Here are a couple of snaps to show what I mean:



    Thanks for listening and happy new year!

    1. Hi,
      no, there is currently no plan to make it skinnable.
      But I’ll rework the current skin very soon.
      ciao, and happy new year 🙂

  92. Hi, I live in Turkey and don’t have access to paid apps on the Android Market. Is there anyway to get the messaging widget from another market (AndAppStore, Slide?) or directly? I’m desperate to replace the Motoblur Messenger widget. Thanks

  93. It would be nice to be able to show ONLY unread e-mails. I get a lot of mails, and that pushes everything else away.

  94. YEAH! Launcher pro gets an update!!! NOOOO, still no solution for problems with scrollable widgets. LP sucks!

  95. Hi,

    my messenger widget doesn’t work with Twitter. It get’s no connection. I don’t know why. With Facebook, ist is working fine.
    I have the Dell Streak with Froyo.


    1. Hi,
      does your Twitter registration in Pure messenger worked ?
      If no, at which step did it fail ?

  96. Hi,

    I just figured out the cause of a problem I have with my Nexus One:
    If I check the option System ->Force Android to keep the widget in foreground… wich is for me the only way to have the widget 100% refreshed with incoming messages, after a missed call, the missed call icon in the notification bar disappears and screen shows the recent call log.

    Any clue about this?

    Thanks for the app support.

    1. Sorry. Forget about this. I’ve been trying and it seems that this option is not the cause of this problem.

  97. I have installed Pure massenger 2.0.8, turned on list mode, enabled Gmail and sms, it shows only sms masseges, e-mails are missing.

    DesireHD CM7 (NB15) Android 2.3.2

      1. I have found the problem reason, it may be useful for you

        if in settigs->Sync->Gmail Accaunt (xxx@gmail.com)->Check box: “Sync Gmail” is UNCHECKED there will be no gmail masseges in the widget!!!

  98. hi, very nice widget!
    using it with launcherPro and HTC Sense Style.

    Is there a possibility to view Facebook comments in the internal viewer?

    That would make the usability much better for me.

  99. I’m having a bit of an issue I can’t find a solution to anywhere, I get one notification for the first email I get after a reboot… then it’s all vibrates after that, I’ve checked everything else that might have an email notification and nothing, pure, k9fp the gmail app, etc etc….

    any ideas what is causing this issue?

    1. I had this problem on time, it was due to a notification sound which was on sdcard, and the sdcard is not mounted at the phone startup. May this is the same problem.

      1. Hmmm… all of the notifications are on the sd card and the problem is mostly after i plug into my computer or reboot…. any idea how to access the phone memory to move them there instead?

  100. Bonjour, j’ai un soucis avec la configuration twitter, lors de l’acceptation de la connexion à twitter, j’appuie sur “autoriser”, et la boite de dialogue “pure messenger widget” s’ouvre et me re-propose le bouton “conexion” . Du coup c’est une boucle infinie. Y aurais il une solution?

    1. Bonjour,
      Au click que ‘connexion’, tu ouvres bien un browser ? (pas un outils Twitter) on est d’accord ?
      Ensuite, tu te connectes sur le browser, et tu valides la connexion. La, le site web de twitter te dis OK, et tu as un popup qui te dit d’appuyer sur la touche ‘back’ jusqu’a ce que tu sois revenu dans Pure messenger. Bah la, c’est fini.
      Tu fais ‘save & exit’ sur Pure messenger, et tu auras tes messages Twitter.

      1. Oui j’utilise bien le Browser, Malheureusement le site de twitter me dit ok, mais pile à ce moment j’obtient le popup “connexion” . J’ai fais un screen pour vous aider.


      2. C’est surtout le ‘toast’ error qui est grave.
        Ca veut dire que le retour de Twitter est le probleme.
        Pas de cochonerie de firewall installé ?

  101. Hello, I really like your products. I recently bought the pure messenger and I have a request to see if you can add it to your todo list. Just to add an option for “limits”. In addition to have the option to download by date (day and weeks), also would be nice if we can download by number of emails (messages) regardless of how old they are. Thanks for consideration on this.

      1. I saw the option for number limit, but at the same time I want to disable the option “search messages in last: number of days or weeks”. Because I have some emails that are very old, but that I still want to have them quickly available.
        So the number limit would be the only factor to tell the app how many emails I would have in the widget.

      2. In that case, please use the suggestion module. It will allow me to know how many users can be intereted by such request.

  102. I just got this; whilst I love the layout, I don’t have notifications enabled, but keep ENDLESSLY getting notifications … 24 new messages, 50 unread messages, things like that… popping up in my status bar.

    How on earth do I keep it from doing this? I’ve used the ‘kill old widget’ config… I just don’t care about what’s new and unread, and I’m really getting sick of hearing it bling about it.

      1. Never mind, I feel the idiot… didn’t disable notifications 2. Wasn’t totally sure how those worked. All good now.

      2. Good 😉
        I think I’ll add a checkbox to fully disable notification. You are not the first one to forget to check those settings. It’s not simple enought. I’ll change that.

  103. Is there a way to turn off the Unread/Total count on this widget? And is there a way to turn off the ‘No Messages’ message if there’s nothing there?

    I’m basically putting it in otherwise empty space on my homescreen for SMS/Missed Calls/Unread E-mail, and would prefer it invisible if not reporting something.

    1. Is there a way to turn off the Unread/Total count on this widget?
      >>> no

      And is there a way to turn off the ‘No Messages’ message if there’s nothing there?
      >>> no, unless you use the list view

      For such ideas, don’t forget to push them in the suggestion module : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/

  104. Hi! I have a problem with the new version: When i tap on a message (SMS) it opens the reply modus instead of jumping to the conversation. So i cant read sms at this poit. Only answer. May girlfirend will be happy for getting fast a responmse, but i cant read her message 😀 Is this only me?

  105. Ohh, nowi see this: 2.1.0nr : “fix direct SMS thread opening for some devices”

    this seems to be my problem. When it will be released?

  106. Hi, just wanted to mention that when using it with Go Launcher EX, the icons from the right (for ex. gmail icon, sms icon, twitter, facebook, phone icon etc.) they don’t show up at all. I can press the empty spot and get the same menu, but there’s no indication what kind of message that is unless I click it.
    I’d appreciate any input.

    1. Hi,
      you should contact Go Launcher. If they respect the scrollable API implementation, it works. Proof: it works for ADW, Zeam and LauncherPro.

      1. yeah, it works great with ADW, but on Launcher Pro I get the same problem (actually is far worse, empty widget, as you know) – and this is because of the HTC Desire HD Rom I suppose – is there anything I can pass to the developer that would help?

