K9FP And Hotmail configuration

How to configure Hotmail in ‘K9 For Pure’

You’ll find all informations about settings here, here and official settings here

Enable Hotmail SMTP to send emails

If you never used Hotmail SMTP server, you need to enable it to be allowed to send emails from any external apps.
On the first attempt of K9FP to send an email, you’ll get error, and you’ll receive an email on your Hotmail account which explain the process to enable the Hotmail SMTP feature.
You need, from your computer, to unlog from Hotmail, and relogin. It will ask you to tap a string (puzzle / capatcha) to enable the SMTP feature.
Once it’s done, the SMTP feature is enabled and you’ll be able to send emails from K9FP.

If you still don’t manage to configure Hotmail SMTP, feel free to use any other SMTP server (like your network provider server).


For SMTP, try with port ’25’, but if you run into problems sending mail, try ‘587’ for the SMTP port instead.

3 thoughts on “K9FP And Hotmail configuration

  1. i hope activesync capabilities will be considered for future versions. with that ability, k-9 would be at the top of my android apps list

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