Cool market comments book

Not being able to answer to market comments is really frustrating…

Pure cal : “Good, but only as good as astrid and quick calendar, and they are free!” (1 star @ Wilf)
> for him, good = 1 star… and features have nothing in common… ahhhh ..

Pure mess: “Facebook Comments auf Statusmeldungen werden nicht anfezeigt.” (2 stars).
> Didn’t learn german … not very useful comment. Any idea ?

Pure mess : “This is honestly the most unnecessarily complicated garbage widget I’ve ever used” (1 star).
> Why did you install it ?

Pure grid : “I tried to get help from the stupid dev and all he said was check information page.” (1 star) …
> lol..

Pure cal : “Oh goody, yet another update. Getting fed up with this.” (1 star).
> with 1 update per week… just pass the update if you don’t need it 🙂

Pure music : “Once installed every time i tried to play music it would have an error and crash” (1 star)
> If only people read the market app description : “need android STOCK player or HTC player”

Pure calendar : “Bien mais on ne peut pas mettre le texte des événements de la même couleur que la catégorie, je prefere calwidget!” (1 star) by Yves.h (July 1, 2010)
> les gouts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas… mais de la a mettre 1 étoile, c’est pas un peu ridicule ?

Pure grid : “5 stars when can scroll…agenda app can scroll using a launcher!” by julian (August 2, 2010)
> I HATE that style of comment. A kind a pressure: a good note vs a feature. Even if it is not possible, or idot, they don’t care. Stupid commeter !!!! I really hate that …

33 thoughts on “Cool market comments book

  1. the last comment is the funniest – most of us love that you update the widgets regularly. Don’t stop because of one crazy comment.

  2. The message-app is quite nice! It would be even nicer if I could run it om my Desire with Fryo..All of a sudden the widget goes blank, it restores when I make a refresh…Bug in app or in Fryo?
    I realy need this app so it would be great with a suggestion or perhaps a fix?

  3. Hi 🙂

    I can help you with the german comment ; means “Facebook notifications for status comments aren’t shown”

    Otherwise, great work on your apps, I love the scrollable versions 🙂


    1. Hi,

      yes, I know…
      It is very difficult to fight against piracy.
      But remind you few things:
      – they have to manually redownload each release to get updates
      – without paying users, I would have gave up A LONG TIME AGO !


  4. Hi,

    did you already have experienced what the german sentence (“Facebook Comments auf Statusmeldungen werden nicht anfezeigt”)?
    If not:
    “Facebook comments are not shown in status notification”

    Hopefully that helps…

    Greetings Sebba

  5. Haters gonna hate… your whole line of widgets are awesome!! I’d use the grid calendar too but for me it’s a lil’ redundant with the scrollable list calendar.

    Keep up the awesome work… your widgets are the most useful things on my phone!! My wife and I thank you for your awesome development!

    1. currently, no, it is not possible. But I think I’ll add this in a next release (but not very soon)

  6. I uninstalled on my desire 2.2 as the calender shows up blank with no options to select calender from drop down list.
    Not available in market as well.

  7. I may be doing something stupid. However, when I sync my calendar to the phone installed calendar and to my Google calendar, I can see events on the tabular list of events but not on the calendar page.

  8. I have tried to find a free alternative but nothing comes near I had some display problems but I got IMMEDIATE i.e. within 1 minute (when you can spend weeks chasing other supports) reply to my emails with accurate guidelines.
    All my “Pure” widgets now work perfectly and I really don’t regret having to pay for these key widgets.

  9. I really like your apps.

    But, paid apps are not supported in my country…so I took my phone overseas and battled with a chinese marketplace just so that I could send you some money.

    Some might say that buying a plane ticket, just to send a developer €1.45, is overkill…but I think it was worth it.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Dammit!

    The update this morning changed the background on all my Pure widgets to black. Now the white background I liked isnt even in the list of options anymore. WTF!

    Bring it back please.


    Brian M W

    1. The ‘official 2010’ skin in the skin manager is the EXACT old skin … so … before saying ‘WTF’, may you should check ?
      It is also explained the market app & update description…

  11. is there a place to access more of the the skins – there are only a few on the app, none of which I like, but I saw one or two on your website that I liked, specificially the one that looks like it is a flip calendar.

  12. Pure music widget + Google music = forced close?

    Bought the pure music widget few days ago and it was working great. Since then I have installed other apps and widgets and now getting forced close from pure music when I try to open the music player. I’ve uninstalled and installed different combination of apps and turns out this only happens when I have Google music installed. Not sure if others have experienced this?

    I’m using htc amaze 4g on tmobile.

    I have uninstalled Google music for now, but would like to use both.

    Thanks for the great widgets.

  13. Pure birthdays doesn’t display a name of the person, so it shows only:
    ‘s birthday (age)
    I don’t use custom language

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