Third party datas in Lollipop

Since Lollipop introduced a new permission management, it can be hard to read datas from external apps.

So, to be sure, in order :
– export settings
– uninstall pure
– reinstall it
– insert fresh widget
– restore settings
– unselect task provider
– save
– enter widget config
– reconfig task provider.
– save
For Team Tasks, you should see a small panel appearing asking to agree for task sharing (it’s a team task panel).


Widgets disappearing with Samsung 4.4.2 ROMs

A lot of users reported us that their widgets are disappearing from their home screen each time we update the application on the Play Store.

We took some time to investigate about this issue because we feared that we made a mistake somewhere.
Here is the result of our investigation.
The widgets disappear only on Touchwiz launcher. If you install another launcher, they will stay after an app update.
Other paid apps are also affected by this issue. We were able to reproduce the same behavior with some other apps.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do on our side to avoid this.

EDIT : it seems some Sony phones are impacted too (like Z1).

The workarounds are :
– install and use another launcher like Nova Launcher :
– block updates for Pure widgets : go in Google Play -> My applications -> Pure widget -> upper right action button -> untick automatic update.

Pure news now compatible with Feedly !

Google Reader will be out in 10 days now…
It was time to find a good replacement for him !
Feedly is a very promissing solution for RSS/Atom reading, so Pure news widget is now compatible with Feedly !
You’ll still need to login with Google Reader account during next weeks, but it will soon support Twitter, Facebook, or custom login.

To migrate :
– connect to to migrate your feeds to Feedly
– enter the widget configuration
– enable Feedly provider and select your feeds
That’s all !

Try Feedly, you’ll love it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Learn more about Pure news

Pure news widget on Google Play

New skin server

My previous provider locked some PHP features and the user skin submission wasn’t working anymore.
I moved my skin website to a new VPS (virtual private server) and everything is back to normal.
Be sure you updated the application to see last skins from this server.

Jelly Bean update for Nexus S causing troubles

All users of Nexus S users are reporting troubles with Pure widgets when they applied the Jelly Bean update.

This issue is general to Android and affect a lot of paid applications.

This issue is known from Google and reported here

The problem seems to be related to default install location for this ROM (install on external memory, which is not possible for widgets).

A workaround is to use Titanium backup to make a backup and then uninstall the apps (using Titanium backup). Then use Titanium backup to re-install the apps and the widgets are here to stay ๐Ÿ˜‰

EDIT 11/10/2012 : the issue is now solve in Google Android code, but it will be published only in the next Android release (4.1.2 or 4.2).

Pure calendar & Pure Grid calendar now supports MyPhoneExplorer tasks display

After few days of work with Franz josef Wechselberger, the MyPhoneExplorer dev, Pure widgets now supports display Outlook tasks without any Exchange server.
MyPhoneExplorer is a sync tool to allow direct sync between Outlook and your Android phone. It can sync multiple datas such as tasks, calendars, contacts, notes … It works by Wifi, bluetooth, or USB.

You can find much more informations about MPE on their official website.