Android 2.2 / Froyo

If you don’t find ‘Pure calendar widget’ on the market, this is unfortunately ‘normal’.
You need to read this to understand.

It is 1am for me right now, I am receive a new email every 5 minutes telling me: “xxx doesn’t works with Froyo, please update”.
Well, sorry, but I won’t answer all your emails… because if I do you, you won’t have any working update for Android 2.2 before 1 week.
So, tomorrow, I’ll do my best to make all my apps compatible with Froyo.

EDIT 05/23/2010 : All Pure widgets are now Froyo ready. Only the Google copy protection problem remain for Pure calendar widget. I think Google will unlock the market soon.

After, you have 3 solutions :
– wait for a Google Market fix…
– if you really can’t wait for Pure calendar widget, you have the ‘paypal buy’ link here, the version is updated for Froyo.
– for advanced users, a solution is explained here

EDIT 05/23/2010 11:23 :
good news !
I installed Froyo on my Nexus, and I have found the new calendar API. I think I should be able to push a new version of Pure calendar today, and may be Pure grid calendar too.

EDIT 05/23/2010 11:37 :
Pure calendar is fully functionnal on Froyo. Version 1.9.4 on the Market !
Now working on Pure grid calendar. It will be a loooooonnng day.

EDIT 05/23/2010 13:48 :
Pure GRID calendar is fully functionnal on Froyo. Version 1.4.0 on the Market !
Now working on Pure messenger.

EDIT 05/23/2010 14:00 :
Damn ! Froyo is really really faster than 2.1 ! That’s incredible. Pure messenger is so fast with 2.2 !
I fixed the Gmail listing. I’ll be able to publish an update 🙂

EDIT 05/23/2010 14:11 :
Pure messenger v1.6.0 published. Support Froyo 🙂
Now Pure music…

EDIT 05/23/2010 15:18 :
Pure music updated to v1.1.2. Support Froyo 🙂
‘K9 For Pure’ verified OK

40 thoughts on “Android 2.2 / Froyo

    1. My update doesn’t change the fact that Froyo is not able to list copy protected apps (read the first link of this post).

  1. Now that you are able to turn off copy protection, any idea why we still can’t see pure calendar in the market?

    1. I WON’T remove the copy protection !
      If I do it, 25000 users would have to reinstall !!!!! Inacceptable ! (yes, removing the copy protection is not correctly handled by Android)
      It means 25000 emails to reply to explain to all users.
      I prefer 200 emails from early Froyo users than 25000.

  2. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
    I’m impressed by your commitment to supporting your product — it’s how every developer should be.

    Eagerly awaiting Google flipping the switch!

  3. Awesome work!! Thats why I have all your pure widgets. Waiting for google to unlock the market. Life without Pure Calendar widget is difficult…

  4. Merci François pour ta réactivité !
    Je ne pouvais pas attendre, j’ai racheté pour la troisième fois pure calendar, vu que je m’en sert tout le temps, ça le vaut bien.
    Et ça marche très bien sur Froyo sur un Nexus One.
    Bravo !

    1. 3 fois !!
      eh bien !
      bon, en tout cas, c’est parfait si ca marche bien 😉
      Heureusement que j’ai eu mon Nexus pour pouvoir tester la Froyo, sinon, ca aurait etre une autre histoire…

  5. I’m getting Pure Music Widget force close when I try to open the android music app with it. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I just bought the widget.

    1. where did you get your Froyo version ?
      Is it the official one ? or the Modaco one ?
      It works fine with the official one (at least on my Nexus/Froyo), but not on the Modaco one (not exactly the same version !!! yes, this is a different version of Froyo ! I discovered it yesterday !).

      1. Having the same problem as joshjtl. Got my Froyo from the “official” google download link. (

      2. interesting !
        So, with the same update, different behaviour …
        But don’t worry, I’ll work on this this week.

      3. FYI – I also downloaded the “” build direct from google’s site (before they pulled it) and I also get FC when I attempt to tap where album art normally appears. Same in 4×2 and 4×4 widget. Play/Forward/Back buttons do not respond. Just wanted to report it – I am patient, you are always good about correcting issues. Thank you for so many excellent products.

      4. Today’s update corrected the Pure Music FC issue on Froyo. Thank you for the fast response and excellent work!

  6. Argh, I can see the grid but not the agenda widget. Just bought it the day before I installed Froyo too

  7. Argh, zut. Bon, vivement que ça se débloque. En tout cas, bravo et merci pour ces magnifiques widgets qui nous permettent de tirer le meilleur de nos téléphones !

    Donc Pure Music n’a pas la même protection que Calendar… c’est bon à savoir.

    1. Effectivement, Pure calendar est la seule application avec ‘copy protection’.
      Pure music fonctionne bien depuis la maj de ce matin ?

      1. Aucun problème, ça marche parfaitement chez moi à part une mini latence dans les commandes, mais rien de gênant.

  8. hello, any chance of releasing an apk file for pure calendar without copy protection to get us through to the next froyo release given google isn’t whitelisting the prerelease froyo? I can’t justify scrubbing and rooting my phone to solve this.

    1. Hmm sorry, didn’t think about the app being paid for and releasing apk files would allow copying!

  9. Just a sidenote: Pure Calendar is also not available on Nexus One from Vodafone germany… It still has 2.1 installed but is based on a later build, 30 instead of 27…

  10. Hi there,

    any update on the situation? I still cannot update my pure calendar and I reall miss it 🙂 It’s not visible in the market 😦

    nexus one froyo

    1. Since Google declared this release unofficial, I think they will never unlock the market for this release.
      So, I strongly advise you to change the build.prop… it really easy.

      1. So you’re saying I won’t be able to use Pure Calendar on 2.2 until you make another release? I can see all my other paid apps except for Pure Calendar. Sad, because it’s such a great app.

  11. I emailed you today and you replied within an hour or so. Great job. I’ll spread the word. May I suggest an autoreply email for those of us that keep asking? Haha. I’m sure it gets old. Thank you.

  12. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your Pure calendar widget, together with all kinds of protected apps, are now visible on FRF83. I’m using an unrooted stock N1. Thanks!

  13. Hi pure calendar widget is only partly working for me on desire running modaco r20 froyo. its running but doesnt show all selected calendars and seems to don’t use calendar colors.

  14. Hello,
    I got a problems with Pure grid calendar,
    when i go in parameter and select the calendar appear, all is ok.
    But in hte widget, there only 2/4.
    I got default, another doesn’t appear.
    Birthday contact and public holidays doesn’t appear.
    Is there a solution ?
    Ihave an HTC Desire with official Froyo.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi,
      are those events visible in the phone stock calendar application ?
      did you search in the FAQ ?

  15. Before i updated to froyo i backed up my apps. After the update i didnt find pure calendar on the market so i installed from the backup and it works perfectly. I have a galaxy s

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