I changed my phone or my ROM and it ask me to pay again

First, be sure you see the good application on the Market: Pure calendar widget is different of Pure GRID calendar widget (see here).

If you don’t see Pure calendar widget, you should read this.

If you see it, but the Market ask you to pay again, this is because the Market need some time to receive informations about purchased you already made. Generally less than 24h. So, you just need to wait.
If it still doesn’t work, you need to contact Google. Developpers can’t do anything about this.

Also, be sure you didn’t change your Google account because it is not possible to transfer purchases from one account to another.

8 thoughts on “I changed my phone or my ROM and it ask me to pay again

  1. Order date: Sep 27, 2010 10:36 PM PDT
    I order this widget but the last TMobile update crashed my phone and I had to restore the phone to factory – now I can’t reinstall the widget without paying a 2nd time. The google account and phone number are unchanged.
    (818) 585-7314.

    Google order number: 313828131029006
    Shipping Status

    Digital delivery
    Pure Calendar widget (agenda) – Google Agenda / Tasks (todo) WIDGET – Support Google, TouchDown & Moto Exchange cal – Show tasks from Astrid / gTasks / Go…

    1. well, everything is explained in this post … I can’t do more. I doesn’t control Android Market … sorry

  2. Any plans about releasing a demo or free version of pure messenger widget? Only 15 minutes free testing (new market limitation) is not acceptable not enough. (Android takes 11 minutes to boot here)

    1. Sorry, but no, I don’t think so.
      It’s already too complicated to manage 6 apps on 2 different markets.
      EDIT: and yes, I agree that 15 minutes is very short…

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