Pure calendar

Pure calendar is a agenda and tasks widget.

It can display :
– agenda events from Google agenda, Motorola Exchange, LG Exchange and TouchDown Exchange
– tasks from CalenGoo (Google Tasks sync), Astrid (Google Tasks sync), TickTick (Google Tasks sync), Tasks Team (Google Tasks sync), MyPhoneExplorer (Outlook direct sync), Ultimate To-Do List (Google Tasks and ToodleDo sync), TaskSync (Exchange 2007/2011 sync), Dato Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), SSi Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), GotToDo (ToodleDo sync), TouchDown Exchange, DGT DGT (ToodleDo sync), Pocket Informant 2/3 (ToodleDo sync), Informant, OpenTasks (Webdav, Caldav)…
– birthdays from contact book

The TouchDown integration offers to display events and tasks from Exchange.

For more informations about TouchDown Exchange, have a look here

It works from Android 1.5 to Android 6.0, with events view, edit, delete.

Since Android 3.x, no need for alternative launcher to scroll widget content.

It offers following features :
– direct event and task insertion from the widget.
– insertion of repeating events (every x days/weeks/months)
– mutiple sizes and skins to adapt it to your taste

Task manager features

For scrollable list, you need to use ‘ADW.Launcher’, ‘LiveHome’, ‘Go Launcher’ or ‘LauncherPro’. If you have empty scrollable widget, this can be due to a Launcher bug, please read this post

If you want to translate it in your language, please, check here : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/2010/12/23/translation_is_now_open/


Install now

From Android phone market : market://details?id=org.koxx.pure_calendar

From web market : http://market.android.com/details?id=org.koxx.pure_calendar







Revisions log

-nr : not released

– NEW manual fix for bar issues available (system tab)
– NEW Tasks & Notes (Exchange) compatibility
– IMPROVE support OpenTasks for Webdav and Caldav tasks
– IMPROVE support for Motorola devices
– NEW resizeable height (larger only)
– NEW 5×1, 5×2, 5×2, 5×3, 5×4 sizes
– NEW support OpenTasks for Webdav and Caldav tasks
– IMPROVE support for Motorola devices
– UPDATE for Android 5.1 and Motorola support
– IMPROVE support of Tick Tick tasks
– NEW support of Informant application
– FIX QEI strings
– FIX motorola scrollable issues
– FIX bullets cut when using adjusted height
– FIX QEI strings
– ADD new QEI repeat forever
– IMPROVE TickTick integration
– FIX bad minifest issue
– FIX issue with Motorola 4.4.4 and 5.x devices without scrollable mode
– FIX Android 5.0 permission issue but now, you need to install Pure calendar AFTER install the task provider application.
– FIX time display issue with hh:mmAM/PM
– FIX yearly occurence counter
– FIX crash at initial setup
– FIX issue with Due Today default tags filtering
– FIX issue with Astrid Clone tags filtering
– FIX settings import/export : task list filtering
– FIX settings import/export : calendar selection
– FIX issue with Verizon 4.4.4 Moto devices with scrollable mode
– IMPROVED performances and cpu usage
– IMPROVE duplicates filtering
– FIX duration display
– FIX APK manifest error
– FIX Android Lollipop issue
– FIX import settings
– NEW auto export last configuration
– FIX Samsung auto widget removal bug
– FIX skin manager crash
– FIX recurring event deletion crash
– FIX issue with calendars with full day events & different timezone than current timezone
– REVERT TO PREVIOUS ANDROID SDK … too many widget size issues
– FIX widget size issue with Android 4.x
– FIX refresh issue with daily viewer
– FIX info panel crash
– IMPROVE soft option menu display
– FIX TouchDown calendar list
– IMPROVE application picker. Can select any activity from any app like aCalendar+
– NEW work with TouchDown new security process
– NEW support Pocket Informant 3 add event
– NEW allow width resize for tablets
– FIX Astrid clone tag filtering
– IMPROVE calendar picker
– FIX events filtering
– NEW support Astrid Clone tasks
– FIX cseck birthday translation
3.2.8 :
– FIX issue with 4.x devices after widget insertion
– FIX time formatting issue
– NEW Digical support
– UPDATE all translations from Crowdin
– FIX widget layouts after text size change in scrollable mode
– FIX scrollable list elements size after text size change
– FIX “Show events as important” behavior in non scrollable mode
– IMPROVE calendar selector activity
– IMPROVE application picker activity
– IMPROVE display with 0 minute events
– FIX Android 4.4 image display in scrollable mode
– FIX Android 4.x image issues when widget is installed on lockscreen
– IMPROVE task filtering support information
– NEW ‘1 year’ search option
– NEW support Google calendar individual event colors
– FIX due date display for task when inline
– FIX issue with task manager switch
– FIX Detect TouchDown database lock
– NEW can use custom color from birthday calendar plugin
– NEW option to set events as important for current day
– IMPROVE calendar options
– IMPROVE display for 4×1, more events
– IMPROVE preconfigure app for samsung devices
– NEW option to improving widget content filling
– IMPROVE skin manager style
– IMPROVE skin manager download progress visibility
– FIX skin manager list issue
– FIX skin manager error message in case of invalid skin
– NEW TickTick task manager support (BETA UNOFFICIAL)
– FIX skin server DNS issue
– NEW AnyDo auto-refresh
– NEW AnyDo full categories listing
– FIX AnyDo permission issue
– NEW support of AnyDo task manager
– FIX issue with very high resolution screens and day view
– FIX crash with PI3 task creation
– FIX tags listing for PI3 tasks
– NEW support of Pocket Informant 3 (demo and full)
– IMPROVE translations
– FIX double date issue for inline date and tasks
– FIX tasks remaning days count
– FIX some tasks date display troubles
– FIX inline date
– FIX Dato Gtasks listing
– IMPROVE ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ string usage
– FIX Astrid due time
– FIX automatic translation for today/tomorrow
– NEW skin server (fix user skin publishing)
– FIX Team Task due dates for users with GMT-x TZ
– FIX Team Task launch when ‘ask’ is selected
– FIX Team Task current day display
– FIX completed tasks filtering issue
– NOTA Tasks (by Team Tasks) need 1.37 version.
– NEW support for Tasks (by Team Tasks). Need 1.37 version.
– NEW support Calengoo task priority feature
– FIX inline dates and time with tasks due dates
– FIX widget text bottom cut for Nexus 4
– FIX ‘ask each time’ for event/task insertion
– FIX daily view ‘+’ for event/task insertion
– FIX ‘s for birthdays and anniversaries
– FIX year/anniversary counters
– FIX ‘ask each time’ for task creation
– FIX short time format like ‘8:00a’
– NEW option to use custom language for the config and widget display
– NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets
– NEW support event color change (if your device support it – Jelly Bean required)
– FIX day viewer size in landscape
– FIX date string format for october and 2 digits
– FIX text event color according to source color
– FIX recurring and full days event details view
– FIX storage folder creation issue
– NEW option to adjust text line width
– FIX QEI width
– FIX Jelly Bean colors
– IMPROVE general QEI rendering (more ICS style)
– IMPROVE data picker
– NEW allow system app picking for app launch
– FIX insertion of repeating events on Android 4.x
– FIX widget focus on Home rotation
– UDPATE some translation
– NEW can display birthdays AND anniversaries (update birthday plugin)
– IMPROVE popups panels to more ICS looking
– UDPATE some translation
– FIX ‘Launch null’ if ‘ask each time is selected for the ‘+’ button
– FIX tags/list filtering issue for TouchDown
– IMPROVE line text cut in scrollable mode
– ADD & UPDATE translations
– IMPROVE alternate skin server usage to bypass current hosting provider issue
– NEW MyPhoneExplorer task manager support
– FIX quick actions images issues
– NEW options to edit data separators
– NEW support ‘%%mm’ to display 2 digits month number
– IMPROVE calendar selector
– IMPROVE config theme
– FIX skin manager skin issue (download & colors)
– FIX date editor size issue
– NEW include new official 2012 skin (ask when reconfiguring, or enable/disable it in system tab)
– NEW allow setting export naming
– FIX contact birthday tap issue
– FIX home timezone option with TZ having 30 minutes shift
– FIX settings export
– FIX timezone selection crash
– NEW Home timezone option for travels
– FIX Galaxy Note filling issue
– FIX QEI with seconds and milliseconds problems
– NEW and updated translations
– REMOVE contact permission and publish ‘Birthdays for Pure widgets’ plugin to extract birthdays from your contact book.
– NEW option to filter duplicated events
– NEW support of ‘quick event’ app for ‘+’ widget button
– FIX compatibility with Android 1.5
– FIX display of days without events in scrollable mode
– NEW partial support of 1020×768 tablets (please, send screenshots if you have such devices)
– FIX birthdays for some Samsung devices
– FIX internal issue with scrollable mode and Honeycomb/ICS
– FIX enable by 5*x widget sizes by default
– FIX major issue with birthday management
– NEW get birthdays from Contact book ! (may not work on all devices)
– FIX bullets with more than 6 events in a day
– IMPROVE automatic widget sizes and enable them (for tablets or large devices)
– IMPROVE widget config
– NEW enable horizontal resize capability (you NEED to enable the scrollable mode to fill the widget)
– NEW enable Holo theme in config panel for Honeycomb/ICS
– FIX text cut when using ‘force line break’
– FIX brackets usage ”
– NEW skin manager with publishing and rates
– NEW ICS skin
– FIX filling issue on Galaxy Nexus
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics layout problems when scrollable
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics formating issues
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics color bars in scrollable mode
– IMPROVE cariage return management
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics refresh issue
– FIX Honeycomb/Ics formating issues with smaller widgets and scrollable mode
– FIX small internal database, config and info layouts fixes
– FIX 5×5 for Galaxy Note (at least trying …)
– FIX cariage return management for 2x* and 3x* sizes
– NEW compatible with Ultimate ToDo List Tab
– NEW 5×5 widget size for Galaxy Note (not tested because I don’t have such device. please contact me for problems)
– IMPROVE application picker
– IMPROVE bullets and cariage return management
– IMPROVE events bullets color
– FIX task text width
– NEW display calendar event occurrence count for yearly events (like birthdays)
– NEW support of TaskSync task manager in BETA (for Exchange 2007 or 2010 tasks) !!!
– FIX HTC Rezound and 720×1280 phone resolution usage
– FIX Pocket Informant unfiltered template
– NEW full support of Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich / ICS
– NEW fully new internal skin system with lower memory usage
– NEW detection of scrollable support of Android 3.x and 4.x, and of Go Launcher Ex
– FIX Ultimate To-Do tasks colors
– FIX Ultimate To-Do folder filtering
– NEW Ultimate To-Do List task manager support
– NEW fill widget content if device resolution is not handled
– NEW Galaxy Note resolution support
– FIX QEI date picker
– FIX QEI manual date typing issue
– NEW support of TouchDown for Mobileiron
– NEW task sorting option
– NEW greek translation
– NEW support of 1024×600 resolution and Ice Cream sandwich / Samsung Galaxy Nexus resolution
– IMPROVE all translations updated (to help in translation, check here : http://bit.ly/qo0zFB)
– NEW color picker with hex value
– NEW ‘show all day events’ option
– NEW past events color option
– NEW Honeycomb skin available
– IMPROVE PI phantom tasks filtering
– NEW can add Pocket Informant events with ‘ask each time’ button mode or directly with the ‘+’ button
– FIX QEI date issue with latest day of the month
– FIX Pocket informant tasks color
– FIX Pocket Informant auto-refresh (need last PI beta version until they publish it as official)
– NEW support of Pocket Informant tasks (automatic refresh not yet supported by Pocket Informant)
– NEW auto-hide tablet widget sizes for phones
– NEW ‘kill old widgets’ action for config panel menu key
– FIX 4×7 widget size for tablets
– FIX QEI date picker for Honeycomb
– NEW add detection of stock Android calendar database error
– FIX buttons position for small widget sizes
– NEW option to remove the top date header (be sure to use a skin which doesn’t contains header graphics to ensure a good rendering)
– NEW default background if top date header removed
– NEW widgets sizes for tablets (2×7, 3×7, 4×7)
– IMPROVE buttons background
– FIX daily viewer text color usage
– FIX Quick event insertion timezone
– FIX update Business calendar app links
– FIX today/tommorow reset issue when using config panel
– FIX DGT GTD tags display
– FIX date config issue with %%d.%%m.%%yyyy
– FIX invalid date header size with some specific devices
– NEW support of DGT Gtd task manager (with new complete/delete actions from the widget)
– IMPROVE some configuration layouts
– FIX major issue with Android 3.2
– FIX TouchDown due task time display
– NEW quick action popup in daily viewer for more actions
– FIX Android 3.2 reolsution issue
– FIX QEI if no time is set with duration below 1 day
– IMPROVE czech translation
– IMPROVE skin of daily viewer
– IMPROVE QEI time picker start time
– IMPROVE scrollbar display
– FIX internal service crash
– FIX skin manager alternative server usage
– FIX bug if not selecting any calendar (tasks only mode)
– NEW 2011 APP icon
– NEW support LG Slate resolution (1280×768)
– NEW support of ‘none’ calendar app to avoid unwanted widget tap actions
– NEW add aCalendar support
– NEW Quick event insertion : calendar date picker now use local settings for week start day
– FIX qHD screen and scrollable mode support
– NEW support of Samsung Latin America calendar app
– NEW alternative skin server added in case of problem on the primary skin server
– IMPROVE support of qHD screen (540×960)
– IMPROVED all translations updated
– FIX issue with TouchDown for tablets
– FIX [ask each time] for insertion with HTC/Moto devices
– FIX tasks tags filtering
– FIX major crash with Android 1.5/1.6
– NEW system option to fix the full day events date on HTC devices when viewing event details
– NEW task option to show remaining days before/after due date
– IMPROVE more generic event insertion mecanism
– FIX Due today task refresh
– FIX skin modifier size adjuster
– FIX Google Task Organizer market search
– FIX tasks options ‘show overdue tasks on current day’
– FIX bug with day view and task listing
– NEW official skin 2011 available in the skin manager
– IMPROVE bullets rendering
– FIX task option ‘show tasks on due date’ label
– FIX skin manager modifer issue for Nook
– FIX ‘hide today date if no event’ option when scrollable mode is enabled.
– FIX multi-lines word wrapping when using scrollable mode
– FIX Xoom text width
– FIX skin manager ‘upgrade’ action
– FIX Xoom, alternative launcher usage and scrollable mode
– FIX tasks modification listener
– FIX invalid task crash
– FIX multidays events with inline dates
– FIX crash with task filtering selection
– FIX skin manager modifer issue
– FIX Due Today tasks priority filtering
– FIX Due Today tasks color
– IMPROVE Due time presentation if not set
– FIX Major bug with ‘+’ action button
– NEW starting integration of Due Today (not ready yet)
– FIX major issue with Android 1.5/1.6
– FIX inline date option and empty space with big widgets
– NEW now scrollable with Android 3.0 (like Xoom devices)
– NEW Z calendar app link added
– FIX important color management for events
– FIX crash issue with skin manager
– FIX Exchange events double date
– REMOVE Zeam Launcher scrollable widget support text since Zeam dev removed scrollable widgets support
– IMPROVE lot of modifications have been made to task manager internal processing to prepare porting to Pure Grid calendar -> contact me if you find any issue with task management
– NEW widget size adjuster background
– FIX widget Spinner in config panel with Android 2.2/2.3
– FIX widget size adjuster for QVGA
– IMPROVE skin manager
– NEW Calengoo add / edit task from the widget
– NEW Calengoo task list filtering
– NEW widget size adjuster
– NEW support of Xoom tablet resolution
– FIX multidays events in progress in important color on next days
– NEW CalenGoo available for ‘+’ button action
– NEW Business Calendar final app link added
– NEW TouchDown Tablet final app link added
– NEW 2 digits day number in date customization
– FIX internal service management bug
– FIX QEI date picker invalid date
– FIX QEI disable Touchdown
– FIX skin manager exception
– FIX crash with QEI
– NEW translations
– NEW Motorola Atrix resolution support
– FIX minor adjustments to layouts elements positions
– NEW Pocket informant final release app link
– NEW 2×2 and 3×2 sizes are now compatible with inline dates
– NEW important text color bold option
– FIX QEI time picker manual input
– FIX GTab inverted portrait events missing
– NEW Pimlical app link
– NEW text colors options
– FIX QEI date picker
– FIX scrollabe double day header
– FIX Astrid/Producteev filtering
– FIX CalenGoo due date and notes
– FIX QEI time format
– NEW accept Zeam and Go launchers
2.4.3: NEW CalenGoo task provider !! + fix QEI repeat/duration panels
2.4.2: QEI add yearly repeat
2.4.1: add Touch Calendar Full app link + QEI : improved date/time pickers + fix GotToDo tasks + add GotToDo task time support + fix BETA inline date behavior for 4×1 + new Info page format
2.4.0: add CalenGoo app link + fix QEI duration restore
2.3.9: swedish & dusch & spannish & danish translation + ‘Google Task Organizer’ provider added (need last GTO beta) + fix time picker for QEI
2.3.8: german and slovak translations + detection of AdwLauncher Ex & Zeam + fix bug with start date of QEI + hide skins files from gallery
2.3.7: fix tap zones in scrollable mode
2.3.6: fix skin manager reload on rotate + fix event cariage return pb + fix pocket informant app link + improved touch zones + beta date on same line than event + fix show/hide bullets
2.3.5: switch to a backup skin server
2.3.4: add CalenGoo Beta app link + optimize Galaxy Tab rendering + fix event cariage return pb + add Fliq Calendar app link
2.3.3: fix Touchdown crash
2.3.2: fix cariage return with suspension marks + fix Gemini add action + fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab + add daily events viewer long tap to edit event + quick event insertion remind last duration and reminder
2.3.1: fix scrollable rendering on low res screens + fix task sorting bug + add iRT calendar / Business Calendar Beta apps link + add Gemini for ‘+’ action
2.3.0: add ‘Pocket informant’ link + manual today/tomorrow translation
2.2.9: fix [ask each time] for app launch
2.2.8: add 0 minute reminder + fix stock calendar 1.5/2.2 selection + fix QEI insertion date for 2011
2.2.7: protection against wrong config + option : show events before tasks + add quick addroid app
2.2.6: ?
2.2.5: fix quick event insertion calendar selection + fix QEI bug + better events sorting
2.2.4: filter task refresh requests + fix week number and override header text + show task due time option + hide double today in scrollable + fix some Launcher cache problems
2.2.3: fix settings import
2.2.2: LG Exchange calendar support + reworked config panel + fix periodic refresh bug + date lines text color
2.2.1: fix calendars invalid characters + fix orientation display bug
2.2.0: fix DroidX color bullets + fix redraw problem
2.1.9: fix Wildfire bug + fix QEI crash
2.1.8: filter refresh to avoid too frequent updates + fix scrollable widget initialization pb + fix QEI date pb + add X10 compatibility
2.1.6: fix Astrid 3 problems + fix 24h past problem + new quick event insertion panel + fix full day event edition
2.1.5: fix Droid X events bug + arranged configuration panel + fix icons problem for Android 2.2
2.1.4: reset task list selection after dato selection + new default skin + better scrollable refresh
2.1.3: fix listview reboot problem + Data gtasks ready
2.1.2: very very big text size added + show tasks tags option + fix reboot skin bug + Dato Gtasks integration + faster background redraw in landscape
2.1.1: fix critical bullet bug
2.1.0: improve skin manager error handling + hide config button
2.0.9: scroll list dynamic refresh + fix memory allocation pb + fix important color for non scroll + fix landscape aspect
2.0.8: ?
2.0.7: ?
2.0.6: force line break between title, location and description + show pasted and currrent events for scrolllist + use important text color for events in progress + show import/export buttons
2.0.5: fix bullets colors
2.0.4: little boost regenerate for SCROLL + handle font for smaller SCROLL widget
2.0.3: fix event end date
2.0.2: fix events and dates click + hide bullets if required
2.0.1: fix issues with click in other sizes than 4×2.
2.0.0: warning messages about launchers

