Email connector for Pure

It allows you to interface the stock email application with Pure messenger. It works for POP3, IMAP and Exchange.

The main constraint with stock email application is the protection included inside the application.
It prevents external applications to read the email database if the application doesn’t come from the stock applications list provided with the phone (from the ROM as a system application).

Why do you need this connector ?

To prevent a full installation of Pure messenger as root and system application, I took the decision to let the connector application to be a stand alone application.
If you don’t want to use this connector to read your emails in Pure messenger, remember that you can use ‘K9 for Pure’, which doesn’t require any root or system app access.

How does is works ?

‘Email connector for Pure’ application need to be installed to let Pure messenger read the email database. It is an interface between those 2 applications.

What does it means ‘be root’ ?

It means the application will have extra privileges on the phone.

What does it means ‘installed as system application’ ?

With this trick, the email application will believe the connector application have been provided as a stock application on the phone.
It’s installed in the ‘/system/app/’ folder of the phone.
You can find a very good explanation here.

Will it works if I do not use it as root or as system application ?

For most recent phones, it won’t works. The connector won’t be able to read the email application database.

Compatibility list

Vanilla or Pure Google ROM :
– Android 2.1 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.2 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.3 : OK with root and system app

– Android 2.1 : OK
– Android 2.2 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.3 : OK with root and system app

HTC Sense:
– Android 2.1 : NOT YET SUPPORTED
– Android 2.2 : NOT YET SUPPORTED
– Android 2.3 : NOT YET SUPPORTED

– Android 2.1 : OK
– Android 2.2 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.3 : optimus speed : NO

Motorola (with Blur)
– Android 2.1 : NOT SUPPORTED
– Android 2.2 : NOT SUPPORTED
– Android 2.3 : ?

Sony Ericsson
– Android 2.1 : OK
– Android 2.2 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.3 : ?

– Android 2.1 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.2 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.3 : ?

Cyanogen Mod
– Android 2.1 : OK
– Android 2.2 : OK with root and system app
– Android 2.3 : OK with root and system app

If you have some informations to complete the compatibility list, please email me (see ‘about’ page for my email). Thanks !

How should I do to install this application as root and system app ?

PLEASE NOTE: The following is at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage or malfunction of your device!

You only need to do this if ‘Email connector’ app tells you that android has blocked access to your mails and you need to install this application as ROOT and SYSTEM APP.
If it manage to list accounts WITHOUT the root and system app, it’s perfect, keep it like this.

Now, if it require root and system, follow one ot those tutorials.


You can download the application APK here

Option 1 (via Pure messenger):

* Root access

I try to integrate the installation inside Pure messenger.
If it doesn’t works, please contact me (see ‘about’ page for my email). Thanks !

Option 2 (via File Manager):

* Root access + Super Manager (it’s free)

1. Install the app
2. Be sure to not launch the application
3. Start Super Manager
4. Go to Settings and activate root support (Enable ROOT functions)
5. Go back and open the File Explorer
6. Move to directory /data/app
7. Find my app Email Connector app (look out for the app icon) and select it
8. Use the “cut”-symbol from the commands below (the scissors)
9. Now hit Menu->Switch System R/W->R/W (this makes System folder writeable)
10. Go to /system/app and paste my app in it (the command icon which looks like a sketch sheet)
11. Restart your phone

Option 3 (via shell):

* Root access + busybox (I used oneclicklagfix from the market)
* Better Terminal Emulator

1. Install the app
2. Be sure to not launch the application
3. Start Better Terminal Emulator
4. Type in the following commands (without the content in brackets)
5. su (get root)
6. mount -oremount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system (remount the system-filesystem read/write)
* be careful, the /dev/block/mtdblock4 may be different on your phone is you installed lagfix for example.
7. cd /data/app (go to the directory /data/app)
8. busybox mv EmailCon*.apk /sdcard (move app to your sdcard, app gets uninstalled)
9. cd /sdcard (go to the directory /sdcard)
10. busybox rm /system/app/EmailCon*.apk (remove app previous versions)
11. busybox mv EmailCon*.apk /system/app (move app to system-folder, app gets installed as system app)
12. Restart your phone.

Now you should see the app in you app-folder again. Now, launch the application, it should be able to read the email database. If not, please, contact me.

Note: Some devices like HTC Desire HD, HTC G2 or HTC Desire Z require to enable modifying the system-directory by putting the device to a mode called S-OFF. This is the case if you start your device after the steps above and the directory /system/app does not contain the emailwidget-apk. You can find information on putting your device to S-OFF here.


