‘My widget doesn’t update’

There 3 common reasons for refresh issues :

1 – your phone is in ‘low memory’ state. The limit is between 50 and 300Mb of free internal memory (not storage), it depends how the manufacturer configured Android kernel sweeping aggressivity. In that state, Android kernel kills all services to free memory. If he kills my service, no more refresh is possible … so, you can check if your phone is no in ‘low memory’ with a tool such as ‘log collector’ tool (free on the market). So, be sure to keep at least 30Mb of free internal memory.
Nota: be careful, “internal memory” is not “storage memory”.

2 – you use a software like “task Killer” to free memory or kill apps. Same reason: kill service = no refresh. (Nota : killing an application can have side effects on other applications !!!)

You can use a tool such as ‘Task killer’ to check free memory and free memory if required… but avoid killing services.

To test if it is a bug or not, you can try to reboot your phone and see if it refresh correctly.

3- you use a battery saver app (like Greenify) or battery saving mode integrated by the manufacturer. Still the same reason …

52 thoughts on “‘My widget doesn’t update’

  1. I have tried for days and have invested hundreds of dollars of my time to get a 1 euro app, Pure Grid Calendar, Pure Calendar and other software you author for the moto droid. Everything I try fails. The google cart won’t wor and Slide won’t work.

    If you email me your apps with your address I promise I will snail mail you more than enough to compensate you.

    I am an author myself and will mail you a signed copy of one of my books with whatever amount of USD you request, tucked in the pages. It is the least you can do after all my frustration.

    Let me know, please.

    Thomas Rutkoski

      1. Pure Messenger. I recently bought it and have the “Low memory” problem. It’s a great widget, but doesn’t update. If you could add a refresh button (like the one in Pure calendar) it would be enough for me.


  2. I have been unable to get this to load onto my home page.
    I have gotten ti to load when using PandaHome but now I have been using a home app called SweetHome.
    I only get Loading Data…..

    I do have memory so thats not an issue.
    I have killed most of the apps running in the background and still its nothing more than Loading Data….

    Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


  3. OK I figured out why it wasn’t working…
    You have to go into edit / configuration in the system widget block and set it from there.
    If you try to go into the configure of the widget it wound recognize it.

    Another question is there a option to add a trash can for POP3, Twitter, SMS?

    I don’t setup the gmail’s mail so I did not notice a trash option for the above.
    I did check the option in the configuration Show delete button”, but there is not delete option or button other then tapping the envelope to the right of the message.

    Please advise

    1. “Another question is there a option to add a trash can for POP3, Twitter, SMS?”
      Which view are you using ? list or normal ?

      In list view, You can delete pop3 and SMS by clicking on the right icon. Can’t delete twitter (no sense).

    2. What did you exactly do? Edit? Where can I find this option?

      I’m using CN6 on a HTC Magic with Launcher Pro and my Pure Messenger is stuck on Loading Data.

      Pure Calendar works no problem but I cannot get Pure Messenger to work properly.

      Please help.

      Thank you!

      1. Please email me for such technical problem (see about page for my email). It’s not possible to follow a technical discussion here.

  4. Sorry I am using list.

    I have created 2 actually 3 Pure Messenger widget window’s.
    2 are on the SweetHome screen (50/50…1 for POP3, and the other 1for: SMS, and Twitter) .
    The 3rd I created 1 on the Droid OS default launcher home screen for testing purposed.

    All the widgets don’t seem to be refreshing…
    I get emails and they don’t appear in the widget screen, yet they do within the default Message, email clients.
    They don’t even show up after I have tap on refresh.

    I have the frequency set to to On message arrival.
    The messages are arriving in the default SMS, email clients hours before they are in widgets.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    Please advise

    1. Which device do you have ?
      Do you receive warning about “low memory” sometime when you enter in configuration panel ??

  5. I have been using PureGrid Calendar for months now and love it! But the last couple weeks it has stopped updating 2 of my calendars (FBcal and US Holidays).

    I have tried removing and reapplying widget, uninstalling and reinstalling the app itself, manual updating and nothing seems to work. I have not made any changes as far as permissions or visibility on my Google Calendar.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I love this app and really don’t want to have to buy another one.