597 thoughts on “Pure calendar

    1. i just bought the pure calendar widget and i find it useful, informative and professionally done.

      however when i scroll there seems to be a bit of lag from one home screen to the next. ive never had this with my previous calendar widget or any widget for that matter.

      my question is how much resources does this calendar take up? am i gonna get a battery hit while using it?


      1. Hi,
        Battery is very very low.
        Your launcher can be slower because of more complex widgets used (especially scrollable widgets), with elaborated skins..

      2. thanks for your reply and i will monitor my battery over the next dew days.

        i am loving the layout and usability though.


      3. hi koxx

        enjoying using pure calendar but i have one important issue.
        i cant seem to change the individual colors of the 3 calendars i use (google, local, facebook).
        this is quite important to me as i want to highlight my google and local calendars. is there a way to this and could you explain how.


    2. HTC ONE V If I try to edit a task the cursor doesn’t appear! So no possibility to edit. The DELETE function does work.

  1. Hello !
    Pure calendar looks really nice and I do badly want it for my HTC Legend !
    I use the barcode scanner to get it ad when I Scan and open the browser I am back att android marked….and it says “no match”

    You know why ?

    I have tried 5 or 6 different pages with Pure Calendar content:

    Thanks in advance from Sweden !

  2. Nice work!
    Can you also take care of a SyncML client? I use Groupwise calendar at work and want to sync with my HTC desire…
    Can you help, please???
    Thanks a lot,


  3. why on market i can see/buy pure grid calendar but not pure calendar ?!?
    I’m Italian, thanks !

    1. I think Google servers are having a problem. Even me, I am not able to find Pure calendar if I search it on the market…..

  4. i have installed this program today. first i wll congratulate to this great app.

    my question is:
    how can i install the regular google calender as describen in the settings?


      1. I was wondering the same thing. He means where you select which calander to open when tapping the widget. There are two options:

        “stock google calander 1.5 -2.1” and “stock google calander 2.2”.

        My device is HTC Desire.

      2. HTC Desire use HTC Sense UI, so, you should pick ‘HTC Sense calendar’. It is not a stock Android calendar.

  5. Came by to see comments but looks like mine didnt stick… Froyo kills this app, cant find calendars and not showing in market.

    Seems like most of my apps accessing calendar werei killed.

  6. I’m looking for a calendar on my HTC Desire which can keep more body text as the current Sense Calendar does. Can you please help with this one?

    I’m currently using your widget, and I must say, it really is fantastic. Nice clear image of my calendar with places of the appointments. Great!

    BTW: Is it possible to save the calender data on the SD card?

  7. Just got your pure widget yesterday (it’s great). I have a Droid running Stock 2.1 and LauncherPro.

    I am having one problem though, occasionally when i hit the manual refresh button on the widget, my touchdown integrated calendar stops displaying. My google calendars still show however. I have to go into the settings and re-check the touchdown calendar to display in order for it to show again.

    I do have PIN requirement for exchange with a 15 minute timeout (not sure if any of that could be related)

  8. hiya i used tohave pure calendar as i use the agenda view. i upgraded to 2.2 and lost the app. i can only find grid calendar in the market. do you not support this app anymore as i would love to buy again.

  9. Hello,
    Us of possible to have a capital letter for the first letter of day?
    Can I change the symbols for tasks and events?

  10. Pure Calendar works great on my Incredible with Launcherpro. And I appreciate the frequent updates.

    Would it be possible to provide direct integration with the “Remember the Milk” client? I prefer the RTM client over Astrid. It would be helpful to be able to open RTM when I tap the pure calendar widget.

    1. RTM sync is perfectly done with Astrid. I won’t introduce any ‘sync’ in Pure calendar.
      It’s too complicated, too heavy code, and I prefer external interface – such as Astrid, GotToDo … – to internal coding… and why should I do RTM instead of ToodleDo for example ?.

      1. A misunderstanding – my fault. RTM has released a native Android program which stores information locally like Astrid and GotToDo. I was requesting that Pure Calendar have an option to display the information for the local RTM app. Would that be a great deal of coding?

        As for why that particular program, I find Astrid doesn’t always sync correctly with the RTM cloud. The RTMAndroid program seems to work a bit better. And it is a bit more configurable.

        I am a non-programmer. My apologies if I am requesting something unreasonable and difficult.

      2. Oh ok.
        Well it’s far from been simple.
        A new interface needs a partership. Most applications are not ready to share data with other applications.
        It means THEY have to modify their app and I don’t think RTM would be ready to share those informations from their app.
        Of course, Pure calendar have to be modified too to accept the new interface.
        With independant developpers, generally, they are OK. With companies, only Nitrodesk has accepted. I contacted 2 or 3 other companies, they never answer.

  11. Hi there,

    I was wondering if your widget (which looks great) is compatible with ‘fliq agenda’. I’m using ‘fliq agenda’ with ‘the missing sync’, so as to be able to sync my agenda with ‘Outlook 2007’. Now I’m looking for a good and compatible agenda widget which shows me more than my next one upcoming appointment.



  12. Great app, and great integration with Touchdown Exchange. One request i have… in settings, for the “Select application to launch on widget tap” field, there needs to be an option to go directly to the Touchdown Exchange calendar. The current Touchdown Exchange option goes to the base Touchdown app…. not the calendar. By the way, Touchdown Exchange adds a shortcut directly to the calendar, so perhaps you can point to that shortcut as a fix.

    Best Regards,


      1. Were you able to create the scenario where the purecalendar widget click does not open the Touchdown calendar, but rather the general Touchdown app? Perhaps the most simple fix would be to allow the “widget click” action to point to any shortcut the user wants.

        Best regards

      2. To further comment on this topic…
        I just noticed that the Touchdown Exchange program includes a calendar widget. This widget is in NO WAY as functional as pure calendar. However… clicking on the widget does bring you directly to the calendar, while pure calendar still brings you to the “universal touchdown screen” where you still have to select calendar. If this were to be corrected, i would consider this to be perfect.

        Hoping for a fix! 🙂


    1. I have the same issue. I would really like the widget tap to go to Touchdown Calendar, similar to how the touchdown calendar widget goes there.

      It’s a lot less functional if it goes into the main app..

      Great app, though. Thanks.

      1. did you enable the scrollable ?
        did you read the information page about tap zones ?

  13. Just purchased this after updating Touchdown to 6.0.0031 as TD advertises good integration with this product
    Running 2.1 on Samsung Moment.
    Moxier not installed. Exchange setup for contacts only.

    Problem: Gives warning that application doesn’t seem to be installed when selecting Touchdown/Exchange 2.0/2.1 for widget tap
    Problem: Select calendars gives only Google calendar not TD calendar


    1. I found I had to install Moxier for the work calendar to sync to the device calendar and then widgets was able to sync – had to use stock Google calendar 1.5-2.1

  14. I came here to request the option to reduce the font size in the title bar, but it looks like you have added this to your “Dropped ideas” section (font size applied to day bar —> can’t work with skins bitmaps) which is very disappointing! Is this totally ruled out or is it something you would consider looking into for a future release? I use a 4×1 widget on my main home screen to give me an overview of my next few important appointments but the title text takes up a lot of space and it would be great if I could squeeze an extra event on it instead of having a massive date at the top. It looks especially large when I have the font size of the other text set to “small”.

    You say the reason this is “dropped” is because it won’t work with skins but is this just an issue of aesthetics or would it break the functionality? If it’s just aesthetics I think you could put a note next to the option to change the title size saying that it will not look as good and some of us would decide that it was worth spoiling the looks a little. Some skins don’t even have a distinct title bar so those skins would probably be OK anyway.

    Thanks for making such a useful widget, it’s great to have one that works with my calendar & task list apps.