  107. Hi there:
    (ver. 2.1.0 on Froyo, Nexus One, ADW Launcher).

    I absolutely love your widget. I’ve been very happy with it – I set up a scrollable list for Twitter/FB and a regular list for email/SMS). There seems to be a bit of a lag/force close issues occurring from time to time as of late, however overall I’m happy with your app.

    I do have one question though (which might be a stupid question but I can’t seem to answer it). Does the widget only poll messages from your inbox? My gmail accounts are set up to sync my inbox as well as certain labels/sub-folders but the emails that go directly there don’t show up in the widget. Not a huge deal but I wondered if I set something incorrectly.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Thanks 😉
      For gmail, currently, it can read only inbox… i have some test in progress since few weeks to read other labels :p
      If you have some lag/issue, please, email me.

  108. Hey Koxx… love the widget/app man! Lately though I have noticed that some of the profile pictures from facebook are showing up as the default pic. It appears to be random. Is there a reason it does this? Or is it something I am doing wrong?

    1. Hi,
      no reason unless you had an unstable connexion when the new messages was retrieved. I think once the pictures are retrieve only once when the associated message is retrieve.

  109. Hi !

    I’m using this app since about 2 months ans I have only one request if it’s possible …
    As it works now with exchange since the release of the connector, it would be nice to have 3 different notifications instead of 2.
    Thank’s … great app !


  110. Good morning,

    Since yesterday I noticed some strange behaviour (scrollable 4X4 XXL widget, HTC Desire, Zeam launcher) I follow person X in Twitter and see the picture of person Y in Facebook. Both account are completely unrelated. Is this a known issue?

    1. Hi,
      no, never seen such issue.
      Try :
      – entering the widget config
      – press menu key
      – purge message
      – press menu key
      – purge image cache
      – save & exit

  111. Howdy – starting with the 2.1.0 update, i can no longer open a text message from Pure Messenger directly in thread view using Handcent. when i select a text message in Pure Messenger, it will open a new _blank_ thread in Handcent (with the correct contact name at top) even though i have an existing thread in Handcent for that contact. this worked well prior to the last two updates. this issue is present using Pure Messenger 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 with Handcent 3.7.5 and 3.7.8.

    i uninstalled Pure Messenger 2.1.1, and reinstalled 2.0.9 from my backup, and i can once again successfully open the correct (and fully populated) thread in Handcent 3.7.8.

    Droid X with Android 2.2.1(version 2.3.340), stock
    ADW.Launcher EX 1.2.2
    Handcent 3.7.8 (also tested with 3.7.5)

      1. The Pure Messenger 2.1.2 update works great with Handcent on my Droid X, thanks a lot!

        Now, if i could just convince you to offer an option to display more than just 4 lines for text messages (preferably at least 160 characters which is the Verizon limit for text messages)…

      2. Personnaly, the 160 characters fit in my 4 lines, but may be it’s because I use the small text size 😉

  112. Hello,
    I am excited to try this app. If I am reading the description properly, this widget will work very much like Motoblur?
    Thanks ❤

  113. The preview line for exchange messages always shows html comments. Gmail is fine and when I open the message it’s fine. I can’t seem to find a setting or post that shows how to fix. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Roger

    Example: <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-

    instead of the first line of message text

    Droid X with Android 2.2.1 version 2.3.340

      1. After digging a bit more this is not a widget issue, it’s an issue with k9mail. I get the same behavior if is use preview lines in k9.

  114. I have problem with Pure messenger widget, it doesn’t display POP3 email messages. When I add new widget all email options look fine, provider is K9 for Pure, it selects by default my only email account, but when widget is on homescreen, no messages are displayed.
    I added separate widgets for Gmail and Facebook, both work just fine.

    I’m using HTC Desire with Oxygen 2.0 rom (Android 2.3.3).

    1. Hi,
      you need to find on Google good POP configuration for Yahoo, and be sure that Integrated Inbox is enabled in K9FP.

    1. sorry, I mixed up with another user comment 😉
      Good for Unified inbox 😉
      I should for it for K9FP

  115. I was wrong again. The slow down comes and goes, but it is there more often than not. This happens with scrollable and non-scrollable widgets. I’d love to get this working, as I really like what it does and how it looks.

  116. Just updated to CM7 RC2, and the widget does not seem to display gmail messages any more (gmail sync is working fine).

  117. I could not figure out how to make yahoo and hotmail accounts to show in the widget together with gmail. I downloaded k-9, and made it work for Yahoo by itself, however I could not figure out how k-9 is supposed to help Pure messanger widget show emails from other accounts. Pease Help.

    thank you.


    1. You need to use ‘K9 For Pure’ (no K9). It will download email to your phone, THEN Pure messenger will be able to display them in the widget.

  118. I’ve got a Samsung Captivate with the official release of 2.2. I just rooted it and installed the connector using your method 1.

    In the widget I can see email from the stock email program accessing my gmail account, but not my work exchange account.

    I go into the Email Connector App, it says that it see 2 accounts listed, and shows the subject lines for email from both accounts.

    Any thoughts on why the email from the exchange account won’t show up in the widget?

    1. no idea. sorry :/
      I’ll check on my Samsung GS when I’ll have time to see if it does the same thing.
      The major problem is : I don’t have any Exchange account 😦

      1. Not sure why this worked, but changed polling to one day and now everything is fine.


  119. Hi, thanks for adding hootsuite to the twitter options. I was wondering if there were any plans on adding more themes or skins for pure messenger and the other pure widgets? I’m using the honeycomb theme on CM7 and it’d be great if it could have the same look and the other skinned apps, something like this?

    1. Hi,
      Skins are users contributions.
      I’ll try to make a Android 3.0 theme based myself when I’ll have time… but right now, I don’t have time. I you want to create it, I’ll be happy to publish it.

  120. Hello,

    where to download 2.1.6? Market says still 2.1.5 but here on this page you write 2.1.6 is latest.

    1. Not yet published. There was big troubles on market admisnitration pages yesterday. I’ll publish it this evening (in 12h).

  121. Works great on Galaxy S 2.2 and 2.2.1, using connector for Exchange Account by stock Mail (instead Super Manager you can use Root Explorer).

    It would by nice if the widget is also showing Google Talk and MMS. Maybe input for the next improvements! 😉

    1. Hello,

      first i like your widget very much. Its the only one i found which can do everything i want.
      But the notification led doesnt work on my Motorola Defy (Android 2.1) with the K9 for pure.
      Do you you think there is a chance to fix that?


      1. Hi,
        sorry, but I don’t make any modification to official K9 except the integration to Pure messenger (which is the only reason why I created K9 For Pure).
        So, I advise you to try the latest official K9, then, if it works, it will be in the next K9FP update. If it doesn’t, you need to ask the fix to the main official K9 team.

  122. Xperia Arc

    Just installed pro on Xperia Arc. All working well apart from the gmail connector. 15 minutes has passed and a mail that has been sent to my gmail account still hasn’t appear in the scrollable list.

