Pure news now compatible with Feedly !

Google Reader will be out in 10 days now…
It was time to find a good replacement for him !
Feedly is a very promissing solution for RSS/Atom reading, so Pure news widget is now compatible with Feedly !
You’ll still need to login with Google Reader account during next weeks, but it will soon support Twitter, Facebook, or custom login.

To migrate :
– connect to http://www.feedly.com to migrate your feeds to Feedly
– enter the widget configuration
– enable Feedly provider and select your feeds
That’s all !

Try Feedly, you’ll love it 😉

Learn more about Pure news

Pure news widget on Google Play


3 thoughts on “Pure news now compatible with Feedly !

  1. hi!
    i found your great android widget “Pure news widget”.
    i’m so happy and It has become my buddy already.
    i love it.

    by the way, i have a wish.
    i wanna set “maximum number of header characters” per story.
    this is my only hope.

    from Japan

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