Revisions logs

nr : not released

– IMPROVE stability
– NEW support of attachement markers
– FIX issue with more than 50 emails
– NEW better provider detection and display
– FIX issue with email delete not synced with server
– FIX issue with multiple accounts and incorrect email body + FIX issue with read flag not synced on server
– first release

159 thoughts on “Email connector for Pure

  1. Hi! Have this up and working on my rooted Nook Color. I’d had some issues issuing the K9FP solution so wanted to try this. This doesn’t seem to have the problem with performance that K9FP had, but when I use the internal viewer to see messages, it shows the wrong email body. It shows the email header for the message I selected, but the email body of another message.

    Facebook and GMAIL messages are OK. It seems to be just the email (two accounts – one POP3 and one IMAP).


  2. I tried with Option 1 (via File Manager) and I am stuck at step 9:

    9. Now hit Menu->Switch System R/W->R/W (this makes System folder writeable)

    Acoording to SuperManager manual which can be found here:

    Click to access supermanager_manual.pdf

    It says (page 42 of the PDF) that the option is not working for every rooted device.

    I have an rooted HTC Slide (Espresso) with Cyanogen Mod (android 2.2)

    I havent tried option 2 because I really dont want to spend 4 bucks on “Better Terminal Emulator” and find out that it wont work either.

    Do I have any other options?
    Does my issue has to do with the S-OFF mode you mentioned?

    1. be careful to the mounting point of /system.
      type ‘mount’ in the terminal to check.

      for Better Terminal Emulator, I’ll check if I can find another free tool

      1. It turns out that I needed to have “S-OFF” on my phone. That is why it wasnt working.

        After spending some time, I got the “S-OFF” using this:
        (glad I didnt brick it)

        And then I re-tried with Option 1 (via File Manager) and voila!
        Working great.

  3. Nice one! THX! You wrote it works with desire hd but not with sense. When i want to read the mails from the desire hd mail app ( dont know if this is from sense or desire hd) : would it work? At this point i try to figured it out, but pure messenger doesnt show me a account…

  4. Everything got installed as expected using option 1 but when I try to open the email using Pure messenger it just stays at “Email connector for Pure is loading the message…”

  5. have droid x,2.2.1. When I going to your messenger widget and select email connector no accounts show up. I go into ‘Email Connector’ and I don’t see any specific accounts listed, but then again I don’t know how this screen is supposed to look. I have verified that the app resides in the correct system folder.

    What kind of info would you need to help diagnose this.

      1. Hey Todd ..

        When i first set this up, I had the same issue, where choosing
        Email (pop3/ima) under pure message, then “enable email (pop/email/exchange) and then “Email Connector (root)” initially didn’t show any of my mail accounts. This was because I hadn’t given it root priviledges – I had to run through option 1 above – adding it to /system/app/ folder, after running file manager as superuser (via super manager).

        Did you run through either of those processes?

  6. okay just sent screenshot and log cat information To your gmail account. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  7. It does not work with any other client than stock e-mail, right? I was hoping I could use standard K9.

    1. No, K9 doesn’t expose message body and lack of other functionnalities (that’s why K9 For Pure exists …).

  8. Will version 0.4 add Motoblur support? Also when installing new version is there anything special since this is a system app?

    1. I need the email APK to check if it is possible to add it.
      It is a closed source application and there is not documentation, so, if they completly modifed the application, it won’t be possible.

  9. Will this work with Enhanced E-mail? It’s based on the stock app. Search for Enhanced E-mail on the market.

  10. Sorry for the dup post. My page must have been cached because I didn’t see any new posts this morning.

  11. I’ve been looking through the message here, but have not found my specific problem. I am trying to install the connector on an HTC Aria running Cyanogenmod (6.1.1), and when I get to the step to paste the program into the /system/apps folder, I get an error stating “Not enough space.” I have at least 40 MB on the phone HD right now, so is there a reason I would be getting this error? I don’t see my phone in the list above regarding being in S-OFF mode (and not sure what that is, even with your helpful link!), but has anyone else encountered this error?
    Thanks for the great widget and help!

    1. That is what was happening to me (on HTC Slide).
      When you turn on your phone in HBOOT mode (power off, then hold volume down key and press-hold power on key).

      You should get something like this:

      Look at the top, does it say S-ON or S-OFF on yours?

