Widget doesn’t refresh with Nova on Oreo / Android 8.x ?

With NOVA LAUNCHER, there is a set of experimental features called “Labs”.
Within NOVA LAUNCHER, hold volume-down for a full second to activate the Labs set of options (initially they are all off).
Then turn on the one called “Restart Widgets on Resume”.
Then, instead of restarting phone early every day… Just click on Nova Settings, then hit home button to exit Nova Settings.
Widget now shows and refresh.

2 thoughts on “Widget doesn’t refresh with Nova on Oreo / Android 8.x ?

  1. Hi, love your app! Until I updated my Ultimate ToDo app (v3.9), now Pure Calendar gives me a message when I try to select Ultimate ToDo list from the “Task” settings page: Due to Android policy you need to reinstall Pure Widget, after installing the task provider application. ….

    I have done this 3 times, even to the extent of uninstalling Ultimate and Pure, restarting after each application uninstall, reinstalling each , Ultimate first, then Pure and even restarting after each’s install.

    I have Ultimate v3.9; Pure Calendar 3.5.4; an S9 with Android 8

    Please help,!

    1. Hello,
      Since I didn’t change anything to Ultimate To-Do List interface and they updated, you need to contact them.
      I’ll contact them too.

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