Planet Hoster provider down

As you may noticed, there is a problem with my hosting provider.
No skin can be uploaded or downloaded.

I opened support ticket on my provider to track this problem.

I’ll keep you informed on this page.

Sorry for the troubles…

EDIT : service is back thanks to great PlanetHoster support !

10 thoughts on “Planet Hoster provider down

  1. Hi,

    I confirm that there is an issue here in Italy: Pure Grid Calendar tries to contact (instead of .net? – if I try to contact I’m redirected to and is returning a DNS failure error.
    Hope this information may help.

    1. Problem solved by my hosting provider few hours ago, and fix added in all apps to bypass DNS problem.

  2. Is the server already down? I received a message that the download-server is not available.

  3. Yes, Internet access is ok. I also reinstalled the widget without success. The exact message is: “Skin-Manager” Download failed. The server is temporailly out of order”. But I received this since days. There is no difference between WLAN or Edge connections.

    1. May servers are troulbed in USA. I know PlanetHoster had a lot of DDOS atacks during last week-end.

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