Week updates

It was a BIIIGGG week.

Pure calendar

1.5.4 (not yet released) :
+ fully skinnable
+ change calendar launch method (for Cliq …)
+ modified layouts
+ show events in progress in bold
1.5.3 :
+ bug fix full day events end time
1.5.2 :
+ bug fix for line wrap for 2×2
+ bug fix with color bars for 854×480 and 240×320

Pure grid calendar

1.1.0 :
+ change calendar application launch mode
+ redraw landscape layouts for Droid

Pure messenger

1.1.3 (not yet released):
+ auto set 3h for facebook
+ bug fix gmail label
+ fix delete/archive confirmation dialog
+ experimental internal viewer
+ show email account name (req Email for PW 1.04)
+ direct open Email account (req Email for PW 1.04)
+ new tap zone for message counter (go to first message)
1.1.2 : few bug fix

Weather forecast

2.4.6 :
+ calendar application choice (for Moto, and HTC Sense)
2.4.5 :
+ fix droid layout problems
+ better layouts for Archos
+ fix bug with skin manager crash
2.4.4 :
+ add Noaa current weather informations
2.4.3 :
+ fix layouts for Moto Droid
+ improve search by city name for Archos devices
+ invert font style for calendars
+ bug fix for calendar selection
+ bug fix with calendar such as fbcal
+ fix reboot skin bug with Android 1.6 & 2.0
2.4.2 :
+ bug fix : skin boot problem with sdcard not ready

25 thoughts on “Week updates

  1. Knoxx3 I recently bought the Pure Calendar widget for my Droid. The tap launch to any calendar does not work on the widget. The tap to settings and new calendar event works fine, but the widget will not take me to my Droid calendar. Is that a know problem?

    1. Yes, I know this problem. It is already solved and in beta testing. The release should be out in 10/12 hours.

  2. Does this latest version link to an Microsoft Exchange calendar? I like the format of the widget but keep all of my appointments in Outlook and not my .gmail account.


  3. One of the last updates changed the positioning of the widgets on my Motorola Droid. Now, in portrait mode, Pure Calendar and Weather Forecast do not line up horizontally when using 2×2 widgets side by side, as I imagine is a popular combination. Instead, Pure Calendar is about one text row lower than Weather Forecast, thus creating a messy, skewed appearance.

    These two widgets are awesome, and I’ve paid for them both. I have them skinned transparent against a pure black background, and the effect is very slick… aside, now, for the alignment issue! They do align properly in landscape mode, incidentally.

    Love the widgets! Worth the money, for sure! This is my only gripe; hope it gets fixed.

    1. Sorry, but I can’t align Weather forecast, I had to adapt it for multiple resolutions support (Archos, Droid, Tattoo …).

  4. Probléme avec la derniere maj de calendar : des tirets apparaissent à la place des événements, précédés par la barre de couleur habituelle… ?…

  5. On market I can find the Grid version but not the Agenda one, why is that? I use market enabler and have tried German and US simulations.

    1. Pure calendar is a Google copy protected application. Others : not.

      2 possible problems :
      – you use a cooked ROM. Google block visibility for copy protected applications with cooked ROM. Solution : use an official ROM to see all market applications.
      – you have a fresh new phone (such as HTC Eris). New phones generally take 1 or 2 weeks to be registered to Google (and being able to see protected application). Solution : wait ….

  6. I was using Pure calendar on my htc hero (sprint) I had to do a hard reset on the phone today after receiving a firmware update. I can no longer find pure calendar in the market. Is that due to Google copy protection as well? Is the solution to wait ?

    BTW Pure Calendar is by far the best thing I have bought out of the market. I miss it so much right now.


  7. Hello Koxx!

    I’m a Weather forecast and i have an issue from many versions. The auto update of the location is not working. I have always the same location. This was working in older versions. My rom is the Cyanogen 4.2.5.

    Thanks alot, your work is incredible!

      1. LOL I’m going crazy!! I was choosing systematically the first option rather than the second for that, logically, it doesn’t updated the location automatically. You changed the options order in the past?? :S

        Thanks koxx!

  8. I love the Pure Calendar widget as well as the Pure Grid widget but I am having some problems. On Pure Calendar I have “Select application for Event Insertion” as well as “Select Calendar application to launch on widget tap” both set to “Regular Google calendar”, however when I tap on the widget nothing happens. When I also attempt to insert a new event using the toolbar nothing happens. Refresh and Settings buttons work, however. I am using an HTC Hero.

    By the way, Pure Grid works with the same settings and I can launch Google canlendar from the widget with no problem. Is this a known bug or am I in error? Thanks for the great applications, I do enjoy them and they are by far the best presented apps I have found!


    1. Yep, you are mistaking 😉
      Htc have modified the Google calendar… this is no more a “regular google calendar”, but an “HTC calendar” …
      Just select it in the config panel, and everything should work.
      It’s very strange that Pure grid works with “Regular Google”…

      1. Problem fixed, and so easy! You are a super star!

        Can I make a suggestion? I have both Pure Grid and Pure Calendar. I would love to have an option when you tap the Pure Calendar widget to bring up Pure Grid instead of the Google/HTC calendar. HTC calendar is worthless except to enter events. THANK YOU!


  9. Just wanted to let you know. Just download the mail add on widget pure and it still is telling me to reinstall. After multiple time I still can’t get it to work. Just wondering if you are close to fix for this?

  10. Hey,

    I don’t see a way to email you, and I’m not seeing a better article for this, so please excuse me if this is the wrong place.

    I’ve got the Weather donate widget, and I really really like it. I’m attempting to set it up with the calendar, however, and I’m running into a problem. I’m subscribed to the fbCal.com service calendar for my Facebook friend’s birthdays. They show up in Google calendar fine, but the widget does not display them, even when the calendar is selected. I’ve tried adding it both as a calendar under “My Calendar” and under Other Calendars on the Calendar list, but neither of these works.

    I’d really like to see this functionality added. For reference, the application QuickCalendar on the market is the only app I’ve found which supports these calendars, so it’s obviously an odd and weird way to do it. If it’s at all possible, I’d really appreciate this functionality.

    Keep up the great work!

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