This blog is about ‘Weather forecast widget’ and ‘Pure widgets’ series (Pure calendar, Pure grid calendar, Pure messenger … and more soon).

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  1. Who do I send the 0.99 cents to? I want to purchase the application, but the link you give is in French. I can’t read French! 😛

      1. In the configuration panel, press ‘continue ans skin’ button. Press a skin ‘install’ and ‘select’.

    1. Hi,
      on Android and SlideMe market, you have 24h to be refunded if you are not happy 😉
      You just have to uninstall the app before 24h.
      For longer, no, it’s not possible.

    1. No need to take credits, we used the same code, and I pushed my code modifications on ‘Jeffrey Sharkey’ google-code server (look at project participants, you’ll see Koxx).

  2. Hi,

    I want to buy your application using the Android Market, but I can’t find the app there using barcode or name searching? (I have a Samsun Galaxy I7500)


    1. This application is protected against copy (android market option)…
      Because of this, I think dev phones or phones with dev ROMs can’t see it (I read it in multiple articles).
      I can’t see it myself !
      Google really sucks on this point.

      1. I’m using the standard ROM that was installed when I got the phone from the shop (Samsung Galaxy), I can’t imagine that they would sell it with a dev ROM installed… Or is Google slow in updating the devicelist in the Android Market?

  3. How do I reconfigure the widget once it’s installed on a page. It seems that the only way to change it is to delete it and create it again. Is it so?

  4. Hi, like some of your other blogs I cant get on my HTC Hero Market. I had the same problem with another app I couldn’t get on Android Market, but he had the .apk file on his site so I downloaded that to my sd card and loaded it, no problem. Perhaps you could do the same or email it to me. I will happily paypal you. Thanks

  5. I purchased your calendar widget for my Rogers HTC Magic and yesterday updated to the latest ROM…. I can no longer see it in market… I assume that the new ROM is not compatible with the Google security that you mention on your answers to email page? Can you send me an APK to install?

  6. Hi!

    A function to collapse each event presented in pure calendar would be appreciated. I sync my HTC Hero to my google calendar and it seems like the calendar in my Hero starts each word in the event on a new line. For example, if i add the event “Mathclass lecture” in google cal it ends up:
    with the “/” symbolising a new row. This ends up with each event taking up much space in pure calendar. An event that would need 1 row in pure cal now uses 4 rows.
    like this:
    Where “A-C” is the location.

    It would be great if pure calendar could compress this automaticly to take up as little space as possible.

  7. It would be nice if we are able to change the settings of the Quick event insersion. Because now i have to change my agenda everytime and i always have set a reminder at 30 min instead of 15.

  8. Hi, I have donated, excellent app. Just a question, where on the phone does it store the skins? Say I Download a load of skins and dont like them and want to use that memory for other skins, where can I remove the skins I have downloaded?

  9. Great Apps! But ..
    I selected Auto Location in the Weather Widgets and it shows me everytime in Munich if there is no location fix, although I’m 500 km far away.
    Why Munich? And why not use the previous location if there will be no loctaion found? Very annoying

      1. Is it possible to show the weeknumbers is Grid Calendar, and to show the colours when highligtning a eventsdate.

  10. How do I actually buy this app? English language pls. Just got my Magic today and first thing to get is this, really 🙂

    1. Hello,
      no problem, I think I’ll publish a new release this week-end, then I’ll contact you.

  11. I am new to Android and slightly overwhelmed at all the very nice and relatively inexpensive apps. Still, is there any way to trial or demo your Pure Calendar widget for a week or so to make sure it is what I need before paying for it?

    So many apps, are people expected to just toss down $1-$5 and take a chance?

  12. Hello,

    Thanks for the nice apps!

    But a few questions if I may:
    In Pure Calender could it be possible to have a vertical scroll function e.i. up-screen move gives appointments in the past (look-up function)
    down-screen move takes you further into the future.

    Tapping an appointment in Pure Calender opens up the appointment instantly, tapping topline/month opens up (hero)calender.

    In Pure Grid Calender long tap opens up (hero) calender in day view.



    1. Sorry, I’m been sick of that kind of requests (no offense to you, I just receive that twice per day since I start).

      Look at my last post, It should answer your requests ….

      I have a lot of work on Pure messenger at this time. Scrolling buttons will come later.

  13. Man, I really want the shadow bar for date text to stay. I like how it breaks up the days appointments. To bad it cannot be optional.

    Thanks for some great apps, I own nearly all of them.

  14. I would really appreciate a 3×4 size for the Pure Calendar widget. Most of my appointments don’t spread the whole width, so 3×4 would mean I could use 1 column down the side of the calendar for maybe sticky notes 🙂

    Please, please, please…

    1. Sorry, but I don’t think I’ll add 3×4 or 3×3, except if a lot of user ask for it.
      It overload the widget menu, and you are the first one.

  15. I bought the unlock key for the weather widget because imho it is the best weather widget out there but it has recently stopped updating. I removed my widget and put a new one up so now all it says is “loading data…” but never loads 😦

    This happens on both wireless and 3G.

    1. I need you to send your logcat after insertion try.
      Use ‘log collector’ to do it (available on market).

  16. Can your applications been bought through the google checkout service?
    Is there an other way to get them?
    I do not have all the paid applications on the android market.
    Thanks and Regards,

  17. Hi,

    I use your Pure Grid Calendar widget, and was wondering: could you shorten the duration of the popup that appears with the day’s appointments when you click on a day? I find it stays just a tad too long if you’re clicking on multiple days to quickly refresh your memory of the appointments coming up during the week.