    1. Is the email arried in the gmail app ?
      It will be displayed in Pure messenger only once it is received in gmail app … so, you need to check 😉

      1. Yes it is gmail I seem to have found the issue though. If you filter to “show only unread messages” none of my gmail appears and secondly there seems to be at least a 5 minute delay from receiving a mail before it is listed in the pure messenger database

      2. Weirrrd … Gmail messages should appear less than 30 sec after the Gmail receiving.

  123. Hello, I apologize if this has already been asked, but I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question. I have pure messenger and k9 for pure both installed and functioning independently. My exchange server emails show up in the pure messenger widget, but when I click on one it just shows the email title and “K9 for Pure is loading the message…” underneath. It never actually loads. If I go into K9, it displays the body of the message just fine.

    Droid X
    2.3.3 – Gingerbread


    1. Hi,
      for Exchange messages, I am sorry, but I don’t have any Exchange account to make tests 😦
      If you have a free server to make tests, I’ll be happy to help.

    2. Mine is doing the same thing…”K9 for Pure is loading the message…”, and mine is happening on normal popped yahoo mail.

      It happens on different kinds of messages. What’s even more weird is i’ve received two of the same email messages before (on purpose while testing this issue out) and one will load fine, the other will get that “loading…” error. I’ll get a message from a company that will read just fine in the previewer, then the same company will send nearly the exact same email (for example daily bank balance updates) and the next day the new message won’t load…weird.

      Just starting happening after the last update i think. Before that it was OK.

  124. Hello!

    I’m a huge fan of your apps.

    But I have two suggestions:

    1) It would be nice, if I could have two pure messenger widgets with two seperate facebook requests. Let’s say the first widget shows all new status updates and wall posts whereas the second only shows inbox messages (which I would like to combine with my other sms and email messages)

    2) As I’m using Motoblur (with facebook already integrated), I’d appreciate if I could jump to the facebook inbox folder of Motoblur when tapping on the message in pure messenger widget.

    Thank you for your answer…

    1. Hi,
      1) It would be possible, but please, use the suggestion module
      2) Not technically possible because this application is not open source and doesn’t offer open API.

  125. Bonjour, je désespère car j’ai potentiellement l’appli la plus cool du monde sous la main mais comme je n’arrive pas à faire marcher facebook elle m’est inutile! Je suis toutes les étapes, mais quand j’arrive à avoir un code (j’ai souvent le message d’erreur sur fond rouge) il me met “invalid parameter”. J’essaye en 3g, edge, wifi sur 3 réseaux différents… réinstallé l’appli, reseté de mes paramètres facebook pure app histoire de repartir à zéro, tenté depuis 3 browsers différents sur le mobile (nexus s sous 2.3.3 d’origine)…
    que faire? j’ai bien fait précédent dans le browser et non home je précise (j’ai d’abord épluché en long en large et en travers toutes les questions posées) merci d’avance!

    Hi, i’m terribly disapointed as facebook won’t work. when i finally can get a code (i often have the error message at the third step when i try to get a pin code), the pin does’nt work. it says “invalid parameter”… i tried over 3g, 2g and 3 different wifi networks, with 3 diffrent browsers, i wiped out the info from the facebook app management page – in order to get a fresh restart … it still does not work. it’s a pity as the app is extremely cool, please help me find a solution !

    1. Désolé, mais il faut vraiment reussir a obtenir le code PIN. Aucune idée pourquoi ca ne marcherait pas.
      Le mecanisme de login Facebook sera bientot completement revu.

  126. Heya Koxx.

    Have to say. superb app!! all your pure widgets are tbh though.

    i have one request if its possible. When sending a quick reply to an sms message, is it possible for the app to request a message received notification for the carrier? reason is ive had issues in the past where my sms messages werent sent. maybe a notification icon next to the message or in the notification bar.

    1. Hi,
      there is currently no plan to add such feature. Please use the suggestion module to let users vote on this idea.

  127. Greetings
    after the new Facebookmobile update, the “comments” button in pure msg don’t link to the specific post, but only to the Wall. Could you make it a priority to correct this? Thx in advance.. and Thx for the best Apps on the web 🙂

  128. Is it just me, or has ‘Quiet Time’ stopped working?

    I have notifications turned off for the built-in gmail/email apps (and they are also disabled for syncing).

    Using K9 for Pure, with a Quiet Time set – but I still get notification sounds during this quiet period.

      1. Ah… I think maybe I have misunderstood the way the 2 apps work together.

        I have all the notifications in K9 also disabled: it is just the widget that provides the notifications – and the widget does not have a Quiet Time option.

        So, I guess if I want quiet at night I should either:

        a) disable all widget notifications and enable K9 notifications or
        b) set up Tasker to disable notification volume during a certain time period.

        Unless there is another option?

      2. Oh ok, I didn’t perfectly understood, my mistake.
        You have all solutions listed 😉

  129. I am an idiot:

    It used to be that my notifications were silent when I went to bed. After updating messenger widget, I would hear my email arrive while I was in bed.

    The logical conclusion is that the update changed something, right?


    My ‘Toggle Settings’ app is set to make the notification volume silent at a certain time. So, why did I start to hear notifications in bed, after your widget updated?

    Answer: I had started to go to bed 1 hour earlier- which was now earlier than the silent mode was scheduled to start.


  130. Hi!

    Since the last update (2.2.2 if I’m not mistaken), the Messenger Widget forces the launcher to FC. I tried this with my standard ADW launcher EX, and also with the free ADW, the ADW 2 beta and the GO launcher. Same experience: the launcher starts, but as soon as you try to go to the homescreen holding the widget the launcher crashes.

    When deleting and putting the widget back, I can see that only 2 entries are visible despite it is telling me there would be 50 of 50 messages.

    The phone is a Galaxy S with 2.3.3.

    1. Hi,
      I don’t have such problem with ADW on Nexus 1 and HTC Desire Z.
      Please, send me a logcat just after the force close.

  131. Hi there,
    For some reason Pure Messenger widget will not display the right icons for my Twitter, Gmail and SMS on the top right corner. Instead, it displays a facebook picture of one of my contacts.
    I tried removing the widget and installing it back on again, and the problem still persists.

    My phone is a HTC Desire Z with Froyo. Pure Messenger 2.2.3

    1. Hi,
      try to export your settings, uninstall the application, reinstall it from the market and import your config.

  132. Hi

    Loving the apps thanks very much.

    In Pure Messenger is it possible to see Facebook chat? I hope I am missing something here in the setup?



  133. Update and show all as read functions do not work consistently if at all. VERY frustrating. Also, up/down buttons are very slow to react, again if at all.

    Using an HTC EVO 4G with plenty of memory.

