Nitrodesk TouchDown database lock

If you TouchDown events are displayed as “#ETF1.7 ….” or “Login in TouchDwon (database locked)”, this is because TouchDown locked the datbase with a PIN code.

Since TouchDown 8.3.00032 version, this is very tightly secured (Even touchdown cannot read its own data without the user unlocking it), NitroDesk have also added a free companion app called “TouchDown Trust Store” which can be installed on the device to manage the security keys for such situations.

You need to install this application beside the main TouchDown application.

To keep it working, The ONLY conditions are :
1. After a reboot you must login to TouchDown once for the data to appear
2. Make sure that Trust Store application is never killed using task killers or battery savers

One thought on “Nitrodesk TouchDown database lock

  1. Hi, it seems that the companion app “TouchDown Trust Store” is no longer available in Google Play. Are you able to get in touch with the developers at Nitrodesk for a solution?

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