Q/A : I lose my settings when I try to configure Facebook or Twitter

During configuration, avoid using HARDWARE keyboard to fill registration forms.
I didn’t find yet the solution to solution to solve this problem.

16 thoughts on “Q/A : I lose my settings when I try to configure Facebook or Twitter

  1. I love your software but have a question. I am using K9 for pure but I can’t seem to get my exchange e-mail to work. We have OWA enabled and I can configure it throught the Droid provided e-mail but not with K9. Do you have any instuctions that would work or does this not support Exchange OWA?

  2. Just installed Pure Messaging Widget with K9 for Pure. So far I’m loving it.

    I have more than 3 POP Email accounts that I use in K9. How can I configure PURE to accept more than 3 accounts.


  3. Hey, one problem I ran into today, I tried to set up my stuff with 3 separate widgets. (email, twitter, and facebook) Every time I try to set up the twitter widget, it posts SMS. I’ve unchecked all unnecessary boxes, double checked everything before hitting “save” and its still SMS. (tried 4 times now.)

    FTR: Facebook and email have been configured properly and function perfectly. There’s just some issue with SMS/Twitter.

    If you could help that would be great!


    1. Hi,
      are you using last market version ?
      I was thinking this problem was solved few versions ago.

    2. Hi,
      I checked, I don’t have this problem. I am able use separated widgets with SMS in one side, and TW on the other.
      Be sure you do not use the hardware keyboard during widget and do not rotate the phone during the widget configuration -> configuration can be dismissed due to an Android bug.

  4. I have the nexus one and I love your widget buy the slide in list doesn’t seem to work.. why is that?

  5. When this works I love it but after I reboot my phone the widget comes up with “Problem Loading widget” and if I try to add it again it doesn’t show-up in the widgets list. I have to uninstall and reinstall to be able to add it again. I have tried this three times and every time I reboot my phone the widget doesn’t load and disappears from the widgets list.

    1. Sorry, i forgot to mention..
      I am on a rooted MotoDroid using LauncherPro with JRummy’s Froyo Kangerade V1.0.

    2. for “I try to add it again it doesn’t show-up in the widgets list.” >>> this is a ROM bug, kick this sh**

  6. Hello, DivaDROID here again – on top of the other issues I sent u logs about, I am losing my settings for Facebook and GMAIL and I am having to either re-enable or re-disable them. Also, the emails in K-9 app refresh correctly and show me the notifications in the status bar, but not in the widget – I have to go into the “Launch Email” to take me to K-9 to see them. It’s OK if u cannot fix, just let me know so I can get my refund in time.

    1. Thanks for this wonderful comment and the correction… By the way, english is not my primary language, do you know that ? How do you say “morons” in spanish, italian or french ? can you tell me ?
      Oh yes, and next time, be brave, use a valid email 😉

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