Third party datas in Lollipop

Since Lollipop introduced a new permission management, it can be hard to read datas from external apps.

So, to be sure, in order :
– export settings
– uninstall pure
– reinstall it
– insert fresh widget
– restore settings
– unselect task provider
– save
– enter widget config
– reconfig task provider.
– save
For Team Tasks, you should see a small panel appearing asking to agree for task sharing (it’s a team task panel).


4 thoughts on “Third party datas in Lollipop

  1. Hi Francois,

    I’m having problems with GTasks (by Appest). I’ve followed the instructions, even going as far as to reinstall GTasks, but whenever I try to specify the tasks provided I get the “Secutiry access not granted” (there’s a typo in Secutiry 8-)).

    I think I’ve tried all combinations of reinstalling, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rebooted. Do you have any suggestions?

    Many thanks.

    1. You need to :
      – uninstall Pure widget
      – reboot
      – install Pure widget
      – configure it to access

      Be sure you use the latest google play release.
      I published the 3.4.8 release few minutes ago. You may need to wait few hours to see it.


      1. The 3.4.8 fixes the problem! Thank you, Francois – excellent service, as usual.

        While I am here… Is there anyway to control which list new GTask entries are added to when you use the quick add button? Even though I only have my “Tasks” list enabled in the widget, it still automatically adds items to my “Notes” list. Is this a limitation of the API?

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