    (PS while I’m here I might as well ask something else too: do you have any plans to add an option to filter by tag for Got To Do as well? It would be really handy to be able to use a tag to mark the tasks that I want to display in the widget)

    1. There is at least 4 reasons :
      – aestetic because of bar included in all bitmap backgrounds for the skin, but you are right, some skins are without visible title bars.
      – button in the upper right corners will overlap the text
      – you’ll want to reduce all date sizes … that’s a big problem for me. It’s always very difficult to available space for events & tasks, changing date text size complicate it more.
      – very few people request it

      You see, all that only for a text size change … I think it would require at least 5h of work just for this.

      Finally, I would think about it if 10 users requests it, I think it’s a good deal. Just submit your idea to the vote (the democatric way) of Google Moderator here : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/

  15. would love to see this work with Roadsync! I like it better than touchdown, but can’t use Pure Calendar with it.

  16. Great widget. Just what I needed. I downloaded this last night but this morning after turning my HTC Desire on I get “Problem loading gadget” on my desktop!! What can I do?

  17. Francois, great work on this widget (and Pure Music)! I was just wondering: do you plan to ever have tasks integration for the other GTasks application on the Market (org.dayup.gtask)? It looks like a promising app. Thanks for all of your hard work and development!

    1. Yes please… just found that today and it is better than the other one. Hope to see support for this soon!! Keep up the good work.

  18. Is there a way to make it scrollable in Sense UI?

    Running the incredible and would love that feature in Sense.

  19. Hi,

    I’m an old paying customer of Pure Calendar Widget on my HTC Hero.

    I’ve just upgraded the Hero Rom to Android 2.1 with Over the Air HTC update, and now I have problems with PCW :

    – I cannot skin, as I cannot download skins from server : “Problème de téléchargement ou d’extraction du thème du fichier ZIP. Vérifier la SD Card (qui va bien, merci) et votre connection Internet (qui va très bien aussi !)”

    – The apps seems to have disappeared from the market, it is not displayed anymore, I cannot find it, so I’m afraid of uninstalling, I may not be able to reinstall at all

    What can we do ?



  20. Hi. On the Nexus One running 2.1 (still waiting for Froyo), with small fonts selected the colour dots/bars don’t line up – the spacing is too big by a pixel or two so the dots/bars drift away from the text.

    It’s still my favourite widget though.

      1. I don’t have root, so it will have to wait until I get home where I can use my camera.

  21. I can’t synchronize with Google Agenda since last updates (never Works)
    But it’s OK with task manager ASTRID.

  22. Sorry for replying this way, I was having difficulty replying to your response. I am using a Motorola Cliq which has a Corporate Sync application that pulls my emails, calendar, and contacts from outlook and integrates them with the phone’s native calendar and messaging applications.

    Just an quick update, I have deleted and re-added the widget a few times and now have SOME bars back?? Bullets are still missing for tasks with no due dates on Astrid.

    1. please, do not reply on the blog for technical issues, it impossible for me to follow discussions. please, make a direct replay to my email.

    1. no problem with Pure calendar and market distribution.
      Check you ROM (official ?) and fingerprint …

  23. Dear koxx
    I just updated android on my HTC-hero to android 2.1.
    Before updating, I used pure-calendar. And after updating, I still have the file PureCalendar144.apk in the file downloads on the SD-card, but it’s no longer an application on the phone. Can I activate/install the prgram again from the SD-card, so PureCalendar is again active on my phone? Or do I have to download PureCalendar again?
    If the last is the case – I’m Danish, and we cannot get on the paid android market. Can I pay and download PureCalendar somewhere else? I paid through paypal the last time, but can’t find the link again.
    Thanx! Looking forward to a reply.

    1. Hi,
      to install it from the sdcard, you can use apps like ‘astro’ or ‘app installer’ (free on the market).
      For download, I removed the PayPal link for few weeks due to my company creation. It imply some changes : now, I have to find a way to apply VAT to EU with PayPal. I’ll arrange this during next weeks. Thanks for your understanding

  24. I bought Pure Calendar a while back, changed/upgraded handsets. Do I have to buy it again? I accidentally bought Pure Grid instead of Pure Calendar because I couldn’t find calendar in the market. I still can’t find Pure Calendar in the market…

    I’m all supporting devs, especially those like you who make awesome apps, but I’d rather not pay 3 times. heheh. Please let me know how to get Pure Calendar back.

    Thanks! =)

  25. Just installed Pure Calendar, mainly for its apparent ability to display tasks alongside events. I have Got to Do Lite installed, and synced with both ToodleDo and GCal (via the Toodledo gadget). GTD Lite displays tasks correctly on my Android. I have configured GTD Lite as the task source in PureC, but no tasks show up in the widget. Any ideas what to do next?
    The phone is an HTC Desire running Android 2.1. The version of PureCal is the latest, downloaded from Appbrain tonight.

    1. Answering myself 🙂 (but maybe of nebefit to others): the full (paid) version of GTD is needed for this to work. Off to pay my dues…

  26. Hi. I am using this Pure Calendar 4×1 and it only shows the next appointment and looks like there is space to have at least one but maybe 2 more events. Does the 4×1 only show just one (the next) event? I want it to show more than that (hopefully 3 which looks like there is room).

    Please advise.

    1. Hi,
      space and widget filling are calculated to never cut a text. I advise you to send me a logcat if it is not filled.
      I strongly recommand to use 2×2 instead of 4×1 (which is too small to be useful). 2×2 show a lot more informations for the same size.

  27. I’ve noticed that when Pure Calendar syncs with the Facebook Calendar, it displays multiple entries of the same event. This doesn’t happen for all events, yet randomly.

    For instance, I have one person’s birthday that is repeated four times while I have others that are shown just once. I have verified these events are only on the Facebook Calendar and not any of the other calendars I have synced.

    1. Hi,
      there is no reason for that, and I never noticed that with my fbCal.
      Please, send me a logcat as soon as you see this problem.

  28. Pure Calendar has disappeared from the Android Market, including my ‘downloads’ screen. But the widget is still installed and active on my home screen. But I can’t update nor uninstall like this.

    I guess it has something to do with the latest update Motorola provided for the Milestone: Version 2.1-update1. But since the Pure Calendar widget is the only one I cannot see, I believe it might be something on your side. I can still, for example, see the Pure Grid Calendar widget.

    Would you try and find out the cause? Thanks.

  29. Pure calendar widget (using v2.1.3) will not show my Toodledo iCal (synched w/ google calendar) events on my HTC EVO (Android v2.1). The built-in calendar shows the Toodledo iCal events. If I create a Google iCal for Remember the Milk tasks, that displays just fine with the default calendar and Pure calendar widget.. Also is their a technical reason why 2 or more task lists from different task apps cannot be viewed in the same widget window at the same time. To circumvent this limitation, I have imported my tasks into google calendar as an iCal.

  30. Ok, so i figured out how to add touchdown tasks, but it also adds calendar dates. Is it posssible to only add the touchdown tasks widget? I want to keep my calendar and tasks separate. Thanks

  31. Hi. Not sure whether this was already discussed here, but after disabling some of the calendars I still see _all_ of them in “Quick event insertion”. I also think it could make a lot of sense if it was possible to select which of the calendars is to be displayed as the default one on the drop down list.

    1. Hi,
      list filtering: ok, that will be done.
      default calendar: it should already work.
      I’ll work on this panel very soon to improve it.

      1. You said that default calendar should already work. How is that? I don’t see any configuration for this?

  32. Some more observations of mine:
    – each Astrid task has “[23:59]” appended to its name if not yet over the deadline. This has something to do with showing “[Original deadline date]” for the outdated tasks.
    – I can’t find a way to complete Astrid task from the widget. Clicking on a task shows Astrid Edit dialog. I am not sure whether this is not supported or I can’t find out how to do it – either way, I find it difficult to search for documentation on your website. Spend some time on some bugzilla, it will save you and your customers a lot of time 😉
    – widget’s width is somewhat not compatible with other widgets. It’s about ~5px too wide on each side.

    1. – each Astrid task has “[23:59]” appended to its name if not yet over the deadline. This has something to do with showing “[Original deadline date]” for the outdated tasks.
      >>> I don’t understand this. Can you email me please to discuss about this (see about page for my email)
      – I can’t find a way to complete Astrid task from the widget. Clicking on a task shows Astrid Edit dialog. I am not sure whether this is not supported or I can’t find out how to do it – either way, I find it difficult to search for documentation on your website. Spend some time on some bugzilla, it will save you and your customers a lot of time 😉
      >>> this is not handled by the widget. It takes 3 click from the widget to complete a task with day event viewer.
      – widget’s width is somewhat not compatible with other widgets. It’s about ~5px too wide on each side.
      >>> size is maximized to show maximum of informations, this is like that and it can’t be easily changed.

      1. Regarding the “[23:59]” issue – here’s the screenshot, I think it speaks for itself: http://yfrog.com/59deviceyp
        Regarding the task completion – I don’t need to finish the task directly from the widget itself. The problem is I can’t find the way to do it _at_all_ without running Astrid separately and doing it there.
        You said that it’s possible to do it in 3 clicks from the day view. How do you do it? I searched everywhere and can’t find it. All I can do is opening a task for editing in Astrid, but there’s no option to complete it.

  33. Pure calendar is not showing up in the market for Android 2.2.
    Does that need to be updated?

  34. just did a wipe of my incredible…. now pure calendar is not showing in market. Is it still available? Grid calendar does show, but i want the agenda version.


  35. Hi,

    Great and beautiful widget, but I have a problem on my htc wildfire after each reboot I have to reload the widget ( delete it and recreate it) because it hang on “recherche de données”.

    How to fix this ?

    Thanks and bravo 😉


    1. Hi,
      first, I’d like you to try the ‘htc hero/eris bug fix’ in widget options.
      if it doesn’t works, please , email me (see about page for my email).
      et vous pouvez m’ecrire en francais si vous etes francais.

    1. tiens donc, ils ont toujours pas corrigé ce bug chez HTC !
      incroyable … quelle bande de feignasse 😉
      en tout cas, c’est bon a savoir !
      merci pour le feedback 😉

  36. Hi,

    I’m using Got To Do for my tasks and when I choose to show due/overdue tasks on the calendar widget I get a line like

    (1d) Tasks for *day

    (where *day is the day of the week).

    Is this a bug, an unimplemented feature, or am I just doing something wrong?


    1. Hi,
      I never present such data, are you sure they are not coming from Got To Do ?
      can you send me a screenshot or camera shot ?

      When I present a due date it is like this : task [due date]

      Do you try to insert GotToDo tasks as a calendar or something like that ???

      1. You are right. It did come in from a calendar. I had it filtered in the main calendar app so I wasn’t seeing the entries there. I think it was previously filtered but if I recall correctly pure calendar had to be re-configured after the last upgrade and I probably forgot to filter that calendar out. (in case you are curious the calendar was the synched google calendar from toodledo. It had nothing to do with got to do.)

        Thanks for the help

  37. Hi, great App! But… 🙂 I have a few suggestion: please add the possibility to insert week numbers in the date (“%w”). it would also be great when we can use the date-codes in “override header text line”. maybe annother idea is to insert lines between appointments after each week for a better visually segmentation.

  38. Not working good with TouchDown. Sometimes it displays apointments sometimes not. Dont know wots the problem

    1. first, be sure you never kill TouchDown, second, contact TouchDown if the problem persist (they have an auto-kill feature which is really really bad).

  39. I’ve found that after I delete an event from the widget it goes back to the home screen and says “Problem loading widget” in place of where the calendar usually is. I fill out the settings again to get it back on the screen. Any ideas?

    Incredible running stock 2.1
    Launcher Pro

    1. In most case, this is because you Launcher is out of memory…
      Check LauncherPro memory settings to see if you can reduce LP memory usage.

    1. I’ve just sent a partenership proposal to RTM.
      We’ll see if they answer…
      If no, I can’t do anything.

  40. The only feature I am missing is to have the appointment with the date on the same line. So instead of:

    Sun 5 September
    13:00 Appointment
    15:00 Appointment2

    I would like to have it this way:

    Sun 5 Sept 13:00 Appointment
    Sun 5 Sept 15:00 Appointment2


    Sun 5 Sept 13:00 Appointment
    15:00 Appointment2

    This way more appointments can be shown in the same space.

    1. I know, few people request it… but it would be a HUUUUGEEE change.
      The widget is absolutly not designed to work like this.
      Please use the suggestion pages to vote on this idea.
      If really a lot of users are requesting this, I’ll see what I can do.

  41. Dear Koxx3,

    Thank you so much for the great application you created!
    I’m a big fan of your Pure Calendar Widget, and it’s the application I use most on my Motorola Milestone (Droid).

    However, since today, I don’t have the Pure Calendar Widget anymore, and I can’t also find it anymore on the (Dutch) market.

    I uninstalled your program because I noticed that, though it worked fine on my desktop, it wasn’t in my downloads folder anymore, and thus I couldn’t get any updates for it either.
    I figured I should reinstall the program. The result now is that it don’t have your program anymore, and also can’t find it anymore in the Google market. I tried searching for Pure Calendar Widget, for Deslandes and for Koxx, but all I could find was your Pure Calendar Grid widget (and other widgets), but not the Pure Calendar Widget.

    Please help!

  42. I purchased the pure calendar widget a while back and it was running fine until I installed a new version of 2.2 (FRG22 Build). Now it no longer shows up in the market to reinstall. However Pure Grid Calendar does show up. Can you please check your SDK supported version in your Android manifest and make sure calendar widget supports 2.2?



  43. Astrid tasks via RTM show up just fine, however my Producteev ones don’t. Interestingly Pure know’s about which labels I’ve defined on Producteev, however the deadlines are not showing up anywhere.

    I tried disabling the RTM sync on Astrid just in case, but I’m still not getting much of anything.

    Also tried refreshing the Widget – even rebooting my phone – still no tasks 😦

    Is this a Pure or Astrid issue?

    Droid Incredible, Stock ROM, 2.1.1 (Waiting for my FroYo!)