      1. Thanks for the reply koxx3 and Uriel. Uriel, I checked on HBoot and my phone is indeed set at S-ON. I checked your previous post above and followed the link to the AlphaRev installer. Since Arias are not yet supported by it, I think I’ll hold off for now trying to get S-OFF set on my phone. I was just trying to avoid installing K-9 again to have access to my POP account in the widget. Regardless, koxx3, I love where this is going and look forward to future implementation! Thanks again for the help Uriel.

    2. I got this on my Nook Color… but the paste still completed and the connector worked. So I just ignored it.

      1. Hmm… Sorry… this didn’t attach to the message thread… I too got the error about “Not enough space” on my Nook Color when copying the connector into /system/apps area…. but the paste still completed and the connector worked. So I just ignored it.

      2. Thanks Wade. I’m glad it worked for you! Unfortunately, I double-checked after getting the error message (and upon reboot) and the connector was not copied over for me. Nor could I get it working through the widget settings. Oh well…

  12. So, I installed and am running the new email connector (it’s working great). This is exactly what I have been looking for! The only suggestion I would make is to strip out html comments in the email body when displaying in the list view… the majority of the message bodies I see in the widget start with <!– usually followed by some css.

  13. I just installed this on my CM7 nightly build (02102011) using option 1 installation method (super manager & file manager) and it’s working great. I’ve got a puremessage scrolling 4×3 list of my corporate email account pulled by the android email app. thanks koxx, much appreciated.

  14. I have a droid x and because Motoblur isn’t supported I decided to try another rom. I loaded both liberty and apex, newest version at the time, and both had the following issue…randomly, maybe once or twice per day my corp exchange account would vanish from the rom’s email client, then I would go back and add it again. if I uninstalled email connector it wouldn’t happen.

    Anyone else noticing this??

    1. you are really sure ? if you don’t use the email connector, you don’t have this issue ??? that’s really weird because I mainly read the emails datas …
      At least, nobody else reported such issue. :/

  15. Peace to you Koxx,

    Do you expect your email connector to work on SENSE anytime soon…or is it still a work in progress? I only ask because K9 mail (while good) takes up a lot of space and exhausts a lot of resources on my phone.

    Thanks for all your hard work (I have had this app since my G1 days and now I’m on HTC Evo)


    1. Hi,
      yes, I think it will be available in few weeks. But I have currently a loooot of work with a new widget 😉

  16. Hi

    I have htc aria with CM7 on it , while attempting method 1 (with version 30 and 40 ) I am getting error “not enough space” although there is more than 40 mb free … tried several times , not resolving … help please !

  17. I put the connector on my Droid X. I knew it wasn’t listed on the compatible phones list, but I thought I should try anyway. When I choose connector, it can’t find any email accounts to display.

  18. I really wish the email connector wasnt removing my accounts.i am using a different widget but it doesn’t look nearly a good as the pure widgets…is there anything I could do to help you find what is going on?

  19. Hi!

    Is this only for built in Mail apps? Because i want to include “enhanced Email” to pure messenger but pure messenger told me, that there isnt a account… 😦

  20. im running gingerbread on a tmobileUS HD2, trying to get your email connector to work. the installation went smoothly, and the setup was easy. but when making the widget and selecting email connector (ROOT) in the settings menu, it doesnt give me any accounts to choose from. says its installed just fine, but wont read the account list. any fix?

    1. Is it a HTC Sense ROM or a Vanilla ? If it is Sense, as you can see on the page, it won’t work.

      1. Hi, I have the same problem running Gingerbread and Vanilla…any solutions yet? Apart from this, great work!!

  21. It appears that the connector shows the first 50 emails instead of the latest 50 emails (with the default settings)

  22. Hi,
    I got the same issue as “jo”, running gingerbread vanilla ROM. I also have no accounts to chose from. I installed everything as you said, with no errors coming up in the process… any suggestions?

    Apart from this your works are really great!

      1. Screenshot of email connector? Where shall I send it to? Well, it says “permission denied > need to be root and installed as system app” at the end of the text window when I start the app. But I followed your instructions w/out any error…
        Guess the part of copy/paste didnt really work, right?
        Thx 4 ur help

  23. I just installed this on my nexus one, with cyanogen mod rc3, and the first time it tried to run, it force close’d after the initial install (i may have ran it after copying it into the system folder 🙂 ). I rebooted the phone, and it’s working fine now, the puremessager widget now shows my outlook email.


  24. Yes, I followed the guide, but I somehow can’t copy or move the file even if there’s no error message. I’m root and I use root explorer, after supermanager didn’t work as well. Must be an issue not related to your app.

