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23 thoughts on “Reviews

    1. I think if the weather application sets the language automatically following to the system language, it can be very helpful to users.

      1. It already does … normally … which language are you using ? and in which country are you living ?

  1. I’ve searched around and I can’t find a location to actually DOWNLOAD Pure Grid. All I’m really looking for is a way to show my monthly and weekly calendars (on My Motorola Droid) with the week starting with MONDAY instead of Sunday. All our Google calendars at the office have the format starting with Monday and I was hoping I could configure my Droid the same way. Please advise. THANKS!

  2. Awesome widget app! I would like to know if it would be possible to make larger? to fill the motorola droid screen more. Also, a 4×3 1-month widget (as opposed to 4×3 4-week widget) would be great. I like being able to see all the days of the month and have the space for an agenda widget above or below this one.


  3. I LOVE YOUR APPS! I was wondering if you’ve considered making a Contact Widget. One where you have an array of pictures, and you click the picture to dial that person. Is it possible, and have you considered making one? The ones on the market are not up to your standards.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi, yes, I am thinking about it. But I don’t know when I’ll be able to start this new project.

  4. Like Pure Calendar, but only support Astrid and gTasks. Would be great if it supported and/or “Got To Do” android app. This is an exceptional online todo manager. Please!!!!!

    1. We are already working together to make it compatible (Got to do).
      You can contact him to speed up your request 😉

  5. I have a Motorola Cliq running Android 2.1 and think I would like to run your calendar software. I attempted to download one version of it on my marketplace and despite several attempts, it would not download so I got it refunded.

    I have Microsoft Office at work behind a VPN that I would schedule events to my Google Calendar and use your widget to view your Calendar on my Cliq. I would not have an issue if I could schedule events to your Calendar directly either and avoid the Google Calendar if its not necessary.

  6. Hi,
    PLEASE update translation from! I wrote you many times, but you didn’t update Slovak translation since v2.6.3.


  7. I purchased pure music widget because it works for Google music now. How do I set it ? I created a widget but It says no music files found. Its not recognizing it as my music player.

  8. I briefly had a Samsung Galaxy S3 that had this type of calendar widget that the S2 doesn’t have. After my S3 got stolen I went back to an S2 and wanted that same functionality. This App delivers it spectacularly I must say and is more than worth the meager $2. All it needs now is the ability to scroll and a configuration option for how many days to show.

    Thanks 🙂

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