  44. hi, few weeks agao i buy the pure calendar from paypal.com yesterday i change my phone and know i can`t see the pure calendar on my market (i`m from argentina) how can i do to recibe my version?

    1. Hi,
      as explained on the page where you bought the application, with PayPal purchase, you don’t have access to updates. Sorry.

    1. Since my company creation, the Android Market is the only way. PayPal can’t be accepted until I solve the VAT problems.

      1. Good:) But somehow, it shows nothing when we configure it (we have HTC Desire 2.1). The default HTC widget presents the meetings. Obviously we miss something. What can it be?

      1. No, actually the Exchange calendar was marked. I wasn’t sure what calendar to choose at widget settings, so i’ve marked it all – it didn’t work. So when i’ve unmarked everything else besides the {Google}Exchange option, it worked.

  45. Hi have a small problem with Pure Calendar on Moto Droid X using Touchdown 6.x. The event colors (out of office – purple, busy – blue, tentative – gray) are not showing up in Pure Cal but they are correct from my Exchange Calendar into Touchdown. In Pure Calendar they are just coming up as gray.

    Is this a known issue or am i missing a config step?

    Besides this small detail, great app!!!!

    1. tap the day date left corner (see app information page about tap zones) to bring the ‘day event viewer’, tap the event, menu key, delete.

  46. HI. A number of issues seem to have emerged over the last updates. Firstly, Pure Calendar keeps redrawing and freezing up my home screens (introduced 2 updates ago, last update did not fix it). This seems to happen after the phone has been to sleep and after entering Got To Do and changing some tasks. Makes the phone unusable so requires removing widget.

    The second issue was noticed when I came to try replacing the widget and involves being unable to restore saved settings (this has occurred since the move to tabbed settings). I have manually set all the settings as I would require them, saved the settings again and after saving and exiting tried to Import settings again, to no avail. There are no settings available to import.

    The third is a minor one and involves the settings tabs not quite fitting the screen real estate on an 800×480 screen (HTC Desire). The 2 buttons at the bottom run over the bottom screen edge. The text is still discernible but clearly not complete. This does not occur every time but can be triggered by switching the screen off and back on again. Hopefully not to major an issue.

    Sorry to moan so much, just hoping that the feedback helps you to find solutions to issues so that I can get back to using one of my favourite widgets.

    HTC Desire, Stock Froyo 2.2

    1. Hi

      Firstly, Pure Calendar keeps redrawing and freezing up my home screens (introduced 2 updates ago, last update did not fix it). This seems to happen after the phone has been to sleep and after entering Got To Do and changing some tasks. Makes the phone unusable so requires removing widget.
      >>> I need a logcat after the problem occurs. Without logcat, impossible to know the cause.

      The second issue was noticed when I came to try replacing the widget and involves being unable to restore saved settings (this has occurred since the move to tabbed settings). I have manually set all the settings as I would require them, saved the settings again and after saving and exiting tried to Import settings again, to no avail. There are no settings available to import.
      >>> This is already fixed

      The third is a minor one and involves the settings tabs not quite fitting the screen real estate on an 800×480 screen (HTC Desire). The 2 buttons at the bottom run over the bottom screen edge. The text is still discernible but clearly not complete. This does not occur every time but can be triggered by switching the screen off and back on again. Hopefully not to major an issue.
      >>> Yes, I saw that problem, I’ll try to fix it for next release.

      1. Hi. I have sent you a logcat about 10 seconds into the redraw cycle which toggles “loading” and the task/agenda listing … the cycle went on for over a minute in the end this time and slowed down the entire system (using Launcher Pro by the way, forgot to mention in the email). Sometimes the cycle does not end or restarts continually and I have to remove the widget to restore some sanity. Hope the logcat helps. Thanks for taking the time to look into it.

  47. Sorry, just seen there is another update to fix settings import … I will download and give it a try. Thanks.

  48. Just purchased and my incrediable showed this has been downloaded but cannot find this anywhere on the phone to launch

    1. There is an icon in the launcher to access to the information page.
      If you don’t see it, recheck, the app is not installed.

  49. Would like to be able to select a number of past events to show. No I can just show or not show past events of current day. So either I see the full day, or none past. I would like to be able to select “Show x past event on current day.”

    1. Hi,
      events are events, when they are passed, you won’t go to the events. So, sorry, but I won’t show past events.
      I think it would be better for you to use tasks.

  50. Hi dear
    Please I want to informed you about my problem after last update
    Just see the photos listed below:

    am used ADW launcher ,my phone x10 original software not rooted
    before last update ,I don’t have any problem but after I made the update am faced this problem please fix it

    1. I need your config file.
      Is it an X10 classic or X10 mini ? which screen resolution ?
      Can you try without scrollable mode ?
      Did you try to reduce font size ?

      For easier communication for those technical problems, please email me (see about page ofr my email).

  51. There is a bug when using Pure Calendar with SSI Gtasks. The widget goes into an infinite refresh loop.

    When I try using with Dato Gtasks instead, the widget does not display this problem.

    Could you please fix this issue with SSI Gtasks integration as I like it better than Dato Gtasks app.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      To understand that problem, I need you to send me a logcat just after the issue happen.

      To send a logcat, please, read this :

      Please join a short problem description with the logcat.

      Without this logcat, I won’t be able to solve this problem.

      But it seems weird, because since last update, I added a filter to avoid very close refresh requets to annoy my widget.


      1. I just updated pure calendar to verion 2.2.4 and SSI Gtask is functioning corretly, ie. no longer goes into infinite refresh loop.


  52. Thanks for all the hard work!

    I’m having two issues with Pure Calendar on Nexus One on Android 2.2.

    1) the Quick Insert feature – calendar selection is not remembered (this used to work up till few versions ago). It resets after each submit.

    2) one quick insert of an “all day event” often produces 2 or 3 duplicate events.

    Love the app!


    1. Hi

      1- yes, I fully forgotten this bug… I’ll fix it for the next release.
      2- that’s really weird. I have never seen that. Can you email me please to solve this (see about page).

  53. Hi,

    Just bought Pure Calendar and have one request. The ability to show meetings for each day above tasks. I tend to have very long task lists for the day and do not see the meetings on the main screen. This is a huge help if you can do it.

  54. I know that if I add an event/task to google calendar on my computer at work it will show up on pure calendar but will it work the other way around? When I enter a task on pure calendar will it update my Google calendar? I would like to find away so all both my google calendar and the calendar on my phone are in sync.

  55. hi i’m glad to use this great widget. however, i got some problems.. on my galaxy s i can’t apply koxx blue skin. when i apply this, i got just black looking one. and is there any way to set more customized skin?

    1. Hi,
      I need to show me a screenshot or camera shot.
      For skins, you can create everything you want. Just edit skins file of any skin on the sdcard. All graphical elements can be skined.

  56. Hi. After updating my Droid X to the official 2.2 build, Pure Calendar no longer shows up as a downloadable option in the marketplace. Please help!

  57. The “show task due time” doesnt work I use Got to Do (paid) and it shows every task due time as 12:00 am regardless of what time they are actually due

  58. Calendar events which end at midnight appear in the following day as well. Can this be fixed? I can provide more information if necessary.

    1. I don’t have this problem. I’ll need you to send me a mail (see about page) with more informations.

  59. I have replaced HTC Sense with LauncherPro, and then activated the scrollable option in Pure Calendar, and it works fine except for these two observations:

    1. when tapping on the widget, it no longer asks me what to open it with, but chooses either the HTC calendar or Got-to-Do depending on whether its a calendar item or a task.

    2. Items will now extend over more than one line, even though in settings I’ve specified one line only.

    The latter probably is a result of my 5×6 grid chosen in LauncherPro. But that doesn’t explain the former.

    1. Hi,
      1. you should read the information page 😉 tap zones are different for scrollable and not scrollable widgets.
      2. Pure calendar clearly doesn’t support custom Launcher grid sizes. If fact, we cannot even get this information from the Launcher !!! This feature is really a non sense and doesn’t comply the Android requirements. A grid cell is 80x80dpi… THIS is Android specs. If you don’t give to devs the way to get the information, don’t expect they will make some dirty code to allow this mode.

      1. Point 2 as I suspected, so no surprise there.
        Point 1, wasn’t aware of Information page… Will go and look.
        Thanks for quick reply!


  60. Found the Information page, worked out how to tap and choose.
    On the DPI issue though, if the Android spec is 80×80 per cell, that would translate into a 6×10 grid on my HTC Desire with its 480×800 resolution, so I’m not entirely sure why the effect described would occur. But never mind, it’s not a life-or-death issue 😉

  61. If there is any posibility to run Gtasks application directly from Pure Calendar? I mean that i would like to have posibility ever to control my tasks directly from widget (done) or to run Gtasks to have the same posibility.

    For sure, best way just to set task status directly from widget.

    1. – set task status from the widget : no
      – open gtasks from the widget in 1 tap : yes, check launch app.

      1. Super! I just put on launch app – ask me each time – and it solved!

        Great app, btw. Thank a lot.

  62. I love the Pure line of widgets and have been using the Messenger for quite some time now on my Dell Streak with ADW launcher.

    I just bought the Pure Calendar and Grid Calendar with the hope of having grid view on the right and scrollable list view on the left (I use my Streak in landscape mode only). The problem is that neither calendar widget scales across my 6×5 screen like the Messenger Widget can.

    The Pure Calendar list crops at 2×5 and the Pure Grid is small and won’t fit to my 4×4 (it floats with a large empty boarder all the way around). I have tried turning “stretching” on in ADW settings, but I still have the same problem. (I can send screen shots if needed).

    Is this something that can be fixed easily, or is a limitation of the application?

    1. Unfortunatly, Dell Streak configuration is VERY specific… And I don’t have any device to make tests 😦
      So, I am not able to fix anything for this platform.

      1. Bummer, but I totally understand.

        The Scrollable Widget is sooo close to being perfect, but it doesn’t matter if I make it 2×4 or 4×4 it crops it the last 1/3 is blank. I still use it though because it is the best thing out there.

        Hopefully one day you will get your hands on a Streak!

        Thanks for the quick reply.


      2. yep, I know 😦
        May one day, I’ll find the good config for the emulator, but I didn’t yet 😦

  63. My widget is sometimes empty. It is not a scrollable widget (I don’t have the ‘scroll’ option turned on) and I don’t have a launcher running. The simple workaround is to go into the settings for the widget, then just click ‘Save and Exit’. That is enough to restore the widget. However, that is a bit awkward, as you can probably imagine…

  64. I am having a problem with the widget dropping touchdown items. When I configured it and dropped it on my home screen, it works great. Then randomly the Touchdown items will disappear and only the Google calendar items will be in the list (just using those 2 calendars). I noticed (as mentioned above) that if I open the setting and click save and exit the TD items are restored. These are scrollable widgets and I am running the latest Launcher Pro. Also the widgets are added to the ignore list of my task killer. What is going on here?

  65. I’m having trouble making the widget fully transparent. The slider is as far as it will go, but there is a slide background to the widget. Can this be changed so I can get 100% transparency to the background?

  66. Please fix the Danish translation of “Today” the correct translation is “I dag” not “Dag” thanks!

  67. I am having trouble making the 4*1 widget look like smooth calendar widget.
    Currently the first line is wasted with today’s date, this leaves only room for 2 upcoming events. I want to display at least 3 upcoming events, and have each line show date/time/description of the event date like this:
    13. oct. 08.00-10.00 meeting with…
    14. oct. 10.00-14.00 presentation
    14. oct. 20.00-22.00 dinner

    How do I configure this?

    1. 4×1 is not adapted to Pure calendar design. I should remove this size.
      I strongly advise 2×2 widget size. Same surface but much more informations.

      1. What a shame, I will have to stick to Smooth Calendar, even though it does not allow skinning. Too bad I paid for Pure.

        The 4*1 widget is really usefull on the main homescreen, to give a quick glance at upcoming events.
        I have a full, separate homescreen reserved for the detailed agenda widget from Launcher Pro.

  68. The filter tasks after tags does not seem to work.
    I have sorted about half of my tasks with tags and I’d like them to be sorted on different widgets (e.g. exam dates and paper dues).
    However both of these 2×2 windows show all tasks.

      1. I’m using Touchdown.
        Can there be a setting which is not correct..?
        I updated the software today.

      2. I’ve found out the problem of the tasks.
        The tasks who are not tagged will be on the list no matter what I choose.
        The filtering works other than that.

        I just didn’t notice right away since I had many tasks these days without tags.

    1. No, it won’t be possible until few weeks.
      Don’t think it’s easy to read informations from oher apps, it’s NEVER the case.
      A patenerstship is needed with PI to allow this. We are already talking about it.

  69. Hi, I’m using PureC, thanks for the great app! I’ve been facing this problem for some time now: my TouchDown calendar event disappear from the widget every now and then. Sometimes they pop back up after a while, and the refresh button helps, too. Even when they’re missing from the widget view, I can see the TD events if I click on a day (thus opening a day view). I’ve tried looking for an aswer and fiddleing with the settings, but nothing seems to help so I thought I’d post a question here. Thanks!

  70. My exchange keeps making duplicate entries on the widget, even after erasing them and re-entering them. Is this a bug with the app itself? Do you know any fixes for this? It’s way annoying….all my entries from exchange go off twice and show twice on the widget.

    1. Hi,
      are you sure this is a widget problem ?
      Are you sure of calandars you selected ?
      The problem is not present in the stock calendar application if you select the same calendars ?
      Why phone do you have ?
      Which tool do you use for Exchange calendar sync ?

      1. Actually, this may not be a widget problem…it’s showing up in my google calendar that I use for default. I have an HTC Hero running 2.2 AOSP. I just use exchange native in the device. Any suggestions? Have you ever heard of this?

  71. Hello,

    I am using pure calendar for tasks and calendar. I have Dato GTasks installed. I can see different colors for different lists in GTasks widget. In my pure calendar widget I don’t see different colors for my tasks. Tasks from all lists are shown with a blue dot. Am I missing some config?


