How to configure K9FP

First, you need K9FP because the official K9 doesn’t share his message database with external apps like Pure messenger (at least, it doesn’t share ALL required informations).
Once installed, I strongly advise you to remove the official K9… or your device will grab emails twice.

Now, for configuration :
1 – in K9FP
– configure your email account
– check you receive your emails in K9FP
2 – in the widget config panel
– disable ’email provider’ if it was enabled
– re-enable it
– choose K9FP as email provider
– choose the K9FP account
– save & exit.

The widget will rebuild his message database and, few seconds after, display your emails.

If it doesn’t, please email me a logcat just after pressing the widget refresh button. (check here for logcat)

9 thoughts on “How to configure K9FP

  1. I am keep getting Syncing disabled message and nothing happens once I install the K9FP. I am trying to install this app to configure gamail pure email app. By the way, I have a galaxy Nexus. Do you know if K9FP and Pure email support the new android OS?

  2. does your pure calendar have its own settings for U.S. holidays? I don’t use Google calendar, so I can’t sync the holidays.

      1. if I got an e-mail and there is a link in it to a webpage. I touched the link and nothing happened. I think it should open the browser and the webpage.

  3. Having purchased Pure Messenger, I am trying to set up K9 for Pure on exchange, constantly getting error “k9 setup could not finish. Cannot connect to server (IOException)”.

    Having read various pages on k9 exchange problems, have varied parameters systematically as follows: server (,,, username (mail address, firstname.lastname, username, domain\username), mailbox alias (empty, mail address, firstname.lastname, username, domain\username), and so forth, always getting the same error message.

    Any ideas?

  4. For some reason, K9FP and and the widget seem out of sync.

    Like, I’ll go and read an imap account on a computer. It will be marked read in KNFP, but unread on the widget? Why and can this be fixed?

    I’m using push on K9FP btw…

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