How to install a beta version

Nota : For Pure widgets, you can export your widget settings (in widget config > system tab)

Be sure, application from ‘unknow source’ install is enabled in the Android settings (Android settings -> applications)

1 – uninstall market version of the app if still present on your phone
2 – download the APK file from your computer or the phone email client (NEVER FROM GMAIL PHONE APP, this is forbidden by Google to avoid piracy !)
>>> sometime, Windows show this file as a ZIP file… it is not.
3 – copy it DIRECTLY to the sdcard (do not ‘unzip’ it)
4 – use ‘app installer’ (free on the market) from your phone to install this APK file.

2 thoughts on “How to install a beta version

  1. I cant see anywhere if you have mentioned already, but can you tell me if I purchase your app, will I get free updates?

    Is there a limit on the updates?


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