  72. Is there an option of setting a “countdown”?
    Like this:

    5 days; *task event*
    8 days; *other task event*

    So it will show how many days left untill due date of the task in question.
    This would be a very handy feature.

  73. When I tap the widget for the first time, it says “Application selected as ‘Select application to launc on widget tap:’ doesn’t seem be installed on your device. Please, select another application installed or adapter to your device.” while I use the default Gmail calendar app. It also set to ‘stock google calendar’. Set the widget @ 4×2. When I go back to see the widget again and tap it again, it crashes.

  74. Is it possible to make the widget only show upcoming events and not events that have already begun? If a small size widget is used, it often gets clogged with useless whole day events like birthdays and similar stuff that often are marked as whole day events, while upcoming stuff like meetings at work etc wont fit in the widget.

    Of course I guess a similar result could be achieved by making it auto hide whole day events, but that solution seems less logical than having a “Only show upcoming” check box in the settings. The default HTC widget seems to work like that, but it does not work with touchdown.

  75. Hello – PC is nice, thanks! A quick thing though: sometimes events “spill over” – I set the calendar to only display 2 lines per event, but it spills over to 3rd. I think this only happens with current events, which use bolded font. I think you’re not accounting for the extra width, which is why the text flows over. Can you please fix this?

    Thanks! (and thanks for a pleasant app!)

    1. No, it won’t be possible :
      – currently, no database access to this app
      – IBM never replied to my partenership request

  76. Hello,

    Could you add an option to hide the dedicated date line and instead put the date at the start of each line?

    For example, right now it is:

    Mon, January 10
    Do shopping
    Doctors appointment
    Tue, January 11
    Post letter

    I would like an option to change it to this:

    10.01 Do shopping
    10.01 Doctors appointment
    11.01 Post letter

    This means I can fit more events in the same space.


    1. Hi,
      it wasn’t possible, but I’ve just published a new version on the market with this exact new feature.
      It’s still in beta… there is may be some bugs, and the same format should differ from the main header date format bar. I’ll improve it during next weeks.

      1. Just installed it and it appears to work.

        However, how can I force %%m and %%d to be double digit? For example, I want the month of January to show as 01, not 1.


  77. Hello Francois,
    i have installed pure calendart widget on my HERO, which works absolutely perfect. Yesterday i bought a HTC Desire HD, and of course wanted to install pure calendar widget as well… unfortunately i can not install it on androidpit-marketplace!? (tried it with barcode scanner – allways get the message “no hits for pname:org.koxx.pure_calendar”) Which is quite strange because when i use my HERO it will directly install!?!? So my question is: How can i install Pure Calendar Widget on my Desire HD?

    1. Hi,
      I don’t know/use androidpit-marketplace, but you dont see the app on the official Market app ?
      If not, you should have a look a FAQs of this blog 😉

  78. Hi, would it be possible to translate the Pure calendar to Slovak language ? Can I help you translate it?

  79. Hi,
    I’ve finished translating the Pure Calendar to Slovak. In some cases I gave two suggestions, the longer one is more accurate, but I gave a shorter one too, so there is no problem with displaying it. If there is any other phrase that is too long, please let me know and I will try to make a shorter version.
    Is there any way I could try this translation in my phone, or do I have to wait for the official version. I would like to check if all the forms of the words are correct in all contexts (in Slovak, declensions etc vary based on context).

    I used to have a different calendar before (for Windows Mobile) and there was one good thing about it that I miss here. For events like birthdays and anniversaries the calendar showed how many years – for example if you set birthday John and birth date 1.1.1980, the calendar would show “Birthday John (30)” and not only the date of birth. Would it be possible to add such option to your widget?

    Nice day,

    1. Hi Matrix,
      thanks for the translation.
      I’ll send you an APK with translation as soon as I’ll be at home.
      For birthdays, I strongly advise you to use ‘EBOBirthday’ app which generate a calendar with exactly what you want 🙂

  80. Hi, i just bought Pure Calendar Widget to use it with the paid version of Got To Do and i’m disappointed by the impossibility to show tasks from the Hotlist of Got To Do. Is this a feature you are going to add to PCW?

    1. No, there is currently no plan for this.
      Main job is in GotToDo app: share the ‘hotlist’ flag.
      You should ask to GTD dev.
      Without this, I can’t do anything.

      1. Sorry, i assumed that the hotlist was shared and the problem was in your software.
        I’m going to ask to the developer of GTD to add the possibility to share that list, i’ll let you know their answer.


  81. Is there any plans to have dates inline with the events?

    mmm/dd event

    Intead of having

  82. the app is really great… your work is very much appreciated… thanks… but one thing is definitly missing… facebook sync of events and b-days… i’m using the pure messenger and i would like to use the pure calendar only… but i still need to use the android agenda widget as well because of the facebook sync…

    1. Hi,
      I really don’t see the point of facebook sync when you can add a simple FBCAL iCal which does the same thing in less than 1 minute. Overload the widget app ? I don’t know …
      For birthdays, why not, but one more time, it is so easy with EBOBirthday…

  83. Hi, how can i change the space around the headlines? I use the scrollable widget with transparent skin. Below the headline i have a half line space but no space above the headline. In the screenshot at the top of your site i see, that the headline have a half line space above and below.

    1. Hi,
      I need you to send me a screenshot or camera shot please… because I really don’t see what you are talking about 😉

      1. Pls tell me, how i can send you a screenshot. I can’t see here a upload button…

  84. Hello hello,

    love the widget, but I am getting absolutely abysmal performance on Nexus S, with 2.3…any ideas? 🙂 Anyone else with the same?


    1. Hi,
      nobody reported such issue.
      Can you send me an email please for deeper analysis (see about page).

  85. Hi again,

    Any news of %%dd and %%mm? It would look so much nicer with this as the entries would all be aligned neatly.


  86. How does the synchro with toodledo works? Pure Calendar Widget synchronize with toodledo directly? Or Got To Do need to be synchronized first and then PCW gets data from GTD?
    In other words-do i need to install GTD to get toodledo task be synchronized?
    Does PCW use the filters defined in toodledo or GTD?

    1. Pure calendar doesn’t sync anything (no event, no task), it read databases from external apps (like GTD or TouchDown).
      So, yes, you sync tasks with GTD, and Pure calendar read tasks from GTD.

      1. OK, so when i wan’t to use another toodledo application (ultimate to-do list) i need to use GTD as a “middleware sychro”, even if i don’t use it?
        Then the whole “architecture” would be:
        toodledo=>GTD=>ultimate to-do list=>PCW ?
        How does it affect my system workload? I’m newbie in android, so i don’t know if idle application syncing from time to time uses much of system resources.

        And what about task reminders ? does they come from PCW or GTD?

        thanks for quick reply

      2. ultimate to-do listtoodledoGTD=>PCW
        Humm … yes, it would work, but not very easy.
        Native support and usage of GTD would be much easier.
        There is no plan to integrate ‘ultimate to-do list’, because it’s a too small app right now (5000-10000 downloads only for trial version …)

      3. so, either I need to use GTD or quit your widget? I’m testing GTD right now and I like it, but it has very poor reminder functionality. Ultimate to do list looks more complex and it has reminder that I need. I guess your PCW doesn’t has any reminders? if so, it’s a pity because I really like your widget

      4. lol … there is 5 tasks providers (and soon 6 with Task Organizer), I think you have choice. Don’t you ?
        Pure calendar doesn’t handle reminder, because they are handled by provider app. I don’t see why it would be better to handle reminders in the widget. Can you explain me why ? (GTD has reminders)

      5. If there is so much choice, please show me the best that will have:
        -synchro with toodledo
        -easy and nice to use interface like Got To Do
        -expanded reminders like Ultimate To Do List
        -nice widget integrated with Google calendar as yours PCW.

        GTD would be perfect, except reminders.
        Reminder in GTD needs three extra features:
        -setting reminder at exact time (not the -x hours before due date)
        -snoozing reminder by x mins or hours
        -repeating sound of the reminder in case i didn’t hear it.

        GTD developer has all of it on his wish list,
        but it seems he doesn’t even look there.

        I’d wish i found the best for me and finally start using it 🙂

  87. Could you please add Calengoo (final, paid) to the list of calendar apps to be opened on tap of pure calendar widget and pure grid calendar widget? Thanks in advance.

      1. Just downloaded the latest Pure Calendar Widget but Calengoo is still not on the list. Only Calengoo Beta is shown in the list but that doesn’t work with the paid Calengoo app. Please fix. Thx.

  88. Could you also please add Calengoo, the paid, not beta version, to the list of Task Managers for use in your widget.

    Since Calengoo is a calendar and task manager that syncs with both google calendar and google tasks, I don’t need different programs to do the 2 things. Thank you.

  89. Just upgraded my Galaxy S to Froyo 2.2.1 official, but Pure Calendar isn’t in the Android Market. When will it be there?


  90. I’m running an HTC Desire with Leedroid 2.3d ROM. Pure calendar shows my facebookcalendar, but only one of my shared google calendars. It works properly on the google calendar website, but not on Pure or on HTC Calendar either. Any ideas?

  91. Any chance that you can add an option to remove the header text line completely? On a 4×1 widget, the header text takes up half the space and I want one widget just for tasks. I’m happy to remove all the buttons as well, so that it’s literally a scrollable list that syncs with Astrid. Thanks!

  92. Hi,

    Can’t find the calendar in the market! Had to reinstall my phone and i miss calendar. I only find pure grid calendar.. where is it! 🙂


  93. Pure Calendar widget doesn’t show the annual appointments. I’ve set up some birthdays to be repeated every year, but they’ aren’t shown in the calendar.
    Everything is triple checked and all other events are working fine.

  94. Hi there! I’m having kind of an issue with alerts. I got Pure Calendar (payed) in sync with toodledo.(gottodo) .. then when tasks arrive on their alert date/time I keep getting repeated sound alerts which I can’t disable. I’ve been searching around on all settings in pure and in Gottodo and there’s no mention to sound alerts.
    Can you give me a hint how could I disable those nagging allerts?

    1. Hi,
      Pure calendar doesn’t manage any reminders. So … I can’t do anything for you except redirect you to GotToDo config.

  95. Hello,

    Pure calendar widget always stops with an issue “Fehler”, if i want him to show exchange Touchdown tasks. Any suggestions?
    I`ve use pure grid widget for month and want the agenda widget for tasks only, bur i cant get to work.
    cioa Jochen

  96. I use TouchDown Exchange with two different profiles, and so I need to switch between Profiles if I want to check my two different calendars.

    If I were to use PureCalendar, would I be able to set-up the calendars from the *two different profiles* to be next to each other, so that I could see both calendars at the same time?


  97. Hi,

    I am using Outlook 2010 because of its e-mail and task functionality (no Exchange), can I sync Outlook with pure calendar (task, calendar items?)


    1. Hi,
      this is a widget, it doesn’t sync Outlook, you need another app for that like HTC Sync. It will allow wired sync from Outlook to your phone, then you’ll be able to display those events to your phone.

    1. It depends the birthday source :
      – Google birthday calendar : impossible because Google doesn’t give the age
      – EBOBirthday : no problem
      – Faebook calendar : in progress.

  98. Hi!

    I’m unable to upgrade the widget on my LG GW620 (Android 1.5)! Everything was running fine until the new release appeared on the Market: I validated the upgrade, downloaded the package without any issue but the installation seemed to fail.

    Now, I had to trash the widget out of the screen and I’m unable to re-install it: unexpected error while running the “pure calendar” process…

    Any clue?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

      1. For tasks, no, no news. I re-contacted them 2 weeks ago… they were waiting for the final release to be published… no news since this is done.

      2. Thanks. Pocket Informant (PI) has released the final version already, tried it but uninstalled immediately cos the tasks created at PI still cannot be shown on my beloved Pure Calenar !!!!

  99. Thank you for your Pure calendar, it’s great! But I need one more important addition to my -opportunity to expose 12 month to view in widget. I have a lot of orders in the year, and I need to see the free days in widget, without having to look into the program itself. Need to be able to view the scrolling the whole year, from January to December. Each month will be filled with a maximum of 8 points, so I hope it will work. Please add this item to the next update, if possible! Thank you!

    1. You are wrong… it was after updating GotToDo … and GotToDo 1.4.1 is now available to solve this problem.

  100. In case I posted in the wrong forum earlier I will restart here.
    I would like to see the “filter by tags” in the calendar events section as well as the tasks.

    In case its not clear what my request is I made a illustration of my request here: http://tinypic.com/r/1goksg/7
    The red ring indicates the feature and the yellow ring indicates where it also should be 🙂

    And if this was fixed I would be very happy.
    I’m using touchdown with exchange if that is of any relevance.

  101. Hey koxx3,
    I want to use youzr widget on my Nexus One with Gingerbread 2.3.3 but it doesn’t load any entries, neither calendar nor task entries (astrid).
    It was running really well on 2.2.2!! Great work so far!

    Greets from germany

  102. me again,
    I have torevoke my last post. I tried some sttings and finally, I had to remove the scrollable widget option. Now it’s all fne again 🙂

  103. Hi,

    Is it possible to customise the date format to show a suffix after the day. For example 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc…



    1. Hi,
      currently, no, it’s not possible. Please, use the suggestion module 😉

  104. Thank you for making such a nice calendar widget. I’ve dedicated 3 different screens to the 4×4 view of different calendars. For two of them I’ve selected the Beta – Show date, time and data on the same line (remove day header). I’ve noticed that there appears to be a limit of 8-9 unique days that can be listed, even if an event is within the search period range. I.e., If I specify a search period of 14 days, only events on the first 9 days are listed, even if there is an event on the 10th day, and there is room to list it on the screen. For search periods of 1 month and 2 months, it appears the unique date limit is 8 dates. Now that I am aware of this behavior, I can work around it, but I just wanted to let you know.