    1. what do you mean by “do not work consistently” ?
      For slow performances, I disagree BUT I advise a 1Ghz processor for this widget. Below, yes, it can be slow because of all database to handled and android widget architecture (which is not made for high speed interactions).
      Another possiblity : there is a problem on your phone…

  134. Hi koxx,
    I’m using your pure messenger and pure calendar grid widgets in touchwiz 4 launcher on a samsung galaxy S.
    While with pure calendar grid there are many different dimensional choices for a 4×4 widget (the XL version fits ok for me), with pure messenger there is only one and it is far too big for that layout, so I have to use the smaller 4×3 version.
    Could you add more 4×4 dimensional versions to fit correctly in tw3 and tw4? I tryed to manually change the height value under skins – adjust size but nothing seems to change

    1. Hi,
      I’ll see what I can do, but it’s not simple because I don’t want to add new sizes, it’s too complicated to manage.
      And another thing, I STRONGLY advise you to use an alternative launcher. Most are really better that TouchWiz…

      1. Thanks, I know that most launcher are far better than crappy touchwiz 3, but touchwiz 4 is REALLY good thanks to its hardware acceleration, and FAR smoother than anything else on a galaxy s…anyway no biggie! thanks 4 your work and support

      2. Wow! with the last update 4×4 on touchwiz 4 is fitting ok! You are the best 🙂

        Just to give my feedback: the widget height could be increased (2,5mm on top and 2,5mm on bottom) and the widget is slightly off-center (towards right, this happens only when TW options is active and on all widget sizes)

        I’m on TW4, galaxy S.

        Thanks again for your support

      3. Perfect 😉
        thanks for the feedback.
        Unfortunatly, I think 7 messages can’t fit in the Touchwiz size.

  135. I’ve just noticed that Messenger uses Ringtones, not Notifications as new message alerts. This causes a bit of an issue for me:

    When I am at home, I like a short, quiet notification (call it ‘beep’)
    When I am outside, I like a long, loud notification (call it ‘BONGBONG’)

    I have a profile manager that allows me to change the volume and default ringtone/notification sound. But, if I used Messenger, I can only select the default Ringtone sound (call it ‘ring’) – not the default Notification sound.

    So, I can choose to have my phone setup for inside/outside sounds as follows
    beep/BEEP or
    bongbong/BONGBONG or
    ring/RING or
    ring1/RING2 (using profile manager to change)

    I cannot get it to offer beep/BONGBONG

    Any chance that ‘default notification’ will be an option in future versions?

  136. For some weird reason, it is only showing UNREAD gmail emails, and not the read emails, I have not ticked the option in the settings, too.

    Please Help!

    1. Be sure you didn’t forget an old widget on another home.
      Try to enter the widget config, press menu key, then ‘kill old widget’.
      If it still doesn’t works, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the market.

  137. I have a Problem.

    I use the messenger list widget.
    I use the Feature Behaviour->Filtering -> Show only unread messages.

    If this feature is turned on, and you press the button for “New email” in the widget nothing happens.
    If the Filtering feature is turned off, the mail app will be opened.
    Is there a fix possible?

    Thx for reply!

  138. I use Scroll messenger list, it is empty and requires me to tap “refresh” everytime I flip my SGS. I use Launcher Pro. Please, advise.

      1. you are right. man! the setting was probably lost due to launcher upgrade to newer version!

  139. What about a Honeycomb Version for the Xoom etc.?

    The native Honeycomb launcher supports scrollable widgets and in 3.1 also widget resizing – would be nice to see the messenger widget scrollable on the native launcher!

      1. Oh, thats bad – but i think even without e-mail support it’s a very nice widget!
        I like it, because i can see the facebook and twitter posts combined in a time-sorted-scrollable list on my homescreen 😉

        Hopefully you’ll be able to fix the problems soon – can’t wait 🙂

    1. I don’t have any phone with qHD screen…
      I need you to email me a screenshot (or camera shot).
      See ‘about’ apge for my email.

      PS : or send me 519€ to buy a HTC Sensation … or Moto Atrix …

  140. It doesn’t bring new emails without needing to refresh manually. Also the connector is not working neither. Using Moto Atrix, last version with GingerBlur 4.5

      1. Thanks for your reply,

        The problem is that I don’t have a low memory problem nor a task killer app to cause the problem showed in the faq.

  141. Thanks for the update.

    Pretty, pretty please, can we have ‘default notification’ as an option, as well as ‘default ringtone’?

  142. Thanks for the highly efficient app, well worth the money. Will appreciate: Forward Gmail, Mark as unread (this makes the 2nd request :-)). Ido.

    1. No hurry :
      – Google killed gmail API in HoneyComb
      – HoneyComb is 0.6% of Android Market

      So, may be in 2 or 4 weeks… without gmail, but with native scrollable widgets.

  143. Hi!

    Since I have installed the current version of Pure Messenger I can’t change the text size (Display Options) any more. I want to change it to “small” (and the app remembers this setting), but it remains “normal” when I have a look at the widget. “Big” and “Very big” do not work, too.

    Another problem is that the configuration doesn’t remember anything I change under “Show message date/time” in the Display Options. Every time I open the settings again everything in this section changed back to default.

    I have already tried to delete Pure Messenger (and all settings on the SD card) and installed it again, but it doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    My phone is a HTC Desire HD.



    1. Hi,
      which widget type are you using ? normal ? list ? scrollable list ?
      when you say taht you tried to uninstall, we talk about full uninstall and reinstall from the market, right ?
      I clearly don’t have such issue with those settings on any of my test phones and you are the only one to report such issue. 😦

      1. Hi Francois,

        I’m using normal (4×4) for gmail, normal (4×2) for SMS and scrollable list (4×4) for twitter and facebook. The problem with the text size occurs on both normal widgets, the date/time problem on all widgets.

        And yes, we talk about full uninstall und reinstall from the market.


      2. It’s very difficult to follow a discussion on the blog. Can you please email me (see ‘about’ page for my email) and resume me the situation please ?

  144. I love the widget. But after upgrading to GB on my Samsung Galaxy S, it crashes all the time. And if I try to open the Configure page, the screen goes black, and the widget crashes. Help!!!

  145. I did do a factory reset! But the widget only shows my GMail (not the K9 mail) I deleted the widget, killed all processes and services, and it crashes when I try to put the widget back on the desktop!

  146. I can’t believe it! logcat/alogcat etc. can’t even find my logs! I don’t know what is going on. But I can tell you that the problem seems to be related to the K9 mail. It works just fine with only the GMail account.
    But of course, this is only 1/2 a solution!

  147. Do you have any idea where the log files are or why log cat can’t find them? I really love your widget & want to keep using it, but … I really want it to work!

    1. With ‘aLogcat’ tool, it doesn’t catch anything ? If the answer is no, I can’t help you and you need to check on forums.

  148. Hi! It appears that updating to the 2.01 version of the ROM solved the issue. Now I have logs & more importantly, Pure Messenger works great! Thanks!

