Pure calendar invisible on the market for some users

If Pure Calendar is not visible on your phone : you have to contact Google.

Why ?
Each ROM/phone model is registered in Google’s servers (we speak about ‘fingerprint’). If a phone ROM is not reconized from Market application and servers, Google copy protected applications (like ‘Pure calendar’, but also a lot of other applications) are not visible from the phone. All my other applications are not copy protected by Google, this is the reason why you can see them.

Each new official ROM always needs few days to be registered.

So… either you contact Google … either you contact the handset maker… either you wait for ROM registration (generally few days, sometimes 2 weeks).

For custom ROM, you need to contact the ROM cooker to let him know the issue.

If you don’t find a way to fix this, you won’t see a lot of market apps (all copy protected apps).

I am sorry, but I can’t do anything about that problem…

For more informations have a look on the Google support forum :
link 1
link 2

EDIT 07/11/2010: You can try the ‘market enabler’ app available here, to fake some phone settings, but I am not sure if it works (please report your result).

EDIT 13/03/2010: Here are solutions for advanced users (root)
And you can search on Google how to change your fingerprint for your specific device.

EDIT 20/01/2010: You can now get all Pure widgets on AndroidPit alternative market

46 thoughts on “Pure calendar invisible on the market for some users

  1. Hi,

    I bought your Pure Grid Calendar widget few days ago.
    No problem so far and great to use.
    Unfortunately today for some reason I ignore, impossible to load the widget on page.
    So I hav tried several times to put the widget again and again with different parameters but I have never succeeded to make it work as it used to do.

    I uninstalled and was unable to find it again on market (but I find Pure Calendar).
    Rom: Last Luo and nothing has changed since first install.

    Can you help me please

  2. Google doesn’t let you remove the copy protection huh?


    Look I was going to buy your app, couldn’t find it so I started to research the problem. I come to your site first and find that you say can’t remove the protection. I believed you. Then I stumble on the above thread. I don’t know it upsets me to see the dishonesty because I was so willing to pay.

    1. Well… good ! They seems to allow us to disable it now ! Perfect !
      It was not dishonnesty, did you see post dates. This is really a new possibility… I think Google had to do something when we saw the number of complains.
      I have just disable it.
      But I warn everybody : if there is update issues for current users, I’ll enable it again.

      1. Well, word of caution! There were many users suffering from removing the copy protection ( uninstall and reinstall was needed ) …

      2. I know, this is the reason why I am stuck with this stupid Google protection 😦
        Many month ago, I tried to remove the protection… I received hundreds of email in 1h. I decided to restore the protection and never touch it again. 😦

  3. So is the copy protection now removed from your Pure Calendar widget as well? I’m also one of the people who previously purchased Pure Calendar but can no longer see it in the Market after getting a new HTC Hero that’s running Android 1.5.

    I just got done checking the Market after reading all the above comments but unfortunately still can’t see Pure Calendar in the Market. 😦


      1. Ah, okay. Hadn’t looked at the front page of your site yet today, so hadn’t see that last post of yours. Thanks.

        *sigh* Too bad for me & the other users bitten by this problem. Sure wish Google would straighten things out! Seems like a really big and embarrassing situation for them to be in, IMHO. 😦

  4. Don’t know what happened or who’s responsible, but something’s just changed for me today in the Android Market and now all the stuff that I previously couldn’t see on my Telus HTC Hero (on AT&T in the States) is showing up! Including Pure Calendar! Yay!!! 🙂

    Hope this is a permanent change that’s been implemented by Google!

    1. They had to fix it… this is normal. As I said in on post, the register new official ROM within 3 to 15 days. 😉
      The main problem is for custom ROMs….

  5. Hi. I’ve got galaxy with android 2.0.
    I’ve byggt the pure calendar egen i had 1.5.
    My question is, can it be version related problem that i can’t se it in market??

  6. Hello. . The FRF83 Upgrade solve this problem. I Install this version of froyo, and PURE CALENDAR IS AGAIN VISIBLE ON MARKET. .

    Thanks for your support and your pacientcie.

  7. I purchased Pure Calendar a couple days ago. I had to replace my micro sd card. Now, I cannot skin my calendar. Why is this happening? I suspect I’m missing a file or something downloaded at purchase. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I get no better results. Can you help me out? Thanks!

  8. Koxx3, great work on the ‘pure’ series!

    I purchased Pure Calendar widget quite some time ago (i have an activation key and it shows in my SlideMe transaction history)..