    I’m running it on an HTC Eris 2.1 and this situation existed both before and after the latest update ROM: 2.41.605.6/Radio:

    1. Hi,
      yes, I know, this is why this option is still in beta 😉
      I’ll try to finish this soon.

  105. Issue on Calendar: full day appointments are showing correctly on grid, but a day early on the popup.

  106. I absolutely love this app, I have the most current version, and am running it on my dell streak. Everything on it seems to work fine however the text for each entry on the calendar gets cut off (it puts the “…” as if there is no room for more text) it does this regardless of how wide I make the widget. I have the text set to “very big” and it only allows roughly 16 characters per line. It appears in screen shots I’ve seen that this should not be happening, is it a setting that I am missing or an incompatibility with my device?

    1. It’s a compatibility issue.
      I don’t have a streak and I have never been able to find emulator settings to emulate Streak.
      I you are able to reproduce this on emaulator, then I4ll be able to solve this.

      1. I have my launcher pro set for 5 rows in homescreens, but when i stretch the widget from 4 to 5 it does not fill the last part with text. anyway to fix this?

      2. Use the widget size adjuster (widget config -> system tab). It is made for that.

      3. Hmm, i can’t get it to work. If i go their and enter a different value, either larger or smaller it does not change the length of the text? Have tried rebooting, still no luck.

        Is there something i need to enable? Tried to place the widget in both widgetlocker and launcher pro plus.

      4. Please, contact me by email (see about page).
        The discussion is impossible to track here.

  107. hello – how do i contact you via e-mail. there is a layout bug, and i’d like to send you a screenshot. Thanks!

  108. I’ve been using Pure Calendar for over 6 months, and love it. It integrates my Google Calendar and Toodle-do tasks (the latter via Got To Do). I have it set to show and highlight task due times, but this feature has only worked for about a month, starting around late December or early January. It was a great to be able to see the due time on the widget, and have past-due tasks clearly separated from upcoming ones by text color. The functionality stopped working after a Got To Do update around late January.

    Any chance this could be fixed??

    HTC Aria (Android 2.1), with the paid version of Got To Do.

    Thanks. It’s a great widget.

    1. Sorry, but it’s a problem of Got To Do 😦
      I tried to contact GTD dev, but no answer.
      Could you contact him too please ?

  109. I’ve tried all agenda widgets out there and did stick with yours. It’s simply the best. But there is still room for some improvements, I think. I hope you are still developing on this app. I already submitted my suggestions on the uservoice page, but just to let you know:
    – possibility to use %%EEE etc. to override default header: that would be nice, so one can still see the current date, when activating the today-tomorrow option.
    – add a seperate “today”-text underneath the header for todays appointments: this suggestions goes hand in hand with the first one. when having set the today-tomorrow-option AND having the ability, to still see the current date in the header, it wold be nice, to have a separate today-text under the header (like all other dates).
    – possibility to set margins and separators (top, bottom, left, right) for dates and appointments: not a big deal, but it would be nice to have the possibility to set some margins.

  110. How can I adjust the width of the background? I used a existing theme and changed the color and width of the image but the width doesn’t change?

    1. There is a new option that will be in the next release.
      The ‘launcher widget size adjuster’. It will allow you to fit the exact launcher affected space for the widget.

  111. How does “CalenGoo add / edit task from the widget” in the new Version work? Couldn’t find out. Thanks!

    1. Add a task :
      – 1rst possibility, configure the widget to ‘ask’ for the ‘+’ button
      – 2nd possibilty, in the daily viewer (which is obtained when tapping the left part of the widget), press the add task button
      Edit task:
      – in the daily viewer (which is obtained when tapping the left part of the widget), tap a task

      1. Great, thanks! Is it possible to implement a second “+” on the widget so you can add both tasks and appointments directly from the widget? I think this would be a great feature.

  112. Using Touchdown for tasks. Any task for the current day is showing on the calendar widget with a due time of 12:00am so they always show in red as if past due when they are due that day.

    Is this a known issue?

    Thank You.

    1. Hi,
      1- you can hide time in options
      2- red is not for ‘past’ but for important. If this is the last day, then it is important.

      1. Ok, I see. Other programs I have used, use the reminder time as the due date / importance level so I was not used to them being flagged as important until after the reminder time. Thank you for the response. -Shawn

  113. Apologies if this has already been covered in an earlier question, but is it possible to click on an appointment in the Pure Calendar widget and have the view/edit appointment screen from CalenGoo be launched instead of the default Calendar app?

    If not, is that something I could suggest for Pure Calendar or should I be taking it up with the CalenGoo dev?

    1. Hi,
      no problem 😉
      You need to ask to CalenGoo to support ‘ACTION_VIEW’. It can’t be done without this. 😉

  114. Got To Do has developed a bug in its Toodledo sync which means that due dates for tasks are wrong, and now the GTD developer has said he’d no longer support/maintain it. So I have to look for a new tasks app to “sit between” Toodledo and Pure Calendar widget – any recommendations? The only one I can find to support Toodledo is Ultimate To Do List, but that doesn’t seem to be supported. I know you said it was too small, but with the demise of GTD there’s now a need for an alternative.
    There’s always PI, of course, but if they’re not interested in supporting Pure Calendar (think they’re working on their own widget) the only option seems to be to abandon Pure Calendar widget and go for PI altogether?

    1. I am working with ‘Due Today’ dev to add support of his app as task manager.
      It supports ToodleDo interface.
      Currently, GTD is the only app supported which support ToodleDo.
      For other apps, please, vote on the suggestion module.
      As you said, PI doesn’t seems to be interested. I contacted them wiltuple times, and they never answer anymore 😦

      1. Didn’t know about Due Today. Looks interesting. Any idea as to when it will be supported?

  115. hey, using your widget for over a year now and still love it.
    one thing i’d like to change is the width in landscape mode. looks perfect in portrait, but in landscape there’s a lot of unused space.
    See http://imgur.com/IYgOZ
    played around with the options but couldn’t change it.
    is there a way to fix this?

    keep on the nice work 😉

    1. Hi,
      disable ‘disable redraw on rotate’ option in system tab 😉
      Is should work fine.

  116. did that already, its a little better – after rotating it refreshes and shows 1 more letter, but still not complete…

  117. Hi.
    great widget, I love it.
    I have one problem with it. The option “Hide today date in title bar if no event for that day..” is not working for me. I am on Nexus S, stock ROM 2.3.3. I have tried reinstalling the widget but no luck. Please see if this is a bug on 2.3.3 or the device itself.

    1. Hi,
      Be careful, it doesn’t mean it will remove the widget header bar (it is not technically possible because of layouts). It just remove each daily header bar.

      1. Hi, thanks for the reply.
        I do not want to remove the heaser bar of the widget.
        I thought that this option should remove the date from the header bar if there is no event for that day.
        Now I see today’s date even if there are no events for today.

      2. Apparently there is something wrong becuse I see Today date even I do not have events for today.
        I will send you some screenshots by email to figure out whtas wrong with this setting.

        Best regards.

  118. Maybe you can also integrate CalenGoo when I push a single appointment on the widget.
    At this time it only shows me the stock calender and Gemini to show the single appointment.

    1. CalenGoo have to allow it. I contacted the dev about this, but no answer 😦
      Can you please contact him and ask him to allow ACTION_VIEW to open events in his app ?

  119. Hi,

    how do you manage sub-tasks? Are they indented? Is it possible to collapse/expand them into the parent? (I’m using Task Organizer)

    A screenshot would be nice.


    1. Hi,
      they are displayed, but not idented, mainly because task managers doesn’t share those informations.

  120. Hi,
    Great widget, with the Pure Messenger it gives a perfect overview on my phone status.
    There is one thing I sorely miss however: Android 2.3 finally added the possibility to display all the events in local timezone. So if I add a meeting for 9:00 it will stay at the same time in Paris or New York and I don’t have to guess what time it will be in another timezone when I add the event.
    Pure Calendar still misses this function, and it would be nice to have it. It really shouldn’t be difficult to implement, either as a checkbox (as in the stock calendar) or -if possible- when it communicates with the stock calendar.

    1. Hi,
      please, use suggestion module to request such feature.
      And I think you are wrong, this is VERY tricky to handle timezone… especially with daylight saving time 😦

      1. Thanks for the reply, sorry I didn’t observe sooner the suggestion module.
        Anyway keep up the good work! I’m really happy I bought your widgets!

  121. Salut et tout d’abord félicitations pour ton application merveilleuse qui a changé ma vie d’étudiant ^^

    Ma question est : serait-il possible d’avoir une option permettant de choisir dans quel ordre afficher les informations, par exemple dans mon cas le top serait :

    Heure de début – Heure de fin : Remarque (qui me permet de savoir si le cours qui s’affiche me concerne) – Nom de l’évènement etc …
    et mais la je pense que je rêve un peu mais je demande quand même : S’il est possible de choisir d’afficher ou non un évènement en fonction de la remarque qui dans mon cas se limite à 2 ou 3 caractères (GE ou IAB)

    D’avance merci et bonne continuation:)

    1. Salut,
      pour la premier suggestion, pourquoi pas, mais il faut passer par le module de suggestions.
      pour la deuxieme, c’est vraiment trop specifique, donc ma reponse sera plutot non 😉

  122. Dear Sir

    Re : Pocket Informant

    Please advise can Pure Calendar shows the tasks from Pocket Informant.


    1. It is stricly FORBIDEN BY GOOGLE to move widgets to sdcard !!!! (it is written in the embedded information page AND in FAQs)

  123. I purchased this from Android Market about a week ago…LOVE IT! But a new update was downloaded automatically on my Motorola DeVour–now it won’t work at all. I’ve done everything: uninstall, reinstall (several times), rebooted, tried loading it on a blank page…still nothing. States: “Sorry! The application Pure calendar widget….has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

    Please help. Thanks

  124. Is this able to repeat an event for every 4 weeks, not every month but every 4 weeks.
    Because I’m on a 4 weeks roster at work, it would make my life so much easier if this widget did this.

  125. Is there a help guide? I’ve searched and I can only find this page.
    My main question is how to change the color of the bar for the appt. I know, silly but I thought I would ask. All of my appointments from Outlook Exchange have a yellow vertical bar. Is there a way to change that color? Or is this dependent on the skin I select?

  126. Hi,

    Sorry if you have answered this already but I cannot find my post so…
    Ok, I love this application but I have a problem with it: I have a Samsung Galaxy S I9000T with Froyo. When I go in the settings, I get the warning about selecting a calendar that is not installed even though I selected the stock google calendar ( I am assuming it is the calendar that comes with the phone). When I tap the screen in the tap zone 1 it crashes. Any idea? Thanks

    1. Hi,
      this is a problem with the new Samsung device. Please email me (see ‘about page’ for my email)

  127. Hi. I’m a paid user of Pure Calendar Widget, but unfortunately I don’t use it. The reason that I don’t use it, is because the colour bars don’t align with the tasks and calendar entries. The colour bars are too short. I’ve tried to change the fonts on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S, Froyo), using the default font, and also a number of fonts from “Fontomizer”, but the colour bar alignment problem still exists. I didn’t see anyone else posting regarding this problem. Is it a known problem?


      1. Thanks for the quick reply. It also doesn’t work with default font on Samsung Galaxy S. Perhaps another Samsumg user can recommend a font that it does work with? I did not do any DPI screen modification.

  128. Pls fix the Widget for the new qHD Display. HTC Sensation. It cuts the last entry of the Calendar

  129. Hi,

    Loved using Pure Calendar Widget on my old HTC Magic, but I’m getting a corrupted display with this widget on my shiny new HTC Sensation — some sections of the display are fully transparent and showing the wallpaper, some are showing random streaks of colour. Any way I can take a screenshot and send it through?

    (BTW, would *love* it if this could be made a lock-screen widget for Sense 3.0. I guess that that would need to tie into HTC’s own API though)

    1. Hi,
      please, email me a screenshot (see ‘about’ page for my email).
      I have a Sensation too, and no problem on my side.
      Impossible to make it compatible with Sense lockscreen until HTC deliver an API for that.

  130. Hi there,
    I am not sure if this is the right place but I have a request. There is a new wonderful tasks app called WUNDERLIST which is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. Is there any possibility to add it as a tasks resource? Thanks so much, very happy with the performance of pure calendar!!
    regards, Paul

  131. Need to be able to select Touchdown Exchange Tablets in all areas – Doesn’t have the choice in + action and in Tasks drop-down boxes.. If you choose “Touchdown Exchange” it says the program can not be found. So need a “Touchdown Exchange Tablets” option like found in the “Select Application to launch widget tap” selection.

    1. Ok – Tasks work by choosing “Touchdown Exchange” but the warning message still comes up about “Touchdown Exchange” not installed.

  132. I just upgraded my Droid X to Gingerbread 2.3, and upgraded ADW Launcher to latest version. Now whenever I turn on Scrollable mode in Pure Calendar, it cuts off the 4×2 widget to display as 4×1. I’ve tried everything, and only uninstall/reinstall will undo the problem once it has occurred. I also confirmed that any size widget with height >1 will be cut off to height =1 after scrolling is enabled. This is the most used app on my phone, it manages my whole life. Please help!

      1. It works with LauncherPro. If I leave scrolling enabled and switch back to ADW, it works there too. I only get this problem if I turn on scrolling while ADW is active.

      2. It is STRONLY advise to place widgets on only 1 home (and clean all other Home).
        Even when a Home is ‘off’, widgets placed on this Home are manged and refreshed. There is no way on Android to know which widget is visible and which Home is active.
        So, it consumes memory, CPU and battery to keep those invisible widgets.

      3. I know this. I only tried LauncherPro after your advice to see if the problem existed in other Home apps. I normally have only ADW installed.

      4. Ok, so, you do still have the problem when using only 1 widget on 1 Home when scrollable mode is enabled (in the launcher settings AND in the widget settings) ?

