Skin hosting message

Dear client,

we are going to move the node in the subject to our new datacenter on June 15th at approx 12:00 UTC, the vps will be down for the time of the migration that we estimate 2-3 hours.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

Best regards

Prometeus support team

Pure messenger and Facebook

Facebook changed his policy for 3rd party apps. Now, they can’t read messages posted by your friends … apps can read your own messages !

I tried few workarounds, but no, it’s definitely not possible.

Only application testers can have permissions to read those messages. So … I need to declare you as ‘testers’ of Pure messenger to grant you the full permssions.

Please contact me and give me you facebook user name (not email) or user ID, then I’ll add you as tester.
Once connected to Facebook, you can find it in the url :

I don’t know if the number of testers is limited, and I’ll add users by batches. So, don’t be too pushy.

Pure messenger and Facebook permissions

Due to Facebook new policies, Pure messenger needs to be reviewed by Facebook to allow it to acces Facebook datas.
This review can take up to 2 weeks.

While awaiting the review, I need you to declare current users as ‘testers’ of Pure messenger to grant you the app access.

Please contact me and give me you facebook user name (not email) or user ID, then I’ll add you as tester.
You can find it in your facebook url :

Thanks for your understanding.

Third party datas in Lollipop

Since Lollipop introduced a new permission management, it can be hard to read datas from external apps.

So, to be sure, in order :
– export settings
– uninstall pure
– reinstall it
– insert fresh widget
– restore settings
– unselect task provider
– save
– enter widget config
– reconfig task provider.
– save
For Team Tasks, you should see a small panel appearing asking to agree for task sharing (it’s a team task panel).

Widgets disappearing with Samsung 4.4.2 ROMs

A lot of users reported us that their widgets are disappearing from their home screen each time we update the application on the Play Store.

We took some time to investigate about this issue because we feared that we made a mistake somewhere.
Here is the result of our investigation.
The widgets disappear only on Touchwiz launcher. If you install another launcher, they will stay after an app update.
Other paid apps are also affected by this issue. We were able to reproduce the same behavior with some other apps.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do on our side to avoid this.

EDIT : it seems some Sony phones are impacted too (like Z1).

The workarounds are :
– install and use another launcher like Nova Launcher :
– block updates for Pure widgets : go in Google Play -> My applications -> Pure widget -> upper right action button -> untick automatic update.