Informations about what we can do, and what we cannot …

I receive a lot of requests about swipe & scroll or to open directly Google calendar application at a selected view.

Well… bad news… it’s not possible.

For swipe & scroll, it is not available in current Android SDK (1.5 to 2.2). HTC use their own launcher to manage swipe. With regular Android launcher, it’s not possible.
Now, it works with ‘LauncherPro’ and ‘ADW Launcher’.
For example, HTC Sense is capable of scrolling widget, but HTC doesn’t want to publish any API (interface) to let other developpers create scrollable widgets working on HTC Sense Home. This is a ‘plus’ for their phone, they don’t want to loose that. So, this is the reason why you’ll NEVER seen any 3rd party scrollable widgets working in HTC Sense… it is simply impossible.

For application opening, it is not possible to select a view. Most views are internals, and all we can do is open the application. We don’t have access to internal view (such as event, week or day view in Google calendar application or gmail messages for Pure calendar).

Long taps management is impossible too (handle by the Android OS to remove widgets).

Show informations on the lock screen: Impossible without re-developping a full lock screen application which is VERY difficult because Android SDK is not adapted to do it.

I hope that’s clear, but there is a lot of limitations for widgets… 😦

18 thoughts on “Informations about what we can do, and what we cannot …

  1. Bought pure calendar widget, love it, really cool. Any chance you could increase the text size a little?

  2. Unfortunately, like shadow, it have to be hardcoded 😦
    bigger font = less information…
    And most people want MORE informations.

  3. How many “instances” of Pure messenger can run at one time? I would like to set up on “desktop” with ONLY Gmail, another with ONLY Facebook, and yet another with ONLY SMS. How do I configure things to make this happen?

  4. I have bought Pure Calendar and Pure Messenger, great apps, but – is there any possibilitiy to save the settings? Always when I change to another size, I have to set all the settings – drives me crazy.


  5. Agenda widget opens directly to the individual event when you click on the title. It doesn’t just open the calendar. He has a secret.

    1. It is already possible on Pure calendar.
      Read the information page to learn how to open the day events viewer.

  6. Can I right-align the text displayed in the widget? Just curious if it can be done or might be possible in the future.

  7. I’ve got my android set on LCD density value of 167 (instead of 240). “ro.sf.lcd_density=167” in build.prop
    This makes all the icons, characters smaller and makes the homescreen easely contain 6 x 6 icons.
    Using CM7 and ADW-launcher, i’ve enabled this and your Pure Calendar Widget functions great vertically, but cuts off the text with … at the fourth “gridpoint” horizontally.
    any chance you could make the text width dynamic, so i can resize the widget to 6×6 for example.

    1. Hi,
      let me be clear now: my widgets will never support lcd density change. It is already very difficult to keep them compatible with all device due to androdi fragmentaion, so………

      1. That’s a very direct awnser. 🙂
        No problem though, it’s a bonus it’s working vertically.
        Like the widget none the less. Thanks for the prompt response.

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