  133. I am wondering if this app is optimized for the HTC Sensation or not?
    None of the skin configurations I’ve tried look like the ones I see on your screen shots/or the internet…. For example, If a task description is too long, it gets cut off with a “…” . However, my tasks get cut even though there is still space left. ( I’m using 4 x 3) This leaves an ugly blank space on practically the entire right column of the widget…. Second, On all the online screenshots I’ve seen, there is a nice shaded divider between the dates and the tasks/events corresponding to each date…. On my Sensation, the divider is not properly set “around” the date, but instead it’s shifted above it and is only about half the width it should… Lastly, the dividers do not reach to the end of the widget but instead they too get cut off just like the task/event descriptions…. help? am I doing it wrong?

    1. Yes, it is optimized for Sensation.. but may I have forgot something. Can you please email me a screenshot ?

    1. Select ‘stock’ for the ‘+ action button. Quick event insertion module doesn’t support mltiple reminders.

  134. Can you sort the tasks from TouchDown (because I’m using Outlook Exchange) by due date and priority?

    I’m no intending to use the categories (i.e. business, personal, etc) and would like to sort the tasks by due date and then priority. Is this possible? Thanx.

  135. I can’t see any events that are in august or so.. but only upcoming event like in june and july. Is there any settings i can change to make all my events visible?? Thanks in advance.

  136. I have some reoccurring tasks from RTM (via old astrid) which is listed “today” (but in astrid they are properly listed on the correct dates).
    Also why is there no integration with official RTM client? (and/or built in RTM, it is a shame that there is no proper RTM sync)

      1. Humm, ok…
        How hard would it be to integrate with pure calender widget if I were to write a simple RTM client?
        Is there some sort of public API or is it “you” who integrate with the other applications?

        And old astrid is the only way to sync with RTM at the moment AFAIK as no other support RTM 😦

      2. There is some requirements that I give, but it needs to be adapted for nealry each apps (depending of task manager features and architecture).
        To be clear, I won’t integrate a new task manager without a minimum of 30 votes in the suggestion module.

    1. because I don’t have time, and as I said, it needs to be customized for each task manager.

      1. No I meant why there was no “standard way” for third party programs to integrate as an “app provider” with the widget (so you wouldn’t have to customize anything)… Something along the lines of a “plugin API” or some such…

      2. yes, I understood… and time is my limitation. It’s not a full time job for me. So, during this time, I prefer to focus on what users need and want.
        Now, if you want to push an open API, do it … I’ll follow.
        I already did for scrollable widgets, it’s a BIG job to push an API as a new ‘standard’…

  137. I have HTC Desire with Cyanogenmod7 installed your app, but it’s not showing in widget selection screen ???

    Please advice

    1. good 😉

      CyanoGen should check if it is a widget before moving it to sdcard 😦
      It’s a major failure for a so great ROM…

  138. Original Moto Droid A855

    Using Cyanogen Mod 7.00 ROM

    Pure Calender is installed on my applications, but when I choose widgets to put it on one of the home screens, Pure Calendar is not available.

    Cannot seem to find how to get the widget to be there to put on.

  139. spaces were removed, i will try it again with dots:

    current state:

    13:30 – 15:30 – Meeting with John
    . . . . @ room nr.6
    16:00 – 17:00 – Doctor visit
    . . . . @ street xyz, city

    new with indent option:

    13:30 – 15:30 – Meeting with John
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .@ room nr.6
    16:00 – 17:00 – Doctor visit
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .@ street xyz, city

    where “.” should be empty space. time is clearly visible during whole day and it’s easier to look at.

    1. I see that you submitted this to the suggestion module, it’s perfect ! Will see if other user are itnerested too 😉

  140. Hi, I managed to make my Samsung Galaxy S2 synch with my work Exchange account. Now my calendar and tasks show in the stock calendar and tasks apps just fine.

    Can I make this widget show my calendar events and tasks that were sync’ed from Exchange?

    I cannot find an Android widget that does so. Tasks never show 😦

    1. Hi,
      The stock application of the SGS2 is able to sync Exchange tasks ???
      I think there is no problem to display Exchange events in Pure calendar, you just need to select this additionnal calendar in the widget config panel.
      But for tasks, The Samsung app is private, and I don’t think there is any interface to read tasks from it.

      1. Thanks for your reply koxx3, and yes the stock tasks app does somehow show Exchange tasks.

        I know that Pure calendar displays Exchange events, but can it be improved to display Exchange tasks too?


  141. I have pure calendar widget and for one of my appt the time is displayed as 2:00 pm > 4:30 pm (the appt is on the same day). Why the “greater than” sign, all the rest of my appt use they hypen. Just curious, Thanks!

      1. Just looks out of place, I was just wondering if there was something about that appt that warrants the greater than sign as opposed to the others with the hypen.

      2. Well, with 80000 users, you are the first one to complain about it.
        But you can request to change it (or add an option for that) in the suggestion module :
        It allows me to know how many people could be interested by such features.

      3. Maybe I’m not saying it clearly…I’m not complaining about it nor do I want to suggest it as a feature, I just want to know what’s the purpose of the “greater than” symbol as opposed to the hypen when showing the appt times.

        Do you know? Is it a bug?

      4. hummm … ok, but not sure to understand. What do you call ‘hypen’ ?

      5. Hypen is another word for dash, an example:

        8:30am – 9:00am – Meeting A
        9:45am – 10:30am – Meeting about TPS repot
        12:00pm – 1:00pm – Lunch w/ client
        2:30pm > 4:30pm – GIS meeting
        4:45pm – 5:30pm – Review TPS report

        So you see how at the 2:30 meeting there’s a “>” between the times…why is that? All the other times have dashes.

  142. dear mr koxx3

    i love you widget . i started using an older version found on torrent sites, then I decided to buy it because it was so damn good.

    but after i got the paid version and upgraded everytime i click on settings I get the damn wizard (in the cracked old version, i was getting the wizard only once)

    and another thing, could you please add the option to select multiple task providers?

    here’s the use case scenario:
    – the widget displays the tasks from Touchdown Exchange by default
    – if i want to record a personal task i would record it in Astrid (i don’t want to pollute my Outlook tasks with stuff like “buy milk”)
    – it would be very convenient to have both streams of tasks displayed in the same window.

  143. I have a Motorla Droid. The Pure Calendar has been working fine, but after a recent update my calendar events are showing up twice… help.
    Verizon Customer, Adroid version 2.2.2

  144. I’m a long-time happy user on my HTC Evo and Moto Xoom. Its always worked great with Android 3.0 and 3.1, but I got updated to 3.2 and no events ate showing. Tasks without dates still show, but nothing else! I realize you may have no way to debug 3.2, but I’ll be glad to help any way I can.

    1. Hi,
      I didn’t received the Xoom update yet (still in 3.1).
      Can you send me a screenshot (or camera shot) ? Are you using the scrollable mode ?
      thanks, Francois

      1. I previously never used the scrollable mode and it worked fine without it on 3.0 and 3.1. So since you mentioned it, I enabled scrollable mode and it does work that way on 3.2! I personally don’t prefer scrollable mode, which is why I didn’t use it in the past, but it does work — its just now 3.2 seems to require it. I’m not sure this is a big enough of a deal to worry too much though, as long as you know it going forward. But if you get a chance, there may be others that don’t like scrollable mode as their first choice either. Its still hands down the best agenda widget out there though!


      2. I think I found a solution for Android 3.2 with another user who contacted me by email (much eaiser than the blog by the way).
        Support of Android 3.2 will be in the next release.

  145. Hi there!

    The PROs:
    Really nice work. Exactly what I needed. I’ve tried a million agenda widgets but your’s is worth the money.

    The CONs (BUTs)
    – Skin download doesn’t work. Clicking a skin results in hours of “Install”.
    – Would be nice if the header could be set to “small”. Currently it looks a bit massive compared to the events when using small font.

    Thanks for the work!

    1. Hi,
      What do you mean by skin download doesn’t work ? Is it only the install process which bother you ? Would a better/bigger skin preview be ok ?
      For smaller header, it will be VERY difficult because it’s part of the skin and of the layout.

      1. Hi. Yes it’s the install process, which doesn’t work. When I click the right button in the widget options (I think it’s “continue to display settings” in the English version) a list of available skins appears. When I click any of those skins, the message “Install” is displayed and won’t disappear. Seems to “hang” during install for some reason.

      2. Ahhh, OK. Got it. I’m too dumb. I though “Install” was just a message but it is a button! After touching “Install” the skin was installed.


  146. Looks like the widget sizes are not working Correctly on a fresh install to a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 the 4×3 for example is showing as 3×3 – the 4×4 is also showing as 3×3.. On my moto Xoom tablet they show up correctly, but it was installed awhile back, but shows it has the latest updates… Not sure how to fix?

  147. Hi .Does the Pure Calendar widget work with Microsoft Exchange 2010? We have an in-house installation of MS Exchange, please advice.
    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      if you can already see your Exchange event in the native calendar application, then yes, it will show them.
      If not, you’ll need to install Nitrodesk TouchDown tool to show them in Pure widgets.

  148. Hey, first of all: Great work! I love your pure Calendar Widget. I have just been updating my Astrid via Producteev and now wanted your widget to show me all the good stuff I have in my Astrid. Of course, it works fine, but under the “Tasks” bar in the settings, I can only show dates that have one or two priority levels (low or higher; middle and higher; high and higher; the highest, etc.) Well, I want an option to say: show ALL tasks, no matter what priority. Just because one task is more important than another doesn’t mean, I don’t need to steadily be reminded. And that way, I would have to go into my producteev first (without being reminded to do so) and change the priority of that task to something higher so I can acutally see it on my phone. I would really like this to have an “show all” option 😡

    1. Hi,
      thanks for your support 😉
      Simply select the lowest priority in the widget filter and it should display all tasks. If not, please, email me (see ‘about’ page for my email).

      1. Now, I see all my tasks. Before, when I had “lower and higher” it would only show me 2 different priorities. But, oh well, problem solved! 🙂

  149. I like the widget, use it to show tasks from DGT GTD (although filtering is possible for only tags, not lists) and Business Calendar.
    The problem: when I try to add the event from the widget and press “date” in the popup window, the dates do not appear. Please help! Thanks

    1. Hi,
      what do you mean by the date doesn’t appear ?
      Can you provide me screenshots or camera shots of each step (by email, it will be easier. see ‘about’ page for my email).

  150. Hey,

    I was looking for this calendar widget as shown on this picture:

    I was told that calendar widget with the weekday header and everything was from Pure Calendar, so I ended up getting it but can’t get it look like that. Can someone please tell me if the widget in the picture is Pure Calendar, if so then how can I get it look like that?

    1. Hi,
      1 – this is NOT pure calendar.
      2 – you can get something similar for the event body, but not with such header with big letters (use transparent skin, hide top header and date header).
      3 – the user is using a font changer to get such text rendering (external apps not related to Pure calendar)

  151. Ah ok thanks for the quick reply. I’ll make some adjustments to the body at least. It’s still a very nice widget.

  152. Hello, tasks on my Moto Droid with Pure calendar widget seems like ovedued today and tomorrow Pure calendar shows me 0d left on tasks, today shows -1d left. I am using Touchdown, there are all seems normal.

  153. I have the 4×1 widget on my home screen. Not sure what I did, but somehow I hit something and my whole day’s agenda appeared in a pop up. Loved it! However, I don’t know what I did to make it happen and I can’t replicate it. (Moto Electrify).

    1. Hi,
      Please read the embedded information page to learn tap zones.
      To acces this help page, launch the app from the launcher.

  154. Hi, I had pure calendar on my phone (Incredible 2). After last update, it did not show up any longer and Launcher Pro no longer lists it as a widget that I can choose from. I do not know how to get it back on my phone. Any thoughts?

  155. Is there a possibility you could add a second level of sorting for tasks in Pure Calendar? Thanks for making such an awesome widget!

    1. I would prefer not.
      The purpose of the widget is to display, not to hide 😉
      If you have duplicated events, it means you have Android calendar sync issues. You should solve this. Not filter it.

      1. Actually, it’s because My wife and I both have our own Google Calendars, and have view access to each other’s. I create an event that gets stored on my calendar, and it gets stored on hers. I can see mine and hers, so I have 2 versions of the event. I also have the calendar synced to my Exchange calendar, so that makes 3 versions of the same event. I only ask because the widget I’m replacing (CalWidget) has the feature and I enjoy it a lot, given my personal calendar setup. Thanks!

  156. Hi,

    with the new version 2.7.8 of Pure Calendar widget I don’t see the color bar left to the calendar / task entry anymore. The needed option in the settings is set. I’ve readded the widget to the homescreen, but the result is the same.

    Any idea?


      1. Hi Francois,

        after a restart the color bars are visible again. Maybe the parallel updates of Pure Calendar Widget and Go Launcher EX caused the problem.

        Thanks for your fast reply and a great widget!

      2. ahhh ! Good 😉
        The double update is surely the cause !
        If you can put a comment on the market about the app, it would be nice.

  157. Is it possible to diplay more than 1 task provider on a single widget? I have GTO for google tasks (private), and touchdown tasks (work).
    From my testing, it can only add multiple calendars, but not tasks

  158. Hi, Neat post. There is a problem together with your web site in web explorer, might test this? IE still is the market chief and a big part of other folks will miss your magnificent writing due to this problem.

    1. Hi,
      are you talking about this blog ? If yes, it’s the standard WordPress template. What is exactly the issue ?

  159. Currently using asus transformer and loving the pure calender widget with astrid tasks. Today I upgraded to ICS and the widget no longer is working is there anything I can do to get it working again?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,
      please email me (see about page for my email).
      There is no trouble with ICS, I use it everyday with ICS.

      1. Some magic happened. I’ve read your link and run aLogcat just to look at it. It started to collect the log, I stared this for a while then went to a launcher to reproduce the bug. And widget worked fine! It saves its config now. aLogcat rules.

  160. I use both a 4×3 & 4×2 widget and there’s a large empty space at the bottom of the widget where more calendar items could easily fit. I use the “small” text size and I would guess that another date row and three calendar items could fit in that space. I’ve tried several different skins and they all have that look.

    Is that “empty” area supposed to be there? If not, how do I get more items to fit?