    I updated my device and I can’t see Pure Calendar in the Slideme market, I do see it in the regular Android Market but it keeps prompting me to buy it.

    Is there any way around this? The ‘storage locker’ on my phone in slideme doesnt show it either.

    1. Hi,
      unfortunatly, after problems I had with SlideMe (very difficult to be paid), I decided to stop diffusion on their channel.
      Currently, only Android market is possible.

      1. So basically you are saying I have to buy it again? But I already paid for it the first time..and have an activation code. Seems a little unfair if I have to pay for it twice, doesn’t it? Can’t I just download the .apk from somewhere?
        Thanks for your time thus far.

      2. No, I don’t say that. I say, you should, either wait, either contact Google, either change your ROM fingerprint….

  9. What should I wait for? And what should I tell google? You said you no longer sell it on SlideMe. Doesn’t appear to be a problem with Google, if you no longer have it up on SlideME. Slideme knows I purchased it back in Nov because the transaction history is saved along with the activation code where as to the Google Android Market, it would appear I never purchased it becuase I didnt through that channel. Anyways, I was lucky enough to find the apk in a backup I made a while back. I think there should be an easier way considering an activation code is involved for others who may be in the same situation as me. Anyways, this is still the best calendar app on the market by far and I thank you for that. keep up the good work.

    1. Oh, sorry, I mixed with another comment. So, yes, you are right, but this problem with SlideMe is not fun, neither for me, neither for users.

  10. So I bought pure calendar for my x10 (black) Then it broke, so I got the white version.

    Now pure calendar is not showing up in market place. I paid for this ap once but I cannot get hold of it now. Perhaps my phone had a rom update that isnt registered with google market place.

    Please can I have an APK sent over by email until the situation is resolved?



    1. sorry, but I don’t send APK. If I do it, I should send 50 emails per day with APK… and I’ll become crazy ! there 40000 users … do you imagine ?
      It’s a Google market problem, I really think users should push Google to solve this issue.

  11. For any of you that have a Droid and updated to Froyo FRF84B, here is a site that I used that changes the “fingerprint” build.prop file and makes your Droid look like a 2.1 phone to the marketplace, thus allowing you to see blocked packages: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/rescue-squad/59113-can-someone-please-help-me-i-think-i-screwed-up-my-droid-trying-root-5.html#post630538

    This requires a rooted Droid phone, and should only be used by someone that is at 2.1-update1 or higher. As always, updating like this is a dangerous thing and has the potential for breaking your phone, you should consider the link with caution and be sure to read his post thoroughly. But for you advanced users, it will at least allow you to use the application again.

  12. I hope this can be resolved soon.
    I have purchased all of your apps and this one is the one I use the most.
    Great work and again…I hope I can use it again soon…

    1. Hi,
      I think you didn’t understand. I can’t solve anything. Google need to fix their market server, I can’t !

  13. Hi,

    I bought Pure Widget Calendar a few weeks ago, and recently tried to update it. So far, I had no problem. But since the update, Pure Calendar is no longer visible on the market. Ok, it’s not your fault. But something seems buggy with the last version. I have a SE X10 handset, with a recent but official branded rom.

    Thanks, and so much praise for you excellent work !!

    1. Hi,
      developpers can do only 2 things to control market app visibility:
      – Android version compatible : from 1.5 to 2.2 for all my apps
      – screen resolution suported : all resolutions except QVGA for Pure grid.

      So, if you don’t see my apps, this is a market/device problem. 😦

      I advise you to search on forums if there is other users with copy protected apps problem for X10.

      1. Hi,

        I would like to buy this app but I can’t see it on the market. On the other hand I can see all the others application issued by you. I’m using HTC G1 with Android 1.6. Are you sure that the application was compiled with minSdkVersion=”3″?

  14. I just ended up re-rooting my DX and editing the build.prop .. since I wiped data/cache … I didn’t want to wait for Google to ” update ” the market for the DX 2.2 since it was announced and they KNEW this was coming. Bunch asshats if you ask me. My DX announces itself as a Droid 2 and all is good.

    Great software BTW. 😀

  15. I just restored my phone to an official build (FRG33) and when I tried to reinstall Pure Calendar widget (agenda) it is not to be found on the market. Can’t get access to an app I purchased now….any help.

    I’m running a Nexus One 2.2 build FRG33. Not unlocked not rooted.

  16. I have a brand new Epic 4G from the Sprint store and this isn’t showing up, the marketenabler didn’t work, this is very weird cause my phone is brand new…errr…google….

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