  149. Hi!
    Could you make Totem skin for Messenger too?
    It is in Calendar and News too and I like this skin. For me it’s the best :))

  150. after last update (2.3.0) list versions of the widgets seems not to work properly: the messages text is shorter (only one line instead of the usual two) and the “saved” blank space remains on the bottom of the widget.
    Galaxy S – 2.3.4 – TW4 & GOlauncher

  151. Hi

    After updating pure messenger i suddenly gets some encoding problems with the Danish characters “æ ø å” in the subject field and it’s only from Facebook posts, gmail is showing it correct. When I view a Facebook post in the internal viewer it’s showing it correct. A post like “På fredag er der weekend..” is now shown as “På fredag er der weekend..”.

    HTC Desire, stock rom. I’m using Pure messenger list widget.

  152. Hi

    Im using pure messenger 2.3.0 on my SGS (2.3.4) and Im having problems with facebook refresh.. It seems like refresh works only now and then and it comes at least few hours “behind”. Some news feeds are skipped and not showed in pure messenger at all. Doesnt matter if I use polling or manual refresh.

    1. Hi,
      in widget settings: untick FB, accept delete account settings, relogin.
      I am working on this bug. It should be solved for the next release.

  153. I really love the widget! Thank you very much!
    But I hv a problem about the facebook updates, it only auto update 1 or maybe 2 times, then it can’t update anymore even I tap the refresh icon
    how to deal with it? thank you very much!

    1. There is a problem with keeping the Facebook login token.
      You need to unlog FB in widget settings, accept delete account login, then relogin.

      1. Thank for ur prompt reply. I’ve tried this, but after some time the problem would occur again…

  154. Greetings! NitroDesk said they cannot interface with Pure Messenger because the Pure Messenger widget adds email into its own database. This is not allowed based on Exchange Access Server security policies. They would be able to allow Pure Messenger access to Exchange messages via Touchdown if this were not the case.

    Any chance you are going to make Pure Messenger compatible with this (i.e. don’t add Touchdown email to the database, just display them directly)?

    1. No, this is not possible to avoid storage in my own database.
      And this is not the only restrictions : no actions on messages are allowed.

      1. Thanks. And thanks for Pure Messenger! It was well worth the money I paid for it. However, Exchange messages have become a priority for me, so I am going to have to move on. Executive Assistant integrates perfectly with Touchdown, so I am going to make that switch.

        Thanks again!

  155. I love minimalism so I was wondering if it was possible to hide the buttons on the bottom of the widget.


      1. Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately I am quite noob and have no idea where to find the theme files 🙂
        Any ideas?


  156. I am using integration into the standard Gmail and messaging apps. Two issues:
    1) It takes a long time (3-5 seconds) for the native app to come up. I know you can do better because when I use Pure Calendar the native calendar comes up instantly.
    2) Can you bring up the item that I clicked on, rather than just the app in general?

    I’m on a Samsung Epic.

    Thanks for your work!

    1. Hi,
      For ‘1’, I don’t have this issue, please email me (see about page for my email).
      For ‘2’, it’s totally impossible. Google doesn’t offer any API to open directly a message or conversartion.

      1. If it’s not a known problem don’t worry about it. I’m on a leaked ROM (EF02) so if it goes away when the official ROM comes out it’s all good.

  157. i am using Pure Messenger 2.3.1 and Handcent 3.9.5 on a Droid X with Gingerbread. i have Pure Messenger set to open a text message thread in Handcent and i have disabled the internal viewer option.

    i am not sure when it started (it is possible that it started with the Gingerbread update), but if i select a text message in Pure Messenger, a blank thread is opened in Handcent. the correct contact name is displayed at the top but existing text messages are not shown. if i start Handcent separately, the thread is fully populated as expected.

    this same behavior happened once before, and you made a change in version 2.1.2 which corrected it. i am curious if that change is still contained in the current build, thanks

    1. I restored v2.1.4 and v2.2.2 from backup, and both exhibit the same problem with handcent 3.5.9. I now use Colorize messaging widget and my text messages open in handcent as expected, so I conclude that there is a compatibility issue between pure messenger and motorola gingerbread.

  158. Hi, I’m running pure messenger on my HTC desire. It’s a great program, the only problems I have are that the “mark as read” button doesnt work, and the “reply” button sometimes takes me to an incorrect message. Any help with this? Thank you

    1. Hi,
      For mark as read, it works but on some phones, the notification stays… and it is impossible to order the notif removal from another app. So, I advise you to remove the notif from the SMS app, and use the Pure messenger notification.
      For the message opening pb, you need to allow exit the SMS app by pressing ‘back’ key and not Home or it won’t open the right message.

  159. Hi!
    You’ve done a great job for this app…..

    I have one little problem, disappeared with the next to last update and reappeared with the last update (2.3.3, downloaded this morning).

    While gmail and yahoo accounts work fine, the imap account doesn’t show any mail in the widget.
    Tried several sizes and type (scrollable or list), but nothing changed. Also tried to reinstall widget, but again nothing changed.
    Also cheched RAM (> 70 MB Free) and task manager and also tried enabling the “Force Android to keeping…..” option, but nothing seems that has changed..

    No error messages or crashes, simply it doesn’t shows mails.

    Noticed this problem with the original home launcher and also with ADW Launcher Ex.

    K9 works without problems and shows me mails of both accounts (yahoo & imap).
    I use an htc legend with froyo (android 2.2).


    1. Hi,
      did you try the latest K9FP version ?
      I fixed a major bug with messages listing issue from Pure messenger.

      1. Hi,
        didn’t noticed the K9FP update ’till your message….
        Tried the update and after reinstalling both K9FP and Pure Messenger, now they works perfectly….


  160. I use this just to show my recent gmail messages, and a few weeks back (around the time my Droid X updated to Gingerbread), I started noticing that it was frequently not up to date. Now I can’t trust that it lists all current messages. Do you know what may have changed and what I might do to make it work better? Thanks.

      1. Yes, I did. Memory is not low. It used to be always up to date, and now it doesn’t always list messages that the gmail app has already received. The whole point of using the widget is to get a quick view of the new messages, so this is a major problem for the widget.

      2. The only know reasons are task killer and low free RAM (be careful, I don’t talk about storage memory, but memory to run apps).
        Nobody reported any problems outside of those 2 points.
        I can check your situation if you email me (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  161. I don’t have a task killer. RAM: 235MB used, 145MB free. This was happening for weeks, and then my phone broke so I got a fresh replacement, and the refresh problem happened right away again.

    I will email you.

  162. Hi,

    I like the Pure-series, but why aren’t there any matching skins for different widgets. It woul be great to have a series, where colors, fonts, sizes and general layout match across calander, mail and news widgets.