  161. I had an issue with pure calendar on my Galaxy S3. It is all fixed now, love this widget thanks for everything

  162. Hi, bought this widget this week for use with Task Sync for Exchange. Is there any possibility to show the “flagged mails” from Task Sync in the widget? Task Sync syncs both, tasks and mails flagged as tasks, but the pure agenda widget only shows real tasks.
    Beside that a very nice widget, also found out that it’s much nicer than my old calendar widget.

      1. Didn’t know if the feature exists and I only didn’t know where to find. I will post it as a suggestion 😉

      2. No, it doesn’t exist, and I think it will need an interface evolution in TaskSync app to share those datas.

  163. Sorry if this has been asked already and I simply can’t find the answer, but pure calendar shows events I have responded as No (Not attending). I have verified this is the case and there are no calendar issues (using Google Calendar). If I tap the event in Pure Calendar it says I am not attending so I am unsure why it shows up. I have Google calendar configured to not show events I am not attending on my Phone (I don’t see them by default if I go into Google Calendar). Is there a way to not show these in Pure Calendar as well? In some cases (perhaps most), these may be events which I was originally going to attend and then changed my response to No.

  164. I’m getting the error “Impossible to access SD card” when I tap “Continue and Skin.” I have a Photon 4G with Cyanogenmod 7. The Photon does not have a SD card. Is an SD card required for Pure Calendar skins?

  165. Hi,
    I’ve chosen max 1 line for event in settings but long text goes second line if the font size is ‘big’. For ‘normal’ size it fits in one line perfectly.

    1. Hi,
      thanks for the screenshots feedback. I’ll solve this.
      I think it’s ‘ICS’ or ‘Ice cream sandwich’ skin.

  166. Hi,
    I bought Pure Calendar Widget. I like it very much, and I think it is the best calendar widget currently available in Play Store.
    I’m here for a little request and a issue.

    Request: I have a LG Optimus 2X, Android 2.3.7 (CM7), ADWLauncher EX. I added a 4×4 widget. Is it possible to make the widget width equal to 100% of the available device width (in this case 400×840)?
    Another little request: I noticed that flagging the checkbox “Use Today and Tomorrow” in General Settings causes the app to change also the top date header to Today. I’m sorry but I think this doesn’t make sense at all. Maybe it could be more useful if the option changes only the Tomorrow date.
    (I haven’t submitted these in the suggestions area because I think that they are “fixes” of a feature already available. I’m sorry if I did it wrong).

    Issue: I have a Nexus 7 with stock Jelly Bean rom (4.1.1), and Nova Launcher Prime. I added a 4×7 widget, then i resized it to fit the screen. When I scroll down to see the events, the widget keeps refreshing the events for a while, maybe with an interval of 300-350ms (the events string are temporary replaced by the string “Loading…”).

    I’m sorry if these requests and that issue have already been posted.

    Thanks for your work.


    1. Hi,
      If by ‘full width’ you means no margins, the answer is no. After you can hide margins by using skins (like transparent skin or full black), but the text won’t be larger.
      For ‘Today’, it will show if ONLY if you have events for the current. If you have nothing before 3 days, it will show the date of the first coming events. For me, it’s logical = “Today, you have this coming”.
      For Android 4.x dynamic loading, I can’t do anything. Customization come with a price, objects are heavier to loader, and this Android version can’t cache the whole datas 😦

      1. Hi,
        first of all, thanks for your reply.
        Yes, I meant no margins. Thanks for your hint. In fact, using transparent skin (with some little modification to the colour settings), the widget looks very nice. By the way, text isn’t the problem (I’ll upload a screenshot).
        For the “Today” option, I haven’t understand your explanation. This is a screenshot of the widget (https://www.dropbox.com/s/xvl85hb60309nfp/screenshot-1349719515266.png). For Today I haven’t any event to show, and the nearest event is set for this Friday (sorry for the widget language, it’s in italian). Imho, in this situation the top header string should be the actual day string (“Monday, 08 October 2012”). If I have had an event for “Today”, I agree with you that the top header string should have been been “Today”. But maybe I got the point. The “Today” option wants that the user uderstand that there aren’t events for today. Am I right?
        For the behaviour on Android 4.x it’s really a pity. By the way, this isn’t such a big problem. Thanks for the explanation.


  167. Hi. I own a HTC Thunderbolt and I have tried all of your suggestions for enable the scrolling option, unfortunately it is still not working. Do you have any other suggestions? I very much need the scrolling option as I have to look at my calendar quite often. Thank you!

    1. Hi,
      which android version is running your phone ?
      did you install and use an alternative launcher ?

  168. Thanks for getting back to me. The Android version I am running is 2.3.4 and I am not using an alternative launcher. Thanks

    1. Then you forgot to read instructions 😉
      You need EITHER Android 3.x/4.x OR an alternative launcher.
      It can’t work with HTC Launcher (no public API).

  169. The number displayed by birthday in the widged is 1 year off (1 less) if the birthday is in the next year. So the birdays in 2012 are OK, in 2013 they are 1 less

      1. I did not use your plugin, but now I tried it and it gives the same result.
        When I change the date of my phone to 01 Jan 2013, the years (#XX) after the birthdays are correct.The contacts in my contactlist have an item under “Events – Birthday”. I imported the contactlist from Outlook. I have also tried “Events-Anniversary” : same results.
        My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3.

  170. Happy New Year. Many thanks for great work you have done for us.

    Since a few months I also use of the Android-app: Tasks. An application with a great UI, according to the guidelines of Google. Is it possible to support this application with the Pure Calendar Widget, so I can myself keep remember of the tasks that still need to complete?

    I look forward to a response.

    1. Hi,
      ‘Tasks’ by ‘Team task’ doesn’t offer any API to read their tasks. It will never be possible for me to display those tasks without an API on their side.
      I already asked them … but they seems too busy.

      1. Many thanks for the update and specificly for the support of ‘Tasks’-app (by Team Tasks). I’m waiting now for the 1.37 update. 😀

  171. I have been using the calendar widget for a while now with Touchdown for calendar and tasks … awesome! …. Just got a newer samsung galaxy note 2 and see that the built in exchange client (from android I guess) supports syncing both calendar and tasks.

    I can get the calendar to work in the widget by choosing the calendar entry for [Google] me@myserver.com from the list of available calendars.

    Can’t see any way for the tasks to show up. Am I missing something or are the google synced exchange tasks not available to the widget?

    I dont want to install TaskSync or another app if Android is already syncing them.

    FYI. The synced tasks do show up on the native calendar app so they are in the system.

    Thanks for any help. -CC

    1. Hi,
      in fact, you are using a Samsung service to sync those tasks (calendars are natively synced by Android) … and Samsung apps are not open source (and they didn’t publish any documentation).
      Conclusion: there is no way to read those tasks.

  172. Hi, i found issue when inserting events, When I click on the + the quick insert event screen comes, the first field it’s always fill some text “1/23 dur1d”

    is this normal?

    phone: evo 4g (best yet)
    android version 2.3.5
    launcher adw ex pro
    build 500 RLS (http://goo.gl/Qp4sy)

  173. Howdy. I am liking your widget, it’s the only one I’ve really found that includes a detailed grid view and is scrollable. It does seem rather sluggish on my Galaxy s3 mini, though.

    However, that’s not my main gripe. More annoying: Whenever I click on the detailed day view and get the “view / edit / delete” menu for a single event – this is a little buggy, press and hold or just short press, it prefers to pop up randomly – and I press “edit”, all I get is a dialog to add a NEW event for my CURRENT day. So I basically have to manually start up my main Calendar app Jorte to edit stuff. Please give me a heads up on how to fix this.

    Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

  174. i have a samsung galaxy s3. i use pure calendar for my work calendar. but when i add something to my google calendar on my computer, it does not update onto the app, even when i refresh. so it is kind of useless since it won’t show anything i add after a put the widget on my phone.

  175. Hello, i’v used this widget for a long time now and i accidentally deleted it with my settings today. I can’t seem to find where to go so that i don’t have a pale line behind the date of the event, could you help me ?

  176. I would like to ask about HTC ONE Task ( by default task application) , how it can be integrated in Pure Calendar widget. LIke Gtask or Astri or Any.Do.

    How can I use HTC one Task in Pure Calendar Widget

  177. I’ve been using this great widget for several years. Since upgrading my phone (4.2.2 CM10.1, HTC Sensation) the update “on calendar modification” no longer works – ie I have to manually force a refresh. The “keep service alive” is checked. Troubleshooting suggestions?

    1. no, there is no miracle, the service needs to stay alive to listen for calendar database modification.
      Multiple things can cause the service to stop, check the FAQs.

      1. The problem was that the “Calendar storage” app (com.android.providers.calendar) needs to be un-firewalled in order for the widget to auto-update. The native calendar auto-updates correctly either way.

  178. Hi, I upgraded my hardware and now run Android 4.2.2 (Cyanogen 10.1). Here I realized, that resizing the Pure Calendar Widget does not work the way I would expect. If I place a widget of e.g. size 2×2 and later resize that to a bigger width, the text inside still stays the original width and is truncated with “…”.
    Is there a solution, that the text is rendered over the whole width of the widget size?

  179. Hello koxx3,
    thank you for this great app! I have a question concerning the “Birthdays For Pure widgets” plugin: Is it possible to change the calendar color which is displayed in the Pure widget for the birthday plugin?
    Best regards,

  180. I’m suing Pure Calendar and Pure Grid Calendar for looong time and I think both are great.
    One of my favourite features was sinc with Astrid… Unfortunatelly Astrid is… Were you thinking about adding support for different apps like Astrid – for example Todoist?

    Many thanks!

  181. Hi, I just posted a skin and try to test it, but my SGS4Mini says “Problème de téléchargement ou d’extraction du thème du fichier ZIP. Vérifier la SD Card et votre connexion Internet” everything is fine as I can install regular skins. what can wrong in my skin ?

    1. Hi,
      yes, phone memory needs to be accessible to download skins. Be sure you unplug your usb cable from the phone or set your phone memory with MTP access to avoid locking this memory when the usb cable is pluged.

  182. I found my problem: the zip files must contain the resources without any path!
    I had made the first zip file by rigth clic / winzip to compress my full drawable folder in one step and this does not do the job.
    By creating the zip file and then drag / drop the files one by one, it’s OK.

  183. This might be fixed already in the not released version. I’m using Pure Calendar with Astrid Clone (“Tasks”) and tag filtering for tasks doesn’t seem to work. Regardless of my selections, I see all tasks all the time. Thanks for supporting Astrid Clone!

  184. hi
    great app but… i don’t see “share event” in widget, i see its on Google Calendar which opens when i tap on the widget.
    In French : Je ne vois pas les invitations que l’on m’envoie dans le widget. En revanche, quand je tape sur le widget, je les vois dans l’agenda Google qui s’ouvre alors.

    Galaxy S3 + Cyanogenmod 11.0

  185. Hi!

    I’ve been using your Calendar for a long time and I’ve always had the colored bars in front of the calendar items (showing from which calendar they come) show up, but after an Android update to Kitkat they’ve disappeared. I’m not sure if that’s related though, since I also had to reinstall the app after the update.
    Is it an option to turn those on and off (can’t seem to find any) or is something else wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,
      KitKiat introduced a change for memory access. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the application from the Google Play to solve this.

  186. Any way to get this to work with Taskary? I use aCalendar for my calendar, but GTasks right now for task app. However I like Tastary way better because of the option to add locations and contacts to tasks. Anyway to get Taskary implemented for Pure Calendar please?

  187. Long time user – first time poster. I love your calendars – Pure Grid and Pure Calendar are my most used apps.
    Lately the Pure Calendar is doing something unusual. I’ve been able to scroll with no problem until recently. Now scrolling gives 2 lines per event – when I turn off scrolling the calendar displays 1 line per event. I have screenshots but I don’t know where to send them.
    I’m using a Droid Maxx with Android 4.4.4, and GO Launcher EX 5.08.
    Any ideas?

  188. Hallo,
    könnten Sie bitte das Datum editierbar in Größe und Farbe machen. Meine Termine und Aufgaben sind in “Very Big”, da wirkt das Datum mickrig!
    Ansonsten bin ich mit dem Widget schon sehr lange super zufrieden ☺

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Roland Keller

  189. Been using PureCalendarWidget for several years, and absolutely love it, but since recently switching to a Motorola Moxx (Intl version of Droid Turbo), the widget has been unusable. In version 3.4.8 if I enable color bars, they are HUGE and take up the space of about 4-5 appointments. When I disable the color bars, it works a bit better, but still has a huge gap after every date header.

    Anxiously awaiting a fix!

    1. having the same issue with a Verizon Moto X 2014, as I recently upgraded to this model. Text is huge compared to how it was on my original Moto X.

      1. Hi, can you provide a screenshot and the exact phone model (XT____) ?

  190. Hi,
    I found a bug on Pure Calendar since few weeks :
    Today (thursday), widget show my events until next sunday (nothing after when i have events on monday and each days after) and period is “14 days”. I gave it a try:
    – period=”1 day” => it’s work, widget show me events on only one day
    – period=”2 days” => it’s work
    – period=”7 days” => bug => only events until sunday
    – others periods (=>1 year) => same problem, only events until sunday

    Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) + Cyanogenmod 11

    1. Hi,
      eventualy the bug is on the widget size and not on period 🙂
      My widget is 4×2 and doesn’t show me every events : 3×3 and 4×3 work fine !

  191. Great app. After the last update on June 38 (V 3.4.9) the color bars in front of the events are now incredibly small, basically about the size of a period, even if I set them to Extra Large. Thanks!

  192. Two small things I noticed, 1) under system settings, content size, height is misspelled and 2) I took a 4×3 widget and widened it to 5x (because there’s no 5×3 widget size) and the text content didn’t expand to 100%, the 100% relates to the widget size not the device size as you state in the app “Adjust the text content width/height to your device (in percent)”. Instead I adjusted the width to 125%. I have a Nexus 6P.

    Great app BTW!

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