Pure messenger and Facebook photos from Android Contact book

After many users reports, I decided to check what I could do to get the Facebook contact photo from the Android Contact book.
Because, I you may have remarked, you can have multiple contact photos for a single contact.

Currently, Pure messenger can get photos from Google contacts sync, not Facebook.

Well, bad news, we can’t !
It seems to be a Google & Facebook decision.

But, as solution, I tried SyncMyPix application.
It syncs all your Facebook profile photos to your Contact book, BUT as primary pictures !!

After the sync, you can see all your Facebook pictures from all your contacts.

8 thoughts on “Pure messenger and Facebook photos from Android Contact book

  1. today i noticed the picture problem and this helped me:

    “you can try to enter the widget config panel, press menu key, then purge message from the widget database”

    “thank you” to Francois 😉


    1. Thanks for the info.
      I’ve just sent them an email, but I seriously doubt they will answer and tell me their ‘secret’ to do it…

  2. I got this so that I had sms showing on my lock screen as text rather than just a new message icon, I’m a bit disappointed that my contacts don’t have any pictures from sms or calls, just on the fb news feeds. (SyncMyPix wont install)

      1. Usually it’s because my phone is tiny, and if the app doesn’t have QVGA listed then the market lists it as unusable and doesn’t give an install option 😦

        Love it’s size and keyboard but the support has been awful

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