    (I suppose what I’m really saying is that I’m voting for this change to be done… if my basic programming knowledge is correct, this is just a ‘toast’ with a long duration rather than ‘length_short’. If so, it should be trivial to change!)


  18. Hi Koxx

    Trying to download Weather widget. But it’s stuck. My HTC Hero just keeps trying to download it. How do I stop it?? Can’t see anywher to cancel download because it’s on m.slideme.org

    Any help on how to stop it greatly appreciated

  19. No worries. I left it for a while and it offered me the chance to cancel it as a failed download. Bought the app anyway. Very, very nice. Much better than the HTC weather app that comes as stock with the Hero. Top work!

  20. Hi koxx,
    very nice widgets you have done. I have one problem:
    when i use pure messenger widget i only can show one email-client. But i want to see gmail and t-online, its only possible to change between both. I enabled ‘Emails (Gmail) and Emails (POP3/IMAP) and i use ‘Email for pure widget’. Where is the mistake…..

    1. I don’t understand …
      For gmail, it should always works if you tick ‘enable gmail’
      For T-mobile, if it’s POP3 and if you’re using ‘Email for PW’, and if you enable it, it should works too.
      What doesn’t works ?

      1. I don’t understand too….
        if i only tick ‘enable gmail’….there is shown ‘no message’…..but i’ve messages in gmail.
        When i tick POP3 there are shown all emails from t-mobile…and when i set my gmail-account to POP3, i can change between t-mobile and gmail, and then my emails from gmail are shown…..hope you understand with my ‘english’


      2. I think you have a problem with your gmail database. It should crash when redaing it.
        Can you send me a logcat after a try ? (use ‘log collector’ from the market to do it)


  21. I want my birthdays from my contacts in my calender, is this possible?
    I don’t want to import them from google calender.

      1. I downloaded ebobirthday but it didn’t work! It couldn’t find any birthdays in my contacts. So together with pur calender it will work?

      2. I added my birthdays bij hand and the birthdays are displayed in my noes and not in my calender.

  22. After filling in preferences and clicking Update and Save & Exit, the screen says loading data but nothing happens and no calendar shows. What should I do?

  23. Hi,
    I purchased Pure Calendar and sometimes it just says “Loading data…” in the homescreen and the calendar widget never appears… If I want it back, I have to re-add the whole thing, which is kind of a hazzle, and I don’t really want to do that everytime it happens…

    I got the HTC Hero running on android 1.6 – any clue on how to fix this?


  24. Hi Koxx,

    Thank you for your widgets. I ready many good things about your work.

    I hope you can help me. I downloaded the Pure Calendar Agenda to my Droid today and when I try to open the calendar it just opens the splash screen of text telling about the product but does not open the calendar. I can not figure out how to open the calendar. Can you help me?

    Thank you,


  25. Hi, I use weather forecast widget v2 in Japanse.

    In Japanese, it is necessary to set encode to SJIS by ownself.
    We want you to store it in an initial value of choices.

    And the forecast day shifts.
    When Sunday is rain in iGoogle, It rains on Monday

  26. Bonsoir,

    Pourquoi ne puis-je voir que l’agenda qui correspond à mon compte google alors que j’ai créé d’autres agendas depuis ce même compte, qu’il sont détectés dans les préférences de pure calendar,. Je peux les cocher mais cela reste sans effet… je suis condanné à consulter ces agendas via le navigateur.

    Merci de votre réponse

    1. Bonsoir,
      il y avait des problemes avec certains calendriers jusqu’aux versions de ces derniers jours. Normalement, tout est reglé. Avez vous mis a jour mes applications ?

  27. Is there a way to just place a shortcut to Pure Calendar on the homescreen instead of having the full widget show up? In other words, I would like to touch the icon and launch the calendar instead of having it display all the time….Thanks!

    1. A widget is a widget. You can’t have a shortcut for a widget.
      If you phone have problem to refresh gmail incoming messages, it is because your phone is in low memory.
      When the phone is in low memory, he is no more able to listen from incoming messages.

      The ‘refresh period’ is used only to FORCE a refresh of all messages (facebook included).
      For Gmail and SMS, the widget show them as soon as they arrive in the original application (if your phone in not in LOW MEMORY)…

  28. Hi there,

    I purchased your Pure Calendar Widget (Agenda) a week ago or so, and I have recently updated my Sprint Hero with the newest Maintenance Release. In doing so, I also did a factory reset. After getting back into my Hero and setting things up how I would like, I notice that I cannot find your app any longer in the market by searching, nor can I find it using the barcode reader on Androlib.com to go directly to its place in the market.

    How can I be sure that I’m getting your app that I paid for? Btw, I left some good comments for you as I love this widget a lot. It’s the best calendar replacement available IMO. Thanks for helping me get this back on my Hero.

