Scrollable widgets

It seems few users have problems with scrollable widgets and widget empty list.

This problem seems to be related to the launcher memory.

I opened a post on the LauncherPro forum for this :

Please, contribute on the LauncherPro forum to help me to find this bug.

In Pure messenger, it’s easy to see if the problem come from the Launcher or from the widget :
– you have something different from 0 in the message counter and no message in the list -> Launcher problem
– you have 0 in the message counter and the list is empty -> widget problem

You need to check few points :
– be sure you don’t have similar widgets installed on another Launcher/Home panels (for example on the stock Home: yes, they are visible, and refreshed with some strange effects and performance drop). You need to ALWAYS clean your old Home pages.
– be sure you are using the last version of ADW or Launcher Pro (be careful if you are using a version included in a ROM ? is it up to date ?)
– be sure you enabled scrollable widgets in the Launcher settings !!
read this article about memory usage:
select an adapted memory usage in your Launcher settings . Few users reported that using the ‘very low’ memory setting in Launcher Pro solved all his issues.
– reduce number of Home panels to reduce used memory

EDIT 07/23/2010: code is now modified in Launcher+ (the original Launcher project where scrollable code is available). All is running fine. Now, you just have to wait for other Home to upgrade their code (ADW, Launhcer Pro …)

52 thoughts on “Scrollable widgets

  1. Hello
    I am a developer beginer. I want to know if it is possible do implement the widget scrolling for my widgets to? Is there a specific code for every home replecment to make this work? Or can i just applay the scrool tag to a linear layout? I would be very gratefull if you could send me a pice of code – example how to make the widget scrollable(for launcher pro. Is the code diffrent for every home replecment?).

    Thanks for the answer


  2. Thank you! I had a look and i testet the Test widget and it works!! I will try to implement it for my needs.

    Thank you again!

  3. I just bought Pure Calendar. It appeared to download to my Droid but I cannot find it in the apps or Widgets. I have LauncherPro with scrollable Widgets enabled.
    Are there instructions for installing once it is downloaded?

  4. Hi,

    I have a HTC Desire with pure messenger installed – nice widget!! πŸ™‚

    I don’t really want to dump Sense to use ADW or Launcher Pro so I tried scrollable widgets (‘cos I’m like that even though your instructions say I need ADW/Launcher Pro) and as predicted they didn’t work. The Sense UI has many scrollable widgets, do you have any plans to make your widgets scroll on Sense devices?

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the prompt reply πŸ™‚ Why do these people try and stifle creativity by being secretive and protectionist? They can’t possibly provide enough stuff to satisfy every user – that’s why the market exists FFS. Letting 3rd parties use their APIs would ENHANCE their products, I went for Android to try and escape Apples walled garden …. now I got HTCs instead πŸ˜‰

    And don’t even mention proxy server settings – thanks Google ….

    That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess……

    I’m keeping your widgets though.

  6. My scrollable widget has suddenly lost the scrollbar: it appears briefly but then disappears. Every time I scroll it is visible again, but then disappears again. I think this has started to happen with the upgrade to Froyo but may have been a Pure calendar update.
    I’d rather like to have the scrollbar visible all the time, as an indicator of invisible content. Does anyone know how I can get it back?

  7. Hi Koxx
    Is it possible to get an option to reduce scrolling speed in the scrollable widgets?
    When able to scroll a bit slower the overall quality feeling of the widget is increasing… Would you consider this?

    best regards, and thank you very much for your great apps.

  8. When I enable scrollable widget in pure calendar in LauncherPro I loose my default calendar setting on date selection. It allways shows up the date details in stock calendar!? I love your calendar widgets, they are the best in market!

  9. I’ve set PURE calendar widget to open PocketInformant when clicking on the widget – this works fine and whenever I tap on the calendar widget I get directly to PI.

    However, whenever I opt for the widget to be scrollable, this doesn’t work like that anymore (I am using GO Launcher EX).

    When I click on a certain event (on the widget) I get to the Android Calendar App. When I tap the upper left side of the widget (see also your comment to Dirk) I do get to PI directly.

    is there a way to get to PI also when tapping on the widget when the scrolling mode is on? Or is it only possible by clicking to the upper left (which is more or less “Today”)

    Desire HD
    GO Launcher EX
    PocketInformant (as default calendar to open)

    1. Hi,
      EDIT : oups … sorry, I misread your message
      It need that Pocket Informant register for Android ACTION_VIEW action on calendar event types.
      If they do, you’ll be able to open the event details in PI (like for Jorte).
      You need to ask them.

  10. Just curious. Is the reason your widgets aren’t scrollable with touch wiz the fault of samsung or you haven’t got around to it yet. Just curious. Don’t want to change from touch wiz as have tried launcher pro and seemed to unstable, but would like to use pure calendar πŸ˜€ thanks

    1. Same reason than for HTC Sense : Samsung make their own private scrollable API, without any documentation. Result: nobody will ever be able to develop a scrollable widget for their Home.

  11. Hi there!

    I love the scrollable widget! I must have done something wrong, but when I press on an email, or Facebook post to make a comment – nothing happens. It worked when I initially installed the widget. At first, I just used it for Facebook and I could press on a news feed and have a window open. Then I added email through K9 Pure and it does not work for the email or for Facebook.