  6. I am using Droid with Home ++ replacement App.. Once I set the widget up with my config and apply a skin.. I get stuck at Loading data. left it running for a day and still shows loading data.. Any ideas? Thanks

  7. I have the “loading data” issue on my Droid; no Task Managers/Killers and according to the log file I find no low memory issues. Have there been any other thoughts or discoveries on this problem? Forwarded a logcat to you.


        Sweeter Home is well known for widgets problems … 😦
        can you try without SH?

  8. Hello,
    Pure Calendar is getting better and better and is one of my key app.

    However I notice a (very) big increase of CPU usage recently as my process viewer tool report a constant CPU usage between 50 and 90% !!!, even when not refreshing.

    It is slowing my Hero (not rooted and running android 1.5), and drains my battery.

    Please advise,

    Best regards

    1. Hi,
      Yes, I am awre about this, I’ll pushed a patch this few hours ago, but it’s not fixed.
      Now, I know where does it come from, and I’ll be able to push a new market version in few hours to solve this problem.
      Sorry for this issue.

      1. Hi.
        I have Just loaded the update . CPU usage is back again to 0% now and my hero is fluid again.
        Many thanks!

  9. Hi,
    I bought pure calendar widget to run on my htc magic, but I can’t use it because of low memory problem. Do you know any tips to make it work other than taskkiller ?

    1. Hi,
      what is the impact of your phone memory on Pure calendar ?
      did you try a fixed refresh period ?
      are you root ? app2sd ? compcache ?
      can you uninstall some apps running services ?

  10. I just try right now, and in htop (htc magic with cyanogen-mod v5.0.8 ) I got only 10mo/95mo used.

    The refresh period is set to 6 hours. I got the root and like always in cyanogen-mod, there’s app2sd.

    Then I don’t think it’s a used memory problem (due to htop informations), maybe do you want an adb log file ?

  11. Love this app and use it everyday, Last update can’t get Pure grid calendar. Using motorola droid. Always worked before Until recent update. Tried all your recommended fix solutions posted – Not yet helping. Can you help me? I have 105M left Available On phone. Thx. JP

    1. Hi,
      please email for for such issue (see about page).
      Blog are a very bad way to treat issues :/

    2. Thank you for your emails to help resolve the problem. Turned out to be a Google calendar issue & nothing to do with your update. Your recommended fix helped me to get back in business using pure calendar grid & my motor Droid! You go beyond to help. Great app & great support. Thank you,, JP

  12. I have been trying to use the Pure Calendar widget on my Samsung Infuse. I’m not using Sweet Home; I have enough memory; and I do not use any task killers.

    I’m not sure what else to do, but I have restarted my phone several times and installed the app from the market multiple times as well.

    I would send you a logcat if I knew what that is lol

    1. Hi,
      This bug is normally already fixed in latest market version.
      Please update your app and retry.

  13. Hi dear,
    I have the same problem with “grid” as Cindy. I have enough memory and no task killer on my Xperia Arc. It worked before, but after new update it locks on loading data!
    what can I do? I don’t have problem with pure calendar, message and music, just with grid.

  14. Hi, I’m using LG P500g (optimus one), don’t have any memory problems and am not using any task killers. Using ProLaunch. still, grid calendar widget is stuck on “loading data”.
    any ideas?

    1. 1 – Check if your version is up to date
      2 – check if not installed on sdcard
      3 – try to fully uninstall and reinstall from the market

      1. using the lastest version (2.0.3), not installed on sd card and tried to uninstall and install about 50 times. still doesn’t work 😦

        looks like a great widget. sucks that i can’t get it to work on my phone.

      2. lol … that’s really weird.
        You didn’t change anything ?
        Personally, I never think that a widget will work one time, and not another.
        If there is a bug, there is a bug always at the same place.

  15. Hi there! Galaxy s2, 4.0.1 droid, no app killers, have enough memory, and instead of the pure grind calendar widget i see only loading data. no memory issues, Oh, i’m using go launcher, just i did before the wipe of the phone. Before the wipe it worked now it stucks. Any idea? thanks for the reply.

  16. Just updated to version 3.3.1 on two different devices. Now both devices stuck on “loading data”, with sometimes a “Pure calendar widget has stopped”. Rebooting has no effect.

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