Pure messenger and Facebook permissions

Due to Facebook new policies, Pure messenger needs to be reviewed by Facebook to allow it to acces Facebook datas.
This review can take up to 2 weeks.

While awaiting the review, I need you to declare current users as ‘testers’ of Pure messenger to grant you the app access.

Please contact me and give me you facebook user name (not email) or user ID, then I’ll add you as tester.
You can find it in your facebook url : http://www.facebook.com/my_account_name

Thanks for your understanding.


36 thoughts on “Pure messenger and Facebook permissions

  1. PS I also found afterwards that right clicking on your profile picture then opening it in a new tab also works. The long string of numbers at the end is the ID. Works on Windows. Android too if you request the page as “desktop site”


  2. Is there any progress with this problem? I don’t seem to have been added to the Testers list, and there has been no activity on this page for 2 weeks….

      1. Hi
        Thanks for adding me to the list. Finally the widget synchronized with fb, but the problems was solved only partially. Seems the widget displays only personal news feeds, not wall posts. I can see all the babble my fb friends have to say, but I don’t see what interests me, that is basically wall posts, articles, opinions, etc. Am I the only one who has that problem or I am doing something wrong? Thanks for help. Greg.

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