4 thoughts on “Follow ‘K9 for Pure’ integration with the official K9

  1. Hi guys,

    I’m really interested of integrating with official K9. K9 for Pure is so buggy and crashes for me at least 10 times per day (on my SGS2). I’m really considering giving up of the widget because in current condition when I have to choose between nice widget and unusable mail application I’ll always vote for official K9.

    At least introduce upgrades of K9 for Pure on regular basis – this soft looks now for a very old release.


    1. Hi,
      official K9 doesn’t offer required features for integration with Pure messenger.
      K9FP is up to date with latest official source from 2 weeks ago … so, it’s not old at all.
      With a SGS, you should try to use the ’email connector’ interface, it should works great.

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