    1. Hi,
      You have to contact Google.
      Why ? Each ROM is registered in Google’s servers. If a phone ROM is not reconzied from Market application and servers, Google copy protected applications (like Pure calendar) are not visible from the phone.
      I think the new HTC ROM is not yet registered.
      So… either you contact Google … either you contact HTC … either you wait for ROM registration (generally few days, sometimes 2 weeks).
      I am sorry, but I can’t do anything about that problem… and you are not the only one. 😦

      EDIT : have a look here :

      1. I went ahead and figured it out on my own. the recently updated update from HTC for the hero has broken this, but thankfully I know how to restore my own APKs (even the private ones) 😉

      2. And of course, since I’m an honest person, and I believe for paying for the apps I use to support good developers, please don’t even ask me how to do that, because I won’t tell ANYONE. The only reason I’m doing so in this situation is because I can’t wait two weeks for Google to fix this. Everyone wants to point the finger at someone else. Who gets hurt? The consumer.

    2. I’ve not had any problems with the other apps I’ve purchased, however, and I see your other apps. The market cannot find your package, so I’m reluctant to think it’s a problem with Google, since I can see my other purchased apps just fine.

  29. I have signed Google CheckOut only to buy your Pure Messenger. Your job is really great and althought I could get the apps in forums for free I thing you have put a a really good price for them.

    I hope you will working in this way

    1. Thanks for this support 🙂
      You know, each widget require between 200h and 400h of work… It’s always difficult to evaluate the price of an application. But I think .99€ is a good price.

      I am currently adding Twitter support for Pure messenger 😉

      1. Twitter suporrt? really?
        As I have bought you app… the new version is going to have any cost for me?

        PS: I have bought Pure calendar too. ” A must have” 😉

  30. I just bought the T-Mobile Samsung Behold II (USA) – Pure Calendar just gets stuck with “loading data”.

    Anybody knows if it works on Behold II…?

    Thank you

    1. 😦
      Please, send me a logcat after the widget insertion ?

      Hanset makers starts to piss me off.
      They always try to customize the Android OS… we won’t be able to maintain versions compatible with all phones 😦

  31. Hello,

    Just got calendar and messenger with the email client and love it, great job. One question, on pure messenger, neither contact names or contact pictures show up, only a number and the default avatar, even though they are checked and should. Any idea why? (droid) Also, add exchange integration and you got another $1 out of me.

    1. Very interesting bug !
      Which device do you have ?
      It should works fine (contact @ and picture).
      I contact you by mail to work on a solution.
      Thanks for that bug report !

      1. i have the droid, and it was not working before the 2.0.1 update yesterday and after today. My FB is synced and those pictures come up in contacts…so yea email me, anything i can do to help.

  32. I baught your pure-calendar widget, love the new astrid-option, cause i use it all the time now.
    But I’m missing the option that i can select thhat astrid should open on click, not the calendar…
    could the come one day?

  33. The weather widget (I have the paid version) is pulling the wrong weather data. It’s 20-odd degrees F in Chicago now, yet the weather widget is telling me it’s 90 degrees out.

    1. For me chicago = 23°F (with Google source)
      Did you try to reconfigure your widget ?
      did you try a manual location ?

      I think there is a Google weather server (or geocoder) problem.

  34. Hi,

    I want to do a small widget for my own usage using gmail, but I can’t find any information about interfacing gmail with android.. Do you use the Gmailprovider package ? Where did you find all the information about gmail “programming” you used to build some of your widget ?

    Thanks a lot,

      1. Damn it!!! I just need at least an advice to know how I can read the number of unread messages from the gmail app (not from the atom feed, which can return a different quantity…) Could you at least help me on this point ?

  35. Are you planning on a feature to include the Pure Calendar widget on the Lock Screen? I just bought this widget – it’s awesome! I’d pay for it again if it had this feature.

      1. That was fast! You’re a machine! Haha.

        Sorry to hear this won’t be supported :\ the closest thing I’ve seen was Flyscreen but the calendar is no where near as useful as the Pure Calendar widget.

  36. Hi…

    I’m testing the Pure Grid Calendar. Overall good. However, the colored event timelines — with the colored lines indicating event times from LEFT to RIGHT within each day — is NOT the best way to do it. The lines are too thin on the screen, even at the thicker settings, and it’s hard to interpret by eye.

    You should make time go from TOP to BOTTOM within each day (like the Palm Pre). And use a TRANSPARENT COLOR BLOCKfor each event. Go look at how the Palm Pre does this…it’s MUCH easier to look for open time slots at a glance…


    – Joe

    1. Hi,
      It’s good for a full application without background.
      I think it’s awful for a widget.
      And personnaly, I found that ugly …

  37. If you want, i can help you for the spanish translation. I use your fantastic app but i´m interesting in a spanish translation for my friends. If you want you can contact me or mail me a txt with the words to translate. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your proposal, but traduction are hard to maintain. I’ll wait to finish few more option before translate it. I keep you email 😉

  38. I bought the “pure calandar” widget but returned it. It is a nice application but (for me) it has a big disadvantage. You can’t scroll your appointments which is essential for me! I will com back when this is solved!
    Is it possible to combine “pure calandar” with “pure grid calander” perhaps possible with some settings (for choosing the layout)?

    1. Not directly, but with 1 click, you have the day event viewer now, where you can scroll all days.

      For a full widget scrolling, this is difficult since the regular Home doesn’t support swipe & scroll.

  39. Hello,

    I bought pure calendar via android market.
    If i factory (hard) reset my phone, do i have to purchase a new pure calendar widget again?

  40. Hi There,

    Any chance you can work seesmic into the list of Twitter clients that pure messenger supports?

    Unless I can just use some other selection and have it default to that.


