Interesting information about Android users…

According Androinica and AdMob data, 75% of Android users live in the United States and Canada, followed by 12% in Asia, 11% in Western Europe, and 1% or less in each of these three regions: Eastern Europe, Latina America, and Oceania.

China has the second-highest Android population, accounting for 8% of the world’s Android devices. That’s more than the UK (3%), France (2%), and Germany (2%), but that shouldn’t surprise anyone given that there are more people in China than all three of those countries combined.

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And you, my readers, where are from ?

8 thoughts on “Interesting information about Android users…

    1. Thanks for this feedback 🙂
      It’s not easy to get feedback from asian countries since I don’t understand asian languages (chinese, japanese, thai …).
      If there is anything specific that you need, please, report me.
      And don’t worry, it will become better 😉

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