Widgets disappearing with Samsung 4.4.2 ROMs

A lot of users reported us that their widgets are disappearing from their home screen each time we update the application on the Play Store.

We took some time to investigate about this issue because we feared that we made a mistake somewhere.
Here is the result of our investigation.
The widgets disappear only on Touchwiz launcher. If you install another launcher, they will stay after an app update.
Other paid apps are also affected by this issue. We were able to reproduce the same behavior with some other apps.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do on our side to avoid this.

EDIT : it seems some Sony phones are impacted too (like Z1).

The workarounds are :
– install and use another launcher like Nova Launcher : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher&hl=fr
– block updates for Pure widgets : go in Google Play -> My applications -> Pure widget -> upper right action button -> untick automatic update.

10 thoughts on “Widgets disappearing with Samsung 4.4.2 ROMs

  1. I find it hard to believe it is all the fault of the OS system. All my other widgets can update just fine without deleting themselves from the home screen and yours went through a few updates without deleting until it suddenly started disappearing. I think you might be offloading the blame without fully addressing the issue simply because other widgets suffer from the same bug (I notice you opted not to say ALL other widgets do). So what could yours being doing that say Beautiful Widgets is not doing – because their program is similar but does not delete itself every time they update.

    1. 1. yes, Beautiful widget PAID or Calengoo PAID versions are affected too. I talked with the developpers of those apps. It concerns only PAID apps because they are stored in an encrypted location of the phone memory.
      2. Samsung doesn’t have any custom API for their launcher. It means they have to FULLY respect the Android launcher & widget architecture. If an application doesn’t work correctly on their launcher, THEY are to blame. Not developpers.
      3. if you search, you can easily find articles about it :

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