  41. Any chance for integrating Google Voice into the widgets? GV is pretty popular among Android users in the US.

    1. No change at the moment, for 2 reasons : I don’t have Google voicie account (as you know, it is very difficult to get an account), and I live in France where it doesn’t works (so, it will be VERY difficult to try)…

  42. Hi koxx3,

    I would love to see an extra option in pure calendar to have it in one cell(1×1). So that I can just see one or two small appointments. Good luck, I love the work you have done!

      1. At the moment I have the 1×4 on my home screen, and the 4×4 version on a second home screen. The small one is being used mostly to just quickly see the upcoming calendar item. Pretty much all of my calendar items only take half of the widget, I therefore consider the rest of the widget as lost space. Maybe 1×1 is a bit exaggerated, but would you at least be willing to consider a 1×2 option?

  43. Hi koxx3

    Email client for Pure widget

    I have 2 IMAP accounts.
    since today the mail client delivers no new mails on one of this 2 account.
    Error message on the inbox “Verbindungsfehler” (connection error).
    I did no change in the settings.
    Whats wrong?

  44. Hello ; sorry for my bad english …
    I wear eyes-glasses ; and i find that the text font size is too small.
    There are not possible to choose the font size ?

    ps : great job for your apps !

    1. In which widget ?
      For “Pure calendar”, yes, you already can.
      For other, no (may be later for “Pure messenger”).

  45. I tried changing the skin of the calendar, but it doesn’t work. When I click Save & Skin, I get a black screen. Same with Save & Exit. It’s stuck on a default white and blue skin. Any idea what’s wrong?

  46. I tried changing the skin, but it doesn’t work. When I click Save & Skin (or Save and Exit for that matter) I get a black screen, where apparently I need to press and hold the skin to activate it. But nothing. It’s stuck to default white and blue. Any idea what’s wrong?

      1. I tried using Log Collector, but it won’t show Pure Calendar in the list of apps. to send.

        As for internet connection, I (should) have it.

  47. I’m using your Pure messenger widget 1.3.0. & I have to problems.

    1. When ever I receive a SMS/text message, the contact picture does not show up for that particular person. All my contacts in my phone have a picture from Facebook, all contacts are synced. I don’t know why the pictures aren’t showing up?

    2. Also, I added my Verizon internet email account to the widget. The account setup was successful, but the widget does not show new emails when they come in.

    I paid money for this so I except some sort of resolution.

    Thank you…

  48. Have you got any plans to support Toodledo tasks in any of your widgets? I have calendar and grid and although I started off with Astrid, I prefer Toodledo.

    1. Not yet due to poor rating of the Android app, but I’ll think about it if it improves and if the app is open source or open to include a content provider to share their data.

  49. hi,
    thanx for your very cool widgets.
    today i bought pure messenger and i have a few questions:
    – do you plan to have it work with k9 instead the custom email client (as k9 offers a lot of options like push imap)
    – when tapping on a message, could you give an option to open directly the relevant thread instead of the app? would make answering faster …
    – could you add option to disable confirmation before deleting?
    – i use 4×2 list and i have enabled ‘show delete button’, but there is no delete button.only after clicking the feed symbol, i find the option ‘delete’. am i missing something.

    thank you,

    1. Hi,
      my answers :
      – do you plan to have it work with k9 instead the custom email client (as k9 offers a lot of options like push imap)
      >>> I am thinking about it.
      – when tapping on a message, could you give an option to open directly the relevant thread instead of the app? would make answering faster …
      >>> no, many apps doesn’t support it, and I don’t want to have different behaviour for different apps
      – could you add option to disable confirmation before deleting?
      >>> why not 🙂
      – i use 4×2 list and i have enabled ’show delete button’, but there is no delete button.only after clicking the feed symbol, i find the option ‘delete’. am i missing something.
      >>> this option is only for normal view


      1. wow,
        that was a fast reply!

        one more suggestion:
        when using the internal preview window, would it be possible to have also there (maybe on top) the delete, mark as read & reply buttons that appear when clicking the feed symbol?

        this way one could organize all new messages very fast.

        btw, i think youre support is the same quality as your programming, and that means very good !


  50. Hello! I really like weather forecast widget and I’m going buy it. It works almost fine even on my Archos IT. But tell me please. Are you planing localize UI? If “yes” I would like help you 😉

  51. I just purchased Pure Calendar and it’s awesome, but I don’t have the colors on the calendar for the different events like many of the screenshots have (even though I do have my google calendar separated into different calendars).

    I am getting an error when I open the settings for the calendar that says: “Warning: Application selected as ‘Select calendar application to launch on widget tap:’ doesn’t seem to be installed on your device. It may crash when you try to launch this application from the widget if it is not installed”. I’m not experiencing any crashes, but I really need these colors/bars for the calendar to be more than just eye candy. Thanks so much!

    1. I’m sorry. I’m stupid. I’m assuming that I was getting that warning because I do not have an HTC phone, so obviously I can’t launch the HTC calendar. The warning is gone once I switched to Google.

      I also turned on the timeline and everything is super. Sorry to waste your time!

  52. Hi There,

    I purchased Calendar Widget on SlideME a while back and enjoy using it. However it seems to no longer be available there. Is there any way for me to get updates etc.


      1. I find this a bit rude considering that it was never stated when I bought it off Slideme. Fine that its stated now, but was not before.

        SlideMe was my only alternative because I could not get paid apps from the Market at that time. Not a good impression for customers who bought it in good faith.

