29 thoughts on “Scrollable widget list disappear problem

  1. Right after I enabled the “scroll option” and saved the settings nothing happens. Doing a rotation re-freshes (re-draws) the widget which is now empty.

    1. With Pure calendar or Pure messenger ?
      With Pure calendar, you need to wait 1 minute for calendar data refresh

  2. With Pure Calendar, I’ve got some problems of disapperance of the lists with LauncherPro or with ADw.

    1. Which phone ? does it refresh after a screen rotation ?
      have you tried Pure messenger ? does it works better ?

  3. Noticing this issue with my setup (froyo frf91, nexus 1). I have 2 calenders (3×2) and If I do a manually refresh, one calendar will go blank, then come back, then the other calendar will go blank and it continue to do that until I reboot.

  4. I know I was getting the disappearing act whenever it auto switched to landscape. It does it a lot less when disabled in launcher pro. But still happens mysteriously now once in a while

    1. We are still working on the problem… and I think I found a solution. It is under evaluation.

  5. Phone: AT&T Captivate (Samsung SGS variant)
    Android 2.1
    Memory: 102MB

    On rotate screen the widget goes blank. I gather this thread covers that topic, and that it is a known issue, and you are working on it.

    Gook Luck! App pretty worthless with this problem.

    1. I worked hard during last days, and I think I managed to get something perfectly stable in Launcher+.
      Just few more testing days (1 or 2), and ADW and Launcher Pro will have to include this new code…

  6. By the way, hitting refresh on the widget does not refill it. I need to go into the config and reapply, or shut down the phone, to populate the widget.

  7. My google calenders are not populating in the list to “select Calenders’, how do I get it to see my cals?

  8. I looove this widget. Only problem is quality of scrolling and the fact that when you scroll and hold it pulls the widget off. Im constantly accidently pulling the widget off the screen. Love the idea. Would pay$ 10 for

    1. It depends which Launcher you are using 😉
      And this is mostly solved in the last Launcher+ code, all you have to do is wait for Launchers (ADW and LauncherPro) to update their code 😉

  9. Hi,

    I have all the problems listed above, even when staying in portrait mode on my HTC Hero / Android 2.1 / Pure Calendar 2.1.3 / LauncherPro +
    Can you precise Pure /LauncherPro versions that should fix the no refresh issue ?


    1. As I said, it’s a launcher problem. You have to wait for a Launcher update. And I don’t have any date for that. Ask to Federico… he don’t answer me…

  10. I Installed it to but what makes me curious is i have one Widget for Facebook its Blank, and the Second one is for messenges and this Works Launcher is ADW Launcher EX newest code av. at the Market.

    1. Does Facebook registration works ?
      If yes, please email me for deeper analysis (see ‘about’ page for my email)

  11. Bonjour, je n’arrive pas a entrer des flux dans le widget, pourtant je me suis abonné au differents flux par google.

    Vous avez parlé de launcher alternatif, qu’est ce que c’est ?

    J’ai un samsung galaxy ace.


    1. bonjour,
      Il faut que vous installiez et utilisezz un lanceur alternatif comme Go Launcher ou ADW Launcher pour que ca fonctionne.

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