    1. Hi,
      Most skins are ALREADY matching. Like ‘official 2010’ or the new default skin of Pure messenger, Pure news and Pure Grid. It will soon be the official skin for Pure calendar too (just few bugs to solve first).
      Don’t forget to look at the skin manager. Most skins are already compatible for ALL pure apps.
      ciao, Francois

  163. Hi Francois,

    Seems to be a problem when switching Android 2.2 native car mode On or Off: my scrollable list widget (running under Launcher Pro) just get empty each time. I need to manually refresh to get my messages back.


    1. Hi,
      I think you simply forgot to enable the scrollable mode in the launcher settings…
      ciao, Francois

      1. Not at all. scrollable mode is on and all has been working well for months…… as long as car mode is not switched. FYI, car mode is set by PhoneWeaver when switching profile.


  164. Hi,

    I just bought pure messenger some days ago. I have an issue with multiple widgets: On one screen, I want to have email, sms and facebook “mails”. On another screen, I want to see all new entries of my friends, but no facebook mails. For emails and sms, this separation works fine. However, for facebook it does not work. After changing the facebook settings for one widget, it is automatically changed also for the second widget.
    The phone is LG Optimus Speed, and launcher is GO Launcher.

  165. Hi,
    I can not see the Official 2011 skin introduced in 2.2.4.
    In the skin manager I can select the 2010 skin, but 2011 is missing.
    I’ve allready tried deleting the skins folder and starting from scratch by deleting data with Titanium Backup with no luck.

    Any suggestions?

      1. Hi koxx3.

        I have deleted res\drawable-hdpi\background_list.9.png and hey, it (kinda) works 😉 Looks like you didn’t update the skin for hdpi devices.

        I’m running a GalaxyS on 182 dpi (240 didn’t work aswell).

    1. If ‘flicker’ means ‘rebuild the list’, this is normal. This is the Android API which is slow to relaod elements 😦

    1. No problem for me on my 3 Ginger devices. You just need to setup your accounts in IMAP and enable PUSH/IDLE.

    1. not POP ! It doesn’t support instant server refresh. IMAP.
      When you finish the IMAP configuration, it ask if you want to enable ‘IDLE’… just says yes

  166. I can’t seem to find a user manual for the pure messenger widget. Is there one? Also, what is the purpose of the checkmark symbol to the left of the pencil? I see it when I open an email, but when I tap it, nothing seems to happen. Also, what is the meaning of the little number at the base edge of the gmail symbol in the list view?
    Thanks. BTW, just copying and pasting the modified gmail.apk using root explorer works great once you change the permissions. Oh, the original gmail.apk has to be renamed in order for the modified one to work properly.
    Thanks for an interesting widget.

    1. Sorry for being stupid. I found the instructions in the app library when I tapped on the icon for pure messenger. Sorry!

    2. check mark = mark as read (not usefull if you kept the ‘auto mark as read’ when entering the internal viewer.
      yes, you should have only 1 APK, and NEVER forget to remove the gmail auto-update in the market (is written in the FAQs)
      no way to open gmail at a specific message (no technically supported by gmail), this is why I created the internal viewer.

  167. Another question. I apologize if already asked. I did a search without finding this. When I open an email in pure messenger, I have it set to open Gmail. But it does not open the specific email, it only opens the list of emails for that Gmail account in the Gmail app. Is there a way to get the specific email to open in the Gmail app. At this point, I have to tap twice, once on the email in Pure messenger and once on the specific email in the Gmail app list.

  168. Hi Francois,

    using your app a long time and thank you for your great work.

    Since an update this year the widget doesn`t show the last facebook message of a “facebook friend” (like for sms) but only the first message + “X answers”. Then I have to tap the “X answers” to read the last message. Is it possible to change this to the old behavior?


    1. Hi,
      when you speak about “message”, do you mean “private message” ? if yes, I agree, it show only first message and not others… it’s a problem.

      1. Yes, exactly the “private message” and yes, exactly it`s a problem 😉 but I see you know it, maybe you find a solution for it, would be great.

        Thanks for the for the fast answer!

    1. There is Pure news for news.
      For me, Pure messenger is not designed for this purpose. Sorry.

      Google+ will come when Google will release an API for it.

  169. I have 2 issues:
    1. All of my exchange account emails are showing up twice in the messenger widget. I think this may because of something in k9 for Pure which also lists each email twice.
    2. I can’t figure out how to display mew emails as the come in. Right now I have a small number in the bottom left hand corner of the widget that I have to click to display the new emails. Is there a way to auto update/refresh the messenger widget?

  170. @Bruce: I’m having the exact same problems. My K9 is showing a different result than what my ActiveSync is, even though they’re both set to poll with the same frequency.

  171. Hi Francis,

    I have flashed Last MIUI ROM 1.8.26 (Gingerbread 2.3.5) on my desire.
    I do not use the MIUI stock launcher but rather my favorite Launcher Pro plus home.
    I use a PM Scrollable widget, and scrollable is enabled in LP

    PM seems to have synchronization troubles with the MIUI stock Message app:
    – New message does not appear in widget until I open the stock Message App
    – Message is not marked as read in PM when I open it in PM or in stock Message app.

    – PM manual global refresh still works Ok
    – FYI, launcher pro plus Messaging widget still update correctly, but the shortcut to Message App I have put on the dock bar does not read the unread message count

    Any idea ?


    1. Hi,
      I think your problem is more due to a too low memory than to a Pure messenger issue (which is now VERY stable).
      You must be sure that you have ALWAYS more than 30mb of free internal memory.
      The only reason for such trouble is : the service is killed (too low memory or task killer usage).
      I think the problem would remain the same with another launcher.

  172. Hello,

    I use the option to start the particular application when I click on the message body in the widget. I would expect that this would take me to the particular conversation (for sms) or e-mail (for gmail). However, for sms it simply opens the editor for a new message (with no recipient filled in), for gmail it simply runs the gmail application. Is that a bug? Such functionality is not really useful, I can click on the sms or gmail icons myself.



    1. Hi,
      For gmail, this is not technically possible to open a specific conversation because google doens’t allow it.
      For SMS, it mainly depends of your phone brand. It works fine on Vanilla ROM, but not on HTC devices for example… the problem is : there is no open API to do that.
      Anyway, I STRONGLY advise you to use the internal viewer. This is the reason why I created it : be able to view the message with a single click.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I think that the problem is not in the brand. When I use the internal viewer and then click on reply, it opens the correct sms conversation. However, when I don’t and I click on the message, it opens the internal “new sms” window. I would expect it to do the same as the reply button in the internal viewer.

      2. I think you don’t understand what I mean. When I use the internal viewer, after clicking on the message text it displays the message. When I press the pen icon, it provides several options, one of which is “Reply”. When I press “Reply”, it gets me to the correct conversation.