      2. But if you have web designing skills to create me a website to sell/update apps, you are welcome. I don’t have them.

  53. Your Pure Messenger widget is great! I am really enjoying using it since buying it from the Market a few days ago. The only problem I have is that it drains the battery quickly when polling mail a lot. I’m trying to figure out how to make it so that I have a widget on my home screen to turn polling on/off. The closest I have come is via a Locale plug in that would tell K9 mail to do that – http://www.boutiquesoftware.com/k9pluginhelp.html – combined with another Locale plug-in that allows widgets for Locale actions – http://www.boutiquesoftware.com/widgetpluginhelp.html – but these do not seem to work with your modified version of K-9. Do you have any ideas about how to make that widget work, or any other ways to easily turn polling on/off? Thanks for any help and thank you for your great program!

    1. No, no idea at all 😦
      But I’ll soon submit my modifications to the main K9 team… so, it would be OK for you with this merged version. 😉

      1. OK – thank you for the very rapid response. The widget works really well with K-9 on my Android so I hope they will integrate it into the main version soon – will you please post an update when it is available as part of the main K-9 software? Thank you!

  54. hi francois,

    i tried 2 times to send you an email with 2 different accounts, but they were rejected because of spam? funny…
    here is my report:

    thanks for your great product (pure calendar widget), that is what i needed.
    but i encountered two bugs on my htc tattoo:

    – the color bars are not the same size as the chosen text, so the bars are
    not in the same row with the event, equal which text size i choose

    – when i press my home button to leave an application, the widget is in
    focus, so when i press left/right on my d-pad, the widget highlights but
    nothing else happens. normally when i press the d-pad, the home screens
    should switch and i’d like to have this out of the box feature again 😉

    1. Hi,
      sorry if your mail have been clasified as spam …
      for your problems :
      – color bars : yes, I know it’s already in my bug list, but I don’t have Tattoo to test 😦 (and it’s very difficult in the emulator since calendar is not available in it)
      – dpad: this is not a bug, this is wanted, in fact, you can use the dpad to select dates inside the widget. I find this very usefull and use it in all my widgets.

      1. first: ok. if you like to have support, send me a mail. perhaps i can help you.
        second: then please make it as an option, because it is very annoying not to handle your phone as usual, especially when you are on the go. i really do not want to have the widget in focus when i go to my home screen 😉

  55. I have been playing more with the messenger widget and thought of an idea – as part of the menu clicking on SMS, there could be an option to call the sender back – is that something that you have thought of doing? Thank you!

      1. Great, thank you!

        A call log option would be very interesting to try. I would hope that it could be in addition to, and not in place of, being able to call people in response to SMS – I think it serves different purposes as sometimes I get a text from someone I haven’t talked to in a while and want to call them back, whereas the call log would be useful for more frequent calls back and forth. Neat idea!

      2. In fact, ‘Call’ action is not needed at all !
        Just tap the contact picture !
        It brings you to the contact page in 1 tap 🙂
        One more tap to phone…


  56. Hi,

    I was using your calendar widget (not the grid one !) but I’m not finding it on the market … I only find the grid calendar ! but I want the “agenda”… It was very usefull with the tasks …

    Do you have some informations ?

  57. Hi!

    I just bought pure calendar widget.
    I have a small suggestion… to use different text colors for the different calendars, instead of the small cube….
    This is the way Calwidget works and I think it is much clear and eye candy!


  58. I bought the calendar widget today (not from the market) and cant open the apk file from the SD card using app installer. Any suggestions? Possible to get the apk file via mail?

  59. I have tried 4 different app installers from the market but It is impossible to install the widget. I have a feeling that its something missing? When I open the different installers they cant find the application. Im not an expert but other apps that i have installed from outside the market has been only one file, the widget comes as a folder. Should I install the folder or is the apk file hidden somewhere?


    1. Windows show you the APK file as a ZIP file, but it is not ! You should not uncompress it.
      send me a mail, I’ll resend you the APK.

  60. I installed the zip but I cant still found the file using app installer. I also tried to install it using my file manager that actually finds the file but its unable to open the file. Im using a mac could that be a problem? It would be great if you could send me the apk file again


  61. Can you include the option in the forecast widget to not include the current days weather so it only shows upcoming days weather?

  62. Just downloaded pure messenger and want to say I fricking love it! However, is it possible to set up the tap message open to go directly to the conversation in the SMS rather than just the SMS application screen? Or maybe a reply to the messages feature?

  63. Koxx3,
    I’m wondering what your experience was with SlideME? I’m thinking about selling an app through them, but not sure if they are good. How are they at paying out what they owe you?

    1. Hi,
      For me, it’s a bad experience. It’s much more complicated than Google Market or Apple market.
      Fees are really not clear.
      You have to generate ‘key’ products (difficult to understand at the begining) to have a selling stock.
      I had to request sales summaries (impossible to see on the website), generate invoice, sign them, fax/scan them.
      I have never edited invoices myself, I am not a professional but an individual. So, that was difficult for me.
      Sales are really lower than Android market : ~4% (even for me at place number 10 in the market top selling list).
      Support was really not supportive few month ago, it’s little bit better now.
      I made a lot a improvement request during few months to improve the whole experience : none have been taken into account !!!
      It’s a pity because I think they can be THE alternative market… but, in the current state, I won’t advise it.