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  26. Thanks very much for this tool – very useful for me, since I can’t access my Exchange server via WebDAV. Works like a charm on my Desire with Cyanogen 7.0 and S-Off

  27. Is it possible to use both K9 for Pure and this connector at the same time? I have both installed but the connector doesn’t show up as an email provider.



    1. Only can be used at the same time. But yes, both can be installed at the same time.
      Be sure ’email connector’ is supported by your device.

  28. I figured it out… I had an old copy of the widget… Now I’ve got two of them going one pointed to K9FP and one at the connector…

    Being able to use both in the same widget would be awesome tho 😉

    1. No, mainly because I don’t have any Motorola device to make tests (except the Xoom, but I cannot decompile Xoom apps) :/

  29. Sorry, im from mexico. and i follow your instructions, but i cant see my hotmail in the widget, and i realy sure that i did every one step by step 😦 i realy want to see my hotmail in this widget.
    Note: When i configure it in the setup, it apear the emails (POP3/IMAP) enable and the email conector (root) and it apear my account

      1. as explained on the “email connector’ webpage, it is not compatible with HTC ROM/phones (unless you put a Cyanogen ROM).

  30. Love the Pure series and this connector pushed me to purchasing the Pure Messenger widget. I am running a Samsung Captivate with CM7 with the latest nightly and have the Messenger widget on a WidgetLocker homescreen. Followed instruction set #1 and got it up and running in no time. Have tried various other solutions but this is by far the best. One question is about battery life. What would you expect the battery drain is of the Pure Messenger + EmailConnector + Stock email versus Pure Messsenger + stock gMail?


  31. I have a rooted HTC Evo running CM7 with S-Off and I’m not having much luck with the Android connector for Exchange. I’ve moved the file following Option 1 running as SuperUser and it still complains about not having access. I did the same with another email widget, by invalidobject, and it pulls the emails just fine (after moving their apk with the same instructions as Option 1). Your widget is MUCH better, but for some reason it can’t see any connector. Both widget APKs seem to have similar permissions. Is there a specific permissions that would help identify what may be missing?

    I would like to minimize connectors since my company limits Exchange connections per employee. I could use TouchDown or the Android client, but adding another like K-9 would increase clients connections.

  32. Hey koxx I just wanted to say I tried out the app and it works great using CM7 on the HTC Thunderbolt after using method 1. Thanks for all your hard work, Pure Messenger was the first app I ever bought and I have never for a second regretted it!

    1. Hi, no. There was a major problem last time I tried : it wsa impossible to get emails to HTML format. Only text … not very attractive for the very hard work required to adapt it to Sense.

  33. Hi, I just purchased pure messanger and its up and running. Unfortunatly when syncing with exchange, although the root and everything works, my emails are showing up with what I can only describe as “msword type formatting” in the widget. When I click on the email it looks fine.

    Basically i’m getting the person that sent the email’s name and time and all that and gibberish where i suspect the subject line should be within the widget..

    1. Hi, what does it means “msword type formatting”, can you take a screenshot or camera shot ?

  34. Its important to note, that I switched to adw launcher and I do not have the issue when using that, but I do with the stock launcher.

    I’m using a cyanogen based rom called royalginger for the mytouch4g. Its very stock

  35. Last month I did move from HD2 (android CM7) to Samsung Galaxy S2. Started to have lot’s of MAIL app Force Closes. It turned out that the cause was the Pure Email Connector. When removed, everything is fine. Please resolve that, I like your Messenger Widget a lot.
    Thanks for your efforts

  36. The email connector isn’t displaying any emails on my rooted Evo Shift with CyanogenMod7. The K9 for pure is working fine though.

    1. Hi,
      I have feedbacks of working Email Connector on the same config.
      What is the email connector status if you launch it ? Is everything green ? Does it detect accounts ? Does it see emails ?

      1. When I change it from the K9 to root option in providers my email is detected.When I goto system and launch email connector it goes all green then red at the ‘installation as system app’ So I try it again and all goes through. But when I save and exit there’s no emails.

      2. Is your phone rooted ? Can you send me a screenshot of the email connector status page ?

  37. Hello Koxx.

    I’ve a rooted Samsung Galaxy II phone running the EmailConenctor installed as a SystemApp. Both the connector and Pure Mennserger works fine, but sometimes I receive a message on screen telling:” Sorry the aplication Email has stopped unexpectedly”. Most of the time it happens when I select the refresh button or when I delete a message. Also, to start syncronization, I’ve to start the stock Email icon again in order to refresh.

    Overall this application is great, just need to solve this minor issue.