        However, when I don’t use the internal viewer, clicking gets me to the new message dialog, which is quite useless. It should do the same thing as the “Reply” option (that’s the point, I click on the particular message I want to read or respond to, so I want to get to the conversation).

  173. I am not sure where to post issues so I figured here would be ok, if there a better place let me know.

    With the pure messager widget, I have refresh the database every time the screen rotates. That is to say, the widget is empty each time the screen autorotates, which is frequenty. I am using a Galaxy S i9000 (Bell Vibrant), Android 2.3 with Launcher Pro.

    Other then that I enjoy that widget along with 2 others of yours! Keep up the good work.

    1. Classic problem with Launcher Pro : I think you forgot to enable scrollable widgets in Launcher Pro settings.

  174. hey, i just bought pure messenger like yesterday and i’m curious to know how to customize my widget to look like this:

    Please, help me :/ i liked that look that’s why i bought it…..

    1. This is the ‘normal’ widget type (when you insert it, do not pick ‘list’ types), then pick the ‘enveloppe’ skin.

      1. thanks for the quick reply. i cant find an envelop skin? maybe it is because i have an older version?

  175. oh besides, im using galaxy s with no external sd card installed. wonder where the skins save? hmmm…. reason for widget lagging i believe.

    1. Even if there is no sdcard, there is an internal storage.
      The speed issue of Pure messenger with Galaxy S is mainly due to very very poor memory and database management of the Galaxy S (I own one).
      Updating ROM improve the situation, and lagfixs too.

      1. Yes, I think this shouldn’t a problem.
        Simply download the skin from the widget skin manager (in the widget config panel, press ‘continue and skin’ button at the bottom)

  176. I might sound like a total noob but where’s the config panel? i understand it says ‘continue and skin’ and then goes over to the skin lists. I tried updating the list and there wasn’t any change in the list. No envelop skin or such.

  177. I must be missing something.
    I have the modified Touchwiz 4.5 which supports scrolling and scrolling works perfectly in the PURE Grid Calander widget. I just can’t find the option to enable it in the Messenger wirdgeet.

    1. It’s different for Pure messenger, it’s when you choose the widget type to insert that you must choose the ‘scrollable list’ type. There is no option for this one.

      1. Perfect, thanks!. I had to reinstall the app.
        Strangely the scrollable types weren’t in the list of selectable widgets -I had hidden some sizes, afterwards they wren’t in the list of restorable sizes.

  178. Hey Koxx, you’re doing a fantastic job btw! Don’t let anybody say otherwise. Not sure if it’s the new changes coming from Facebook or an app issue but Facebook News Feed seems to be catching half of the posts on my News Feed.

    It seems to be completely random too since some are friends and some are pages I follow. Doesn’t matter if it was posted from a phone, PC, etc. and none of them are marked as “Top Stories”

    Is this normal for now or a bug? Thanks!

    Specs: Android 2.3.4, Motorola Photon 4g, and Pure Messenger vsn: 2.3.9.

    1. Hi,
      thanks for the encouragement 😉
      Unfortunalty, the Facebook API is buggy since a long time and randomly forget to send some datas :/
      The bug have benn marked ‘solved’ by Facebook few days ago … but it seems it still have some issues 😦
      ciao, Francois

      1. Seems to be working better after I changed it to 15 min (originally had it at 5 which I know causes problems) and changed it from 1 line compact to 4 line classic.

        This may just be a fluke but I might as well say something if it helps in anyway. Thanks again!

  179. Hi,

    I’ve just installed Pure messenger and after refresh button it shows me: “you must update ‘k9 for pure’ to 3.390 – 109“, with no mail shown in widget. It’s installed as well, of course. But I dunno if it’s exactly that version – downloaded from market on October 5th (1.1.9).

    SGS2, Android 2.3.3, Launcher Pro +

  180. Sorry, i didn’t ask any queston 🙂
    Is there way to download PureK9 somewhere out of market. In version 3.390 – 109 and up.


    1. Hi,
      No, everything is on the Android Market.
      If Pure messenger and K9F are both up to date, there is no interface problem possible.

  181. Ok, but what about that update message? K9P is newest version available on market and it seems to be not enough…
    Tried 1) K9P without original K9. 2) K9 first, then K9P.
    Both ways was about the same.

    1. K9 is useless, you need to keep ONLY K9FP.
      The most important is to use the up to date version of Pure messenger. Reinstall it if you are not sure.

  182. Hi, i have a problem with manual sync. I have Pure Messenger newest version and K9FP newest version on my Motorola Defy+ 2.3. I set my 2 emails für GMail and another Email in K9FP under settings – network – background sync to never. For both Emails and separate settings for the Emails itself. Under android-settings data-background-sync is activated.
    What i want is, no automatic-sync with pure messenger. I want to tap the update-button myself. Nothing happened. When i change the settings under K9FP settings – network – background sync to on then it only runs automatically. What i need is an option “manual”. Thank you for the great app!

    1. Hi:
      – gmail sync cannot be controlled by any external app (nor by the widget) and is linked to ‘background sync’ setting
      – K9FP sync can normally be controlled by the widget and may be linked to ‘background sync’ setting (I don’t know).
      – FB & TW sync can be controlled by the widget and is NOT linked to ‘background sync’ setting.

      For features request, please use the suggestion module :
      It allows me to know how many people could be interested by such features.

  183. Hi,

    With K9FP, the K9 icon in the notification bar is not cleared nor updated when I read or mark as read a message from Pure Messenger.
    The Icon disappears only when launching K9FP.
    Works Ok with Gmail
    Is it due to K9 or to PM ?

    (Uptodate version of PM and K9FP – HTC Desire rooted /S-OFF/CM7.1)


    1. Hi,
      this can’t be due to Pure messenger IF it mark messages as read.
      Why did you kept the K9 notification since there is a notification in Pure messenger ?

      1. PM notification is a good idea, but it seems to be buggy: the notification icon is cleared from the notification bar when I delete or mark as read a single message in PM, eventhough the displayed message counter is greater than 1 ! I would rather expect the notification icon to stay in the notification bar as long as at least 1 message remains unread


      2. This is the normal behavior.
        I strongly prefer this behavior.
        It you read an item, for me, it means you have taken into account the notification.
        If any new message arrive, it create a new notif.

  184. I hit the wrong default for reply, (messenger not gmail) and can’t for the life of me figure out how to set it back. I have gone into settings–>applications and looked at the “default” applications settings for pure, messenger & gmail but none of them have one set. How do I remove the default setting?

    1. This is in Android settings (-> applications -> pick app -> clear default actions).
      Like for Windows file associations, this is not handled by the app, but by the OS (not very well done in Android …).

  185. I’ve got my new Samsung Galaxy Note. In TwLauncher (5×5 screen) is possible to arrange 5×2, 5×3, 5×4 or 5×5 Widgets?
    Thank you.