    1. I can extend the search period (may be to 30 days), but if there is too much messages, the widget will be very slow to refresh. will 30 days be ok ?

  64. I love the Pure Calendar widget. Would you consider adding a “side-by-side” display option for calendar entries and tasks? I would like to have both my tasks and my calendar on my home screen and see them both at the same time. To do this, I created one 2×2 layout that only has calendar items, and one 2×2 layout that has my Astrid tasks. It would be great to have one 4×2 layout that showed both calendar and tasks side-by-side. For the ‘quick event insertion’ button, you could then give the user a choice of either ‘calendar’ or ‘task’ when the button is pressed.

    1. Hi,
      no, I won’t add a side-by-side widget. It’s too difficult.
      But, I’ll soon add the possiblity of ‘+’ a task from the widget.
      But as you should konw, you already can add task for the day event viewer of the widget.

      1. Really? I thought perhaps a horizontal LinearLayout that holds two vertical LinearLayouts might do the trick.

      2. What the point when you can have 2 widgets side by side ???
        And no, it’s far from being so simple. Widget layouts are very poor and not customizable. I would have to create new layouts for all sizes.

      3. Ok, thank you for the response. My desire to have them in one widget side-by-side is purely to have a cleaner interface with one date, one settings button, etc. I think your work is great, keep it up. Cheers,


  65. I have installed the Pure Grid Calendar Widget Version 135 on my HTC Legend. Couriously, for November 2010 calendar entries are not properly displayed. Timelines are displayed one day earlier and upon touching only empty windows open. The problem does not occur with any other month. Calendar entries for November 2010 are correctly displayed by the HTC calendar. What can be wrong?

  66. I am having a problem that I have been unable to find the answer to regarding Pure Messenger. For some reason I am not able to get email through Gmail and a pop3 account simultaneously. If I check gmail and leave pop3 unchecked everything works fine and vice versa. If I have both checked either nothing will work or only the pop3 will come through but not my gmail.

      1. I am using K9 for Pure. there is really failure to reproduce, it just will not alert me to both gmail and pop3. Again, if I have either one or the other checked it is ok, just not both.

  67. Hello,

    I am getting an error when I open the settings for the calendar that says: “Warning: Application selected as ‘Select calendar application to launch on widget tap:’ doesn’t seem to be installed on your device. It may crash when you try to launch this application from the widget if it is not installed”.

    I’m running on the HTC Eris and i’m trying to use the “regular google calendar” so it will sync with my account online. It’s worked for free apps, so i’m not sure what the deal is here. I’m probably an idiot, but that’s why i’m asking. Thanks!


    1. Hi,
      you phone is not a stock Android phone, you must pick ‘HTC Sense’ calendar.

  68. I’m just going to uninstall Oure Messenger. I have messed with it for hours trying to figure out how to get mail notifications from 3 gmail accounts and 3 pop3 accounts. It just wont happen. And as far as the logcat, there is nothing to replicate! It just doesnt work.

    1. I didn’t received your logcat !
      For me, it works fine with 2 gmails & 1 pop & 1 imap.

    1. Hi,
      1 – this is an alternative market (and there is 100 alternative market), so, why should I publish on this one, and not another one ?
      2 – alternative market distribution is very low (I tried with SlideMe, I sold 100 apps/month vs 12000 apps/month with official market)
      3 – german people have access t the official market, why do you use this one ?

  69. Today I purchase the application from AndAppStore.
    I sent payment of $0.99 USD to Francois DESLANDES via PayPal.
    Purchase of Weather Forecast widget unlocker via AndAppStore
    Item# 638794
    Where can I find a download link?

  70. I love the Messenger widget – however is there any chance you could:

    a) Display emails from user selected Labels with GMail and
    b) Allow the use of third party emailer programs as the default launch when checking Email from GMail (I used to use Pure for K9 but had to stop as I needed some bug fixes from the main tree and so now I have Pure Messenger looking at GMail whilst I use K9 to read and send email).

    Speaking of Pure for K9 – last I read there was a hesitancy from the K9 crew to help bring your changes into the tree. This mean that we may be waiting sometime before Pure messenger integrates with a base copy of K9?

    Excellent work though – well worth the peanuts it cost me for both PM and PC!

    1. Hi,
      a) Display emails from user selected Labels with GMail and
      >>> no, I think it’s a too specific usage, but you can submit it here, we’ll see : https://koxx3.wordpress.com/suggestions/
      b) Allow the use of third party emailer programs as the default launch when checking Email from GMail (I used to use Pure for K9 but had to stop as I needed some bug fixes from the main tree and so now I have Pure Messenger looking at GMail whilst I use K9 to read and send email).
      >>> same thing

      Speaking of Pure for K9 – last I read there was a hesitancy from the K9 crew to help bring your changes into the tree. This mean that we may be waiting sometime before Pure messenger integrates with a base copy of K9?
      >>> yes, exactly, they asked me to do too more modifications to my code to accept it in the main branch. And this will slow down Pure messenger. So, this is in standby for now. But it’s open source, so, go for it if you want ! 🙂

  71. It’s very good personal assistant application.
    But, I found a problem.
    The function that is ‘Auto refresh’ doesn’t working sometimes.
    For example, Widget was not often update after insert a new google schedule by my desktop PC.
    In other words, widget updates are often not immediate.
    Of course, synchronization option is on modication.

    is this a known bug?