    Now, I have two different widgets – one for email and one for Facebook instead of having both in one widget. Could that be the problem?

    Thanks for your help!

  12. Hello,

    I have a question – I have K9 for Pure set up on a scrollable widget and I am using an Exchange email account as well as an IMAP and POP. When I delete an email on the IMAP and POP accounts, the email is deleted from the server. However, on the Exchange account, if I select “delete” on the widget, the email does not delete on the server – but it does delete on the widget and it does show as being read on the server, just not deleted.

    I have “delete on server” selected in the configuration of Scrollable Widgets. Any suggestions?

    Thanks! I use these widgets every day!

    1. Hi,
      sorry, but for such trouble with K9 features, you need to contac the main official K9 team (serach ‘K9 android’ on google). I don’t fix K9 issues except when they are located in the exchange mecanism added in K9FP.

  13. Hi! Just wondering since you can make Pure News scrollable on 2.3 Gingerbread w/o the use of the “other” launchers, is it not possible then to do the same for the other Pure widgets? πŸ™‚

    BTW love your work! Keep it up!

      1. Hmmmm I installed Pure news on my Arc running 2.3 with the SE launcher and the scrolling works fine πŸ™‚

        Did I get something wrong here?

      2. I think Sony Launcher include our open source scrollable API. you are not the first one to report this.
        If it’s true, that’s incredible… but this is the only explanation for me.

  14. Hi,

    I looked around and didn’t see a comment/response that solved my problem, so here goes. I have a Droid X running the latest gingerbread release and my Pure Calendar widget only scrolls on ADW Launcher EX. If I try to use LauncherPro Plus, OpenHome (unlocked) or Go Launcher EX the widget does not scroll and only half of my widget calendar is displayed. The launchers have been set to support scrollable widgets and there are no issues with SDCard access or memory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Dave Langdon

    1. Hi,
      First, OpenHome doesn’t support scrollable widgets.
      Second, you need to enable scrollable widget mode in widget settings AND in launcher settings.
      On Go Launcher and Launcher Pro, no issue have been reported.
      ciao, Francois

      1. Obviously, if I have it working in ADW Launcher EX, I have scrollable widgets enabled in Pure Calendar – I have been using your widgets for quite a while so I am aware of general operation features. You may be correct about Open Home, but I can see no reason why the calendar only scrolls in ADW Launcher EX and not the other 2 launchers. Are all users running gingerbread version of android? It makes no sense to me why it works in one launcher and not the rest unless there is something related to the recent updates to the OS, the launchers or the Pure Calendar widgets.

      2. No, it should be related to the Android version.
        Personally, I use Go Launcher and ADW during all my tests, and I never encoutered any issue with both of them.
        I dropped LauncherPro because of the bad dev attitude on the scrollable widget API.
        Please email me for a deeper analysis (see ‘about’ page for my email).

  15. As the OpenSense SDK is now online, can we expect support for scrollable widgets in HTC sense soon?

    1. Did you check this ‘opensdk’ content ?
      I did: nothing at all about htc scrollable widget support…….

  16. I got the latest pure grid calender and want it to scroll up, or into the past. It stops at the current week and only continues down, to the future. Is there a setting i am missing that allows the calendar to scroll in both directions?
    I have a HTC Hero with Cyanogen 7 and ADW Launcher EX

  17. Hello,
    [Samsung Galaxy S i9000M / Darkyrom 10.2.2 / Darkcore / Go Launcher EX]

    I’ have had Pure Messenger for over a year and never had any trouble. Then arose the problem with the emails, which was solved by K2 (actually, I dont have my emails in the widget), but I have amore annoying problem :

    The widget is no more scrollable. I have tried several skins, but all have “up” and “down” arrows, but are not scrollable.

    Has anything changed ?

    1. Hi,
      for Pure messenger, the choice of scrollable or not scrollable is made when you INSERT the widget πŸ˜‰

  18. FranΓ§ois, seems scrollable widgets do not work in the combinaison ICS + ADW Launcher EX + Pure Calendar. I have scrollable widget set in Pure Calendar, can’t find any setting for scrollable widgets in ADW Launcher EX (I think it does support by default), so is it maybe ICS giving new issues?

  19. Hi does it work (and other scrollable app widget) with jelly bean and nova launcher or only with the alternative launchers mentioned?

  20. Thanks so much for your quick answer. Just another question before buy Pure calendar widget: if it’s possible to have scrollable widget on jelly bean, is it possible to scroll the agenda before and not only after, i mean can i see my past events too as far as i want, for example 2 years earlier?

  21. Getting the following when checking “enable” box for Facebook in Pure Messenger widget. Was working fine until recently, when I noticed the widget is always empty. Using ADW EX on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Android version 4.1.2.

    “Authentification : error Failed to receive access token.”

    Facebook app is logged in fine.

    1. I replied by email.
      I am currently working to fix those Facebook issues.
      I think I should be able to publish a new release in few days.

  22. Update to above comment. I logged out of the Facebook app and created a new Facebook account under Settings. Logged into Facebook app again fine. Checked Pure Messenger widget Facebook settings, and “enable” was checked. So it appears I’m authenticated, as far as the widget’s concerned. But still seeing a 0 count and empty widget. Other Pure widgets scrolling fine, so don’t think enabling scrollable widgets is the answer.

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