  186. unable to login twitter after authorizing app. keep getting this white blank on my X10 mini. nothing happen when it is touch. any advise?
    no problem enabling facebook just twitter.

  187. Hi there

    I am using PM solely for twitter updates and I have encountered a problem of tweets going missing/not showing.

    For example, my last tweet was at 5pm and I refresh at 8pm. PM would only show around 50 to 60 new tweets although there were many more, which I realized when I checked my twitter app. It would probably show new tweets from 6-8pm but the tweets from 5-6pm would not show. And this happens even though my maximum number of messages is set at 100 or 200.

    I am puzzled as to why some of the tweets would not appear even though I am far from hitting the maximum I have allowed. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    1. Hi,
      there is currently an internal limit at 50 elements per type (tweet, DM …)
      please, contact me by email to test a new limit.

  188. Hi,
    I installed pure messenger on my girlfriends xperia arc s (froyo 2.3.4) yesterday and despite problems getting the email part working I noticed
    that PM lags behind one SMS. It will only show a certain SMS in the scroll-list
    when the phone received another SMS afterwards meaning that the newest SMS won’t be shown…

  189. Hi I downloaded the app into my Galaxy S2 but I cannot make it work properly, as everything appears except the POP email accounts. Before downloading the widget, I installed K-9 for Pure. Everything seems fine in the configuration panel (pop accounts appear there), everything appears when placing the widget (SMS, Facebook, Twitter…) except the K-9 pop accounts. I’ve been reading through this long list but couldn’t find anything of help.

    Any idea? Many thanks in advance

  190. Hi, on a samsung galaxy note with pure messenger 2.4.7, configured to use email (pop & exchange) and sms/mms, the “reply to all” function on email only reply to the sender, others are ignored.

    also on first time setup, account 1 is always empty even if an email account was chosen.

    any ideas?

  191. Hi,

    On Galaxy Note, the “reply to all” function only replies to the original sender, other recipients are ignored. Using version 2.4.7 and exchange setup as mail. Please advice.

  192. Hi,
    I use the internal viewer for messages and emails. It is fast, efficient and works fine.
    However when I delete a message within the viewer, the wiewer stays opened and shows the previous message… that I have already read!
    I would prefer to come back to the widget instead
    Can you add an option for that ?


  193. فعلا ارتاح للاشخاص اللذين يتبادلون الاخبار والموعظات ويريدون من ذلك التعارف والصداقة الدائمه. وشكراهلا

  194. I think I found a bug. I’ve got a Galaxy S2 on ICS – for the files…

    I use two Pure messenger widgets: one on my Widget Locker and another one on Go Launcher. It seems like they are using the same database, aren’t they? I’ve got only one to update automatically and they update both. But that’s not the problem. That’s really nice.

    The problem is, that the widget on the Widget Locker is set up to show only unread messenges and the other one to show all. But if I mark messeges as read on the Widget Locker, these messeges are gone from both, even though they should still be on the Go Launcher widget.
    I hope I managed to explain the problem…

  195. Uh… And I forgot another one – but I’m pretty sure that’s not (entirely or not at all) your fault: Go Launcher scrolls to the Pure messenger widget after rotation. No matter on what page it is (first I thought it would be scrolling to the home page)…

  196. Hi,
    Some app seems to be able to access Gmail database again since the last version 2.3.6 of Gmail.(cf. Gmail Widgets on market)
    What’s about PM ?


  197. I am using the scrolling widget on my Galaxy S3 for SMS/MMS. When I get a group MMS, the widget incorrectly shows who it was from. In fact, many times it shows that the MMS came from my number. Any ideas?

      1. This happens to me consistently as well using the scrollable widget on the Note 2. The sender is correctly identified in the actual stock messaging app. I think it mainly happens when someone with an iPhone sends a group text message.

  198. I have been using the pure messenger widget to check twitter on my Galaxy S2 (ICS) for three months. Three days ago, the widget suddenly stops refreshing twitter messages. This issue is only applied to twitter message. Other services such as facebook are working. any ideas?

  199. Hi. I’m not getting my twitter updates. I have set up the account correctly and the app seems to be authorized in my twitter account.
    It was updating fine twitter a few days ago, but suddenly it stops refreshing twitter updates even manually.


  200. Hi,
    Some app like Gmail Widgets are able to access Gmail database for a while now and even in the latest version of Gmail.(e.g. 4.1.2)
    Why Pure Messenger is not able to do it ? It is a major issue for me


    1. Hi,
      only messages counters (and eventually emails titles) are available in latest gmail version if not modified.
      No message details, no actions on messages, it is VERY limited.

  201. Hi,

    I am having some issues with emty mails: once I open a mail “while it is downloaded” the app somehow “crashes/freezes” and if I take a look at the mails, … this exact mails stays empty.

    I think it’s a known issue for K9mail and you can solve it by manually recreating the mail database on the phone–> but I cannot find such option in the “K9 for pure” app.

    I am loving this widget…
    Could you help to clarify?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi, please contact me by email to solve this issue (see ‘about’ page for my email). ciao, Francois

  202. Hi,
    I’m using a Nexus 4 16GB with the official Android 4.2.1 ROM.
    I bought Pure Messenger Widget almost a year ago and I like it very much.

    I’ve the following question regarding the function / setting for “Emails (POP3/IMAP)”:

    Under “Email Provider” it’s possible to choose between “K9 for Pure” or “Email Connector (ROOT)”.
    I dont’ want to use “K9 for Pure”.
    Do you know if “Email Connector (ROOT)” works on a rooted Nexus 4 with the official Android 4.2.1 ROM?

    I’ve the following question regarding the function / setting for “Emails (Gmail)”:

    I’m getting the following message which is normal as I use a Android version >=2.3.5:
    “Your gmail application has a locked database. Please look here to bypass this problem: http://bit.ly/ph4T0a

    I had a look into the documentation you’ve written on http://bit.ly/ph4T0a:
    You’ve proposed 3 possible solutions for this problem.
    Do you know if the 3rd solution (use a modified version of Gmail and install it as ‘system app’) works on a rooted Nexus 4 with the official Android 4.2.1 ROM?
    Is the respective modified version of Gmail already existing for Android 4.2.1?

    I don’t want to root my device if it won’t work anyway…

    Thanks and best regards!

    1. Hi,
      modified Gmail works fine for Android 4.2.x.
      K9FP works fine too.
      Email connector can’t work on Android 4.x.

  203. Hi, i would like to aks if its possible to change the appearance of the internal viewer PopUp. I test serveral Skins (btw skinmanager always show failure on opening) but it just change the icons / color of the widget itself. The internal viewer seems untouched by the skin. It is white, looks relatively flat, not like the widget. Unfortunately my whole launcher skin is dark, so the white, flat popup looks awful. Any chance to change it?
    Thanks for answer in advance