    Anyway, thanks to the well is used.

    1. No. I never have this problem.
      Sync can take some minutes (not controled by the widget, but the original calendar app), but when the original app update his data, it warn the widget for refresh.
      Be sure you don’t have any taskkiller running.

  72. Cant purchase from the market, saying server down. I can purchase other apps just not pure widgets. Any thoughts?

  73. How do we update the list of calendars? I recently overhauled my Google Calendars and is organization. I tried uninstalling, turning off my phone, and removing any calendar information I could find on my SD card before turning my phone back on and reinstalling, but it is still showing an outdated calendar list. Please advise.

    This applies to both Pure Calendar and Pure Grid. Thank you!

  74. Hi koxx,

    I have a problem with pure messenger widget. It was showing all my gmail emails fine until last night but now will only show new ones. Even though in my default inbox they are all there. I have tried reinstalling the widget, refreshing the widget and resetting my phone but nothing seems to work.

    Is there a way to delete the database list so it rebuilds it correctly, its a shame as I really like this app.

    1. I don’t think the widget is in cause … are you sure those messages are visible in the gmail phone app ?
      you can purge the widget message database by pressing the menu key in the widget config panel.

  75. Hello.
    I bought the Pure Grid Calendar and the Pure Messenger and I think they are a good products.

    I have a question with the Pure Messenger. There are a way to display the mails in a list form? Only the sender and the title, all in the same line.

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for you work


    1. Hi,
      for pure messenger, you have normal OR list widgets. be careful when you insert the widget.

      1. But in the list widgets each mail occupies 3 or 4 lines and I don’t know how to configure the widget to each mail use only one line, to have the max mails in the screen

        Thanks in advance

  76. Hi,

    I’m trying to find the option to change the calendar refresh interval in pure calendar widget, but on my SGS i9000m, I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the settings panels. I have 4 panesl (general, calendars, timelines and system), but none of them have any setting related to refresh intervals. I’d like to change the interval to make sure that this widget isn’t causing any battery drain issues. How do I do that?

    1. Hi,
      In Pure calendar: first panel in widget config, refresh period option. Be sure you disable the service keep in memory (in widget system options).

  77. Hi,

    I have pure messenger and I’m using its widget to view my emails from gmail.
    the problem is, that sometimes it stops refresh the list, and I can see 10 emails but the widget displays only 3.
    only when I press the sync button its refresh and rebuild the list.
    Anyway, its very annoying…
    what is the solution ?????

  78. I really like the pure calendar widget!

    I would absolutely love it, if the select action for “+” would launch the business calendar add new event screen. Is this possible?

      1. Sorry, I’m a little confused. The Business Calendar does allow the user to add a new event.

        Is the issue that they have to do something to make it compatible with your widget?

      2. Thanks for enlightening me. I contacted the Business Calendar dev yesterday and they got back to me with the following:

        “We will try to make the app compatible to the “Pure Calendar Widget” and add support for the “add new event” action in near future!”

        So, we’ll see. Thanks for your help!

  79. Hi,
    Thanks for so nice widget, the best i ever seen on market.
    One question – after GotToDo stopped its development and was removed from marked, i decide to change GTD client. The most comparable is DueToday app, but as i understand pure widget can’t work with it. Are you planning to add support or this question is for DueToday developers?

  80. Hi
    I need to know if it is possible to edit the task in “Pure Calendar widget (agenda)”. I have observed that if you click on task , coming from astrid, you will be directed to calendar and you cannot interactively save and edit the task ?
    Doesn’t it support TASK manipulation or I am missing something ?

  81. Hi,

    I purchased Pure Calendar and I really like it but I have a problem that I hope you can help me with:
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S I9000T with Froyo. Just got the phone, so, no root or anything like that. I have a calendar application that came with the phone, which I am assuming is the “stock google calendar” you refer to in the settings.

    The problem is that I get the warning that the application selected to launch on tap is not installed. And when I tap on the screen in the “tap zone 1” then the program crashes . What am I missing?

    1. This is because it is not the ‘stock calendar’ 😉
      Samsung should have change something.
      Can you please email me ? we’ll fix this together (check about page for my email).

  82. hello,
    i use your weather application and bought the unlock key.unfortunately i cannot use other skins,i select the skin and i only can see the temperature on the widget.it worked for month for me,but till yesterday it stopped working .i only can use the standard skin…
    nedd help!

  83. Hi,
    Please add new Slovak translation. Everything is translated again but it is not included in the new version 😦

    Nice day,

  84. Feature request: Please add a “Forward” action to the SMS / Email “Message action” menu. Thanks.

  85. Hi.

    Just bought the app. Works great, thanks a lot!

    Just one thing: Is it possible to resize the arrows at the bottom and top of the each month? It’s almost impossible to click through the calendar, the arrows are just too small.


    1. Hi,
      as explained in the embedded information page, you don’t need to touch the arrows (they are just indicators), but the full first/last cell…

  86. Task syncing. I have installed pure grid calendar on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, it looks great and is syncing from my google calendar, however if I add a new event through the widget it isn’t updating the online google calendar.
    The stock calendar is showing the event and if I add the task through the stock calendar, then google calendar updates. But if I add it through the widget it doesn’t seem to be able to get to the cloud version.
    In the stock calendar app I cannot see any difference in the event whether added from the widget or through the stock calendar. I have tried clearing the calendar caches, but that doesn’t seem to have worked.
    Do you have any solutions?