  38. Hi,
    thanks a lot for the connector.
    Is it a known bug that the scrollable widget won’t update:
    – when new emails come in?
    – when a email has been deleted
    – when a email has benn read (widget is set to display unread emails only)

    btw, thx for the great work


    1. Hi,
      no, there is no such known bug. In all those cases, it should automatically update (unless you are in low memory conditions or using a task killer).
      Please, email me for a deeper analysis.

  39. Hi,
    sometimes the connector is “hanging”, esp. wehn I add a new widget. The widget is empty and opning the app givs a black screen.

    Samsung Galaxy II

    1. Hi,
      for SGS2, you’ll need to use th new version of email connector which will be available in few hours.
      ciao, Francois

  40. Hi Koxx:

    I just tried the new EmailConnectorForPure070.apkl but now the app crashes as soon I try to run it. It displays “Sorry, The application Email connector for Pure Messenger(process org.koxx.emailConnector) has stopped unexpectedly”.

    Please, let me know.

    Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2).



    1. No, it doesn’t.

      I’ll try to create a ‘gmail connector’ during next days for rooted devices.

  41. Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy ace which i have upgraded to v 2.3.4. It is rooted. When I try to install the email connector at the last step I get this error: Installation as system app: error, inside a red square. All the rest are in ‘green’. What is happening? It was perfectly working before on the 2.2.3 Android version.
    Thank you very much.

  42. Does this run on an Acer Iconia tablet? I want to have pure messages display my Exchange email. K-9 does not work with Exchange 2010 and when I tried to install the root version I get an error that it failed._

  43. The auto install does not work on Droid Bionic. Would like to try other methods, but for the life of me cant figure out where to download the apk in the first place.

  44. Would be great if this would work with k9 as well. K9 för pure drained ny battery and information updated as often…

  45. What’s the best way to uninstall Email Connector Root?

    If I uninstall Pure Messenger, Email Connector Root is left behind. If I then use an App Manager to delete Email Connector Root, my email notifications break!

    Please help.

    1. simply relaunch the email connector install (through widget config panel -> system tab), it will ask you if you want to remove it.

  46. I followed the steps in option 2 to add e-mail connector to my galaxy nexus. I was able to complete the steps but the appkication immediately crashes wheb run. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      please, email me a logcat just after the crash (see ‘about’ page for my email)… and email me if you don’t know what is a logcat 😉

  47. Hello,
    just to say Email connector is not supported on Motorola (blur) with android 2.3.
    bye 😉

  48. I have htc desire s 2.3.7, but it runs miui rom (the launcher is not sense anymore), can I try this?

  49. I have a Motorola Defy running android 2.2.1. I installed the email connector. Now I have tried everything to unistall. What do I need to do? I have never run any other program so hard to remove. Help, please!

  50. I just wanted to bring up (again) the question if a connector to ‘enhanced email’ is in the foreseeable future.

    EE is superior to k9 when it comes to Exchane2010 connectivity.
    EE is superior to stock as it allows reading of the database.

    how (maybe, hopefully)?
    The API is described at

    There is a widget that does the job (Executive Assistant), but it’s not half as good as PM was when I still used it (before switching to Enhanced Email) …

    Please. Please. Pretty Please.

    1. Hi,
      I wasn’t aware of this new API. It’s incomplete (no actions such as delete, mark as read…), but at least, I could read messages. I’ll check what I can do during next days.

    2. Yes I would like this as well, I love Enhanced Email. Please pretty please allow us to use this as well.

      1. Much appreciated. I just noticed the above comment and thought the more customers you have that you know use enhanced email over stock email. The more chances you\’ll allow the email connector to work for it. Just a thought of I just titanium backup to turn it into a system app will that work for the time being?

      2. sorry but how would i use the connector to connect to enhanced email. I’m not sure how to do this.

      3. Just to plus one the request for Enhanced Email. Possibly the best email app for pre ICS ROMs. Bought your widget ages ago but haven’t used it for ages since switching to EE. Would come back on board if there was EE support.

  51. Well, another one for enhanced email : I had to move from K9 to EE because of an Exchange 2010 account, and I’d like so much keep the pure messenger widget…As others reported, I’m usgin Executive Assistant meanwhile. Thanks for your help and reporting progress in EE integration !

  52. ´Work the connector with 4.22 ? I have a galaxy S4 already rootet, but i cant find the app in the Folder data/apps.
    Please Help

    1. No, the connector can’t work with 4.2 devices since Google added a protection against email reading from 3rd party apps.

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