    1. Hi,
      no, there is no solution.
      The calendar API was private until Android 4.0 release. It means, each calendar widget/app using the Google calendar database is a ‘hack’ application.
      Samsung have a bad habit : they often deeply change apps provided by Google to ‘improve’ them. the problem ? those apps are closed source. it means there is no way to understand how they work.
      The problem will clearly be solved in Android 4.x.

      The bypass is to configure the widget ‘+’ button to insert events with the stock applciaction instead of the ‘quick event insertion’.

  87. Hello Dev,

    To refresh your memory, I have used Pure Calendar Widget for several years on several phones, but since Day One with my Galaxy Nexus, it will NOT scroll when using Go Launcher. Once in awhile it will scroll for a couple seconds when first opening the phone, but then locks up again. You and I had a short conversation about the problem recently. I did try uninstalling Go Launcher and re-installing — still no scrolling. Also have un-installed and re-installed Pure Calendar Widget, to no avail.

    I now have some further information — I downloaded ADW Launcher and LauncherPro, and interestingly, your Pure Calendar app scrolls smoothly and without issue on both those launchers. But the problem is that I prefer some of the features in Go Launcher to the other two launchers.

    You suggested there is a problem with my Nexus and suggested doing a factory data reset. Re-loading my apps and re-setting up the phone is very time consuming, so I am hesitant to take that step because: 1) no other problem whatsoever manifests in my G-Nex, and 2) as I mentioned, your Pure Calendar widget scrolls fine on the other two launchers. Given that, I suspect that there might be a bug in your app. If I felt confident a Factory Data Reset would fix this issue, I would certainly do it, but given the facts as stated, I am doubtful.

    Any thoughts or suggestions given this new information? Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi,
      The scrollable widget code is the same for all launchers (ADW, LP, Go Launcher …).
      Problem is located in Go Launcher (reported and confirmed by other ICS users).
      You need to contact Go Launcher dev team.

  88. Hi,

    I’m using a HTC Desire HD connected to an Exchange Server. Are your Calendar Widgets able to show/add/edit the Events or do I have to buy Touchdown first?


    1. Hi,
      if you can already configure and see your Exchange events on your phone, no, you don’t need TouchDown.

  89. Bonjour François,
    Concernant PGC, est-il possible, lors de l’édition de tache, de lui faire appeler Ultimate To-Do List-Tablet (beaucoup plus ergonomique sur Galaxy Note que la version standard) ?

  90. Effectivement j’ai d’abord intallé la version standard puis la version tablet et enfin désinstallé la version standard : après un restart du téléphone, ça fonctionne nickel (un lien vers la version standard désinstallée devait trainer dans la mémoire du tél)
    Merci m’sieur pour tes softs et ta disponibilité pour le SAV

  91. Hi,
    Just downloaded Pure grid widget this morning and I’m having a little trouble using it – on a Galaxy S3

    I can’t seem to figure out how to edit an existing widget? Want to try get the best skin and format for my device – but don’t want to re-add it each time to try a new look.

    Sorry if this is obvious, but I just can’t seem to see it.



    p.s. for the 4×4 grid, what’s the best type to use – there’s like 7 of them… currently using the HD one.

    1. Hi,
      To eit an exsiting widget, press the top left icon (small screw).
      If you don’t see it, it means you inserted a too big widget and you don’t see all the content.

  92. Hello
    Mr. koxx33!

    I use a Galaxy S 3, ISC 4.0.4 and build No. IMM76D.E210KKKALI1 with Go-Launcher.
    And I also use Pure grid calender.

    When I add a widget the widget just show ‘Data loading…’.
    What is a problem with my S/W??
    and where can I get a latest version of Pure grid calender??

    Please solve my problem.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      Can you try on the stock launcher (without scrollable mode enabled) ?
      If it still doesn’t works, I’ll need a logcat.

      1. I tried that you said – try to add a widget on stock launcher (Touchwiz) without scrollable mode enabled.
        But the sympton is still appeared “loading data….”
        How can I send the logcat??
        or how can I get a latest version??

  93. Hi Mr. Koxx. i was browsing the forums at the “enhanced email” website and spotted a post asking if someone affiliated with k-9 products might partner with enhanced email company. http://goo.gl/gnKIc i for one would like to see a product, if possible, produced from the two most useful widgets for android, i have seen, to date. thank you for already developing an-already useful product.

  94. Hi Koxx,
    I really like your calendar widget. But I noticed that the german and italian translation is not “complete” Especially the drop-down menues. I don’t no if its supposed to stay this way but I want to offer you my help with the translation if you want. I am native speaker of both languages so you can trust me 😉

    1. Hi, sorry but drop down menus won’t be translated for technical reasons (highly unstable in case of modification).

  95. Hi,
    My weather forecast widget shows forecast for FRI-SAT-MON-TUE…..today is 29-03-2013…is it possible that the app doesn’t know about SUN 31-03-2013? Strange thing that on the weather provider website (wunderground) everything is working fine… Problems happens for these cities: Odessa, Ukraine – Istanbul, Turkey…. no problem hoewever for Tashkent, Uzbekistan… Hope this gives you enough info to investigate the issue!
    Merci beaucoup!

  96. Hello,
    I have a widget which have a scrollable list with items.This list update automatically when any updation occur.After some hours this list goes blank.
    i am not getting how to solve this problem.

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